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  1. Question regarding ZRH arrivals area within terminal building
  2. Seat blocking for HON in Eco gone - for good?
  3. State of SWISS European Business Class
  4. Anyone else with missing M&M mileage credit during the system change
  5. Upgrade from C to F day or night flight
  6. 3000 miles when buying wine worth 300 Fr at [email protected]
  7. Just flew the new B777-300ER [merged experience reports]
  8. Wifi on new 777, says aero.de
  9. Transfer in JNB: LX to SA
  10. Travel insurance: SEN based in CH
  11. Different availability across different platforms (ITA Matrix/swiss.com/call center)
  12. REQ: LX Passenger Handling Manual
  13. Swiss.com - no Eva Infinity Mileagelands to choose
  14. Comfort Package: fixed price upgrades to business on regional flights
  15. Newbie Question Access to lounge at Zurich
  16. LX Upgrade from Z class with voucher?
  17. Lost confirmed [LX] seats?
  18. Cancel booking?
  19. B777er sfo zrh tlv
  20. Dear SWISS Lurker Interlining baggage on separate tix LX->AA
  21. Business Class to Cairo
  22. Swiss likely to discontinue LJU, RIX and TLS
  23. Dear SWISS Lurker Public event welcome event 777
  24. LX 2093 cancelled
  25. Inaugural JFK-ZRH FEB 21
  26. Change Currency on Swiss.com
  27. Dear SWISS Lurker Dubai First Class - Marhaba on departure and meal service
  28. Lounge opening and B77W arrival event for LX HON:29 Jan 2016
  29. Golf clubs
  30. Flying Swiss from Nairobi to Zurich, stop over in DAR, need visa?
  31. Sold out: "Unlimited" LX short haul ex-GVA in 2016 for a grand total of CHF299
  32. Newbie Question Pyjamas in business class
  33. ZRHBKK LX180 Broken Screen in C
  34. Only 150 status miles short of Senator status
  35. Trying to figure out what we could have done differently...
  36. P ticket
  37. Cancellation of return flight if no show on flight before
  38. BKK - LX Departure - Fast track?
  39. ZDH Basel ZRH
  40. ZRH security for US flights`
  41. Stunt Comedy[playing on A32S overhead IFE]...what is LX thinking?
  42. Delayed flight
  43. Bus. Lounge at Boston Logan
  44. Seat Select Cost on - FCO-ZUR-PVG
  45. finally realised that the SEN lounge in the A gates is laughable in your home city
  46. Swiss First Class Lounge just for Swiss
  47. No more free Fly & Rail baggage for SEN on LX?
  48. Dear SWISS Lurker Inflexible and Stupid Customer Service at Swiss
  49. Access rules: Panorama lounge (ZRH E Gates)
  50. LX15/17NOV diverted to YYT
  51. Flight delayed - Am I entitled to compensation?
  52. Baggage interlining
  53. IST-ZRH (On Swiss) + ZRH-EWR (on UA) - 1 hr connecting time enough?
  54. Could you please help me understand this...
  55. 777 test flights in Europe in March 2016
  56. Status match? Other options?
  57. How to compliment above and beyond Swiss staff at Florence airport?
  58. WAW-ZRH-HKG connection in ZRH (first)
  59. Upgrading edelweiss ticket
  60. Lounge access London Gatwick
  61. Dear SWISS Lurker I can't get seat assignment for First booking
  62. Dear SWISS Lurker I left my digital camera on the plane.
  63. OP-Up on LX for *G: is MP Gold == Plat == 1K?
  64. Sad SWISS premium class sale
  65. Dear SWISS Lurker Trippel 7 to BKK
  66. Booking a Swiss flight on United; can I upgrade to business class with $?
  67. LX 777-300ER GIG-GRU in August 2016 (Olympic Games)
  68. Downgrade on Swiss
  69. Upgrade Opportunities from B
  70. *G Advance Seat Reservation Question
  71. Prices now quoted without taxes and fees?
  72. Flights new 777 ZRH-HKG
  73. CDG lounge access and terminal question - LX J, no StarAlliance status
  74. Dear SWISS Lurker Arrival Lounge Zurich
  75. Actual opening time of OLCI at Swiss
  76. Thomas Kluehr new head of Swiss
  77. Swiss First Class Check-in with M&M Amex Platinum
  78. Spent 1.5 hours on hold on Swiss refund line
  79. Qualiflyer what is that ?
  80. [AMS] Aspire Lounge (26) - has anything changed except for the name?
  81. Seat map for A343 is wrong
  82. LX doubling down on ZRH-BOS
  83. # miles & availability for upgrade?
