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  1. For people worried about interlining...
  2. Swiss Air to Asia
  3. Swiss air "handling fee" on flexible fare?
  4. E-voucher upgrades
  5. Dear SWISS Lurker LX451 LCY-ZRH today - cancelled
  6. LX 180 + 181 Bangkok C-seat
  7. Paid upgrades?
  8. Kosher in EU Y?
  9. Observations from 40,000ft: Swiss First and Swiss Business
  10. SEN re-qualification question
  11. ZRH-BEG Buy C and Fly Y - How it is possible?
  12. bkk-zrh in swiss F or C
  13. Is there a better upgrade chance between eVoucher and SWU
  14. Swiss Blocked Seats Help
  15. Newbie Question Good seating for baby bassinet in C class?
  16. Swiss Business Class
  17. Question regarding LX Terminal at LHR
  18. 7,5k status miles or 2 eVouchers. What would you prefer?
  19. Chaotic flight MAD-ZRH - no passenger list? - where to complain (LX ignores letter)?
  20. Zhr -jfk/ewr
  21. Which long-haul routes have the new F seats?
  22. A tale of two C flights - Privatair & New C
  23. Op-up in X
  24. LX181 on May 3 - availability
  25. Newbie Question MXP-ZRH-JFK in C - what to do with 22" bag?
  26. Six-segment European J fares
  27. LX to BKK
  28. 2 LX F questions - experts help needed
  29. Frequent Traveler Access Lounge ZRH
  30. If you are on a connecting flight do your bags sometimes leave on earlier flights?
  31. Dear SWISS Lurker Rant: What is the least amount of manned Y check-in counters at GVA?
  32. Swiss scaming customers?
  33. New F Amenity Kit?
  34. 4A or 5K LX New C
  35. Newbie Question How to change FFP number on reservation done on Swiss.com
  36. Constructive Comments on C Long Haul Service
  37. Upgrade possibility
  38. Access to LX F Lounge?
  39. SWISS is still lacking the butter
  40. MIA - ZRH (June 12th 2011) Class J
  41. Dear SWISS Lurker HELP: Swiss is saying no; routing rules (corroborated by KVS) are saying yes;
  42. The KVS tool does not seem to give routing rules for LX flights/itineraries
  43. "Best" seat in new F and old F?
  44. LX Business Saver Program Length?
  45. F Wine list April '11
  46. Swiss.com updated with "Change my booking"
  47. What do you think: F from JFK to Zurich with Swiss
  48. ZRH -MIA Change of C-Class (Old vs New) - Upgrade to F?
  49. LX F on ZRH-JNB
  50. A332 on TLV-ZRH, 3 or 2 class?
  51. Can a non-M&M be loved?
  52. New Business v Old First
  53. Any cabin pictures of Privatair ZRH-EWR?
  54. overnight transit at ZRH
  55. ZRH-SFO in C, worth it to upgrade?
  56. Dub-Sin with Swiss Query
  57. LX to hand out chocolate according to status as of April 1st, 2011
  58. First time in LX F: Quite a disappointment
  59. Zurich or Geneva? Which would you choose?
  60. LAX arrivals lounge
  61. ZRH-GRU Availability in C
  62. Lounge in JNB
  63. Newbie Question LX connection to CO in ZRH
  64. M & M credit card
  65. Zurich airport - 2010 project - movie
  66. Dear SWISS Lurker LON - GVA One way prices??
  67. How early can you check in at BOS for an International Flight?
  68. LX YQ advantage ex HKG gone?
  69. Timetable to NBO and JRO
  70. starting at stopover location
  71. New A320
  72. theft from bag - who do I contact
  73. Redemption Help SQ or OZ or LX
  74. Is there a guide as to how evouchers work? Would like to upgrade TATL flight
  75. Is F award availability this bad or incompetent agent?
  76. Changing *A Ticket at the Airport?
  77. Question about seat assignments for Swiss experts ;)
  78. Procedure if landing in LX F to get to F lounge?
  79. OT: rq help with Swiss bank account, please
  80. First class intercontinental transit at ZRH
  81. Redemption Help SQ *A Award on LX (SFO-ZRH)
  82. BOS-ZRH changed from 34Z to 332 :(
  83. ZRH - AMS
  84. Departing Geneve - Outgoing flight at 6am, reach airport at 4am
  85. Weird seats on LX 2026 ZRH-MAD 3/15 A320
  86. Swiss Airlines / Baggage Screw up - Last minute, unannounced pick up?!
  87. Rebooking for flights to and from Tokyo Narita
  88. eVoucher upgrades to TATL flights?
