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  1. Indian national, US Permanent resident - VFTF sufficient or needs Social Visit Pass?
  2. Landing in SIN and Thai flight 6 hours later
  3. Opening times of Airside restaurants in Changi, NTUC supermarket
  4. Where to meet friend at SIN
  5. 19hrs in SIN - worth staying at the Orchard rd Marriott?
  6. Pre-paid SIM
  7. Avoid Newton Food Center at all cost
  8. Book now or wait?
  9. Cheap Flights to BKK fr SIN?
  10. Transit time at SIN
  11. Merlion struck by lightning
  12. Help with Singpapore airport accomodation at short notice
  13. Group of 18 in SIN for 16 hours, hotel?
  14. 2 nights: city or Changi?
  15. restaurant suggestions
  16. Prices for digital SLRs?
  17. Ideas for long layover in SIN?
  18. ez-link card changeover
  19. Songbirds in Chinatown
  20. Orchids
  21. Laundry in Singapore
  22. Cheap Hotels for Christmas?
  23. 1AM to Noon Layover in Singapore
  24. The Night Safari-Your views pls?
  25. Last Minute hotels in the city
  26. Flying from SIN to BKI - duty free options?
  27. Also 1 night in Singapore-Dec 08
  28. Resort Suggestion This weekend
  29. 20 days in Singapore!
  30. What Happened to the Changi Transit Hotel?
  31. Tiger Airways launches F(r)ee Seats Promotion
  32. Travel in Singapore
  33. One night in Singapore - light dining options
  34. Pan Pacific Singapore VS Mandarin Marina bay
  35. One way cruise
  36. Where near SIN for cheap relaxing beach holiday?
  37. Singapore Hotel Deals?
  38. Transfer at Changi airport: question about baggages
  39. *G overnight in SIN: lounge or hotel?
  40. UA 895 into SIN leaving baggage overnight
  41. Arrive at 1.25 a.m. and leave at 8 a.m. What to do?
  42. One (Friday) night in SIN w. Mrs - best 4*(+) deals - which booking site/PL/codes?
  43. Ground Transfers
  44. Hotel for USD 100-120
  45. 3 Week Stay in Singapore
  46. Need information on air travel Bali-Singapore
  47. SIN left luggage
  48. Quick Questions re SIN
  49. Singapore- Weather
  50. Opinions sought re: SIN stopovers...
  51. Jet Quay Query
  52. Q re the KUL shuttle
  53. Do you think the shops in SIN T2/T3 will have the new iPod Touch by late September?
  54. Singapore Hotels Choices
  55. Singapore Changi Airport
  56. Doing business around F1 Grand Prix weekend?
  57. What to do with a 4 day layover?
  58. Singapore Airport shopping (need rice cooker!)
  59. Singapore
  60. Is 60 minutes enough to transit between terminals at SIN?
  61. Singapore Airport Transit Hotel Query
  62. Hair Cut
  63. Singapore Immigration Question
  64. SIN Transit Hotel rates go up 1 Aug 2008
  65. Changing Airlines but stay airside in Singapore
  66. nice, cheap New 7th Storey Hotel closing 12/08
  67. Which airline do you prefer LHR-SIN?
  68. Singapore turnaround
  69. Currency exchange booths in SIN take coins?
  70. Three and A Half Hours in Singapore
  71. Trouble finding Singapore hotel room from 9/27-10/4
  72. tranist to SIN..faster than cab?
  73. Changi Airport to Johor Bahru
  74. SIN at Midnight - What should I do?
  75. SIN Turnaround for 7 hours..advice on what to do & who's done it?
  76. FT'er in Singapore Kris Lounge Right Now?
  77. Singapore airport T3
  78. Tiger to SIN, then UA the next morn, lounge access?
  79. Which is cheaper: LAX or Changi duty free liquor?
  80. Singapore Sale any good?
  81. RTW from Singapore - travel agent or site?
  82. First MR to Singapore - Need Hotel Advice
  83. recommend me hotels in SG under $250
  84. Transit area for Indian passport holder with destination Singapore
  85. 4* or 5* Hotel near a Good Hawker Center?
