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  1. JAL FOPs on BA flights?
  2. JAL gets more time for Rehab plan !
  3. ANA trying to take more HND US slots in expense of JAL?
  4. Does JAL allow domestic routing via other cities?
  5. Taking advantage of full fare Y... Upgrades? Anything?
  6. NYC-Japan J/F Award Seats Using AA miles?
  7. JAL Family Program
  8. Advice re. usage of miles...
  9. Denied boarding at NRT due to lack of Vietnam Visa??
  10. JGC or OW Emerald?
  11. JAL temporarily reduces BKK frequency
  12. JAL sending lounge coupons, JMB Sapphire cards to companies
  13. JAL Mile Phone by KDDI
  14. JAL Seating 777-300 ER (772)
  15. Earliest check-in time for domestic flights
  16. F award availability JFK-NRT?
  17. JAL Family Club
  18. JAL F, Blocked vs. Occupied in EF
  19. JAL or CX First Class
  20. JAL Gold Card
  21. Priority Baggage Delivery Tag Question
  22. (2010) JAL Meeting up (People from the dark side are welcomed too)
  23. ORD NRT Business Class
  24. No upgrade without a confirmed seat
  25. Rumor/Sepculation: Kazuo Inamori stepping down
  26. Can I have a stopover in Fukuoka
  27. How to justify the extra cost to fly on JAL?
  28. New JGC benefit: calendar+diary or 800 miles?
  29. JAL announce profit - Stand Up, JAL!
  30. Upgrade Question (NRT-PEK)
  31. stop over in NRT, only 1 hr
  32. JAL announced restructuring details, including list of route suspensions
  33. NRT Sakura Lounge and exec seats 747-400
  34. JFK/Narita non-stop flight questions
  35. JL707--Some Days Shell Flat, others not?
  36. Delay in JAL restructuring plan filing?
  37. Inamori Vows to Revive JAL
  38. JAL's on-time performance #1 in the world!
  39. JAL seen posting operating profit in March - Nikkei
  40. Arrivals Lounge at Narita?
  41. JL 010 / 009 aircraft type & pref seats
  42. 777 and 747 - business class outlet
  43. Food in Tokyo Narita Airport
  44. Does anyone in North America have a JALCard?
  45. JAL COO: Not withdrawing from US/Europe & will consider moving terminals
  46. What is the latest advisable time for an award seat
  47. Flying on JL18 Z class---any advice?
  48. Haneda DOM J lounges
  49. Rumored list of routes to be suspended
  50. JAL offers helicopter service Narita to Tokyo for premium passengers
  51. 2009 Status extended?
  52. And the decline continues
  53. PR: Japan Airlines Introduces New Executive Class Menu on Southeast Asia Routes
  54. JAL to Stop Flying Freighters by End of October
  55. Food and wine in F during bankruptcy
  56. JAL Compensation - what to choose?
  57. JAL027/028
  58. Premium Econ intra-asia questions
  59. Help!! What's the cheapest way to get JGC
  60. Question about JAL BIZ fares between Europe and NRT
  61. Newbie question...calculating miles
  62. Considering leaving Flying screw for JALMB
  63. First experience on JAL (Y)
  64. F Amenity Kit
  65. JAL sending out elite cards from HK?
  66. Best J class - 777-200ER or 777-300ER?
  67. JAL advice ex-BKK passengers to arrive early for check-in
  68. Which plane will I get?
  69. oneworld sapphire without flying for JGC c/c holders
  70. Checked in baggage for JGC Members
  71. Jal HKG-NRT
  72. Paid Premium Economy Upgrade on Award seat?
  73. Japan Airpass mileage accural
  74. J class on domestic
  75. Can I use the JA F Lounge SFO-NRT-PEK?
  76. JAL lounge/day passes?
  77. JAL express PVG-KIX in J
  78. Is A class ever available on JL?
  79. HND-ITM in F
  80. Being referred to as a Farang on JAL Ways
  81. Discount fares to HNL
  82. C service to TPE...
  83. does JAL have special service for passenger going from NRT to HND?
