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  1. Is there a way to know earlier what date and time 789 will be flying?
  2. LHR -BKK no F August and September
  3. No TG First awards for MileagePlus after November?
  4. Thai 747 Routes
  5. Is The 140,000 First Class Award from North America to New Zealand Possible?
  6. Difference between P and F
  7. Partner Award Ticket - Middle Name Left off Reservation
  8. USM Cancelled
  9. Does TG interline with ThaiSmile on separate tickets?
  10. Last name corrections-international flight
  11. TG 616/617 CNX-KMG Direct Service Discontinued Again?
  12. TG917 TG916 Cancelled flight dates
  13. B788 BKK-AKL in J: Impressions
  14. The Chiang Mai Lounge
  15. Rumour - New Business Class Seat A330
  16. Thai (380) vs Eva (777) in Business -- LHR to BKK
  17. TG's move to T3 @ CGK 1st May
  18. Thai aircraft type
  19. TG670 BKK to CTS Business class
  20. Food from a Michelin Chef when departing from Paris
  21. Thai 787-9 Question
  22. Earning ROP miles with Kaligo
  23. can miles redemption booking be done on the app?
  24. Samrap Thai also in First
  25. DXB BKK MNL ciq passenger (can haz champagne from DXB duty free?)
  26. 25% promotional miles from 1. May until 30. June
  27. Code share partners Baggage Policy
  28. 788 flying BKK-AKL 7 Apr instead of 789
  29. SYD-BKK-ZRH question re aircraft
  30. SDC possible on TG ?
  31. BKK to SFO on HX and UA, lounge access?
  32. A350 lhr-bkk
  33. TG to resume MAD and planned: MAN and HAM.
  34. Domestic TG to International HK Express connection at CNX
  35. Does a 2-hour Thai-Ethiopian cnx in BKK seem OK?
  36. Resident Foreigner and Immigration Auto Gates
  37. Thai 777-300, what seats are missing a window?
  38. GUP Question
  39. Bags with a long (14-hour) connection {booked with UA miles)
  40. avoid expensive tickets from BKK, fly BKK-KUL-BKK-XXX-BKK-KUL-BKK
  41. MUC-BKK-HKT immigration. Same old question; again. I'm sorry.
  42. GUP 2
  43. Layover KIX-BKK-CNX 15 hours but can't go outside the transit
  44. TG sets waistline limit for passengers on 787-9 Dreamliners
  45. Which regional routes still offer F?
  46. 20 Mins Schedule Change with Thai Smile
  47. Upfare TG (or OTA) booking
  48. BKK to LHR F Class
  49. TG Bangkok <=> Sydney End of 747 Service?
  50. Thai to BA Luggage in BKK
  51. operational problems with the A380...again!
