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  1. [JMB Sakura Lounge] The JAL Forum Conversational Thread
  2. HKG-NRT-YVR on Biz
  3. Failures fall but debt rises, skewed by JAL
  4. Japan Airlines/JAL Mileage Bank FAQ
  5. Has anyone tried the new 763 with MAGIC-V yet?
  6. JAL Exciting Aloha Project 2011
  7. Info: Business Hours of China/Hong Kong Branches in Lunar New Year Period (2011)
  8. JAL jumbo-themed 'bento' hot amid 747 phaseout
  9. Temporary aircraft change on JL725/726 (NRT-CGK)
  10. JAL may seek JBV opportunity with CX
  11. Japan Region Email Registration Campaign?
  12. JAL Extends the PY Upgrade Campaign to Cover European Flights
  13. JAL moving to T3 at ORD from March 27 2011
  14. JAL bankrupty/court protection: 1 year ago.
  15. NRT vs HND Lounge. Which one do you prefer?
  16. JAL Award discounts for JAL card members
  17. JAL/AA Joint Press Conference on JBV on Jan 11
  18. Luggage Allowance
  19. HND-HNL will be upgraded to 777-200ER from March 27 2011
  20. Some flight number changes on its way
  21. JAL(former JAS)A300-600R Retirement !
  22. YVR Downgraded to 763 in March
  23. JAL to codeshare with CZ on NRT-DLC
  24. Stopovers
  25. JAL Y Ticket upgradeable with AA miles?
  26. Worst credit card points conversion rate?
  27. January - June lounge campaign
  28. Class J upgrade
  29. JAL 744D retirement tour
  30. Q:HK Resident flying from Japan to China, holding Australian passport & HuiXiangZheng
  31. CX's Treatment of JL codeshare passengers
  32. Axed crew ranks to sue JAL
  33. JAL Leaves Passenger Stranded in Narita [UPDATE: Error was the OP's]
  34. What does waitlist mean on awards tickets?
  35. Bamboo Wheelchair
  36. JAL CA Christmas Concert
  37. JAL and QF expand codeshare agreement to cover NRT-PER
  38. 2011 JAL Meeting Up (People from Darkside are welcomed too)
