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  1. Does JAL serve low quality caviar?
  2. A Few Thoughts on Business in Skysuite 3
  3. JFK Check-in
  4. New AA accumulation rates from Jan 1 and Apr 1 2017
  5. Does JAL US office ever anwser the phone?
  6. NRT lounge question
  7. Jumping from BAEC to JMB
  8. How to get out of middle seats with Q class booking
  9. 12/29 JL 267 HND>HIJ Cancelled, Passengers Given Cash
  10. JAL will start serving Salon 2006 from Jan 10 2017
  11. Japan Airline Economy Class operated by American Airline
  12. What will happen when flight is missed?
  13. CX redeem ticket on JAL flight not unable pre-select seat anymore?
  14. Separate ticket bag check
  15. Jumping to JMB
  16. F lounge showers at NRT
  17. Still no pjs in J?
  18. A little let down after a good JAL flight
  19. Baggage check when connecting through Chicago
  20. which lounge at JFK?
  21. Complimentary Limo Transport
  22. JAL flight crew protocol or changes in the aftermath of KE unruly passenger incidents
  23. 60 connection time in NRT JL LAX-NRT-BKK
  24. SYD-NRT in F April '17
  25. New Olympics logos on engines?
  26. Not able to reserve Japanese meal in business in advance
  27. JAL Japan Explorer Pass Combine Bookings?
  28. JAL ticket booked on Rakuten Travel
  29. Staying an extra day, changing award ticket, fees?
  30. Does international business class count as first for lounges?
  31. JAL 777-300 First vs Business
  32. Travel Credit?
  33. Does JL allow short checked baggage to BKK from HND?
  34. JAL will discontinue Class J-e Coupon from Apr 1 2017
  35. FLY ON members upgrade award rebate promotion
  36. JAL offers 60's-Era JAL Original Happi Coat to F/J pax on LHR-HND for a limited time
  37. JAL F RT $3200 USD ICN - US booked through AA
  38. BKK Sakura Lounge Renovation
  39. Upgrade Discounts [Apr 1 2017 - Mar 31 2018]
  40. NRT and HND F lounge access
  41. Japan Airlines to Turn Clothing into Jet Fuel
  42. Best seats in J on 773 and 788?
  43. New Regional Busiess Class Seat vs 300ER Seat
  44. Lounge access in Boston
  45. NRT-DEL Aircraft
  46. How far will JL check bags? (Stopover and interline)
  47. Booking with JAL mileage vs avios
  48. Shower in Diamond Premier lounge at HND
  49. Seat Map for previously operated JAL planes
  50. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 JAL Mileage Bank benefits nominations
  51. China Southern Codeshare
  52. FFP tie up with KE
  53. Partner award routing question
  54. JAL removed JAL SKY SUITE overhead light
  55. Earliest bag drop at Haneda?
  56. Please help critique this mileage run plan
  57. 787 window darkening central control
  58. Booking award flight with non-family members?
  59. N Fare Seat Assignment
  60. JAL PASS GEXPLRER & Oneworld saphire (QR)
  61. 777-300ER Sky Suite - what are the bulkhead seats like?
