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  1. Wifi So Expensive (rant)
  2. Newbie Question CPAP usage in business class cabin
  3. Can I use Swiss miles or travel voucher for United flights?
  4. LX161 NRT ZRH in F - couple of questions
  5. First Class Lounge Access
  6. Jumping off in middle of award ticket - Swiss
  7. Should Swiss show some understanding? (Paid F)
  8. Business Class Seats A340-300
  9. Business class Zurich to Narita - reasonable price ?
  10. Why does LX161 have an online menu when no other flight does?
  11. How is CTA 144-A-2014 applied to interline carry-on on same ticket?
  12. WK schedule changes
  13. Swiss bid upgrade question
  14. 3.5 hours in Zurich for the first time -- go to city? enjoy the lounge?
  15. No Checked Bags for Business Class
  16. baggage lost for 8 days from LCY-ZRH - i need advice.
  17. Airport upgrade - how are miles credited?
  18. LX23 11AUG 2019 diverted back to JFK after take-off
  19. No more F on some LX flights (ZRH-PVG A333)
  20. EU 261 Compensation
  21. MXP lounge
  22. EDW A340 stuck in Vancover
  23. Broken seat in business - and inadequate compensation
  24. Chance for compensation EC261?
  25. [LX] late night check in [at NUE]
  26. Swiss JFK Lounge undergoing renovation [till 19DEC2019]
  27. Gate Change Hassle
  28. Award release date reduced to 300 days out?
  29. LX F Awards (O) *were* showing online today 25 July 19 (to M&M and Partners)
  30. Swiss to stop flying to Marrakech?
  31. 77W on European flights - who gets the First Class seats?
  32. Kids in long haul C
  33. Newbie Question Special meal in biz class
  34. When to arrive for TLV-ZRH flight
  35. if my Swiss ticket was booked by a cruise line, will it earn UA EQM miles? If not, wi
  36. Tokyo cancelled two times in a row - whats going on?
  37. Seat assignment
  38. USB outlet in ZRH A lounges?
  39. No Business Bus - Budapest
  40. FTL on cheap fares must sit in back?
  41. Test of new boarding procedure
  42. Newbie Question Best reward credit card for heavy spending (Switzerland)
  43. Checked Baggage on Swiss for *G with UA Gold
  44. LX catering
  45. Logic when Swiss Choice Business Class Upgrade is available?
  46. What happens to my bags if I miss second separate ticket flight on LX
  47. What to expect in Y long haul
  48. EDW: Eco Max released at check-in?
  49. Check bags overnight on connection to UA?
  50. LX First Class Award Availability
  51. FCL A Storage
  52. Swiss denying EU261
  53. Separate ticket baggage policy?
  54. Around-the-clock customer service with Nelly – SWISS’ new chatbot
  55. “Security check” when browsing on swiss.com
  56. Anyone able to find out why LX1249 ARN-ZRH was delayed today ?
  57. Newbie Question First time booking TATL with Swiss
  58. Upgrading booking class L on LX flights
  59. Dear SWISS Lurker Lounge Access / Transit Hotel
  60. LX Flight Cancelled Days in Advance [due to AOG of HB-JND]
  61. Availability from JFK through GVA or ZRH, but not direct to either
  62. articles fm Business Traveler & Blick: Does Swiss catering still feature 'Swissness'?
  63. When to arrive at CDG airport?
  64. Lounges access in LHR for LX
  65. Long Layover at GVA / Checked Bags
  66. Upgrade to business on Star Alliance award ticket?
  67. ZRH Connection Question
  68. ZRH: clear security with next-day boarding pass the previous evening?
  69. Japanese menu
  70. ZRH-TLV: Pay to Upgrade or Wait for HON?
  71. Swiss Award Standby
  72. Impossible booking / dropping return segment
  73. Internet voucher
  74. Swiss Op-up
  75. Seats on A340 In Business ZRH-BOS
  76. LX F lounge on LH F ticket?
  77. Access to Swiss First Class Lounge in ZRH
  78. Swiss insisting flight is 2hrs20min later than it actually is..
  79. Swiss First Lounge A on arrival?
  80. Swiss F Check In in Zurich
  81. New SWISS lounge in Terminal A (to open in summer 2019)
  82. Dates for SWISS Caviar Tasting
  83. Inconsistencies at Outstations
  84. Any experience with Edelweissair?
  85. *A Gold flying on Swiss - What Benefits?
