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  1. Seeing Seat Selection Online
  2. 500 miles from Senator
  3. Newbie Question SWISS interlining with Bangkok Airways?
  4. Swiss Baggage
  5. Newbie Question Business Class Lounge Dubai
  6. home countries of passengers @ ZRH airport
  7. Till 8 July: Business Class Special UK to Switzerland from 248rtn
  8. SWISS Contest : Winner gets 2 tickets From USA to Geneva or Zurich
  9. Calling Swiss Call Center out of hours - bad experience
  10. Itinerary change by Swiss---I feel shortchanged.
  11. Kayak shows US$1090 o/w biz fare BKK-ZRH-LHR - how to book?
  12. Win Tickets to Swiss Museum of Transport
  13. Cheap taste of Swizzerland ? - intra-Europe service
  14. Upgrading staff instead of revenue passengers
  15. LX F JNB-ZRH experiences
  16. Problem with credting miles - "leg already credited"
  17. New chocolate distribution policy?
  18. Cannot price business + economy on swiss.com
  19. Why can't I pick seats [on LX C]
  20. selective SEN booking guarantee?
  21. Swiss revenue optimization - the wrong way
  22. swiss business class
  23. Dear SWISS Lurker Kirschstengeli onboard Swiss?
  24. London City Flight (LCY)
  25. BOS - third world airport
  26. LX not releasing any F awards to SEN?
  27. Short Connection Service in ZRH?
  28. Dear SWISS Lurker Swiss once again started blocking F seats with *miles [merged *A FFP awards on LX]
  29. Swiss may be considering splitting into 2 airlines
  30. OT: Kantonalbank Platinum concierge and bonus program: Supercard or Webmiles?
  31. Credit cards for Miles and More in Switzerland to avoid mileage expiry
  32. Long layover - Checked luggage question
  33. LX always use a coach at PMI?
  34. Printing in GVA lounge
  35. Book return but only fly one way?
  36. Question re business class on the A340
  37. Newbie Question Swiss 8947
  38. When will the fall sale start?
  39. Partial luggage checkin
  40. First class award seats on LX, do they exist?
  41. Mövenpick ice cream is back
  42. GPU usage on LX....?
  43. 11 hours daytime connection at GVA
  44. Need help re intra-Europe connection time, plane choices via ZUR
  45. Layover in ZHR
  46. Newbie Question DUD-ZRH-JFK: 1:45 Connection Time in Zurich
  47. New baggage policy (and prices) for sports equipment
  48. Add checked baggage during stopover?
  49. LX call centre agrees to booking change, only to change it back 2 days later
  50. Winter 2012/13 TT changes, mostly reductions
  51. Will we be compensated?
  52. what is that: Class of travel: MXCL
  53. Business and First Class services
  54. LX 333 to be operated by WK for LX
  55. Baggage compensation contact
  56. Newbie Question BKK ZRH
  57. SCORE at SWISS
  58. LX bmi codeshare canx BSL-LHR & ZRH-EDI
  59. Automatic Check-in
  60. Best lounge in ZRH for children
  61. LX and UA at EWR - where's the love?
  62. Recurring Swiss Online Pricing Mishaps
  63. LX or KL?
  64. Some Questions about Swiss Air Baggage Policy, Check-ins
  65. Champagne in ZRH 'SEN' lounge?
  66. *A Upgrade Awards on SWISS
  67. Reservation Cancelled
  68. Family Seat Selection
  69. Pet not allowed in LX cabin [split off from other thread]
  70. Immigration time at SFO ?
  71. [LX] Nightmare EWR!