  39. JAL F awards availability for BA or AA FF's?
  40. JAL extends Fly On Point Bonus till Dec 31 2011
  41. JAL announced schedule of the remaining international 744 flight
  42. Flying from LAX-NRT
  43. JAL connection between NRT and HND
  44. Last Flight of 2010
  45. JAL SYD-NRT Question now JAL not Jalways
  46. JL 001 / 002 SFO-HND 777-200ER 3 Class Best Business / Executive Class Seat?
  47. Upgrade to PE at the airport
  48. Super Elite JMB Program
  49. Out with the old......
  50. JAL lounge in FRA
  51. visit NRT lounge in transit
  52. NEW First Class Lounge at NRT Satellite Building
  53. Overweight checked bagage?
  54. Premium economy seat: can sleep comfortably?
  55. JAL to consolidate tour companies under JALPAK
  56. JAL (and NH) offering deep discount C tickets?
  57. Termination of JAL World Hotels Program
  58. JAL F Meals ex-NRT
  59. Visit japan (yokoso) fares
  60. One way upgrade campaign?
  61. JALways merged into JAL
  62. SFO-HND PY fares?
  63. Planned strike by JAL's minority cabin attendant union [CANCELED]
  64. JAL expands codeshare agreement with Jetstar to cover Gold Coast
  65. BA invites JAL to move to [email protected]
  66. How come there's no ex-HKG package to both Japan and Korea?
  67. FLYON status, JGC and family
  68. OMG I finally won something from JAL
  69. JAL Cellphone rental powered by DoCoMo
  70. discount fares on JAL
  71. Need advice on choosing C seat
  72. Yokoso Fares
  73. Seriously, can we have something other than "Szechuan Cucumber Salad"?
  74. Double miles on S7 flights
  75. JAL one of 11 airlines caught in EU cargo price fixing...must pay fine!
  76. Woo-hoo
  77. S7 Accumulation and Redemption Rates
  78. NRT-HAN aircraft
  79. JAL 787 deliveries are delayed once again
  80. JAL starts asking CAs to clean up the plane on domestic flights
  81. JAL to introduce Premium Economy on NRT-BKK from January 16 2011
  82. JAL plane forced to pull up in Songshan Airport incident (CI at fault)
  83. British Airways Waiting On JAL To Pursue Antitrust Immunity
  84. First time JAL flyer. Taking C from NRT-JFK.
  85. Photos of the new HND lounges
  86. Domestic First Class flight cutbacks?
  87. Why do you like JAL? What's your story?
  88. JALPAK moving in with parent JAL
  89. JAL to suspend some cs flights with CZ
  90. JAL running campaigns to celebrate BA moving to T2 at NRT
  91. JAL extends birthday class-J upgrade campaign through 2011
  92. Cheeky request -lounge access on Nov. 1st
  93. Traveling on Crutches - Advice?
  94. JAL Shopping Americas Triple Mileage Campaign
  95. Big Island bids aloha to JAL Narita-Kona flights
  96. JAL and CX to expand codeshare agreement to cover other cities worldwide
  97. JAL drops to number 3 in flights from Kansai !
  98. F suite to Jakarta
  99. JGC vs. Super Flyers
  100. BA will start using JAL's lounges at NRT T2 from Oct 31 2010
  101. JAL to codeshare with AA to keep Sao Paulo in its network
  102. Triple your JAL Mileage Bank miles at Hilton
  103. NRT-HND transfer question
  104. Which 777 version currently fly SFO to NRT?
  105. "Turtle" bag tags to be sent out in January
  106. What really is/was wrong with JL management!
  107. MTIL approves JAL/AA ATI
  108. Providing a hotel for HND to NRT connection?
  109. Minimum Check-in time in Seoul?
  110. has anyone done HND transfer yet?
