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  1. ZRH Tight Transfer
  2. Economy light ticket
  3. Chocolates on LX Business class
  4. LX Business ticket - credit card charge 2x the ticketed price
  5. Fare code question
  6. Lounge access in ZRH
  7. 777 C: hot or cold; bring pj's?
  8. Rebooking charge
  9. Dear SWISS Lurker Permanent online seat reservation issues
  10. Baby and guest in LX F
  11. no middle name on ticket
  12. Need some EU261 guidance
  13. Lost seat res. on LX
  14. SWISS abandoned "2 in cockpit" rule 1 May 2017
  15. QUICK - 1 night airport stay
  16. Swiss to Air France - connecting in Geneva
  17. Newbie Question Edelweiss a340 Economy Max - any good?
  18. Swiss upgrade bid pricing
  19. Baggage allowance for infant if adults are on a light fare (car seat?)
  20. Newbie Question find PNR LY code share operated by LX
  21. A340 refurbishment
  22. Do Y seat maps reflect all booked passangers?
  23. LX Mixed service levels in J
  24. LAX Early Check-in/Interline with Air Tahiti?
  25. Specific question about loads from NYC in June
  26. No show rules on cheap fares
  27. VCB and/or overselling of seats
  28. Travel on Swiss with United or Turkish FF card
  29. Swiss Business Class worth it?
  30. LX offers to rebook flight, loses checked luggage
  31. Few LX J class questions
  32. LX139 Weird flight path
  33. GVA transit and luggage
  34. SWISS Business to Lisbon or Porto
  35. Booking Swiss Business using United miles on United website questions...
  36. Traveling with commercial goods thru ZRH
  37. Why can't a paid seat reservation be changed at Checkin?
  38. Refurbishment Schengen lounges ZRH
  39. Swiss considering Buy on Board meals in SH Economy
  40. Redemption Help Reedeming F class on LX
  41. LX 92 ZRH-GRU diverted to Dakar
  42. Showers at LX Arrivals... book ahead or ??
  43. Upcoming Nor'easter
  44. Compensation for cancelled/delayed flight
  45. SWISS Connoisseur Experience - First class seafood pictures
  46. Luggage and Connecting
  47. Swiss voucher - Where to enter the code
  48. Policy on interlining bag to MH, separate ticket
  49. Thrones no longer available for free (except HON/SEN)
  50. Expedia - Light or Classic Economy
  51. no first class avail zrh-sfo for 6 months
  52. LX offering fares without taxes/fees - is that legal in Switzerland?
  53. Use Chase UR points on Swiss?
  54. No ticket issued and 24 hrs almost up
  55. Credit card Miles and more for Swiss National living in France ?
  56. Newbie Question luggage and connection time question on codeshare
  57. Lounge in GRU
  58. Swiss or United loyalty program?
  59. Given name-middle initial squished into one word
  60. 3:20 layover in ZRH
  61. Swiss website malfunction on 2017/02/01
  62. LX40/01FEB ZRH-LAX diverted to YFB (Iqaluit, Nunavut)
  63. Carry on storage in lounge?
  64. Dropping last leg on award ticket.
  65. Dear SWISS Lurker Do I really have to prove that I was on the to-flight?
  66. Swiss 197 PEK-ZRH Canceled 2 days in a row
  67. Red Eye Service to/from LIS what to expect?
  68. Swiss charged me more than I agreed with online booking
  69. LX question
  70. LY ticket operated by swiss LX
  71. Any way to book EDW one-way fares online?
  72. Global Entry for Swiss citizens
  73. Succesfull OPC Reclaim from M&M Credit Card by Swisscard
  74. Luggage storage or check in at transfer desk
  75. Mileage Bargain Award Flight
  76. ZRH Arrival Lounge
  77. Rant: LX doesn't load bags at LAX, then the runaround begins!
  78. Transfer to Swiss at AMS
  79. Collect bags in ZRH when transiting?
  80. leaving trolley in ZRH
  81. Swiss denies compensation
  82. Swiss profiling of passengers
  83. Dear SWISS Lurker Thoroughly Disappointed with Swiss Reservations Agents