  62. Buy a seat for an infant
  63. JAL extends FOP Bonus Campaign till December 31, 2017
  64. Avios redeem PY ticket will got lounge access and priority tag?
  65. JL12 NRT-DFW 788 Downgraded J Class?
  66. JL0736 J config?
  67. JAL award seats over Christmas
  68. F immigration arriving NRT
  69. Baggage and lounge questions
  70. NRT-CDG temporary suspension [Jan 11 - Feb 25 2017]
  71. Sakura lounge access for guests
  72. TBS Special on Nov 5 2016
  73. Special SJ50 menu for ex-SIN flights
  74. JL 008 from NRT to BOS. Water dripping down cabin wall. Oct 28th.
  75. JAL to start NRT-TLV?
  76. JGC personalized tags & passport case
  77. AIR KUMAMON is back for the 3rd time! [Dec 1 2016 - Feb 28 2017]
  78. Massage Chair Brand at Sakura Lounge Narita
  79. JAL award tickets - BOS to NRT in economy
  80. Emirates using JAL miles
  81. FC lounge access in NRT on F to J flights
  82. Planning to fly business next summer. Better for a 6'5" person : aisle or window?
  83. Jal F changes
  84. JAL to switch to Shanghai VIP Lounge (SAA Lounge) at PVG from Nov 1 2016
  85. JAL seat selection
  86. 787 Configuration
  87. Is Madrid coming back?
  88. Newbie Award Question ... JAL Miles on Qatar Metal
  89. Domestic "J Class" Baggage Allowance
  90. JAL Award flight/Lounge question
  91. Advice kindly sought re using JAL miles for F award on SYD-NRT route
  92. Seat assignments in J on JAL
  93. First JAL experience
  94. JAL applied for HND-JFK
  95. Damaged luggage - type/quality of JAL replacement?
  96. JAL to serve new original rice from Iwate Prefecture at HND/NRT [Oct 10 - 21 2016]
  97. Priority Pass Prestige Membership Redemption
  98. JAL will continue to interline to other oneworld carriers on separate PNRs
  99. Anyone get this e-mail?
  100. Typhoon and changes?
  101. JAL Unveils Special Hot Dishes at Select Overseas Lounges from Oct 2016
  102. JAL lounges in SFO and HND?
  103. Getting the seats that I want
  104. Claiming EC 261 from JAL
  105. Question about J amenity kit
  106. 772 Cabin BKK-HND Seatmap
  107. Naha Sakura lounge will close for renovation
  108. JAL PE vs. CX or SQ?
  109. Domestic JL flights checkin without passport possible?
  110. Changing connecting flight because of new departure time?
  111. USA-NRT on 787: Sit on starboard side to avoid direct sunlight and heat?
  112. Inter Japan flight schedule - how far out?
  113. "Limited days of the week" redemptions. Is there a trick I'm missing?