  89. *A Upgrade: Swiss J to F worth 40K o/w
  90. Why no CH dedicated immigration counter at ZRH?
  91. Dear SWISS Lurker LX Y seats question
  92. Bringing my wine to France
  93. LX1623 MXP-ZRH Meal?
  94. Newbie Question [Back] In the Air
  95. LX F to BOS
  96. Coffee spilled over me, what should I expect/ask for?
  97. Mini TR: zurich to heathrow (Swiss)
  98. HIP check again on J fares from cheap markets.
  99. Flying LX from LHR as a HON - what's the deal?
  100. When will swiss take delivery of ordered A320's and 321's?
  101. LX180 ZRH-BKK J seat
  102. How to handle different *A FFP on LX
  103. Swiss First Class lounge meeting at ZRH
  104. Seating preferences on Swiss Business Jet ZHR-EWR
  105. How strict is LX intra-Europe carry-on policy?
  106. Connecting to LX009 ORD-ZRH F Lounge Question
  107. Absolutely Disgusted by Swiss Air (lack of) Customer Service
  108. LX to Nairobi/Dar Es Salaam
  109. Long time to issue tickets
  110. Dear SWISS Lurker Why it will be a cold day in, well you know, before I EVER book again with Swiss Air
  111. cash upgrade for intraeurope?
  112. cash upgrade for intraeurope?
  113. SWISS Fare Basis Question
  114. Miles on ZRH-TLV
  115. BD miles credit for LX codeshare, op'd by AF
  116. LX cancels some flights to JFK due to pilot shortage
  117. Rumour has it; F meals revamp.
  118. Golf bags on WK operated LX codeshare
  119. Economy seats in A333 Swiss
  120. La Prarie products
  121. SFO-ZRH-CDG in 1hr?
  122. Baggage allowance being a FTL
  123. Checking Out?
  124. SWISS LX288 seating question
  125. ZRH-->TLV Business Class
  126. Upgrade at the airport
  127. 45 minutes connection in ZRH (ARN-ZRH-TLV)
