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  1. Should I go for Gold?
  2. Lounge Access - Arriving Thai C
  3. Trip Report: TG 201 BKK-HKT Y
  4. Surcharges on award bookings
  5. Assistance for elderly passengers
  6. BKK-KTM experience?
  7. LAX-HYD Transit Q
  8. BKK-PNH in J: 734 vs. AB6
  9. Can i reserve my seat on Thai Airways earlier than checking in online 24h before?
  10. RTW TG LH Ac
  11. Celebration Offer - Redeem for 2 @ 50% off
  12. Question about possible upcoming trip on TG
  13. illegal connection - best strategy?
  14. BKK-HEL - Best *A Itinerary with TG Accural?
  15. BKK-KIX operated by 747-400 but no first class ?
  16. LAX-BKK in C; Old or New Seats?
  17. poo jah and loy jo in the lounge
  18. Royal Orchid Plus?
  19. LHR - BKK in Business
  20. Bonus miles for the anniversary
  21. ANA Tool doesn't show flights after March 23
  22. flying KIX-BKK-SYD in F
  23. Seats showing as blocked - are the occupied?
  24. Rumours: Platinum ROP
  25. Photo report of meals on TG's overnight A333 BKK-ICN flight
  26. connecting in BKK on Dec. 27
  27. Thai A330-300 Regional Business Class seat photo report
  28. Call me picky...
  29. which 747 to kix?
  30. Menu FRA-BKK
  31. Lounge Access - Using CO *A Card
  32. Flying PER-xHKT(6hrs)-xBKK-ZRH - will my checked bags go through customs at HKT?
  33. Transit/ left luggage/ shower facilities at BKK?q
  34. Flights to Guangzhou (BKK-CAN) questions
  35. Arriving in F, transit in BKK to C
  36. y first business class flight
  37. TG Faces Prospect of Major Alterations
  38. Unused miles
  39. HK F Gound service
  40. which business class from LHR-BKK?
  41. Thai's Website: No mention of Bangkok "troubles"
  42. Minimum connecting time BKK
  43. Has aircraft refurbishment started?
  44. Music selection while on-hold (US)
  45. Internet check in
  46. Less reward with Gold Status?
  47. Excess baggage charge for a surfboard?
  48. Storage of luggage at BKK airport
  49. Will TG interline 2 award tickets?
  50. Chances of award opening up?
  51. Seat allocation and *G Benefits
  52. New headphones in F
  53. BKK-DXB Special Assistance for F
  54. 7-hour overnight F layover at BKK; where to go?