  84. Any S class available on Sept 3 on NYC-ZRH?
  85. Uncheck-in Function
  86. Is it possible to upgrade on Edelweiss with M&M miles? (swiss compare says it is)
  87. LX -Seating HOW TO, please [ASR on UA codeshare]
  88. united flights showing fully booked when trying to book through swiss?
  89. Webmiles is a Scam
  90. Dear Swiss Lurker - YUL award space
  91. how can I locate a copy of the SFO or LAX C menu in July?
  92. Refund of ticketing fees due to changes
  93. Newbie Question A340-300 (A343) AVOD boxes in Economy
  94. Dear SWISS Lurker Set up Swiss profile, it won't add the UA-booked codeshare
  95. LX first class quality on A340
  96. First class lounge in ZRH
  97. SWISS collection
  98. Newbie Question SWISS collection
  99. Inaugural flight B777-300ER F-Class ZRH-JFK
  100. UA 1K with full F tkt on LX - NO FREE BAGGAGE????
  101. Traveling on Edelweiss Air, LH Ticket (Through Swiss)
  102. Swiss Business Class Upgrade for United 1K
  103. OTA and classic fare
  104. Flight from Zurich to Nice - view from window
  105. Swiss management moved to Frankfurt
  106. Newbie Question Dubai immigration
  107. Attitute of Lounge Staff @ ZRH
  108. Dear SWISS Lurker Fly-Rail baggage check in on United flight with LX code?
  109. Dear SWISS Lurker M&M "taxes" more expensive than revenue ticket
  110. Any way to get IRROPS Protection on separate Swiss Tickets
  111. LX18 ZRHEWR 14JUL Delayed 4h
  112. Is there a flat tire rule on LX?
  113. Upgrading from Business to First
  114. Dear SWISS Lurker Miserable SWISS experience in GVA with new hand luggage
  115. Good news for LX, not so much for me?
  116. Dear SWISS Lurker Wrong wording on swiss.com
  117. Flugzug: Train ZRH-Basel(ZDH)
  118. Dear Swiss Lurkers, hand baggage on Light + Comfort
  119. WK - you need to be (at least) a FTalker to understand their inconsistencies
  120. No miles when booking LX on LH
  121. Bassinet
  122. Newbie Question Flex (Q) Fare as FTL - No seat selection?
  123. Second Name on ticket? But not in *A G
  124. lx claim ec261/2004
  125. New rules: Senators and Hon get no-benefits on cheap European flights
  126. First to Bangkok
  127. Dear SWISS Lurker If you don't have your card you can't get into the lounge...
  128. ZRH Swiss Baggage Police
  129. Swiss transit in ZRH [shortchecking luggage on a hidden city]
  130. LX Economy Light Ticket -- No Plans To Use; When To Tell Them?
  131. Checking through baggage with 2 tickets
  132. Dear SWISS please add notes online that CTA is not available for online check-in
  133. Any potential problems booking a "hidden city" fare on LX?
  134. How do I book specific fare classes on LX?
  135. ATH: LX - no 'priority' baggage as *G
  136. LX Seat reservation for StarAlliance Gold
  137. Swiss A333 First Class Experience???
  138. Best lounge to shower/with most showers at ZRH in transit? (Star Gold, biz class)
  139. Cancel P-fare GVA-JFK/ORD-ZRH-GVA
  140. Will this transfer work?
  141. Passenger shaming on Swiss flights
  142. EC261/2004 Advice
  143. Flying from ZRH-SIN which lounges?
  144. Why is SWISS such hard work ?
  145. Eco light, classic, flex
  146. keeping upgrade when changing feeder flight?
