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  1. Swiss C awards [for *A FFPs] to Asia nonexistant?
  3. LX 146 ZRH-DEL - Flight review
  4. Duty free Non Schengen to Non Schengen
  5. Newbie Question Where to rendezvous in ZRH?
  6. Lounge use in FCO
  7. Interlining question - LX to BA in ZRH
  8. Upgrade with miles: will just the longhaul leg be upgraded???
  9. F lounge access in GVA and VIE
  10. LX 40 into LAX. Immigration lines?
  11. Swiss--->Malaysia separate tickets, luggage?
  12. booking LX flights without a credit card fee
  13. Dear SWISS Lurker Escaping BRU-Hell
  14. A330-200
  15. SWISS Contest awards 2 tickets to ZRH ex USA + Swiss Rail Passes
  16. Newbie Question Child carseats allowed onboard?
  17. Dear SWISS Lurker Address/Email for Delayed Luggage Compensation?
  18. Business Class Bus
  19. LX departures from LHR T1 - Which gates ?
  20. Newbie Question No RVML/FPML on LX, what to select?
  21. Name on ticket does not match Passport -LX flight
  22. Dear SWISS Lurker denied seat reservation because 'last name is too long'
  23. First Time Connecting Through ZRH: Some Questions
  24. Swiss Fare Basis query
  25. ZRH to BOS November 08, 12 who was on the flight ?
  26. Warsaw LX Flight
  27. LX operated by EDELWEISS AIR
  28. Newbie Question Swiss senator/business lounge in ZRH
  29. Seat 4A in A330/340
  30. First timer questions on LX through ZRH
  31. Summer Business Class sale still available?
  32. Rebooked into D when Z is available on DEL-ZRH
  33. How fast does welcome bonus of credit cards post?
  34. Help w/ Swiss flights operated by Helvetic!
  35. Hmmm... Macallan drops from 18 to 15
  36. Access to checked luggage during overnight connections
  37. Can I Redeem *A Miles for an LX Codeshare on Edelweiss?
  38. Missed Flight - What to expect at the airport?
  39. Dear SWISS Lurker LX Australia Call Centre
  40. Preferred seating
  41. LX Biz Seats
  42. LX vs NH vs UA F
  43. LX257 in June
  44. NEW SWISS Contest Awards 2 Biz Tickets To Singapore
  45. Random upgrade to business?
  46. Short Connection in ZRH. Options?
  47. Should I pursue this with LX?
  48. LX 237 cancelled - compensation?
  49. 2 Americans flying zrh to tlv- what to expect with security?
  50. Cold air stream from A/C – which rows on A340, your experiences?
  51. Newbie Question Seat 29D, in Swiss A340-300(343)??
  52. no Christmas cards for Swiss
  53. Swiss Tlv Zrh meal service in club
  54. 50min trip woth $110 to J on A330-300 ?