  72. ZRH-BKK J Class
  73. CHML for Adults?
  74. Swiss Air International-Business Class
  75. 50% off Intra Europe Swiss Business
  76. code share with AirFrance CDG-GVA
  77. LX 64 ZRH-MIA. What to expect at immigration?
  78. Swiss Air International: Business Class
  79. Connecting to Swiss from Thai with through checked bags?
  80. Dear SWISS Lurker Access to the new ZRH Arrival Lounge
  81. I'm Impressed
  82. Press release error - Zurich arrival lounge NOT accessible for non-Swiss *G
  83. Boarding passes could not be sent?!
  84. Silliness but, still, helpful!
  85. Swiss boarding Music ZRH to JFK
  86. NBO-ZRH red-eye in Y - I think I made a mistake?
  87. MAN-ZRH
  88. Swiss European Network Planning
  89. LX/LH Security Lapse at TGL ?
  90. Baggage policy on 2 seperate PNRs
  91. LH Lounge for LX in EWR
  92. LX/LH IT mess preventing OLCI
  93. First Class Lounge Zurich, connecting flight
  94. Confused and a bit Disgruntled about Rebooking of Cancelled flight
  95. Earning on LX operated by Helvetic?
  96. 2 Questions: NRT F lounge and ZRH F lounge Q.
  97. Shower in ZHR or FRA
  98. Urgent question: involuntary downgrade compensation rules
  99. Easter competition - sign up to win worthless candy!
  100. Chances of opup / cheap cash upgrade?
  101. LHR-ZRH/GVA-DME questions
  102. Miles & More Award Booking - bad Seat Choice
  103. LX Notification of delayed flight - 1 1/2 days in advance?
  104. strange availability
  105. CKI at H-23h45 - and I am sequence #176??
  106. Arrival Lounge at Zurich Airport [no access] for Star Gold (*G) members
  107. ZRH - BKK in C - premium immigration?
  108. Newbie Question Maximize LX Experience
  109. Upgrading to Swiss First Class on A340
  110. *A Gold Row Blocking in Y
  111. Ticket via callcenter billed in wrong currency
  112. How flexible are the "Flexible business" fares?
  113. 10 years Swiss - interview with LH CEO Chr. Franz
  114. Which lounge in LAX and hotel?
  115. LX Ground handling at YUL
  116. What is a "Level 2" passenger?
  117. Advance seat assignment in Y?
  118. Farewell to LX Business Saver
  119. Arrival in BKK in F
  120. Any op-up chance?
  121. Will Swiss interline my luggage when on separate bookings?
  122. Arrival service for LX F Pax at DXB
  123. Overnight in GVA
  124. LX: Waitlist revenue ticket in C(Z)?
  125. Excellent trip with Swiss!
  126. SWISS boss announces price increase
  127. Newbie Question Zurich Senator Lounge
  128. Choice between LX Privatair and LX J
  129. LX: Which F Seats do the A340s have?
  130. Arrivals Lounge in JNB for LX F ?
  131. M&M Mileage on LX Darwin Airline Flights to LUG
  132. New limousine service at ZRH - BMW
  133. More booking options on swiss.com
  134. What's the real flying time GVA-ZRH?
  135. ground services special assistance requests for seniors
  136. Inop Entertainment System - What to Do?
  137. Unable to reserve seat on 343,
  138. F cabin with C service: What's the deal?
  139. Dear SWISS Lurker Copenhage to Basel route will be cancelled from late May, is that true?
  140. Swiss LX busines compared to Virgin VS?
  141. Swiss First Lounge ZRH
  142. Newbie Question When to buy my summer biz class ticket on LX?
  143. Hold baggage returned at aircraft door (ZRH)
  144. Will I get another chance to fly JFK-ARN round trip in C for $1500?
  145. Newbie Question Is Swiss and ZRH a good USA-Asia Coach choice?
  146. connection in ZRH
  147. LX19 privatair 738 or regular 333/343 swiss metal?
  148. New Chocolate on LX
  149. Dear SWISS Lurker Double as much fuel surcharges for the same flights, just the other way around?
  150. Dear SWISS Lurker Swiss online check-in system is really needing an upgrade!
  151. [high fuel surcharge] someone explain this to me
  152. Dear SWISS Lurker Visa required to visit FCL in ZRH during transit?
  153. Need help with quick transfer
  154. Business Class Seating on A330 JFK ZRH
  155. Choosing F seats
  156. Online date change downgraded me to y HELP
  157. Swiss not responding - normal?
  158. Newbie Question ZRH-YUL
  159. Meal ZRH - BOS in J?
  160. rant about ZRH first class lounge
  161. seat 2A
  162. No wardrobe cupboards in European C?
  163. swiss.com - flights from 0 euro :)
