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  1. Swissair & Swiss old Timetables
  2. Arrival lounge SWISS in PEK
  3. Swiss Voucher
  4. Welcome service in F at arrival in ZRH
  5. Newbie Question Swiss Customer Service Issue - No Response
  6. "Visitors" in F
  7. LX ZRH->TLV only bookable as LY codeshare?
  8. F award availability
  9. Denied Aspire Lounge access EDI on LX codeshare flight
  10. Different Fare rules for different departure city (same booking class)
  11. ATC strike in GVA/LUG on July 23rd
  12. SEN Status Privileges on Eco Light to USA and Canada
  13. Redemption Help Aeroplan booking itinerary help?
  14. Y -> J paid upgrade... Bag allowance?
  15. ZRH A Schengen lounge reopens [2018]
  16. 333 - 4 D/G blocked when do they open up
  17. Newbie Question Zurich Transfer
  18. SWISS continually forgetting companion info and paid seat assignments
  19. Why are all the flights ex ZRH delayed by 2 hours or more?
  20. Tom & Jerry on shorthaul
  21. any recent JFK security experiences?
  22. What radio channel plays at Zurich airport?
  23. D-Zone Swiss Business Lounge
  24. D-Zone Swiss Business Lounge
  25. Online Selection of Preferred Seats for Status Pax Not Working
  26. Place to take a meeting at ZRH
  27. Noise canceling headphones in J Swiss
  28. Miles taking longer than usual to post from LX flights
  29. Lounge access? SWISS F to SAS J
  30. Flight Delayed: Minimum Layover Time to visit Zurich?
  31. Idea: The ZRH long layover Meetup thread
  32. No TLV-ZRH LX C Awards August
  33. ZRH Passport Control
  34. LX/WK Schedule Change - What happens if I "don't accept"?
  35. Upgrade Bargain vs. Miles/Voucher Upgrade
  36. Baggage allowance confusion
  37. Which lounge in CDG/ZRH/HKG - LX C
  38. Flying LX CDG-ZRH ZRH-PEK
  39. LX Economy and Business in same ticket
  40. Deciding whether to short check luggage
  41. LX177 SIN-ZRH June 3 diverted to IST
  42. LX SEN in Economy long haul flight
  43. Overnight delay in ZRH
  44. JNB - Early check-in
  45. E-Lounge Visit from Transit Hotel when Departing on Schengen Flight
  46. Locked in transit zone at ZHR
  47. No more E to A shuttle for GVA HON in C/Y.
  48. No more A to shuttle for HON
  49. Edelweiss vs. LH long haul business class
  50. Ticket changes, ticketing process
  51. Swiss operational upgrade - why me?
  52. tight connection at Zurich
  53. Newbie Question First-time upgrade; what are the letters (e.g. Y to J)?
  54. Connecting in SIN to a BA flight on a seperate ticket
  55. No access to arrivals lounge when arriving on Airtrain
  56. Lounge between two intercontinental flights
  57. ZRH terminal E LX FCL visit on FRA-ZRH-MUC-HKG ... enough time?
  58. Swiss lounge - And access to Terminal E
  59. Upgrade from Business to First
  60. Getting A330 F seat on Business class ticket
  61. Checked bag when booked through another carrier
  62. Plush toy plane
  63. Dear SWISS Lurker Advance Seat Reservation Change
  64. Heavies on European routes?
  65. early arrival at JFK - options?
  66. Skip booked flight by new booking
  67. flight ZRH EU: Swiss refuses compensation for over 3 hours delay
  68. What happened to security priority lane for FTL LH*S?
  69. Problem processing payments with VISA credit card
  70. Dear SWISS Lurker Constructive criticism of new First Lounge in A
  71. Swiss Business - Broken / deflated seat compensation
  72. Long ZRH Layover
  73. LAX to JTR
  74. Which origins are considered "clean" at ZRH (for security purposes)?
  75. Poor Swiss ground services experience for TK*G
  76. LX and EY
  77. Any showers at GVA after arrival from JFK?
  78. undo/cancel online check-in
  79. AT&T Roaming [via Aeromobile] - Airplane mode
  80. Short Check or Gate Check Baggage Options
  81. Swiss First Class dinning - pictures from Feb 2018
  82. Involuntary downgrade CH-EU flight
  83. New Swiss First Lounge Zurich Terminal A - Access Question
  84. Newbie Question First flight with infant
  85. New York Special Offers?
  86. Boarding passes for long journey when checking in with SWISS
  87. No more free food and drinks (Ex-GVA) starting spring 2018
  88. M&M award availability [on HKG-ZRH with LX] December 2018
  89. SWISS refuses compensation for 5 hour delay
  90. Swiss International Air Lines [LX] Advice Needed [pax switching tickets?]
  91. (ZDH/BSL)-ZRH-XXX check through question....
