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  1. JAL giving out 40 free one-way upgrades to Australia passengers
  2. I take that back about upgrades
  3. Japan aviation chief thinks JAL should codeshare with Delta!?!?
  4. Flights missing from Travelocity
  5. Upcoming flights – question
  6. Survived JL047 in F without any racism
  7. 10% cut in passenger services eyed: report
  8. Wine in plastic bottles!
  9. Need advice for an upcoming trip with JAL :)
  10. Qantas flight (operated by Asiana) - miles?
  11. NRT/PEK service
  12. Upgrade Yokoso Air Pass flights?
  13. JAL stops JFK-GRU?
  14. Web check in
  15. Question about JAL award availability using AA miles
  16. How to call the Singapore Office
  17. Is JAL racist? Please read my story....
  18. Is this J seat an F seat
  19. Which version of 744 from YVR to MEX?
  20. JL/NH- choose a program
  21. Can I leave carry-on luggage in the NRT lounge?
  22. JAL-AA upgrade
  23. Which Magic version in F on 744s?
  24. Super discounted Upgrade promo Asia & Oceania
  25. JAL to end Chubu-Paris flights in October due to weak demand
  26. jal/jalways 76 'shuttle'
  27. Japan Airlines flight 011 delay information
  28. JAL Reservation - 'Children'
  29. Premium economy review
  30. JAL Mileage Bank Wait Listing
  31. ANA, JAL Plan to Cut Routes at Kansai Airport, Nikkei Says
  32. Which version of 744 from LAX to NRT?
  33. Economy flights from Oz to London at a reasonable price?
  34. Jal flight caddie service
  35. NRT-LAX flight Jl062 July 4
  36. KUL-SIN in J or Y?
  37. Book online to get Sakura lounge access in HKG
  38. (as of 30JUN09) JAL ends Boeing 747-400 service to 6 cities
  39. ANA Protests Japan Air Getting State-Backed Loan, Nikkei Reports
  40. JL75 HNLNRT JUN25 cancelled due to ......... urination in a park by a co-pilot
  41. JAL Suite is coming to LAX and ORD on...
  42. JL047, arrival queues at NRT
  43. Frustrating reservation change experience...
  44. JAL 777-300ER SFO to Narita trip report
  45. Progress of JAL Group Medium Term Corporate Plan
  46. Baggage allowance on jl 47
  47. Japan flights delayed by Kuril Islands volcano
  48. 2 Outrigger Properties Join JAL Mileage Bank
  49. HGUE upgrade award discount on North America and Europe flights
  50. Possible strike on June 17-19
  51. JAL Capacity Cut Jul - Oct 09
  52. Some questions about upcoming JL domestic flights
  53. Confirmed H1N1 case on JAL flights
  54. JAL to MEL?
  55. class J (domestic) = lounge access ?
  56. Confused: B777 C seat
  57. JFK first class LOUNGE... disapointing
  58. JAL missed mileage bank accumulation
  59. How to meet up in Narita?
  60. lounge question at NRT
  61. JAL061 LAX-NRT on June 24
  62. Can't print e-ticket when there are more than 1 ticket in the entire iternary
  63. Special upgrade fares at Airport: CDG?
  64. Fire under seat on JL653
  65. 10% capacity cut on International network coming in FY2010
  66. Slightly OT *Inter Japanese flight*
  67. Worst experience with JAL customer serveice
  68. JAL will offer freshly baked bread at Narita lounge
  69. OW status and "no advance seat assignment" fares
  70. JAL codeshare fron June
  71. JAL computer failure
  72. More bonus miles campaign targeting American region members
  73. Interlined luggage with JAL?
  74. JAL - Japan to GUM (Guam)?
  75. Cancel award flight and lose "expired mileage"
  76. 8 days to go, worth transfering SPG points?
  77. Plane and seat types
  78. Best strategy for getting bulkhead or exit row seats JFK-NRT?
  79. Someone sued JAL for putting redemption group
  80. 50% bonus miles on JL061/062
  81. JAL Shifts to New Terminal in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport
  82. Increase in international passenger cancellation
  83. Flat J seat JFK-NRT?
  84. J class seat reccommendation! HELP!
  85. use AA pts to upgrade JAL flight?
