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  1. Why are even J seats always blocked on LX?
  2. Upgrading LX Flight Booked as a UA Codeshare
  3. New first on A340
  4. LX First Class Arrival Services at YUL?
  5. LX Adventskalender
  6. New B/(D) Pier opens today
  7. Arrival lounge PVG (Shanghai) when flying LX
  8. LH terminates Contact Air contracts 2012
  9. Dear SWISS Lurker Redemption of miles on EDI flight
  10. Automatic check-in
  11. Dear SWISS Lurker LX to enhance away SEN/HON booking guarantees on high yield routes?
  12. Cheap Swiss Z Fare YYZ-ZRH
  13. Dear SWISS Lurker Can not get through to SWISS USA ?
  14. UK Strikes
  15. LX award availability
  16. F service DAR-NBO-ZRH
  17. Swissair is back - sort of
  18. LX into P class
  19. Baggage Checked Through
  20. Newbie Question Cannot assign seats on second segment?
  21. Yet again LX downgrade TLV aircraft [to A32S] in the last minute...
  22. Star gold/Code share question
  23. 60 min connection in LHR possible?
  24. Connecting in ORD int to int in F/C
  25. Dear SWISS Lurker Using First Class check-in in Zurich Airport
  26. LX Lounge while traveling on *A flight
  27. Flying Euro Business but boarding pass says Economy?
  28. New Tailfin logo cards are being issued already
  29. Fast Track Security available at CPH 17-25NOV
  30. Swiss Economy (DEL-JFK)
  31. Help me plan my LX C trip!!
  32. SWISS lounge - purchase access?
  33. Newbie Question Upgrading J to F
  34. JFK senators lounge
  35. Any update on the LHR/MOW/BHX etc gates at ZRH???
  36. Strange Discovery: Link to AA
  37. iPad at ZRH
  38. Business Upgrade Europe from London
  39. Any recent experience of KSML ZRH-TLV in C?
  40. Why don't LX and OS coordinate schedules better on ZRH-VIE?
  41. LX will terminate service to Cameroon in Summer 2012
  42. BUD turnaround on same plane
  43. Airport Strike - flight cancel any compensation from airline
  44. Online Booking (Special Fares)
  45. Suggestion: Connecting at ZRH sticky
  46. Newbie Question A330, Moveable Armrest??? Economy seatwhat should i do?
  47. LX 197 PEK-ZRH Mar 1
  48. Swiss Business
  49. Booking seats from web not available?
  50. Why no LX ducks at ZRH?
  51. Dear SWISS Lurker overbooked LX1954 tomorrow/ options/
  52. Swiss not releasing any seats in F with *miles
  53. Newbie Question My First LX Flight
  54. New: Convert UBS KeyClub points into Miles & More miles
  55. Swiss BALLY First Class Kit a Fake?
  56. 2 hours enough at lax for international arrival to ua demestic
  57. ZURICH to BANGKOK on Swiss LX 180
  58. Visting Zurich during layover
  59. ZRH Layover/Lounge Showers
  60. Entertainment boxes under econ. seats
  61. Booking seats online in F A330
  62. Swiss.com or online TA booking?
  63. Forced overnight in ZRH. Who pays??
  64. LX014 goes 'technical' twice within a week
  65. Swiss - Senator experience
  66. Swiss - Business Upgrade Europe
  67. GRU lounge and op-up chances on LX92
  68. Longhaul economy service
  69. ZRH-BSL
  70. Swiss vs JET Business Class from India
  71. Honesty in advertising? Perhaps LX need some help
  72. Swiss Op-up policy