  55. Using mileage upgrade on other Star Alliance airlines
  56. Only Q class available on web-site
  57. Familar mugshots in 50th Anniversary cabin magazine
  58. Arriving in C, transit to F - assistance upon disembarking?
  59. How to alienate passengers saving on blankets
  60. Singapore Changi Check-In
  61. BKK (& other Thailand) - Lounge Meet Thread
  62. MUC or LHR
  63. Which lounge for TG F-pax in ZRH?
  64. Interline baggage: connecting KE to TG with just over 24 hours at BKK
  65. TG fares dropping??
  66. TG on booking issue
  67. Hotel Awards
  68. Thai 50th Anniversary special fares to Europe Business and First
  69. old airplane BKK-FRA-BKK
  70. You can now request your First Class meal online
  71. LAX to BKK on TG795 - how full?
  72. Views from TG970 BKK-ZHR (on the A346)
  73. Upgrade using miles question
  74. THAI birthday celebrations
  75. How good is TG at clearing waitlist
  76. Can ROP credit different miles for same sector
  77. Special vegetarian meals TG C
  78. Int'l to Domestic in C - Terminals?
  79. Gold upgrade on two PNR's?
  80. BKK based TG or UA mileage program?
  81. Bom Sin Hkg Sin Bom
  82. BKK - SIN in J - TG or SQ?
  83. novice questions regarding upcoming BKK transfer
  84. Question about earning ROP miles
  85. Thai & Volcanic Ash Situation
  86. Bangkok Security Checks
  87. New business class
  88. Refund/Rebooking Policy on TG due to current situation..
  89. Ticketing deadline: TG C...
  90. Different Lounges
  91. Showers on Arrival on TG C
  92. Yet Another Question abt Configuration...
  93. Trip Report: TG First/Business Class MUC-BKK-AKL
  94. 45 mins connection time BKK
  95. Impact of current political unrest in Thailand on BKK airport operations
  96. Can i give miles to a Nominee in ROP for achieving G status
  97. Connecting in BKK - LH F to TG F
  98. Karachi (KHI) turnaround?
  99. TG vs. QR
  100. Rediculous Prices being Quoted on TG Website for International Travel
  101. Interline Q's
  102. BKK - Scandinavian Routes
  103. Reaching TG GOLD Status
  104. Actuality TG's website
  105. transiting in BKK
  106. How best to use my 50% Gold Award
  107. TG F mid-flight snack
  108. THAI implemented a HUGE (average 36%) domestic fare increase on April 1st.
  109. LAX-KIX nonstop route
  110. Zurich Lounge
  111. NRT-BKK-BOM in TG C - overnight in Bangkok
  112. Does TG ever instantaneously release a 2nd F award?
  113. THAI 50th Anniversary "Thank you" reception Friday May 14th
  114. Fares from Europe-LAX
  115. BKK - PEK in C. What to expect ?
  116. A-345, which routes?
  117. Lounge, from LHR in F
  118. Lounge restrictions
  119. Ski equipment on TG?
  120. Bangkok to Muscat
  121. Any more news on B777 leased aircraft?
  122. Damaged Luggage...
  123. BKK - USM in Business? (TG287/TG282)
  124. Biz Class on BKK-ATH???????
  125. HKT-BKK-LHR
  126. TG's Golden Jubilee Night
  127. Website to pre-empt equipment change?
  128. LAX - BKK - March 24th. Lounge Invite.
  129. TG F vs LH F
  130. Checking luggage thru on separate TG/CO tix for Star Gold?
  131. Star Gold baggage/internal flight economy
  132. Unable to make reservation on thaiair.com
  133. ROP miles accural LX Q class operated by SQ
  134. 50th Anniversary Flight on May 1
  135. Red Shirts
  136. biz class seats on LON, CDG and FRA routes
  137. First ClassTerminal in FRA
  138. New economy promo ???
  139. Fare logic question: Escalating prices for longer stays. Why?
  140. End of Premium Economy to Scandinavia?
  141. TG first lounge
  142. US$500 to London
  143. First Class worth the points?
  144. Very long connection in BKK on TG F
  145. cheapish e-bookers and expedia to BKK ex-CDG
  146. Not able to contact TG
  147. Which Lounge at LHR for C class?
  148. First Class Menu TG 949 MAD-BKK?
  149. turnaround in MNL
  150. Should I upgrade to First SYD-BKK?
  151. Question regarding benefit of Premium Economy.
  152. THAI retro paint scheme
  153. HKT-BKK-SIN. Will 1 hour be enough time in BKK to catch SIN flight?
  154. Passport control fast track
  155. London Heathrow to Bangkok 747-400
  156. Noise cancelling headphones
  157. Thai immigration
  158. Staying at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  159. A Couple of Questions if I may re a forthcoming trip
  160. Special companion fares from Germany
  161. THAI 77W when and where?
  162. Mileage Run
  163. First time in Thai F questions
  164. How is the Lobster Thermidor ex FRA in F?
  165. Booking CGK or DPS-BKK on Thai.com
  166. Boarding passes issued at SYD
  167. Low J Fares between BKK and HKG?
  168. baggage interlining TG -> LX -> KL
  169. Special rates at the BKK Novotel when flying Thai F ???
  170. Connection times in BKK
  171. Manage my booking online
  172. Aircraft type/config
  173. transfer at BKK
  174. South Africa Service Resumes
  175. Suggestions for Booking Award Travel
  176. Transfer Process/TG Lounge Access
  177. ROP fixed the bug :(
  178. ROP Miles on NOK codeshares
  179. PROMO: 10% More Miles Free with Partner Card Conversions
  180. 10% More Miles Free with a Mileage Purchase Online
  181. 25% More Miles on THAI in May 2010 (register in April)
  182. seafood in Y recently ...