  55. no bags moan
  56. LX92 GRU tonight cancelled
  57. New FCO lounge for LX
  58. Newbie Question Do i have enough time?
  59. 2 recent examples of 5 star service
  60. LX 486 BSL-LCY cancelled 7 March 2013
  61. LX TLV-ZRH seatmap different than on websites
  62. 1 booking, 3 PNR - very much confused
  63. Help a novice [accumulate miles, living in Switzerland]
  64. Swiss boarding pass on Passbook
  65. SWISS to modify its international surcharge
  66. Can't Book Seats till the Airport?
  67. Newbie Question EU/CH Compensation process
  68. LH BOS-ZRH-VIE experience in F? Lounge? Driven to gate?
  69. What Happened to LX18 2/25?
  70. Arriving and leaving with the same aircraft in LHR
  71. Day layover in ZRH - can I leave the airport?
  72. PartnerPLusBenefit Upgrade for Swiss Ticket
  73. JFK T4
  74. Revenue Managment PVG - ZRH
  75. Swiss Business Class menu Zurich - Bangkok
  76. Waiting list priority [on LX for IDB] - FTL
  77. Swiss A340-300 single seat in middle row?
  78. New First on SWISS A340-300 [Proof]
  79. Lx14
  80. How to get LX to resume GVA-AMS
  81. FlyNET on LX metal?
  82. ZRH-HKG Meal schedule
  83. Different availability for flight award vs. upgrades
  84. LX92 and LX93 (ZRH-GRU-ZRH)
  85. Transatlantic K Fare???
  86. LX Cut-off time
  87. LX 255 (TLV - ZRH) Operated by Edelweiss?
  88. Dear SWISS Lurker Future of ZRH-DRS and ZRH-BRE ?
  89. LX hotline can't book the flights I see online, why?
  90. OPO new seasonal destination from GVA [and other 2013 schedule changes]
  91. Valet parking - ZRH
  92. ZRH-JNB in biz: dining?
  93. Lost baggage and need reimbursement, no reply from swiss
  94. ZRH Connecting Time
  95. Miles and More Gold Plus vs Platinum
  96. New GFML out of ZRH - a nice surprise
  97. OT (slightly): Air China to launch PEK-GVA as of May '13
  98. Customer Service delay
  99. Newbie Question Automatic upgrade to C upon check-in?
  100. ZRH Swiss Arrivals Lounge access
  101. Great deals ex SIN on LX!!!
  102. Changing frequent flyer number after booking on Swiss site?
  103. PVG - ZHR in F
  104. Delhi-Zurich-JFK
  105. Global Entry might get available to Swiss citizen
  106. Swiss goes downhill
  107. What happened to LX1070 (7:40am flight to FRA)
  108. Internet access at ZRH LX lounges
  109. Upgrade Questions
  110. broken IFE voucher
  111. Check in the night before early flight
  112. Contacting to compliment a CSR? Help/tips/advice?
  113. SWISS International Standby - Is this possible?
  114. A330 Business Class ZRh - DXB
  115. Air Asia Indonesia / Swiss LX179
  116. Dear SWISS Lurker Booking (via United) not available on Swiss.com?
  117. WK replaces LX to JFK on one daily flight
  118. Dear SWISS Lurker Sending checked baggage to a rail station in Switzerland - still possible?
  119. Newbie Question How to book with an extra ZRH-GVA sector?
  120. Very slow meal service in C
  121. Compensation for cancelled Swiss flights - intra-Europe.
  122. How to get bedroom in arrival lounge
  123. Use of F lounge on arrival?
  124. Star alliance award?
  125. Today only: PEK and PVG 1999 CHF
  126. A new form of paranoia?
  127. Single Business Seat @ Checkin (Swiss)?
  128. Meal service in C DUB-ZRH-DUB
  129. Newbie Question: cash upgrades
  130. upgrades ever offered online after booking?
  131. Lost Bags
  132. Swiss Android App crashes on Galaxy S3
  133. 5 Hours to kill at ZRH
  134. Y->C upgrade LX with eVouchers
  135. Why 12A is "preferred" by the system over 11 Kilo?
  136. LX K class - 125 miles credit on M&M
  137. Plane in Trouble over Geneva
  138. LX vs LH F
  139. Dear SWISS Lurker Card charged an extra $200 on ticket booked at Swiss.com
  140. Availability on SQ codeshare?
  141. How I love Zurich airport: schengen to non-schengen transfer in under 10 minutes
  142. A330-300 Seat selection
  143. Geneva 24 hours worth doing?
  144. Non-schengen to non-schengen transfer at ZRH
  145. Newbie Question Zurich to Cape Town: Upgrade possibilities?
  146. SFO
  147. Dear SWISS Lurker Exactly 24 hours in ZRH
  148. Star gold privileges on an LX award
  149. Seat Question on SWISS A330 - help please
  150. Airtrain to Zurich
  151. LX9 - Chicago to Zurich Questions
  152. LX and BA - check luggage until final destination.
  153. Higher premium demand on ZRH-TLV-ZRH flights
  154. Early check-in @ PEK
  155. Dear SWISS Lurker Can I earn miles on the LY codeshare flights?
  156. Advice Needed for Seat Selection for Elderly
  157. Swiss HON events gone forever ?
  158. Save on roaming charges through the barcode sent in the e-mail
  159. Changes to restricted ticket
  160. Dear SWISS Lurker Update on the RGN topic
  161. why is swiss spelled in english
  162. BA vs. LX biz GVA-USA: a comparative review
  163. why is BKK more expensive from ZRH than GVA?