  73. "Old" Magazines in FCL and onboard
  74. Fleet renewal
  75. WAW: Immediate turnaround for LX flights possible?
  76. Help regarding Miles
  77. LX F or EY C
  78. SWISS Boarding Music
  79. Creditcard promo 2000 instead of 15'000 miles
  80. Business upgrade europe Promotion
  81. Pyjama's width and sleeves
  82. Dear SWISS Lurker ZRH F Transfer
  83. Swiss Business vs VS, LH, ANA to Tokyo
  84. Upgrade chances when codeshared
  85. F Class: Eat in ZRH lounge or in the air?
  86. Almost worthy of hidden camera on LX1255
  87. Strange "coincidence" when booking F awards
  88. 1200 vouchers at a special price (but only CH-DE)
  89. Newbie Question Zurich to Tokyo
  90. Credit card miles delayed
  91. Cancel swiss.com booking within 24hrs on swiss.com
  92. Indian Government threatening LX's landing rights
  93. Flying LX to PVG, Y outbound and C return, what are the chances for an upgrade?
  94. Zurich Airport Question
  95. 40 Minutes Connection not really possible
  96. Short Connection from First
  97. A340 300: Version 1 or 2?
  98. Swiss NO longer offers first to Partners
  99. LX 1628, ZRH-MXP, 18 Sept. 11 - turning back to ZRH
  100. Dear SWISS Lurker bring back the cheese!
  101. Newbie Question Carry-on policy: how strict?
  102. Upgrade ZRH-JNB december 17th
  103. LX connecting in ZRH - OLCI and seat selection
  104. Any News on Senator Lounge in E in ZRH?
  105. Swissport branded boarding passes instead of Swiss at GVA
  106. Swiss YUL-BCN Business
  107. Noob to LX seating query
  108. LX 86 - 29 Dec
  109. A340: New C or Old F with C service - which would you choose?
  110. LX seats blocked?
  111. Live Mouse in My Checked Bag!!
  112. Strike in Italy - Flights cancelled
  113. Dear SWISS Lurker CDG ground operations - please pass on the feedback
  114. A330-200 has left the LX fleet
  115. Changes in Swiss booking engine online or changed prices in Biz?
  116. F6 A6 - but no award seat?
  117. Zurich Arrivals Lounge
  118. Newbie Question Force Swiss.com to change connection city from ORD to SFO/LAX?
  119. Posible missed connection on reward tix - what to do?
  120. Connections and luggage at ZRH
  121. LX to A3: Conflicting information on Interline Baggage
  122. Swiss Fares ex KHI
  123. very last minute upgrade on codeshare
  124. hurricane IRENE Sunday JFK arrival
  125. Newbie Question What happens if I "miss" my flight?
  126. How do i enter NOT MM number into my SWISS booking?
  127. Edelweiss air
  128. Edelweiss ZRH-BEY - several questions
  129. Looking for a Biz amenity kit of LX
  130. Upgrades on Swiss
  131. JFK security/lounge
  132. Lounge passes
  133. Newbie Question upgrade LX016
  134. The 0600 LHR Flight to ZRH
  135. Rumour: Apparently big news at Swiss [cube replaced by tailfin logo]
  136. Swiss flights to LHR - gate or apron?
  137. Swiss first class - out of food?
  138. Newbie Question Arriving in Zurich
  139. LX ZRH-CAI transfer to Etihad/Qatar
  140. Flying First with Swiss
  141. Does LX Award Availability Change Much around 6 months out?
  142. UA F or LX C
  143. LX Online checkin?
  144. Recent EWR-ZRH Privatair Exp
  145. tokyo - zurich via nagoya?