  86. Budget and little known (but nice) hotel in Singapore?
  87. Beaches/Resorts NEAR Singapore?
  88. Hotels for Singapore Grand Prix
  89. Hotels for 12 & 16 hour layovers in SIN
  90. $25 SIN-KUL on Tiger INCLUDING all taxes!
  91. Hotels with Guaranteed Late Checkout
  92. www.singaporevr.com
  93. Four days in SIN - What to see/do?
  94. The Link Boutique Hotel - Anyone Tried?
  95. Is there a wifi cloud covering much of Singapore?
  96. Using airport transit hotel
  97. Cold medicine in transit
  98. Late arrival SIN - strategies?
  99. Inexpensive hotels in Singapore?
  100. Does afternoon tea at Raffles meet expectations?
  101. Transiting from Silk Air to Cathay Pacific
  102. Seeking Member Feedback On Forum Descriptions!
  103. Dlx Family Suite - best option?
  104. Gown designers in Singapore?
  105. Singapore city or Sentosa island ?
  106. Hotel Recommendations Near Airport
  107. Layover in Singapore - Can I leave airport?
  108. What do you think of Bintan?
  109. Batam From Singapore
  110. Singapore to JHB
  111. woodlands or beach rd to airport at 4 am?
  112. Tiger Airways question or good samaritan willing to call
  113. Hotels: Royal Plaza vs. Meritus Mandarin
  114. Orchard Parksuites - anyone stayed?
  115. Transit Hotel or Spend a Day in Singapore?
  116. I night in Singapore
  117. Singapore taxis' 'new' peak hour surcharge!
  118. Singapore Airshow this weekend. Anything worthwile to see for someone not in the biz
  119. SIN city welcomes Hard Rock Cafe Singapore Airport
  120. SIN Transit Hotel question - help!
  121. SIN - MNL cheapest 1 way fare beside 5J
  122. UA to 5J 1 hour connection in SIN
  123. OT: Stopover in SIN
  124. Top end dining recommendations in Singapore
  125. How dressy for the opera in Singapore?
  126. watching the NFL playoffs in singapore
  127. Which hotels have a service that will offer to unpack/pack my bags?
  128. Cell (Mobile) Phones in Singapore, if arriving from India?
  129. Chilli Crabs and other street food ...
  130. Chinese New Year
  131. Singapore Budget terminal for 20 hours...
  132. Singapore for a week - sightseeing options?
  133. Dec 7-8
  134. Amara Hotel
  135. Buying eyeglasses in Singapore
  136. Shopping in Singapore 1 day stay, looking for electronics
  137. SIN - KUL Train Experience
  138. mini vacation using sing as a base
  139. T3 hotel(s)
  140. The Six-Hour Midnight SIN Turn: My First MR!
  141. OT: Wikitravel guidebook for Singapore now available
  142. Hotel Recommendation
  143. Transit hotel - Use T1 or T2?
  144. Location of new St Regis for tourist?
  145. Last possible bus/train to get into Singapore from Malaysia
  146. Getting to SIN for a 6am flight
  147. What's New in Singapore in the Last Few Years?
  148. LCC flights for SIN-KUL soon
  149. Decent Gym in Singapore?????
  150. First international brand-name hotel being built at Changi Airport Singapore
  151. SIN - October 2007 - Weather/Sights?
  152. Naumi Hotel
  153. Top Singaporean Real Estate Firm?
  154. Anyone up for drinks/dinner in SIN on Saturday 6 Oct?
  155. Regent hotel
  156. Slightly OT: Opening a bank account in Singapore as an American
  157. U.S. Expats in Singapore
  158. The Ascott at Scotts - who's managing it next
  159. Airport Hotel in Singapore
  160. Malaysia & Singapore Shopping & Sightseeing
  161. Wait at Arrival for 6 hours?
  162. KUL to SIN transportation options
  163. Singapore & Malaysia Anniversay
  164. Storing luggage for 1 night
  165. SINagore Changi - Visiting Quantas Lounge from T2
  166. Hotel Suggestion?