  84. Compensation for damaged luggage
  85. JAL to raise fuel surcharge from April 1 2010
  86. Vegetarian Meal in First
  87. Flight Attendent HKG-NRT
  88. business award availability NRT-ORD July 10/11
  89. JAL accommodation for layover in NRT?
  90. JAL Project 2010 - A LOT more campaigns and elite benefits!
  91. Booking JAC flights
  92. AA & JL mini-DO in LA 2/27 or 28
  93. JAL status match?
  94. JAL - ANA domestic baggage interline at HND?
  95. JAL stays with OW?
  96. Carry-on luggage for JAL international flight
  97. airplane related question
  98. JAL Penny Stock 1 Yen
  99. Route and frequency change for first half of FY2010 announced
  100. Passport does not match plane ticket (Need Help)
  101. Miso Soup with meal
  102. JAL First Class Question
  103. So after 4 years I finally flew a (paid) sector in JL HND-ITM
  104. Competition golf, cruising or JAL will never learn to play ...
  105. JAL extends Premium Economy service to Jakarta and Delhi
  106. Flying JL NRT-HKG
  107. JL 777-300 ER, NYC to Tokyo
  108. JAL in Miami
  109. It just beggars belief !!
  110. Staff cuts outlined
  111. New Mileage Accumulation Rate from April 1 2010
  112. SFO-NRT: switch business/econ seats with mom?
  113. Y seafood meal
  114. Seat selection for consolidator tickets?
  115. JAL bids sayonara to OneWorld & Konichiwa SkyTeam
  116. Bottled Water in NRT OneWorld Lounges?
  117. Jal nrt-hkg
  118. JAL comparison
  119. This is the new CEO?
  120. JAL Doraemon Jet
  121. Irregular operations at Narita and Haneda
  122. JL 405/406 F class NRT-CDG-NRT
  123. Just flew Prem Eco JL61/62 LAX/NRT impressions
  124. JAL wants to cooperate with Fuji Dream Airlines
  125. Earning BA tier points via OW given current situation
  126. How safe are award tickets?
  127. Goodbye Nishimatsu....
  128. Drinking your own Sake on Board JAL
  129. JAL C seats SFO-NRT-SFO
  130. So how did everyone rack up in 2009?
  131. Added JMB elite benefits
  132. JAL chief says SkyTeam offers more merits
  133. Carts are back in C!?!?!
  134. Anyone on any JAL flights to the US in the last two days?
  135. JAL heads towards bankruptcy protection?
  136. JAL flights on New Year's Eve?
  137. Domestic Upgrades
  138. Jal seeks to sell Hotels and Inflight Service divisions...
  139. Partial change in eligible class of JMB Upgrade Awards or Upgrade Points
  140. Special Meal/Dietary Meal in "C"
  141. Termination of JMB hotel awards
  142. Mileage accumulation rate devaluation coming up!
  143. Selecting seats on JAL when booked as AA codeshare
  144. Minor Annoyance: JAL web designers loooove opening new windows all over your browser
  145. First time on JL loved it!
  146. JAL New F...Great Experience..
  147. Jl 707/708 -- nrt-bkk-nrt
  148. JAL to withdraw from Shizuoka airport
  149. Tokyo Curry Labo
  150. Who said that JL restructuring was going to be non-political?
  151. CDG Lounge
  152. JL's feet still in the fire !
  153. US/Japan Open Skies Agreement Announced
  154. Tokyo Haneda - Taipei Songshan to start next October
  155. Is there any reason NRT−DEL flights are (nearly full over 8 months in advance?)
  156. Is it worth the extra $$ to join the JAL Family Mileage prog?
  157. More frequency and capacity reductions announced
  158. Japan Airline Online Booking
  159. Japan May OK Daytime Europe-America Flights At Haneda
  160. Online check in or not?
  161. Anyone on JL062 on Dec 3?
  162. OW comes to the rescue - US$1.8 billion+ in help
  163. JAL lost luggage of Michael Moore
  164. NRT-SYD
  165. JAL to cease lounge operation at London Heathrow
  166. Question about Reward Seat waitlisting
  167. am I nuts to book two F awards on JL for next fall w/ AA miles?