  147. F lounge on arrival?and 5-6h flight pajamas provided?
  148. 6h20m in ZRH, lounge or visit city
  149. F class arrival service in Bangkok
  150. J seat selection (ZRH-CPH)
  151. ZRH-SIN - LX or SQ from a Star Alliance points and airline product perspective?
  152. Confusion over A330 vs A340 'New' First Class
  153. How to view miles accrued on LX on mobile app?
  154. Cancel Online Check-in
  155. LX HON CXirle Line
  156. Upgrade with M&M Miles
  157. Stopover baggage question
  158. Biz Seat blocking for SEN/HON
  159. S Fare - can I only change it once?
  160. Dear SWISS Lurker Can't book a flight on Swiss.com
  161. Dear SWISS Lurker Using voucher Swiss
  162. 08/09APR15 : Capacity restrictions at Zurich Airport / Cancellations
  163. LX 22 (GVA -> JFK) award availability on UA
  164. Swiss A330 Business seats for couple
  165. Singapore Lounge Access
  166. GVA style "Light" fares to be extended to entire European network from Summer
  167. Seat will be kept free in Avro and Fokker for Business Pax
  168. SWISS Upgrade Bargain (Bid or email invite to upgrade)
  169. Swiss Companion Offer - Am I missing something?
  170. Will my connection time at GVA and VIE be enough?
  171. Swiss $100 USD voucher for flight ex-PRG
  172. Dear SWISS Lurker SWISS Website Down?
  173. Newbie Question Swiss online check in rules
  174. New OS fares
  175. Lounge for LX 19 23:05 EWR-ZRH?
  176. Zurich transfer
  177. New food options on long-haul first and business class
  178. Dear SWISS Lurker Nice customer service, again
  179. Sofia, Bulgaria
  180. HELP needed to book MIA-ZRH-ATH
  181. Dear SWISS Lurker Adding FFP to existing PNR
  182. [GONE] Swiss 48HR sale to most anywhere in Europe for 119CHF
  183. Booking LHR-ZRH Economy Flex Question
  184. Flying from ICN-LHR on KE then to ZRH on LX [LHR transfer to LX thread]
  185. Arrival lounge
  186. Dear SWISS Lurker First class seats
  187. Involuntary cross booking?
  188. MIA-ZRH in F what to expect in MIA?
  189. Best Swiss F Seats when travelling together
  190. EC261 CDG->ZHR->MUC (which national enforcement body)
  191. SWISS First, Senator and Business Lounges in Zurich Terminal E
  192. Arriving in ZRH in C, continue in same ticket in F next day: F lounge?
  193. Edelweiss celebrating 20yrs with Zeppelin rides
  194. Business Class Manchester - Zurich
  195. Delayed flight help, LX52
  196. Maybe a way for the swiss.com shop to get more orders
  197. Booked infant in seat for child
  198. *Gold and priority boarding
  199. Tarmac Transfer For F/HON
  200. Is transit Visa required in Zurich?
  201. Dear SWISS Lurker I wanted to recognize an extraordinary employee.
  202. Outside cameras, video issues and suggestions
  203. SWISS.COM Profile - Travel Preferences
  204. Slippers in business class NRT-ZRH?
  205. Cant add TK No. to LX Booking
  206. Swiss Cape Town call center reservation error
  207. Swiss Customer Survey
  208. Cancelled LX40. Advice needed
  209. How Do I Specify Normal Meal?
  210. Has LX changed the phone number of the HON call centre?
  211. Short checking with Swiss at LAX
  212. rt vs o/w Pricing
  213. Thank you Swiss
  214. Overnight delay in Copenhagen
  215. Taking out luggage and rechecking on a long layover in ZRH?
  216. Compliments to Anthony - GVA First lounge
  217. If anyone could guess this one for me?
  218. LX008 on 21 Dec 2014
  219. Swiss preferred seat selection
  220. General Question
  221. Dear SWISS Lurker meal selection
  222. Booking a specific fare class
  223. LX fleet changes
  224. Swiss facing massive issues with delays
  225. ZRH Transit Hotel
  226. Checking in luggage back and forth
  227. 4K or 7K on LX178?
  228. Dear SWISS Lurker Website not saving seat selection on longhaul segment
  229. Ticketed *Alliance on Swiss, how to reserve seats?
  230. baggae question ZRH-GRU-SDU
  231. Has Swiss lost it as a premium airline with a niché?
  232. A 320 seating question
  233. LX16 ZRH-JFK November 21, 2014
  234. Newbie Question How long before departure to arrive at ZRH - LX 1248
  235. Dear SWISS Lurker So fed up with online check in issues ex Germany
  236. Dear SWISS Lurker Unfriendly official warning
  237. LX138: Why such a Southern route?
  238. Transferring with liquids in GVA
  239. SWISS creates own FFP?
  240. Best seats in C for couple
  241. Newbie Question Umbrella Onboard
  242. Directed to TSA Pre in SFO this evening
  243. Check in time - Changi Singapore
  244. Newbie Question help with fare coding - Economy vs Economy Light
  245. M&M Benefits on Edelweiss (WK)
  246. Dear SWISS Lurker LX not interested in making some more money?
  247. Miles not awarded on Swiss K/L tickets
  248. flying on Swiss Air, BUD-SFO via ZRH....
  249. SWISS Air Lines "preferred zone" in European economy class?
  250. Swiss charges you $30 for processing refund?