  164. Seatblocking on LX European flights?
  165. Edelweiss business upgrade
  166. Newbie Question GVA fast track for FTL with Y tix
  167. Swiss really stands out from all other airlines from LH Group
  168. Dear SWISS Lurker Catering changes C class long haul?
  169. Lounge in Basel
  170. No more £4 voucher
  171. Nespresso in Business?
  172. New non-stop Zurich-Singapore service!
  173. KVS Availability vs Seatmap on a LX flight?
  174. Why was I denied the extra miles?
  175. Euro Upgrade Offer - What do you get?
  176. Meal in Y to Moscow
  177. Sometimes booking class Z cheaper than P??
  178. B777-300ERs to replace the A340 [rumour confirmed]
  179. How many M&M miles for intra-european C?
  180. LX booking classes gone weird?
  181. LX 2027 on 11 October already sold out in all classes
  182. why can i not get a reply???
  183. transit question (FRA)
  184. Swiss without a window?
  185. Small changes to LX first product
  186. [LX] Check-in counters closure times at TLV
  187. Swiss price war with EZY
  188. Newbie Question Seat Assignments on SWISS? Equip. Downgrades?
  189. Bored of the intra-europe cheese sandwich
  190. New policy at Swiss Lounge: Must show M&M Card
  191. LX 196 ZRH-PEK returns to ZRH due to fighting on board
  192. ZRH-BKK-ZRH in Y. Swiss or Thai?
  193. LX 15 JFK ZRH nightmare 1 Sep
  194. ZRH Biz Lounge Packed to the Gills Today
  195. Short connection time
  196. Swiss Business Saver
  197. LX First Lounge
  198. Dear SWISS Lurker thru checkin for United flights on same ticket
  199. Long time for ticket to be Issued
  200. Protocol for getting F seat assignments on flights sold as two class?
  201. Exit row fees, fewer self-check-in machines
  202. Manchester - Zurich - Japan : luggage allowance?
  203. Can I give up subsequent flight and stay in Zurich instead?
  204. UA ORD-BRU or LX YUL-ZRH in J?
  205. Buying roundtrip flight with Swiss, return leg Flex, outbound normal
  206. Zürich overnight stay over, luggage?
  207. ZRH E-Gates / Panorama Lounge / 2nd Security Control for US flights?
  208. upgrading one segment in award booking
  209. Flights delayed/cancelled for technical reasons - two in a row ...
  210. Bumped LX - LH, and delayed 3.5 hours
  211. Checking in baggage two times?
  212. LX 040/041 zrh-lax
  213. ZRH-JFK ON A330. Best seatsfor family of 3 in C?
  214. Widened P class tariffs
  215. I'm going to say some really rude things about LX revenue management...
  216. Loads on LX15/14 JFK-ZRH 08.10.2012 - 19.10.2012 - upgrade chances
  217. Loads on LX18 ZRH-EWR 23.08.2012 – Upgrade chances
  218. availability on lx 180 C class
  219. SEN "special treatment" on short haul Swiss flight
  220. LXs social media up for a vote
  221. Lounge in DUB
  222. SWISS renames fuel surcharge to "International Surcharge"
  223. Edelweiss Air Miles Warning
  224. [OLCI] Did you know..
  225. Availability
  226. * Gold Luggage Policy on LX?
  227. SWISS giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the Omega European Masters
  228. Swiss ZRH-SFO delayed by 4:30 hours due to MX - any chance for compensation?
  229. Smoke on Swiss Entertaiment System
  230. Luaggage Pick Up Service ZRH
  231. LX242 to DXB - any experience?
  232. What's a Romeo in LX Lingo?
  233. Another victim of the ridicolously strong CHF
  234. Will pre-evening check-in be possible for this route?
  235. Swiss Air BC experience
  236. Ticket issued; credit card not (yet) charged.
  237. LX333 > LX466 last Friday?
  238. Contact Air sold to...
  239. Miami-Zurich upping to 11x weekly
  240. Check bags through to JFK?
  241. Poor Call Center Service during IROP on Jul 23
  242. question for FCO regulars
  243. What does this LX.com error message mean?
  244. A positive CS experience!
  245. Dear SWISS Lurker How late can I leave it?!
  246. First time First: night or day flight?
  247. Cancelled flight: compensation due?
  248. P upgradeable?
  249. Seeing Seat Selection Online
  250. 500 miles from Senator