  168. Seats on JAL
  169. One Day Passes?
  170. AirNex
  171. Connecting From AA to JL 053 to NGO at NRT: Questions
  172. What about American Airlines negotiations with JAL, as an alternate to Delta
  173. JAL may only have cash to fund 10 more days of operation!?!?
  174. Any recent experiences on NRT - BKK?
  175. NRT lounge access question
  176. JAL Premium Economy v ANA Premium Economy
  177. Mongolia on JL?
  178. SFO-NRT - direct or via YVR (777 vs 747)?
  179. Flying Biz get First Lounge @ NRT
  180. HND-GMP: C would be a waste of miles?
  181. Full Fare Y Sit In J
  182. Business bulkhead seats available to non-elites at -72hrs?
  183. Is this cutting it close at FUK?
  184. JL 405/406 on 773 F lavs/service questions
  185. YVR-NRT-HKG a few questions
  186. Management offers no bonus this winter
  187. SYD-LHR J Class on JAL
  188. JAL to cut some routes between Japan and China
  189. Which 747?
  190. transfer from domestic JL to international AA at NRT
  191. LAX Business class passengers can use OW lounge now
  192. JAL Cuts MEX
  193. JAL applying for ETIC funding?
  194. Seat map differences, Expertflyer vs Seatguru
  195. KIX-DPS Business Class
  196. JAL Flt 51/52 NRT-KIX
  197. Business Class KIX-PVG: JAL or JALExpress, is there a difference?
  198. JL Boeing 777-300ER 4 class "W82" - Best Business Class Seat?
  199. Seating in C for JL 404 LHR-NRT
  200. JAL Prem Economy vs AA 777
  201. HND to become international hub
  202. JAL Prem Econ Row 19!!
  203. JAL to seek $2.8 bln debt waiver, capital boost (REUTERS)
  204. dumb question of the day: do I have to pre-order Japanese meal on NRT-HKG flight?(bus
  205. JAL to Asia - Ticketing, connections--help!
  206. Uncompetitive Fare (C/J-Class) ex-TPE to SFO/LAX
  207. SIN OW elite check-in
  208. How to upgrade a non-family travelling companion?
  209. Bird strike on JL3609 on Oct 11
  210. BA Fuel Charge
  211. KIX v NRT Lounge: advise wanted!
  212. Enough time for NRT-HND transfer
  213. SIN-NRT-YVR-NRT-SIN Anyone ??
  214. Worst storm in more than 10 years heading Japan. Check your flight status beforehand
  215. Upgrade points or other bonuses for top-tier elites
  216. Lounge in SIN
  217. Flight next week---Should I be worried?
  218. Credit card companies refusing payments for JL ticket issues overseas?
  219. JAL Kosher meal
  220. Y Seats on JL 767
  221. Yvr-nrt-sin-nrt-yvr
  222. JAL & CAL Interline?
  223. JAL: How much longer? Is this the end??
  224. Rumor: JAL to cut 60% of KIX international routes!!!
  225. JAL or NWA?
  226. Totally off chance, expired JMB 'vouchers'?
  227. Upgrade on JL (AA Codeshare)
  228. JAL Group Route and Flight Frequency Plan of Second Half FY2009: Revision 2
  229. AA, Qantas and BA to rescue JAL?
  230. JL eyes pulling out of 9 foreign cities: report
  231. definition of a sector for a Yokoso Pass
  232. 24 route suspensions and 6000 personnel cut
  233. Limited D inventory on JFK-NRT
  234. power outlet in JAL 777-300ER economy
  235. JMB update - online reservation for CX, KA and QF award
  236. JAL In Flight Entertainment
  237. JAL J versus AF, which to take?
  238. JAL shell flat neo seats to Europe??
  239. Good experience on JAL after mixup
  240. Ticketing Service Fees in Overseas Regions
  241. 400 bonus FOP on domestic sectors of Super Sale ticket to Japan?
  242. Cabin baggage limit in J
  243. Luggage Retrieval/Transfer at NRT?
  244. New carry-on rules in Dec 09 for JAL and other Japanese carriers
  245. Premium Economy for NRT-SIN and CGK-NRT?
  246. Mileage Bank: JAL should get "Operation Correction" - toughest warning
  247. NRT-SIN seats and meals
  248. JAL mileage run?
  249. 777 seats 5C/H held for elites?
  250. It's official, fuel surcharge will be back in Oct 09