  86. Zurich connection advice re: lounges
  87. Cookie Fare Increase . . WK - BEWARE !!!
  88. ZRH layover--can leave airport, yes?
  89. Arriving on SQ F into ZRH, Connecting to LX Y - Lounge options.
  90. Fly for free on Swiss to Europe and get a 300$ travel voucher on top
  91. Current status of F bag drop at ZRH
  92. Baggage on CS 300
  93. Swiss Business Lounge JFK on arrival
  94. ZRH overnight layover - Radisson vs Hilton
  95. LCY GVA service reductions?
  96. Swiss European Business Class
  97. LX ZRH Arrivals Lounge
  98. Connection ZRH
  99. SWISS First Welcome Service
  100. DEL-ZRH delays: UA award ticket & connecting flights
  101. CPT-(SA)-JNB-(LX)-ZRH-(UA)-EWR separate tickets, luggage, short checking advice
  102. Swiss to introduce Premium Economy
  103. Dates for SWISS Caviar Tasting
  104. LCY-ZRH cancellations last couple weeks - rationale?
  105. Economy Light Fare
  106. Swiss International Air Lines Passenger Abuse
  107. Edelweiss A320 check-in seat reservation issues
  108. LX no longer selling Light Fares through OTAs
  109. Nice Booze at ZRH?
  110. First class facilities on connecting airport
  111. Planning ahead for IRROPS
  112. LX P fares
  113. Edelweiss Flight - long delay
  114. Quick question re ZRH lounges ...
  115. Additionnal costs due to rebooking
  116. LX finally abolishes OPC in Switzerland
  117. Swiss First LHR->DAR - Q for anyone who knows LX well?
  118. Ticketnr based on available PNR for flight 6m ago?
  119. Connecting at ZRH do I need to collect bags?
  120. Coffee machines in ZRH Senator lounge
  121. 777 or A330 to ORD?
  122. Gold track in Zurich
  123. Location of LX check-in at HKG?
  124. Is LX still doing First Class? Can I book thru UA?
  125. Swiss or SAS?
  126. Used an EV to u/g into F Cl
  127. New longhaul destinations?
  128. Swiss Air: Are knitting needles allowed in my carry on ?
  129. Dates for SWISS Special Seafood in F
  130. A340 F cl to JNB
  131. LX139 F Transit
  132. Seat Reservations Swiss Air / Edelweiss Air
  133. LX F Award Flights now on M&M?
  134. Dinner in F for 2AM departure from DXB?
  135. Swiss with a broken foot
  136. Something special is happening in Suisse romande
  137. Swissair refund fiasco
  138. M&M flight awards with children under 2 y.o.
  139. Quick question on F Cl chauffeur service ex LHR
  140. MCT Fast Track
  141. Newbie Question Swiss - UK Customer support
  142. Lounge Access in DAR and ZRH
  143. Redemption Help RTW help... please?
  144. Disgusting Hygiene at ZRH Lounge
  145. J ZRH to DEL? Or add an F leg?
  146. Swiss business companion
  147. Missed check in and Swiss refuses to rebook
  148. CDG Question: Does LX offer 'Accès No1' to *Gold passengers traveling in Y ?
  149. LX359 Cancelled
  150. Swissair successful eu compensation
  151. Swiss Air - Flight Passport Issues
  152. New booking classes from 2019 LH group
  153. Zurich Insurance Offer
  154. Senator hotline for UK based LX flyer
  155. Vegetarian meals in J ZRH-ATH-ZRH
  156. Advance seat reservation - LX ticket
  157. SWISS - Breitling partnership
  158. Swiss cancelled my flight.. and is refusing to compensate me
  159. 77W F Broken Seats
  160. clearing Customs on arrival flight USA to Europe
  161. Classic checked baggage if *G
  162. Does Swiss change equipment on a given route often?
  163. Odds of getting an a220 instead of an a319
  164. Lounge use...? Bags?
  165. "Extraordinary circumstances" ?