  164. Newbie Question ZRH: LX C to UA C. Which Lounge?
  165. Connecting in Zurich [ZRH]
  166. Lounge at MAD airport?
  167. Business bus pick up from apron position to terminal
  168. Checking bags thru to final destination in South Africa
  169. ZRH - NBO in C class
  170. Swiss new business class to San Francisco?
  171. Swiss First Lounge access rules
  172. 6 Hours on Tarmac at IST
  173. Help with PartnerPlusBenefit
  174. BKK to ZRH - Biz class questions re seating
  175. Multiple Segment Luggage question
  176. Check-in experience Geneva - Rant!
  177. April fares
  178. Business on AR1
  179. Newbie Question Swiss First Class ZRH-YUL
  180. Any chance for Swiss M&M status match from Spanair Star program?
  181. "Z" Business Class TATL Easter promotion
  182. Reservation code
  183. Meal out of Mumbai
  184. Current LX policy on interline check-in with separate tickets
  185. BCN lounge
  186. (Another) Upgrade question...
  187. Newbie Question Security Fast Track at ZRH
  188. ZRH-JFK in F then connection in EWR, transfer?
  189. Swiss call center in Fiji is awful
  190. Dear SWISS Lurker Will LX honor JK tickets after JK is shut down?
  191. ZRH-DRS reopening
  192. Seat selection on booking
  193. New catering concept on short haul C
  194. Newbie Question Seating in Business Class
  195. Swiss F lounge in BKK?
  196. Switch from LH Miles and More to LX Miles and More?
  197. LX crew telling lies (best-case scenario)
  198. Zrh - far east
  199. eVoucher Upgrade V class NRT-ZRH
  200. Why No LX flight ZRH-YUL on Feb. 16?
  201. Swiss Upgrade RANT
  202. Redemption Help C Class Upgrade
  203. Newbie Question ZRH LX F lounge: One or two of them?
  204. Award ticket: Opup / using evoucher as HON
  205. Standby Policy On LX?
  206. Upgrade IST-ZRH
  207. Reward or Buy?
  208. LX is so uncompetitive, why?
  209. ZRH-PEK
  210. Dear SWISS Lurker A333 operating ZRH-DUS vv ?!
  211. ZRH - Non-schengen to Schengen transfer procedure
  212. At which airports does LX offer PA service to F pax?
  213. Zurich real disappointment
  214. Two LX Pitfalls at CDG
  215. My experience with missed connections in ZRH
  216. what´s LX´s policy with regards to non-res/F&F in F?
  217. Baggage Connection on Separate PNR
  218. Honeymoon Help!! Questions re: ZRH Lounge / Zurich tour / Duty Free / Thailand
  219. Newbie Question TATL flight in C - which COS for connecting flight in US
  220. ZRH LX F lounge showers
  221. Suggestions for Swiss
  222. Swiss at JFK. Why T4 and not T1 ?
  223. Swiss obligations to issue ticket at a particular price?
  224. Cancelled flight 20. Dec ZRH - LHR
  225. Mileage run FRA-BUD-TXL - check luggage
  226. No More Fast Track in Dublin (DUB)
  227. What is LX's responsibility for a missed connection?
  228. Swiss online booking: Multi segment journey | Open jaw flights now available
  229. Swissbus (LX 7491/7490) between Ottawa and Montreal Question
  230. Dear SWISS Lurker Open ended flight to and from Med cruise
  231. ZRH FCL Drink Selection
  232. Bad weather conditions in Europe
  233. dilemma C>F question
  234. Redemption Help July/August Award Availability on LX for M&M Members
  235. Solution for a (very) stupid booking mistake?
  236. connecting in NRT and...?
  237. Upgrade waitlist on day of departure?
  238. Why no Ginger Ale on LX?
  239. LX A330's TV in the bulkhead rows
  240. Navigating ZRH
  241. What an improvement at ZRH
  242. Business class reward but seated in Y, do you get J privileges?
  243. First time on Swiss ZUR>SFO in Y
  244. Great experience on new LX product ZRH-BOS
  245. Upgrade in swiss - different food than the rest of business pax
  246. Nice Swiss Video
  247. Why are even J seats always blocked on LX?
  248. Upgrading LX Flight Booked as a UA Codeshare
  249. New first on A340
  250. LX First Class Arrival Services at YUL?