  84. ZRH - Connection Info
  85. Can anyone explain to me the seatbelts in business
  86. Connection in ZRH
  87. Info on traveling Swiss with infant
  88. Will Swiss be on strike with LH?
  89. Birthday Card "enhanced"
  90. Two bookings on the same flight
  91. DUS-ZRH LX operated by Germanwings
  92. Where to claim compensation EU Regulation 261/2004?
  93. Dear SWISS Lurker: Temporarily doubling the bill when paying with credit card
  94. Dear SWISS Lurker Early Baggage Check at LCY
  95. A330 - Preferred Zone
  96. Swiss Global Premium economy on 777?
  97. No Boarding Pass, only "check in confirmation"
  98. Showering in LX Departure Lounge on Arrival in ZRH (on non-LX/*A Flight)
  99. DEL arr./dep. service for HON/F
  100. Dear SWISS Lurker TSA Pre-Check on LX
  101. Excessive flight Cancelations EWR ZRH
  102. Euro Business Class Meals To / From Copenhagen
  103. Swiss Luggage Restriction
  104. Dear SWISS Lurker SWISS Connect Roll-out on Airbus A330-300 Fleet
  105. Swiss website not bookable
  106. A la Carte Dining in longhaul Economy
  107. LX business class menu
  108. How to book/price "Classic" fare with Swiss?
  109. Bike Check Fee when LX is not MSC
  110. "Swiss Global"
  111. Business to First e-vouchers upgrade LX180 or LX 181
  112. Upgrading from K
  113. Is Star Gold card required?
  114. LX through checking on separate tickets for overnight at PRG to LH?
  115. Booking on M&M - cannot book tickets to HNL?
  116. Really Impressed with Swiss Business
  117. Carry on size enforcment?
  118. Possible to travel ex-GVA to Schengen, lost passport & not EU/EEA/Swiss national
  119. Dear SWISS Lurker Lost / forgotten gate check luggage - ZRH to TXL
  120. Access the Swiss Non-Schengen lounge when traveling within Schengen
  121. Newbie Question Which terminal does Swiss leave in Brussels?
  122. Can I leave my bagagge at the bagagge claim for half a day?
  123. Warning: Do not try to get your credit card fee back - LX might impose a ban
  124. Swiss online check-in down?
  125. Would LX refund me a separate ticket if they were late?
  126. Is it not possible to change FF # on LX ?
  127. Swiss flights Zurich ZRH - Sion SIR
  128. SWISS 77W operating ZRH-PRG?
  129. Yeah - first sold as business - not so fast!
  130. SWISS quits Geneva?!
  131. LX business check-in cutoff in TLV
  132. Better business class to Europe: LX 777 or AA 777?
  133. what kind of amenity kit is given in biz or first class from lax to Zrh?
  134. Swiss - Zurich-Bangkok
  135. Who is operating my flight?
  136. ZRH connecting/lounge questions
  137. Incredibly Imcompetent Edweiss TPA checkin
  138. Transfer desk at FCO
  139. Question about Edelweiss Air Flight 98 today
  140. Achieving status with M&M on LX
  141. Swiss to Ethiopian on separate tickets
  142. Baggage allowance for US-Europe on Swiss: *Gold with family
  143. No LX LUG-ZRH Oct 9-20?
  144. How strictly enforced hand luggage rules at ZRH gates?
  145. Airtrain miles not posting
  146. Changing P-class flight
  147. LX 38 (ZRH-SFO): Still on the A340?
  148. Connecting in Zurich vs Brussels
  149. Since 777 started LX 180/181 [ZRH-BKK vv] has gone pearshaped
  150. Swiss flight reviews on TripAdvisor
  151. How to find Swiss business class award lax - Zrh in advance?
  152. Evening flight cancelled - overnight hotel not used
  153. Swiss boarding pass posts on Facebook are dangerous
  154. Limo from hotel to airport according to LX website
  155. Flight delayed, missed connection in C
  156. wife & I in C, kid in Y
  157. LHR how early to Check In
  158. TSA pre check or Global Entry
  159. Swiss Baggage Allowance
  160. DXB lounge options (concourse D)
  161. Swiss web-checkin woes
  162. can Lufthansa miles still be redeemed on Swiss?