  86. JAL resume daily operation of HND-HKG
  87. Y class Narita - Milan
  88. Are 4 award seats in F ever available, JL005 or JL047 (JFKNRT)?
  89. MNL-NRT Which plane?
  90. JAL Group Announces FY2009 Management Plan
  91. JAL 747 engine ingests cargo container at LAX
  92. Cattle car seats?
  93. JAL NRT - BKK First and Biz seating configurations
  94. Domestic J Award - Oneworld seat release?
  95. New JAL F Suites
  96. No more fuel surcharge starting July 1 2009
  97. Food on HNL-NRT-SIN flight?
  98. Avoid JAL if you can :)
  99. Quick Help: 2 Bag Dimensions Exceed 273cm
  100. Online Booking?
  101. Special Handling in relation to the outbreak of Swine Influenza.
  102. JAL doubles face masks on flights to Central America
  103. OT : How do Sumo Wrestlers Eat in First Solo Seats
  104. Would JL allow stand by CTS-HND from ticketed CTS-NRT?
  105. JAL Family Club/Premio MasterCard Very Hard to Cancel
  106. Sin-nrt-sin b773/777
  107. JAL Increases Flights to Okinawa from July to October 2009
  108. JAL *MAY* eliminate fuel surcharge from July
  109. JAL Transit Through Narita
  110. JAL Int'l flight number re-designation from Mar 2010
  111. Air France and JMB
  112. Short-term Adjustment of FY2009 Route, Flight Frequency and Fleet Plan
  113. Strange Fare buckets on JAL flights
  114. JAL rescue
  115. PEK-NRT pricing
  116. Which one is better?
  117. Nrt-sin-nrt f?
  118. Best seat in J on the new 777 JFK to NRT
  119. JAL releasing F seats within 2 weeks of departure?
  120. Best use of 25K miles
  121. Qantas Redemptions More Expensive
  122. Japan Airlines to install Thales' TopSeries inflight system on 767 and 777
  123. JAL 747 vs AA flagship suites?
  124. Luggage agreements btw airlines
  125. Overnight Transit at NRT
  126. jl 47 first class seats
  127. JAL First Lounge in ORD--Closed to OneWorld Emeralds
  128. new checked baggage rules take effect on April 1, 2009
  129. Cabin Baggage on JL
  130. CDG-NGO - Advice needed
  131. ALL 744 and 773 flights to/from Narita are cancelled today
  132. Any new 777-300ER routes?
  133. Travel Time From T2 to T1 at NRT
  134. Questions about 773/777 seats. Also, service, food, etc.
  135. JAL - SIN to NRT / JFK in F
  136. Only using O/W on a R/T ticket
  137. JL012 to Mexico via Vancouver
  138. Unions threaten to strike again...
  139. JL Domestic Standby?
  140. New Livery/Decals Announced for First 787
  141. JAL makes emergency landing in Shanghai (Possible bird strike)
  142. JAL Reroute Flights To Avoid N Korea Missile Launch Zone
  143. JAL Business v. First
  144. JAL Lounge access at NRT on AA Award tickets
  145. Short miles -- can I buy them?
  146. JAL Revises FY2009 Route and Frequency Plan
  147. JAL reconfiguring 777-200?
  148. if JAL changes schedule, can I change my flight?