  111. Special page for 747 retirement
  112. JAL KIX-TPE still 737?
  113. JAL first class, JAL SUITE NRT-SFO
  114. JAL F award partner availability?
  115. Finally new regional business class seats and hello MAGIC-V!
  116. New scanner at lounge enterance
  117. JAL Card payment changes?
  118. JAL Website Slow?
  119. HND international lounge
  120. JGC question (Japan domestic)
  121. JAL Domestic F Routes
  122. Can you request extra JGC luggage tags?
  123. Pictorial ode to the extinct 747 Skysleeper Solo
  124. Remaining 744 SOLD
  125. Auto Web Check-in and cosmetic changes to "View My Reservation" page
  126. US DOT grants JAL/AA ATI approval
  127. Refund for JAL ex-HND int'l ticket issued on/before Oct 7 for flights on/after Oct 21
  128. HND to HNL flights dropped?
  129. Change of telephone number for China (Hong Kong) Call Center From Nov 1 2010
  130. JAL Global Club Luggage Tags?
  131. Speculation of JMB changes with AA ATI
  132. Pay for status with JAL?
  133. Where have all the 747s gone?
  134. Closure of HKG Sakura Lounge
  135. JAL to Codeshare with Qantas on Singapore-Brisbane Route
  136. Islands dispute with Chinese government is affecting JAL and ANA
  137. AA vs JL Chicago to Tokyo and back....
  138. Premium Economy upgrade campaign
  139. JAL USA Card
  140. JAL Aloha Jet
  141. RIP Magic-I
  142. Sayonara NRT-GRU
  143. Suggestion on JAL 73H seat
  144. Domestic flight seat assignment
  145. JAL negotiating with QF on LCC JV
  146. Anyone have email address for JAL mileage bank ?
  147. Cockpit video footage lands crew member of J-AIR in hot water
  148. JAL - Historic Uniform Modelling piece
  149. JAL Expands International Network from Haneda with New Codeshare Flights
  150. JAL extends codesharing agreement with CX to include all Japan-HKG flights 2 mi
  151. When does JL release award seats?
  152. Fly JAL! SFO Super Upgrade Campaign
  153. Rate JAL Mileage Bank
  154. NRT-KIX international or not?
  155. Crappy (no) compensation policy
  156. Insane Fares on JL
  157. How's everyone doing in 2011 JMB status (re-)qualification?
  158. JAL Arashi Jet
  159. NRT 20-hour layover: Can I stay in secure side?
  160. JAL first arrival lounge and updates to HND launch
  161. Q: What booking class on CX earns miles with MB?
  162. JAL Elite members to get JAL Hotels Gold free
  163. JL707 (NRT-BKK): 762 or 763?
  164. JAL to partner with Rakuten
  165. Welcome to Japan Airpass
  166. JAL SFO - NRT First class review
  167. JAL Economy Plus Lounge Access?
  168. Special handling for JAL passengers affected by MX operation suspension
  169. Does JL allow baggage pooling?
  170. Getting security pass for husband and baby
  171. Business Class headphones JL 771/772
  172. JL/AA Codeshare Questions
  173. Narrow B767 Business Class Seat Issue
  174. 747 Skysleeper Solo: 1H or 4A
  175. JAL Group Adjusts Flight Frequency and Fleet Plans for 2010 Winter Schedule
  176. Goodbye MD81 Tour
  177. Well my two JAL flights were interesting...
  178. Great and Efficient Customer Service
  179. Seat question - nothing in search or seatguru
  180. Equipment on JAL9/10
  181. Possible lower fare coming...in next fiscal year?
  182. JAL Should Keep Sao Paulo (GRU)
  183. AA codeshare on JAL Business-what to expect
  184. JAL > QF problems?
  185. QF CEO interview regarding JAL
  186. Is backtracking allowed?
  187. JAL to roll out new int'l flight boarding style on Oct 21 2010
  188. KUL-NRT: JL vs MH?
  189. JMB Hotel Redemption
  190. JAL will discontinue free JAL Guides on Oct 31
  191. Japan Airlines Sells Percentage Stake in Subsidiary JAL Hotels to Hotel Okura
  192. JAL to merge with JO
  193. JAL sent 100 executives to Dallas and learn from AA
  194. JAL Group Announces the Merger of Four Subsidiary Sales Companies
  195. AA Exec Plt on a JAL ticket
  196. JAL added new VN codeshare flights
  197. any preferred row - Y+ cabin (777 SYD-NRT)
  198. JAL and Vietnam Airlines mileage
  199. JAL to end HKG First class service from Oct 1 2010
  200. JAL starts FIRST class service to Jarkata on Oct 31 2010
  201. Rumor: JAL considers changing the logo, possibly bring back the Tsurumaru!
  202. JL 2, F Suite to Skysleeper Solo swap starting 9/5
  203. JAL Transfer desk at BKK, when open?
  204. row 5 on 777-300ER
  205. Does a helmet count as baggage?
  206. Help with flying YVR-NRT-ITM
  207. JL 10 please check your seat at the airport notice
  208. JAL 001/002 Question
  209. TYO-MNL recommendations
  210. Equipment Change Shell flat to Skyluxe
  211. JAL moving to Terminal 3 at DEL on July 30 2010
  212. JAL and Finnair expands codershare agreement
  213. Launch of new HND-China flights might be delayed
  214. HKG-NRT
  215. JL flight operated by KE = no miles!
  216. IFE advertising
  217. Rumor: JAL selling in-flight catering company
  218. FOPs from BA business?
  219. HNL Sakura Lounge and First Class section
  220. Using Asia Miles for an upgrade
  221. NRT-SIN by an AA flyer question
  222. Picture and video of the first JAL 787 in production
  223. Interlined Luggage at PEK?
  224. Mileage Run in Japan
  225. JL Diamond good for ZRH Panorama Lounge?
  226. JAL Tokyo Haneda International Schedule thread
  227. JAL Connections
  228. Am I missing something?
  229. OW award availability for ITM-NRT
  230. Travel agent or JAL office?
  231. JAL 707 Equipment
  232. JAL : Best J seats SYD-LHR
  233. NRT First Class Lounge when Connecting F to J - 2 class seating?
  234. Elite status and FOPs
  235. JAL Hotels
  236. JAL or LAN in C for JFK-GRU
  237. JAL at Haneda
  238. Earliest check-in time at CDG
  239. NRT-SIN F seats released for C pax
  240. JAL mileage transfer to another program
  241. Question on Domestic Flights and Viewing Available Seats
  242. Exit row seats
  243. JAL F - ORD/NRT/BKK or CX F - ORD/YYZ (Hyatt) YYZ/HKG/BKK?
  244. JMB and JGC questions: making the move
  245. Jmb diamond
  246. Is this how JAL justify the fare increase?
  247. Maximising FOPs
  248. JAL IT rocks!
  249. Done5 US domestic flights with JMB
  250. JAL in final stage negotiation to sell JAL Hotel