  163. ZRH-MIA: LX C on 77W or A330?
  164. ZRH connection
  165. Question about Lounge in ZRH and MAD
  166. Transfer in ZRH from USA: security?
  167. Disappointed by seat assignment handling
  168. ZRH Swissair lounges vs todays Swiss lounges
  169. award booking status privileges for non-member?
  170. QUICK HELP PLS: Fare Class Availability
  171. A333 Seating Advice
  172. Baggage 23 kg *2
  173. F Departure SFO - Escort through Security
  174. Zurich Layover Advice?
  175. Visiting business lounge in terminal E
  176. Connecting in ZRH in First / E Lounges
  177. Reclaiim of credit card OPC in CH
  178. unable to create profile for last few weeks
  179. LX 2nd leg of trip - when can I choose LX seats?
  180. Extra Suitcase with Economy Light?
  181. Are all Swiss branded GVA-CDG/CDG-GVA flights codeshares on Air France metal?
  182. Swiss First Class LX 16 15 May 2016
  183. no seat selection visible on swiss.com
  184. Checking luggage on two separate tickets, but one involves same plane...
  185. IST Check-in
  186. Worth Going Out Of The Way of LX 77W J?
  187. Edelweiss / Swiss LX 8010
  188. Newest 777 HB-JNC taking off today morning from ZRH
  189. what happened to A330 HB-JHG
  190. LX C class meals to Singapore
  191. Caviar?
  192. LX/TG Interline
  193. TXL - ZRH - LUG with bikes
  194. Sao Paulo to Zurich language options for movies
  195. making a child older - problem?
  196. LX to BKK
  197. M&M Credit Times
  198. Dear SWISS Lurker LX lounges at ZRH for non schengen transfer
  199. Dear SWISS Lurker Same day changes for LX flights issued on AC award
  200. Swiss website surprises once again
  201. Newbie Question B777-300 on European routes
  202. SWISS AIR FAIL - I want my iPad back!
  203. ZRH MCT and when does SWISS set schedules in stone?
  204. Zurich to Tel Aviv - should I change my flight?
  205. Is it safe to buy LX flights on LH.com before LX website shows them ?
  206. LX 067 Mia-ZHR diverted?
  207. First / Biz to YUL / YYZ
  208. Lounge access on WK to EDI
  209. Dear SWISS Lurker Flights to Belgium
  210. Seat assignment for October??
  211. HON/F arr. and dep. service in NRT
  212. SEN = Silver?
  213. flight compensation
  214. How can I book AFFEG CAI-TYO in F ?
  215. LX First arrival services in Nairobi
  216. Online flight rebooking tool
  217. ZRH - JNB Award redemption
  218. UK Postal Address for Swiss International Airlines
  219. Booking into specific fare classes
  220. High redemption rates - normal on M&M SA?
  221. Swiss.com offering unavailable fare classes
  222. LX288 JNB - Aircraft change A330 F class
  223. EC261/2004 on MAN-ZRH-DME
  224. Swiss 254 ZRH-TLV | lie-flat seats?
  225. First time flying LX
  226. SWISS LAX-ZRH Meal Service
  227. Business Lounge Graz (Austria)
  228. Dear SWISS Lurker OLCI problem
  229. Short-checking of luggage with layover of 22 hours
  230. Remaining Swiss Award Availability Release
  231. Newbie Question New flyer with simple questions
  232. Boarding exp. for longhaul F at ZRH: what to expect?
  233. Strange online booking issue
  234. Flight rescheduled by 4 hours, no email from LX!
  236. Rebooking error 90002
  237. Cancelled C Ticket Refund
  238. Gatwick Lounge?
  239. rumors: new 777 replacing austrian's 763 -and- new a350 or a330neo to lx ?
  240. How to fly for your job [to become SEN/HON in CH]
  241. Widebody aircraft on short haul Euro routes
  242. How can I talk to Harry Hohmeister?
  243. Dear SWISS Lurker Have special meals disappeared during system change?
  244. Dear SWISS Lurker Mileage Credit not working
  245. LX vs AC in J
  246. Upgrade and awards no more from same bucket?
  247. Access to Swiss Lounges in ZRH Terminal E
  248. Have not been issued e-ticket for a few days now - IST-ZRH
  249. Catering on morning ZRH-LHR flight
  250. SWISS B777 first class in Europe