  183. Thai Airways Posts 7.34 Billion Baht (USD221 million) PROFIT
  184. Once a booking is made, are you able to add other legs onto the same booking?
  185. Long connection at BKK -- can I check bags all the way through?
  186. LHR-BKK in J-is this the new business class product?
  187. Thai Airways Domestic flights - worth flying Business or not?
  188. Gold Certificate
  189. Hurray,i became Gold, all the awards, but,....
  190. Is there any special drinks TG offers on flights, like SQ does with Singapore Sling?
  191. TG472 SYD-(BNE)-BKK is showing "on request" on ANA tool
  192. Flying Royal Silk biz class from BKK-DPS on A330-300 what type of seat is it?
  193. Shipping Bike as checked Luggage on TG
  194. what means OPTG in my reservation...
  195. Some better fares ex Singapore
  196. AOT BKK Limo service- contact details?
  197. TG suspends TG621/620 between KIX-MNL
  198. Some great economy specials ex Bangkok
  199. Baileys in Y class , intercontinental
  200. TG C tested in Business Traveller Magazine
  201. Use of F lounge
  202. Check-in opening time at LAX (to get emerg. exit row)
  203. Need help with TG Fare Rules
  204. TG917/916 LHR-BKK 747. Latest config?
  205. MUC to BKK in F
  206. BKK transfer to Druk
  207. A Special Privilege Awaits You.....
  208. Warning: new BKK security a disaster
  209. Help request: TG phone number that will facilitiate
  210. *G BKK lounge access in March without new card? (co elite)
  211. Exciting new happenings at the PNH (contract) lounge
  212. Arriving HKG in F connecting to ICN in C. Lounge access?
  213. 3 or 2 main dishes to ...
  214. Question abot changes to award booking
  215. Info from gate agent about OSL route
  216. Champagne served in F / C
  217. Thai Airways Announces Fleet Expansion Plans
  218. Tg 704 jnb-bkk
  219. Anyway to get in first on BKK-HKT
  220. Not as good as most, but still a nice earner !
  221. TG917 27-03-2010 - Not appearing on ExpertFlyer or TG?
  222. Travel in F, weekdays or weekend?
  223. The 777F, where will they be used?
  224. Why would you bother about a FFP
  225. Best time/ location to buy ticket to Krabie,Thailand
  226. Award flights do not show on "Check my Booking"
  227. Seat map not available on TG452?
  228. CDG-BKK F - Failure to load pre-order meals
  229. 747 has inflight engine program, causes engine shutdown (updated title)
  230. Does "T" class on Air NZ domestic qualify for mileage credit?
  231. "I'm not coming here again, it takes 6 times as long!"
  232. booking not possible ?
  233. tg621 05-28
  234. BKK-HKT..... Surely the run of the A300's will end soon?
  235. New kits in F
  236. Hong Kong to Taipei
  237. Which aircraft typically flies BKKDPS?
  238. LAX International Terminal
  239. No flights left at the end of March?
  240. Any future for First class cabins
  241. Can I upgrade a Business class companion fare?
  242. Transiting BKK on TG
  243. No shortage of Dom or JW Blue today!
  244. Any recent experience on BOM-BKK in J?
  245. Interview with TG President - BKK Post
  246. Awardseats in I class CPH/ARN - BKK
  247. Change of upgrade instrument possible?
  248. Birthday Award Question on Timing
  249. Baggage Policy - Non-U.S. to Non-U.S. - Exception to 40kg / 66 lbs. limit?
  250. Seat Assignment