  128. From FRA to SFO, LX via ZHR or LH/UA direct?
  129. Swiss First Class ZRH-Shanghai experience
  130. What is happening in ZRH on 19 Feb?
  131. Newbie at Zurich. Experts help needed.
  132. Dear SWISS Lurker LX e-ticket frequent flyer number
  133. Loung with shower on arrival BKK?
  134. ZRH transfer time - two itineraries
  135. Transfer at Zurich from Birmingham to Venice
  136. ZRH - OPO
  137. Connecting in BKK to REP
  138. Kempinski dayroom in MUC for LX pax?
  139. Self-service checkin trial in ZRH
  140. Nairobi (NBO) Swiss Lounge
  141. What's SWISS Travel Club?
  142. Moving to Switzerland from Austria - SEN re-qualification?
  143. Adding LX reservations to M&M profile
  144. OMG What is PET CABIN?
  145. flight availability
  146. Swiss aircrafts names
  147. Irrop policy for LX ex-Egypt
  148. Is the carry-on policy a right?
  149. sorry- another lx vs lh first question
  150. Can i get a refund for return leg in Z class ?
  151. Redemption Help Sfo-->zrh--> bom
  152. bmi codeshare LHR-BSL
  153. LX goes to one checked bag for NA flights in Y
  154. business saver europe
  155. Possible to check LX load factors on future flights?
  156. LX V fare = Economy Saver?
  157. Does LX ever open partner awards F inventory?
  158. New Swiss Seating Policy?
  159. Looks Like 6/21 LX180/181 zrh-bkk-zrh is getting new C
  160. No refund on a change?
  161. SWISS into ZRH from ORD... Luggage and Window seats?
  162. New Parents, Flying with Baby on LX (HKG ZRH)
  163. Newbie Question Lx 53 bos - zrh
  164. LX new F on 343
  165. Silver card & fast track
  166. Possible use of the fast track in BKK
  167. Who to contact for reimbursment of ski hire ?
  168. Newbie Question Having "A" solo seats in C on the 333
  169. Diverted to train.Am I entitled to points?
  170. Inviting Companion to ZRH Lounge
  171. Dear SWISS Lurker Where are the A332s now?
  172. Dear SWISS Lurker Volcanic Ash Full Refund (booking service) ?
  173. Checking in bags for two destinations on one PNR - question
  174. Grabbing award F seats with LX
  175. Involuntarily seat assignment change in F
  176. Whats the best (cheapest) way to book Swiss flights - UK-Zurich
  177. LX - a bit of a let down
  178. LX to JFK
  179. Swiss Business Saver and other FFP or PPB/SACP points
  180. Has anyone rode both?
  181. One more question - what is F cancellation rate on GVA-JFK?
  182. Air miles request due to upgrade & silver card question
  183. Business Upgrade Europe - questions
  184. Does Old F on 343 have in seat power (for laptops etc) ?
  186. ZRH F Lounge access J/F next day combo?
  187. LX operated flights?
  188. New F PJs
  189. NEW Swiss C Class to NRT
  190. What's up with Adv. Seat Reservations to/from BOS?
  191. my First 1st with Swiss
  192. GVA-JFK vs ZRH-JFK ?
  193. IRROP help
  194. Swiss Duty of Care--Address to send receipts
  195. Swiss Air Business class to Bangkok
  196. Where are the Business award seats???
  197. Zurich short connections
  198. Why are all Single A seats blocked in C?
  199. Swiss potential new routes
  200. Stroller and car seat
  201. luggage carts at GVA (deposit required?)
  202. Missing 1st half of trip
  203. Fare bucket availability LX38 ZRH-SFO / DEC24
  204. Any recent LX F NRT-ZRH experiences?
  205. Chance of IDB in case of IRROPS?
  206. LX Reservations - IRROP to London
  207. Chocolate bars served on regional LX?
  208. Swiss IC Business
  209. Turnround at MXP
  210. LX rebooking policy?
  211. Quickest knowledge of LX irrops?
  212. The new Swiss iPhone app has been launched
  213. check bags though or recheck DPS-BKK-ZRH
  214. Swiss Business Class ZRH-BKK
  215. Rethink for SWISS PrivateAviation
  216. Swiss First class lounge
  217. Delay Compensation HKG-OSL
  218. Newbie Question From Lufthansa to Swiss
  219. J Catering On European Flights
  220. Unhappy about LX Call Centre
  221. Now award seats on FJK-ZRH
  222. E Fare Class Economy
  223. Swiss T2 MAD
  224. LX BHX-STR J fare jump?
  225. What happened to LX87 on dec6?
  226. Swiss Lounge JFK
  227. Automated Border Control in Zurich
  228. F class champagne
  229. Any way to change connecting flight ZRH-GVA during check-in?
  230. ZUR-BUD operated by Helvetic?
  231. Very strange seat map in 343 and 333 F
  232. Darwin Airline ZRH-LUG
  233. RIP Baboo [airline sold but still in operation]
  234. Hon Run in 2 weeks [MR Qs about weather and turn in LHR on LX]
  235. GVA SEN Lounge: access w/ guest policy
  236. Interesting use of the Business/Economy separator
  237. Swiss UK: phone booking fee?
  238. LHR to NRT baggage question
  239. Redemption Help Conflicting availability in Expert flyer & Ana tool.
  240. First Class - Trip-Report with many pictures
  241. SWISS W10 North America Latest operation changes as of 24NOV10
  242. Newbie Question Personal greeting for FTL/SEN/HON on short-haul flights?
  243. if driving to Biel - which makes more sense, flying into Zurich or Geneva?
  244. once you enter the SWISS lounge beyond passport-control, can you come back out again?
  245. Will LX switch opperations to the new Terminal at DUB
  246. Seat 97? A320
  247. Amenity Kit in F
  248. Is Lx delaying the launch of new A333 for YUL-ZRH
  249. Domestic flights ex GVA
  250. EU reg. 261/2004 applicable? [LX F itin downgraded to LH C]