  146. Upgrade Economy to First, possible?
  147. LX1027 DUS-ZRH operated by Edelweiss Air
  148. Newbie Question Which LX A340 will be deployed to BKK next week?
  149. Problems with "my bookings/profile"?
  150. F Lounge ?
  151. LX TATL Food in F
  152. LX with two types of cont cabin
  153. ZRH-BKK in Business class, veg meals
  154. Dear SWISS Lurker OPC and SWISS
  155. Booking a muti-city trip on LX
  156. LX F TATL one way...which direction?
  157. First Class Day room or Transit Hotel
  158. SWISS introduces new amenity kits for First and Business Class
  159. 2012 Pricing LCY to GVA
  160. Dear SWISS Lurker TLV route and new C/F questions...
  161. HON arr. service at JFK?
  162. Swiss or South African
  163. Salt and Pepper
  164. Request to LX: iPad app please
  165. Row 95 on the A320???
  166. GVA increase frequencies and routes for W11
  167. LX181, 01.08., OpUp/VDB chances?
  168. New LX routes PEK & EWR
  169. How to get sleeping room in ZRH First Class Lounge?
  170. Bag Storage in ZRH?
  171. No F JFK - ZRH?
  172. First Class or Crew Rest Area?
  173. Great Experience on LX F
  174. hkg-zrh in 1st
  175. 1300 Swiss vouchers at a special price
  176. LX14 4 hour delay
  177. Faulty IFE in business and 'can't care less' attitude
  178. Lounge Advice Required Please
  179. Helvetic
  180. LX: ZRH-BKK load factor question
  181. PLEASE: restict hand luggage on this flight during vacation time
  182. Dear SWISS Lurker Booking changed from ZRH-LCY to ZRH-LHR
  183. Divider in F middle seats (A340)
  184. F awards ZRH-JNB restricted to SEN/HON?
  185. Dear SWISS Lurker LX160 ZRH-NRT delayed 4 hrs due to technical reasons?
  186. ZRH trasnfer & FCL for non-Schengen flights
  187. Upcoming First trip
  188. Best place to buy LX Z ticket
  189. UA Lounge for LX flights--LX lurker please note
  190. LX Z class - no stop over allowed?
  191. Swiss Team Play - Free tickets and others
  192. Swiss Airbags
  193. what's up with LX1290 BSL-CPH?
  194. Hand Baggage Question
  195. Transferring from Business to First at ZRH
  196. Honeymoon Upgrades? or Myth?
  197. January delays at ZRH?
  198. LX634 on 1st of Jul touching the ground at CDG on landing, and flying away?
  199. SQ to LX baggage interlining question.
  200. Can I not check my LX reservation via LH MMB or CMT?
  201. Seat assignment - invol change
  202. champagne ZRH --> YUL in C ?
  203. how to book multi-city itin in swiss.com
  204. Confusion on process LX F to C at ZRH
  205. Child Meal in First Class question
  206. LX180 from ZRH to BKK July 6
  207. Which lounge in Zurich for LX F?
  208. ZRH to HKG Swiss F Seat Selection
  209. SWISS simplifies its baggage provisions
  210. LX has A380?
  211. 3 hours layover in GVA or ZRH airport, which would you prefer?
  212. LX Booking Alignment
  213. Newbie Question Can I choose seats when booking cheap economy?
  214. Sundays LX92 to GRU cancelled because of sick pilot - bad LX reaction on it?
  215. Newbie Question Would you do this (separate tickets, overnight in ATH, LON-JFK)?
  216. 6hr ZRH layover-time to visit city
  217. Newbie Question Arrival services at JFK Airport
  218. Who to Email to Commend a Servisair Agent?
  219. Lx391 man - zrh
  220. Combo upgrade with eVouchers and miles?
  221. ZRH: Arrival Lounge or Business Lounge?
  222. Dear SWISS Lurker First Class Lounge at Zurich Airport
  223. Lounge Access in MAN
  224. Alcohol in whY on LX
  225. 55 minutes layover in ZRH?
  226. *LX* JFK-GVA (Upgrade at all possible?)
  227. Dear SWISS Lurker Lounge at LAX airport/ New First Class
  228. 1st time in ZRH, IAD-ZRH 4 hour layover ZRH-LHR?
  229. ZRH Lounges
  230. Lounge Plan for Terminal E in ZRH
  231. Service F Customers at BKK Airport
  232. Interlining Baggage - Swiss to Virgin Atlantic?
  233. On Line Check In
  234. putting Aegean number into LX booking
  235. Can I use the TG First class check-in for LX
  236. Upgrade chance question
  237. MdC upgrades obese passenger due to obesity
  238. Swiss Dubai to Muscat
  239. C class 2 row seat?
  240. First Swiss/ZRH questions
  241. ZRH B lounge is closed
  242. Duty Free Confiscated
  243. Newbie Question Mixing Classes on one ticket
  244. Baggage allowance question..ex-FRA
  245. Booked Z business on LX, got Y credit on United mileage program!
  246. How to book open-jaws on swiss.com?
  247. Using car seat on SWISS LX?
  248. Newbie Question F upgrade
  249. Booking LX/LH/AC from a different country
  250. The final word on 22" Rollaboards for LX flights?