  114. JAL reopens remodeled NGO Sakura Lounge on Sep 1 2016
  115. JL did me good
  116. Upgrade Discount Promotion [Sep 2 2016 - Mar 31 2017]
  117. Skysuite routes - NA west coast to Japan?
  118. ExpertFlyer Seat Availability Mismatch
  119. AA ticket code JL flight number JL operated Seat
  120. Random question about screen resolution on 777
  121. I'm in first, wife in Biz. First Class lounge?
  122. JAL Group Revises Flight Frequency and Fleet Plans for FY2016
  123. Upgrading to PE at the airport.
  124. Changes Once Enroute On Award Tix
  125. Fly On requirements JAL group when flying codeshare flight in JL metal
  126. Advice kindly sought re JAL one-way redemptions
  127. Launch of JAL and Doraemon Tie-up Campaign in China
  128. Fall 2016 BEDD/JAL SKY KITCHEN enhancements
  129. Baggage drop cutoff for domestic JAL flight
  130. Interline JL to AA at NRT
  131. Amex MR into JMB
  132. "T" class
  133. How to book DFW-NRT-SYD round trip
  134. JL Baggage Questions
  135. JAL discontinues Loewe F kits [Replaced by Zero Halliburton; now reverted to Loewe]
  136. NRT Sakura Flounge question
  137. JL 1 SFO HND time change and no notification?
  138. How much would you pay for F upgrade
  139. Combine Separate Itineraries Into One
  140. Booking award 355 days out
  141. JL 1 from SFO to HND - equipment issue? implications?
  142. JAL flight from Sydney to Europe
  143. NRT One Hour Layover. Lounge?
  144. JAL to introduce Tomodachi Bowl on Tomodachi Day
  145. Jl bug ticket after jl001 and jl002 schedule change
  146. Sky Suite 777 business - best seats
  147. Upgrades on AA codeshare
  148. Seat strategy: 4 people, J, 777-300ER
  149. Award availability(waitlist) in Y from hkg-hnd?
  150. upgrade from y - san to narita-jl metal-aa codeshar
  151. Jal Global Club
  152. JL F to/from US?
  153. How long the system will recognize Ruby status after reaching 30K FlyOn Points
  154. JAL international check in luggage day before
  155. Edinburgh to Tokyo. Is JAL Mileage Bank my best option?
  156. JAL pilot got into a fight, got arrested, and a flight cancelled…
  157. Alaska Airlines Redemption Table
  158. Economy Meal Choices
  159. Question about domestic connections on JAL
  160. Priority immigration and security line NRT?
  161. Soy milk option on JAL?
  162. JAL Launches New Domestic Fare for Overseas Visitors to the Kyushu Region
  163. Through checking luggage to CX/KA
  164. Changing frequent flyer scheme mid-itinerary?
  165. Pre-Order Meal F
  166. Best 787 J experience - LAX, SAN, or YVR?
  167. SGN - NRT in JL750 (B787) has Bussiness Skysuite?
  168. JAL announces accumulation rates on Alaska Airlines
  169. Connecting at NRT from JAL (J) to SQ (F)
  170. SFO Sakura Lounge
  171. Is it possible to book Air France Premium Economy using JMB miles online?
  172. LON-PER
  173. Japan airlines vs. ANA business class - Help compare
  174. NYC-NRT 787 - what kind of business class to expect?
  175. JAL First timer in C, where to credit miles?
  176. stopover for JL OW one-way award ticket
  177. Chances of being Oped-up
  178. Questions about checked baggages
  179. Haneda Arrival Lounge
  180. Sky Suite detours flight vs Shell Flat Neo direct flight
  181. How likely a redemption flight will show up again?
  182. how to get mobile boarding pass?
  183. distance-based JMB award chart for partner airlines.
  184. JAL interline with OZ at Narita
  185. JAL to serve AIR MOS Salad Burger on select int'l flights [Jun 1 - Aug 31 2016]
  186. New Y menus under Hokkaido theme on China/Hong Kong/Taiwan routes
  187. JAL lifestyle services
  188. Add CX MPC # to JAL Booking
  189. Does OLCI affect op-up chances?
  190. oneworld Sapphire flying JL - lounge access in TPE?
  191. JAL applies to add Iberia to JBA with BA and AY
  192. How much can you mix partners on JMB awards?
  193. JL35 HND-SIN 767 SS6 Change 2017?
  194. gifts for cabin crew
  195. Does JAL hold economy seats back for elites?
  196. Domestic Flight Timetable? Jan 2017
  197. Upgrade JAL codeshare via AA?
  198. Japan Airlines Lounge
  199. Tie up with Alaska Airlines
  200. JAL to add AS as codeshare and FFP partner from June 29 2016
  201. JAL vs. AA in Economy
  202. JAL Café Lines
  203. Old JAL memorabilia
  204. Well this is weird- JAL F lounge to myself
  205. Connecting in haneda dom to int
  206. Switching Y and J seat.
  207. Emirates award maximization on JAL
  208. KIX-LAX Meal Service
  209. JAL to get 2 daytime HND US slots
  210. Obtaining Sapphire Status by Purely Flying Domestic
  211. 787 Engine issue - should we be concerned?
  212. My first JAL J class experience
  213. Is Row 22-24 Reserved for Elites?
  214. BEDD for Kids (Child Meal Menus) Developed by Star Chefs from Apr 29 2016
  215. Anyone been to the JAL First Class Lounge in the satellite concourse in NRT?
  216. Is premium economy worth the buy-up?
  217. JAL NRT First Lounge vs other first lounges
  218. JL11/12 and JL723/724 Economy Class IFE Headphone Jack?
  219. JAL may provide F service on NRT-DFW route
  220. Recent Experiences of AA / OW Emerald Getting Upgraded on JL?
  221. booking af/kl award using jal miles
  222. Business class catering on JL001 SFO HND
  223. 10 kg domestic carryon limit -- enforced?
  224. Sky Suite Seating
  225. JAL 777 vs United 787 in coach?
  226. Pre-order Japanese meal in F on AA marketed JL operated flight?
  227. Upgrade awards
  228. Need advice and clarification
  229. Any way to transfer to cash/Avios?
  230. F Lounge in Paris CDG
  231. Which AF lounge @ CDG 2E?
  232. Seek help from long/mid haul JAL FF
  233. JAL now taking pre-orders for business class meals
  234. Lounge +1 Experience
  235. how reliable is JL's priority luggage handling in PVG?
  236. JAL to opens revamped Int'l Sakura Lounge at NRT on Mar 30 2016
  237. JL 9/10 or JL 11/12 in J, which is preferable?
  238. Does JAL allow mixed carrier awards?
  239. US Solider Assaults Teenager SAN-NRT
  240. 737 vs. 767 TPE-NRT
  241. JAL F - first time WOW!
  242. JAL took superb care of us after a misconnect
  243. Best options TPE-HNL?
  244. 777 F Power Outlets
  245. JAL.com's turn to show phantom award space (for CX)
  246. ORD to NRT in J?
  247. F vs J on CGK-NRT
  248. JFK Lounge - First Class
  249. Booking flight online originating from China
  250. Op-ups