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  1. Row 7 on 767 from NRT-HNL?
  2. JAL Enhances International and Domestic Meal Service from April 1 2011
  3. Has anyone spotted planes with new JAL livery yet?
  4. Logo Change on JAL website NOW!
  5. Limited Time Only! Special Wine from Kanzo Estate Winery on JL001/002
  6. Update to JMB International Sector Miles from Jan 1 2011
  7. JMB Mileage Accumulation Rate Changes on MU Flights from May 1 2011
  8. Changes to JMB programs after JBV with AA on Apr 1 2011
  9. JMB Miles and Yahoo! Japan Points Exchange
  10. suggestion needed for the expiring miles
  11. JAL suspends some domestic flights to rearrange aircrafts for Tohoku relief flights
  12. One way economy tickets?
  13. To find out radiation level at airports JAL flies to...
  14. Walsh: British Airways Owner IAG May Pursue JAL Stake
  15. JAL added departure gate info on flight status page
  16. Are you worry about having the food and drink served on JAL flights?
  17. JAL releases data on effect of the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake
  18. JAL Announces Board of Directors and Change to Executive Officers
  19. JAL reduce international capacity/frequency due to Tohoku Pacific Earthquake
  20. It's official! JAL effectively emerged from bankruptcy
  21. Rumor: JAL considering forming budget carrier with Australia's Jetstar
  22. JAL moves to T3 at ORD Today (Mar 27 2011)
  23. JAL Extends A300 Operation till 30APR11 (as of 27MAR11)
  24. Information for passengers showing up at the airport counter (in Japan?)
  25. One-way Domestic Award from June 1 2011
  26. JAL 767-300ER (A41) Row 1 Legroom?
  27. Change of electronic device usage policy from April 1 2011
  28. JAL - an object lesson in Corporate Social Responsibility
  29. 2011 Fly On Status Member Cards
  30. Special handling for int'l flights in conjunction with Tohoku Pacific Earthquake
  31. Nikkei: JAL to complete court-backed restructuring by Monday
  32. long layover in NRT
  33. How would a JL NRT agent handle a 'mistake fare'
  34. Donating Miles for the Earthquake
  35. JAL baggage service and the earthquake
  36. Check your TYO flight status. TYO suspended operation due to 8.9 earthquake in Sendai
  37. JL or CX in first
  38. NRT-HNL Biz Class
  39. JAL announces changes to Fly On status extra luggage benefits from April 1 2011
  40. JAL switches checked baggage allowance to piece system on all international flights
  41. Tips for JALs First Class Suite
  42. Luggage allowance domestic flight connecting to same day SQ flight?
  43. Getting business class seat even with an econ ticket
  44. Picture of first JAL plane with new livery
  45. striking cutbacks NRT-SIN
  46. HND to HIJ, which side for view of Mt Fuji.
  47. Mileage expiration
  48. NRT F Lounge Hours
  49. CGK-NRT F what to expect?
  50. JAL Award availability
  51. First time JAL Newbie Question
  52. JAL fare availability
  53. Retirement tour of JAL A300-600R
  54. JAL might switch to piece checked baggage allowance system on all int'l flights
  55. JAL USA Card referral campaign
  56. Request post (int'l) flight credit online (Japan members only?)
  57. 2011 JMB Upgrade Points
  58. Special tour for first JAL flight with the new livery
  59. Best time to book for August?
  60. [OT] JAL B767 Delivery to Japan without logo, the first one with the reinvented logo?