  149. JL VIP Service - JetQuay - Changi
  150. Marriott partnership
  151. JAL seating - can't understand why
  152. JL NRT-JFK-GRU Down to 2 Weekly?
  153. JAL Decreases International Fare Fuel Surcharge from April 1, 2009
  154. JAL meal cart springs loose after takeoff
  155. how to book first class seats on a two class flight
  156. JL 9 ORD-NRT Business Class Seating Question
  157. JMB 50% of upgrade mileage again this year?
  158. Which lounge for LAX?
  159. JMB Online Award Questions
  160. NRT-SYD 747: 3-class plane sold as 2-class?
  161. JL722 SIN-KIX what service to expect ?
  162. Fuel surcharge to fall by 80% in April
  163. New oneworld livery on JAL 767
  164. Japan Airlines says may cut international capacity 10%
  165. Embraer 170 Went into Service
  166. More competitions coming for JAL and ANA?
  167. Does JAL still fly A300s and MD80/90 aircraft?
  168. Manufacturer faked fire resistance data for JAL seat component
  169. Cost Cutting at JAL
  170. JAL Flight Brings Aviation One Step Closer to Using Biofuel
  171. Spilt tea injures passenger
  172. PEK-KIX-CTS Check Bags Through?
  173. New 77W Y Seating Question
  174. JAL Group Route, Flight Frequency & Fleet Plan FY2009
  175. Anyone fly AMS-NRT on JL?
  176. JAL or ANA for business class transpacific trips?
  177. More route suspensions and frequency reductions coming
  178. One-hour Connection Adequate (ICN-NRT-HKG)?
  179. JAL pilot training feels pinch from cost cuts
  180. Japan Air Offers Staff Unpaid Leave as Passenger Numbers Slump
  181. American Region mileage chart awards
  182. JAL 2009 Summer Overview: JAL Express goes Int'l
  183. Which seatguru version of JAL's 773ER does JAL fly to SFO?
  184. JL 745 NRT - MNL 744 versions
  185. Frequency reduction on three international routes
  186. JL 002 NRT-SFO in First Questions from a OW novice...
  187. Upgrade to Business on other oneworld carriers
  188. Any tips for picking up 'couple seats' on 777 LHR-NRT route in Y?
  189. Checkin at GMP and Check In machine
  190. JAL / AA / OneWorld status questions
  191. Selling part of business class seats as economy?
  192. Has anyone actually used BA points for a JL/JO award?
  193. 744 NRT-MNL Seats
  194. Pay for space available upgrade on JAL at airport in Tokyo?
  195. Using AA milesto fly JL NRT-CDG-NRT newbie
  196. JL ICN Lounge
  197. Upgrade for One World Elites?
  198. 777 is coming to LAX and ORD this spring
  199. JAL considering closing Upper Deck 747 seatings
  200. JAL First Class Chopsticks Pick Up Good Design Award
  201. Japan Air to Cut International Unit’s Staff by 13% (Update2)
  202. BA Chairman Warns Of Oneworld Breakup
  203. Japan to China via JAL -- easy to book w/ AA miles?
  204. NRT Lounge - guest access to JAL Lounge
  205. Upgrade Points
  206. JAL F Suite on any other routes?
  207. power port on boeing 767s
  208. Any word on YVR-NRT getting the NBC seats?
  209. Where was this JAL 744 going?
  210. Attn FLL Spotter: JAL is coming into FLL tomorrow morning
  211. New Narita Domestic flights from 29MAR09
  212. Discontinuation of JALPAK International Gift Certificate Award
  213. JAL fly on points
  214. New checked bag allowance for North America routes starting April 1, 2009
  215. Japan Airlines May Cut Investment by 100 Billion Yen
  216. New waitlisting function for award tickets
  217. New bonus mile campaign for JAL Card members
  218. Does anyone know the JAL fare codes for award business and first?
  219. Ouch...
  220. Premium Economy Upgrade Question
  221. New service fee for reservations made over the phone and at airport counters
  222. Is there a way to see JL reservation online?
  223. Status Change
  224. Through Check In- JAL from SHA via SEL
  225. JL reinstates BKK flights: 1 flight remains canceled
  226. No more Salon?
  227. JAL New First Class
  228. how to buy intra Japan flights
  229. Does JAL 062 Narita-LAX have the new Solo Sleepers
  230. Planned strike on 11/19 and 11/20
  231. JAL Decreases International Fare Fuel Surcharge from January 1, 2009
  232. JL first class suite NRT-SFO award tic...SUCCESS
  233. 2nd daily NRT - LHR from 29MAR09
  234. JL 09 ORD-NRT F Seats
  235. how can I get my original seat assignments back?
  236. Is there any difference ticket price on weekday and weekend???
  237. First Time on JAL - What can I expect?
  238. In which month is the lowest JAL International ticket?
  239. Carry on luggage in the JAL flight...
  240. JAL mileage account...
  241. JGC Sapphire getting more upgrade points than just JMB Sapphire?
  242. JAL to Introduce First Class on Tokyo - New Delhi Route
  243. Seats on JAL.co.jp don't match what I can select...
  244. Help...where can I buy the cheapest JAL economy ticket?
  245. JAL Receives CAPA Airline Turnaround of the Year 2008 Award
  246. JAL Business class or AA First Class NRT - DFW??
  247. JAL ORD-NRT in November - Solo seats in F?
  248. NRT JAL New Firstclass Lounge
  249. HND-CDG agreed
  250. JAL new first class inflight service ?