  52. TG8542 BKK-ICN 06 March - any ideas what for?
  53. Questions: EU compensation for downgrade -
  54. Thai Airways A340-600s still parked at UTP ?
  55. Who in the Thai Airways to contact re approving a Dangerous Goods empty campjng stove
  56. TG spruiking Star Gold Track a bit rich ?
  57. CNX domestic lounge under renovation
  58. ROP 25th Anniversary, Bonus Miles May/June
  59. (TG925 - 747) Best J seats for a couple
  60. Seat selection & Domestic business class
  61. TG F from Paris
  62. HKT-BKK in J - Fast track at HKT?
  63. Strange Transfer at TPE
  64. Bulkhead / exit seat : when is the best time to check in?
  65. Why is Thai still so expensive from BKK?
  66. F awards only released one at a time again?
  67. Business Class in TG 777-200 vs 777-200ER
  68. MEL - BKK - SIN. transit at BKK, can exit immigration and go back in?
  69. LHR ground staff now subcontracted and dreadful
  70. Booking a seat for an infant, a week before his 2nd birthday
  71. Thai First and foie gras
  72. Why is Suvarnabhumi Airport and Thai on the ground so awful?
  73. Hong Kong- Phuket ac type
  74. TG'ed on BKK= => KIX: Help Reconfirming to First!
  75. Will TG checks bags to PG on different tickets?
  76. No More F to HKG?
  77. Can 'M' be used for GUP?
  78. Got TG'd - TG672
  79. Star alliance tickets multiple airline question
  80. MNL BKK DXB connecting time
  81. Miles Claim with Star Alliance
  82. Fast track for royal silk discontinued ( inbound )
  83. A visitor on a short international transit
  84. Cheapest Biz/First routes?
  85. Bulkhead Seat Selection ( without babies)
  86. TG J class fare with an 16hr layover in BKK
  87. Domestic and international lounge compared
  88. TG Domestic flights at BKK
  89. Long-haul J - difference between 773 and 380?
  90. THAI Lexus Limo....hilarious.....a scam......poor Lexus, only 5 cars in Bangkok...
  91. Advice on GUP / Gold BDay Award / Child Ticket
  92. Checked luggage on a 5 day layover
  93. Happy New Year!
  94. How to Maximise TG Royal Silk Class Experience
  95. ASEAN Airpass
  96. Japan Won't Allow Thailand to Through Check Luggage?
  97. The 'worst' trip report ever?
  98. WE - Through Check Luggage / CIQ at CNX
  99. Lhr-mel-bkk-lhr
  100. Compensation for lost luggage
  101. First class BKK lounge advice
  102. Thai is reducing redemption options, making points useless
  103. Dumb technical question with online award booking
  104. BKK Int'l to Int'l Connection Time Question
  105. TPE-BKK Seat Assignment Royal Silk & BP ?
  106. On a RT how do I book one way in Bus and the return in Economy?
  107. Terrible Food BKK-TPE
  108. Completely done deferent experiences outbound and inbound in THAI/THAISMILE
  109. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus benefits nominations
  110. New to TG, what to expect comparing ME3 in Y?
  111. Help with luggage tracking BKK / PEK
  112. TG+LH checking luggage through on separate tickets [on LH hand baggage only ticket]
  113. Best J seats in A350?
  114. When to book for Royal First award on BKK-LHR?
  115. Chicken "thing"
  116. Lost Credit Card – How will I be able to check in ?
  117. Load request: TG 320 KTM to BKK on 7 December
  118. icheckin BKK-SIN
  119. TG to WE / int'l to int'l next week
  120. Mini trip report: THAI Smile Ubon-Bangkok-Udon Thani
  121. Thai Food and Beverage menu in J
  122. THAI will change aircraft types on some flights during 12-20 Nov 2017
  123. Mini trip report: THAI Smile Bangkok-Ubon WE24
  124. Mini trip report: TG*G in economy ICN-HKG-BKK
  125. Baggage Policy on UA Reward Ticket
  126. Longest Bus Rides
  127. Fast track immigration for arriving TG J
  128. Thai Royal First Lounge access
  129. TG Plat or BA Gold
  130. WIFI still way too expensive
  131. Fuel surcharges and award tickets
  132. Get the best from my miles
  133. TG2038, Thaismile WE38
  134. Same Day Lounge Access
  135. Confusing "class of service bonus miles"
  136. Thai F award availability poor Sydney - Europe
  137. Thai airways cancellation of flight 2 months in advance
  138. TG non stop to USA in 2018
  139. LHE-BKK in Biz airport expereince
  140. Optimising Miles
  141. Seat allocation domestic eco SA*Gold versus no-status
  142. award seat waitlisted
  143. Thai - LHR TO BKK
  144. On BKK - VIE Jan ‘18- hoping not to get “TG’d”!
  145. Upgrade or Lounge access
  146. how early can i check bags?