  167. connection time in SIN
  168. Go thru Changi Emigration the Night Before Flight?
  169. Singapore Budget Terminal
  170. Career search in Singapore, Hong Kong HK, Asia?
  171. Brunch on Orchard Road
  172. Sleeping in Singapore Airport?
  173. Store luggage at downtown Singapore?
  174. Popeyes in SIN
  175. Arriving in SIN (from NRT) at 11:55pm on UA. Any suggestions for a hotel?
  176. Stopover Hotel (Cat. A) : Which one???
  177. LAX - Singapore - which airline
  178. Lost in the Possibilities HKG to SIN for 4 Nights or Something Else/Combo?
  179. best chicken rice, best pepper crab and the french hawker...
  180. Passing through Singapore during honeymoon, need advice!
  181. Hotel/Serviced Apartment?
  182. Armary Sanctuary Singapore/Sentosa
  183. How should I fly to SIN?
  184. Four Seasons or The Oriental in Singapore?
  185. Singapore Business Cards
  186. Taxi From Airport To Downtown Sin
  187. SIN Airport Hotel (Ambassador) with Checked Baggage?
  188. Street-level maps
  189. Changi Lounge question
  190. Duty free on arrival
  191. Flying through Changi...
  192. What to do in SIN in the middle of the night?
  193. Golden Village Cinemas
  194. Vietnamese food
  195. What taxes do you need to pay when adding a stopover in Singapore?
  196. low cost hotel in SIN?
  197. Best bus between KUL and SIN?
  198. Weekend trips from Singapore
  199. What are the most popular search engines in Singapore and Malaysia?
  200. Karaoke
  201. Expat Renewing Passport in SIN
  202. OT: living in Singapore
  203. Living in Singapore
  204. SIN-KUL-SIN F flights
  205. Is it possible to select own seat in all fare classes on SQ website
  206. Singapore 8pm-930 AM
  207. Transit Visa
  208. Pulau Batam and Bintan
  209. Breakfast at Tiffin -- reservations necessary?
  210. SIN arrival question
  211. The Scarlet hotel or New Majestic-- recent reviews?
  212. In singapore 3 days
  213. Singapore to Penang need suggestions re Bus
  214. Medical Tourism In Singapore-Eye Issues
  215. UA 896 and UA 803 Arrival Times, SIN Transpo?
  216. Changi Airport Rated Very High By Travel Group
  217. Can I use Transit hotel if SIN is final Destination?
  218. Need transport for surfboard (8.5 ft) from Changi to Eastcoast home
  219. Parkview Square Feng Shui
  220. Tea again...
  221. any way to sign up for free internet with no sms?
  222. Chinese New Year
  223. SIN-HKT flights
  224. SIN: Jetstar/Valuair interline from NW flight?
  225. Prescription drugs in Singapore?
  226. How to see Singapore from above?
  227. OT - Fine dining in SIN
  228. Mobile Phone & Accessories in Sin
  229. Restaurant Reqs for Saturday Evening Do
  230. Singapore (solo do) Raffle's LONG BAR 530pm
  231. Tipping in Singapore: At mid- or high-end hotels, what is expected?
  232. Raffles - Afternoon Tea
  233. Moving to SIN - Looking for a good travel agent
  234. Booking through Chan Brothers
  235. Transportation to Sofitel Palm Resort Johor Bahru
  236. Best Place for Chili or Pepper Crab in SIN
  237. New Park Hotel OK?
  238. Daytrip to Indonesia?
  239. Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
  240. Easter in Singapore
  241. Feb 20th - A Holiday or Not? What's Open?
  242. Hotel location choice
  243. Buying a Samurai sword!
  244. Pre-paid GSM sim card?
  245. price of pal system camcorder in singapore? worth it vs. dealers in usa
  246. Restaurant advice
  247. Help planning SIN/ ? for family vacation
  248. Acupuncture in Singapore?
  249. Cheap and quick way to get to KUL?
  250. best local credit cards for airline points