  61. Renovation of JAL's HND Domestic Terminal
  62. JL Premium Economy
  63. JAL cancels JL009/010 on Feb 2 2011 due to storm at ORD
  64. How do you find the seat width?
  65. JAL Mileage Project 2011
  66. JAL saw 158.606 billion yen operating profit in April-Dec 2010
  67. 2011 Discounted JMB Award Tickets
  68. No F Menu Into NRT for Feb Yet?
  69. Has anyone entered the JALFC photo contest?
  70. Problem with emergency exit found on a 777-300.
  71. JAL makes general call for models to appear in "JAL Shop" inflight magazines
  72. Hnl-Nrt/Hnd-Oka
  73. JAL to serve red pockets on JL028 on 2011-02-03
  74. Flight cancellations/delays due to Mt. Kirishima volcanic eruptions
  75. One of JAL's 787's have engine installed now!
  76. Picture of JA654J. Could be the first 767 with new livery
  77. JAL: Might lift ban on cellphone during boarding and disembarking
  78. Premium Economy LAX NRT What to Expect?
  79. Airline On-time Performance Service Awards
  80. JAL to close Yokohomam City Air Terminal Office on March 31 2011
  81. new JGC question
  82. JAL's DME flights will be operated as usual
  83. JAL Samantha Thavasa Jet
  84. JAL is also interested in JBV with BA
  85. JEX will operate under the "Joint Carriage" arrangement from Marc 27 2011.
  86. JALCard FLY ON Points Bonus Campaign 2011
  87. New JALPAK campaign
  88. JAL Group Route, Flight Frequency & Fleet Plan for 2011
  89. Forklift Competition
  90. JPN PM: Japan is in crisis like JAL's Bankruptcy Inamori's exceeded his expectations
  91. Abu Dhabi's Maximus to buy 3 A300-600's from JAL
  92. JAL will soon start selling discounted fares for April-Sep 2011
  93. Status Match to attain JAL Global Club
  94. Boeing Delays 787: JAL won't receive until any until 2012?
  95. Lawsuit might affect JAL restructuring!
  96. 146 ex-employees sue JAL over layoff
  97. Carry on baggage question
  98. JAL CEO Inamori's 1st Bankruptcy Anniversary Interview
  99. JAL First Class Lounge access etiquette (NRT)
  100. It's OFFICIAL. JAL will switch back to Tsurumaru Logo with a modern touch
  101. JMB mileage earning Travelex Cash Passport
  102. Do you purchase JAL duty free items onboard?
  103. The Old Logo Is Back. A Crane In A Circle.
  104. NRT Sakura lounge access on mixed class tkt
  105. [JMB Sakura Lounge] The JAL Forum Conversational Thread
  106. HKG-NRT-YVR on Biz
  107. Failures fall but debt rises, skewed by JAL
  108. Japan Airlines/JAL Mileage Bank FAQ
  109. Has anyone tried the new 763 with MAGIC-V yet?
  110. JAL Exciting Aloha Project 2011
  111. Info: Business Hours of China/Hong Kong Branches in Lunar New Year Period (2011)
  112. JAL jumbo-themed 'bento' hot amid 747 phaseout
  113. Temporary aircraft change on JL725/726 (NRT-CGK)
  114. JAL may seek JBV opportunity with CX
  115. Japan Region Email Registration Campaign?
  116. JAL Extends the PY Upgrade Campaign to Cover European Flights
  117. JAL moving to T3 at ORD from March 27 2011
  118. JAL bankrupty/court protection: 1 year ago.
  119. NRT vs HND Lounge. Which one do you prefer?
  120. JAL Award discounts for JAL card members
  121. JAL/AA Joint Press Conference on JBV on Jan 11
  122. Luggage Allowance
  123. HND-HNL will be upgraded to 777-200ER from March 27 2011
  124. Some flight number changes on its way
  125. JAL(former JAS)A300-600R Retirement !
  126. YVR Downgraded to 763 in March
  127. JAL to codeshare with CZ on NRT-DLC
  128. Stopovers
  129. JAL Y Ticket upgradeable with AA miles?
  130. Worst credit card points conversion rate?
  131. January - June lounge campaign
  132. Class J upgrade
  133. JAL 744D retirement tour
  134. Q:HK Resident flying from Japan to China, holding Australian passport & HuiXiangZheng
  135. CX's Treatment of JL codeshare passengers
  136. Axed crew ranks to sue JAL
  137. JAL Leaves Passenger Stranded in Narita [UPDATE: Error was the OP's]
  138. What does waitlist mean on awards tickets?
  139. Bamboo Wheelchair
  140. JAL CA Christmas Concert
  141. JAL and QF expand codeshare agreement to cover NRT-PER
  142. 2011 JAL Meeting Up (People from Darkside are welcomed too)