  147. What TG/BKK offers for 9 hours transit in BKK?
  148. Thailand red flag lifted on ICAO website
  149. BKK - OSL
  150. Interlining bags from TG to NH with separate tickets
  151. Plane type change KIX-BKK
  152. TG Biz Can Use Swampy SQ Lounge?
  153. TG920 29 SEP cancelled
  154. TG seat allocations
  155. Aircraft Swap - Reroute?
  156. BKK-ICN in First - no award tickts?
  157. NJ FF Number
  158. GUP availability
  159. Unable to login to ROP?
  160. TG's new 787-9 business class!
  161. TG F, no more golf cart to/from gate?
  162. Baggage check through?
  163. Thai Smile worth premium over Air Asia?
  164. TG923, FRA-BKK, Sep 14, cancelled due to technical problems
  165. TG please don't be that way
  166. Thai vs Eva in J
  167. New safety video 2017
  168. How does Thai Aairways check status?
  169. Flying in F, departing in J the next day, F lounge access?
  170. Bassinet seats
  171. Emirates or Thai (F)
  172. Why has TG blocked space from Australia to Bangkok
  173. Emirates Interline Bags on Two Seperate Tickets?
  174. Middle name in LAST NAME field...is it a problem?
  175. Downgrade from F to J on TG623 (22 December 2017)
  176. Thai DC-8 First Class?
  177. Brief TR CNX-BKK TG Y
  178. 16 hr layover at BKK
  179. TG has the best F
  180. Technical Stop in Phuket?
  181. New to Thai
  182. Some questions about BKK-IKA on TG
  183. Thai's Website is Awful
  184. Stop over BKK
  185. Interling questions with seperate TG & AC tickets via PVG
  186. TG Fast Track at Suvarnaphumi
  187. "Blocked" seat in TG F
  188. Mel-bkk 777-300er?
  189. Thai to Turkish connection in BKK
  190. Laptop in check in luggage?
  191. Not using last leg but accessing lounge
  192. THAI 787-9 J seatmap
  193. Always check that your ROP # appears on your boarding pass
  194. Checking bags from DPS
  195. Can I merge or link two Thai reservations?
  196. Luggage interlining with Fiji Aiways (FJ)
  197. Which flight for new first class seat- BKK to SYD
  198. Pre order meal First HND-BKK
  199. positive experience
  200. A380: operational problems
  201. Thai Smile domestic lounge access
  202. THAI New Destination *2017*
  203. Re-issuing TG Business Class ticket, fees?
  204. First Class with overnight layover
  205. Dreamliner fleet grounded
  206. Last minute award availability? ICN-HKG
  207. TG A380 at Kemble Airfield, UK
  208. TG921 FRA BKK diverted to DEL
  209. No Econ award seats for a month?
  210. A350 J Seat
  211. Restrictions of rtw award tickets
  212. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards
  213. Aircraft change: A330 J to Thai Smile premium economy
  214. 777-300 to Mel?
  215. URGENT Qs: BKK layover 5:55am - 11:50 pm same day: Checked bags question
  216. F lounge detour on ICN-BKK-KBV?
  217. Connecting between BR and Thai Smile
  218. Question about Thai Royal First transit service
  219. TG best economy class in 2017 Skytrax awards
  220. Thai Airways won't accommodate a legal name change
  221. 19.06.2017 fra - bkk
  222. BA v Thai v Emirates in economy
  223. Changed availability on TYO-BKK?
  224. Best Royal Silk Lounge at BKK
  225. TG 682 biz class advice on B777-300
  226. Booking class on TG website
  227. Value of a mile
  228. Can't see upgrade availability for TG462?
  229. Ticket change due to death in family
  230. Wheelchair logistics and attendant tipping etiquette
  231. Re-entry permits
  232. Transiting at ARN with checked baggage
  233. Can GUP be used on a multi-city itin?
  234. Book C but F seats selectable?
  235. TG lounge options when transiting to domestic
  236. Seat assignment
  237. Ben on ticket Benjamin on passport
  238. LON - SYD Business Class vs First Class
  239. change return date with a v/w booking class
  240. A380 J class seat choice
  241. what is my booking class on a thai airways ticket
  242. Thai and Eva Checked baggage
  243. Does anyone know amount of ROP Gold and Platinum
  244. TG blocking window seats?
  245. New Airbus 350 on BKK-BRU and extra flight on Friday
  246. Through Check-In on Separate Tickets
  247. New amenity kits?
  248. Lemon cake in J class
  249. 55m transit in bkk
  250. ROP status renewal period fixed or rolling