  166. LX176 cancelled again
  167. Newbie Question 4h cnx twice at ZRH -- LX F lounges/chauffeur drive best plan?
  168. United award solo seat
  169. Has anyone succesfully used the "Swiss Choice" upgrade option?
  170. Newbie Question Overbooking in First?
  171. Dear SWISS Lurker this irregularity was a flight safety shortcoming
  172. 777-300 vs. A330-300
  173. Newbie Question Advice kindly sought • upgrade pricing volatility on LX short-haul flights
  174. Seat selection with United flight operated by Swiss
  175. Can't select seats in advance even in J?
  176. Transiting in Zurich
  177. Aircraft change 777ER300->A321, compensation?
  178. Checked bags ZRH-TLV-IST-CAI-DXB-BKK
  179. Newbie Question Zurich to Bangkok
  180. Be warned about swiss offers
  181. LX First check-in area moved to arrivals levels as of immediately
  182. Swiss Customer Service Not Doing Its Job
  183. Swiss Traditions cake in C
  184. Renovation LX lounges in GVA
  185. Car transfer in ZRH
  186. Paid Y seats vs. op-up
  187. Why is there no seat choice available on the A319?
  188. First Class and HON now board first at ZRH
  189. Compensation for broken seat
  190. ZRH Grocery Shopping in transfer- Migros or Coop?
  191. Wifi in ZRH Senator Lounge A/B
  192. Anyone flying ZRH-JFK-ZRH soon ?
  193. Status benefits when flying Edelweiss (WK) under LX flight number
  194. LY to WK connection (LX codeshare)
  195. On-board Moving Map sans Tel Aviv
  196. Short checking ZRH
  197. A330 23J/K
  198. ZRH transit
  199. LX 40/41 ZRHLAXZRH cancelled [on 26SEP2018]
  200. LX353 (LHR GVA) Cancelled two days in a row
  201. Customer service - increased time to respond?
  202. chaufeurs in India?
  203. *G on SWISS - Pays for bag, meal and seat?
  204. Bag drop opening time at LHR
  205. Top50 customer?
  206. First time flying LX F
  207. Getting a refund in other than the original payment
  208. LX reducing available F seats on A330 for crew rest
  209. LX cancels codesharing with EW on ZRH-Hamburg
  210. Alternative ways to contact Edelweiss Air directly?
  211. ZRH layover recommendation?
  212. Swiss website down
  213. Will LX check my bags through on two separate tickets LX tickets?
  214. How would you credit your miles?
  215. Swiss International Air Lines joins TSA PreCheck
  216. Question about rebooking
  217. Trying to change ticket from 2 to 1 stop
  218. Swiss Limousine Transfer in Dubai for C and F pax
  219. Baggage allowance on SWISS intra-Europe flight with United-issued award ticket
  220. Non->Non Connection at ZRH
  221. Entering passport information and frequent travler number
  222. Changing online ticket with refund - Swiss
  223. Swiss lost my checked items, but is denying any compensation without receipts
  224. JNB Lounge Access Experiences?
  225. Flight delay on LX8449 SPU-ZRH tonight
  226. Edelweiss: No compensation payments are due for late flights to and from Switzerland
  227. Swiss has "officially" become LCC
  228. Which lounge in Singapore?
  229. Same Day Change in J - Possible?
  230. Carry on [C] LX flights to/from the US
  231. Transfer Time in ZRH
  232. New to LX with questions
  233. LH*G on a WK flight
  234. ZRH Transfer Service for First / Tight Connection
  235. Carry on allowance ... just making sure
  236. Swissair & Swiss old Timetables
  237. Arrival lounge SWISS in PEK
  238. Swiss Voucher
  239. Welcome service in F at arrival in ZRH
  240. Newbie Question Swiss Customer Service Issue - No Response
  241. "Visitors" in F
  242. LX ZRH->TLV only bookable as LY codeshare?
  243. F award availability
  244. Denied Aspire Lounge access EDI on LX codeshare flight
  245. Different Fare rules for different departure city (same booking class)
  246. ATC strike in GVA/LUG on July 23rd
  247. SEN Status Privileges on Eco Light to USA and Canada
  248. Redemption Help Aeroplan booking itinerary help?
  249. Y -> J paid upgrade... Bag allowance?
  250. ZRH A Schengen lounge reopens [2018]