  143. JAL F awards availability for BA or AA FF's?
  144. JAL extends Fly On Point Bonus till Dec 31 2011
  145. JAL announced schedule of the remaining international 744 flight
  146. Flying from LAX-NRT
  147. JAL connection between NRT and HND
  148. Last Flight of 2010
  149. JAL SYD-NRT Question now JAL not Jalways
  150. JL 001 / 002 SFO-HND 777-200ER 3 Class Best Business / Executive Class Seat?
  151. Upgrade to PE at the airport
  152. Super Elite JMB Program
  153. Out with the old......
  154. JAL lounge in FRA
  155. visit NRT lounge in transit
  156. NEW First Class Lounge at NRT Satellite Building
  157. Overweight checked bagage?
  158. Premium economy seat: can sleep comfortably?
  159. JAL to consolidate tour companies under JALPAK
  160. JAL (and NH) offering deep discount C tickets?
  161. Termination of JAL World Hotels Program
  162. JAL F Meals ex-NRT
  163. Visit japan (yokoso) fares
  164. One way upgrade campaign?
  165. JALways merged into JAL
  166. SFO-HND PY fares?
  167. Planned strike by JAL's minority cabin attendant union [CANCELED]
  168. JAL expands codeshare agreement with Jetstar to cover Gold Coast
  169. BA invites JAL to move to [email protected]
  170. How come there's no ex-HKG package to both Japan and Korea?
  171. FLYON status, JGC and family
  172. OMG I finally won something from JAL
  173. JAL Cellphone rental powered by DoCoMo
  174. discount fares on JAL
  175. Need advice on choosing C seat
  176. Yokoso Fares
  177. Seriously, can we have something other than "Szechuan Cucumber Salad"?
  178. Double miles on S7 flights
  179. JAL one of 11 airlines caught in EU cargo price fixing...must pay fine!
  180. Woo-hoo
  181. S7 Accumulation and Redemption Rates
  182. NRT-HAN aircraft
  183. JAL 787 deliveries are delayed once again
  184. JAL starts asking CAs to clean up the plane on domestic flights
  185. JAL to introduce Premium Economy on NRT-BKK from January 16 2011
  186. JAL plane forced to pull up in Songshan Airport incident (CI at fault)
  187. British Airways Waiting On JAL To Pursue Antitrust Immunity
  188. First time JAL flyer. Taking C from NRT-JFK.
  189. Photos of the new HND lounges
  190. Domestic First Class flight cutbacks?
  191. Why do you like JAL? What's your story?
  192. JALPAK moving in with parent JAL
  193. JAL to suspend some cs flights with CZ
  194. JAL running campaigns to celebrate BA moving to T2 at NRT
  195. JAL extends birthday class-J upgrade campaign through 2011
  196. Cheeky request -lounge access on Nov. 1st
  197. Traveling on Crutches - Advice?
  198. JAL Shopping Americas Triple Mileage Campaign
  199. Big Island bids aloha to JAL Narita-Kona flights
  200. JAL and CX to expand codeshare agreement to cover other cities worldwide
  201. JAL drops to number 3 in flights from Kansai !
  202. F suite to Jakarta
  203. JGC vs. Super Flyers
  204. BA will start using JAL's lounges at NRT T2 from Oct 31 2010
  205. JAL to codeshare with AA to keep Sao Paulo in its network
  206. Triple your JAL Mileage Bank miles at Hilton
  207. NRT-HND transfer question
  208. Which 777 version currently fly SFO to NRT?
  209. "Turtle" bag tags to be sent out in January
  210. What really is/was wrong with JL management!
  211. MTIL approves JAL/AA ATI
  212. Providing a hotel for HND to NRT connection?
  213. Minimum Check-in time in Seoul?
  214. has anyone done HND transfer yet?
  215. Special page for 747 retirement
  216. JAL KIX-TPE still 737?
  217. JAL first class, JAL SUITE NRT-SFO
  218. JAL F award partner availability?
  219. Finally new regional business class seats and hello MAGIC-V!
  220. New scanner at lounge enterance
  221. JAL Card payment changes?
  222. JAL Website Slow?
  223. HND international lounge
  224. JGC question (Japan domestic)
  225. JAL Domestic F Routes
  226. Can you request extra JGC luggage tags?
  227. Pictorial ode to the extinct 747 Skysleeper Solo
  228. Remaining 744 SOLD
  229. Auto Web Check-in and cosmetic changes to "View My Reservation" page
  230. US DOT grants JAL/AA ATI approval
  231. Refund for JAL ex-HND int'l ticket issued on/before Oct 7 for flights on/after Oct 21
  232. HND to HNL flights dropped?
  233. Change of telephone number for China (Hong Kong) Call Center From Nov 1 2010
  234. JAL Global Club Luggage Tags?
  235. Speculation of JMB changes with AA ATI
  236. Pay for status with JAL?
  237. Where have all the 747s gone?
  238. Closure of HKG Sakura Lounge
  239. JAL to Codeshare with Qantas on Singapore-Brisbane Route
  240. Islands dispute with Chinese government is affecting JAL and ANA
  241. AA vs JL Chicago to Tokyo and back....
  242. Premium Economy upgrade campaign
  243. JAL USA Card
  244. JAL Aloha Jet
  245. RIP Magic-I
  246. Sayonara NRT-GRU
  247. Suggestion on JAL 73H seat
  248. Domestic flight seat assignment
  249. JAL negotiating with QF on LCC JV
  250. Anyone have email address for JAL mileage bank ?