  92. Automated Check In Question
  93. Zürich airport wi-fi safe?
  94. Award strategy return from HAV in Feb 2019
  95. LX Recognition of status passengers [onboard or elsewhere]
  96. First Class Lounge in A [opened 05MAR2018]
  97. LX/LH Chauffeur service [to/from LHR] - part payment possible?
  98. Bringing painting in cabin: Swiss Bus. class.
  99. Luggage allowance issue
  100. Checking in for multi-segment itinerary
  101. ZRH Terminal B/D to E
  102. Swiss Air contact point?
  103. A330 Business - Car seat Compatibility
  104. Ice cream, healthy diet and waste management
  105. When does the timetable become bookable?
  106. ZRH-SIN: LX178 changed to LX176?
  107. Is Swiss Air website down?
  108. Consequences to getting off flight early?
  109. Are separate bookings within another booking allowed?
  110. Newbie Question OLCI with infant
  111. Newbie Question Need Help with LX Fare Rule
  112. Swiss to start handing out New amenity kits.
  113. Booking M&M Reward Specials - How to see seat availability?
  114. SWISS Seat Selection as UA *G and Auto Check-in
  115. GVA-YEG : One tricky miles redemption question
  116. EU 261/2004 delay compensation on SWISS
  117. Luggage Allowance and Skis
  118. Swiss - Seat Selection-No Option
  119. I love Swiss Y Short-Haul
  120. Newbie Question Why does SWISS not allow online change of booking?
  121. Guest Access F Lounge in ZRH?
  122. Express flight luggage from USA
  123. Dear SWISS Lurker Baggage Allowance for Miles Upgrade
  124. Newbie Question Swiss Seat Charges on Light Fares
  125. ZRH 15 Hour Layover
  126. Does Swiss offer STPC?
  127. Europe Flex tickets: Changing to an earlier flight on the same day
  128. 4 hours tarmac wait no water for coach tons in business
  129. M&M Executive Bonus / Codeshare NH-LX
  130. Swiss flight part of United booking - Seat choice question
  131. Dear SWISS Lurker Paid First, Luggage lost, Station not reachable
  132. What's with all the Richard Gere movies?
  133. SWISS Book a Special Surprise doesn't work
  134. Lx 040 20 dec zrh-lax - reason for 4 hr dept delay !!!
  135. Newbie Question meal times on LX67 MIA-ZRH
  136. Flying biz JNB-ZRH-LHR - can we use the LHR T2 Arrivals Lounge?
  137. Seat selection- SQ codeshare
  138. Flight zrh singapore first class new or old,
  139. Volcano bali first class swiss do you take the risk?
  140. Flight cancellations at LHR
  141. LXmas, ZRH-KTT on CS3 (one time)
  142. Single Malt Scotch
  143. Newbie Question ZRH short stopover: electronics shopping
  144. Bidding for upgrade: miles?
  145. Lounge access F to J [in ZRH]
  146. LX arbitrarily cancelling legitimate F redemptions tkt through Star partners
  147. Question on Swiss / Edelweiss transfer
  148. LX fare from CAI in F - gone
  149. Award booking and seat selection fee for SEN?
  150. URGENT HELP PLS: M&M Online Upgrade on LX
  151. Any Way to do Advance Seat Selection if Swiss Flight Booked Under UA Flight Number?
  152. Zurich lounge option for a short layover?
  153. How can I get the 4th sector seat request to stick when first 3 sectors are OK?
  154. MCT-DXB-MCT in F
  155. Lounge access during stopover
  156. F escort though security/First time F
  157. Newbie Question Seat Assignment question, UA codeshare on LX flight
  158. LAX - ZRH - NBO checked luggage overnight
  159. Dear SWISS Lurker Is a visa required for BOM-ZRH-GVA-JFK?
  160. ZRH-TLV route questions
  161. Safety issue at LCY 24/10
  162. Access to Edelweiss Reservation
  163. LX upgrade P to F - ways to upgrade?
  164. Hidden city ticketing and Swiss air
  165. Aeroplan Swiss Business Redemption - First Class Upgrade?
  166. Newbie Question Where to sit in Swiss business
  167. Swiss air compensation for delayed flight
  168. SWISS refuse compensation, but I don't give up. Help for advice!
  169. Newbie Question Carry on weight limits with LX @ ZRH
  170. Seat assignments show on lh.com but not swiss.com
  171. Help. Swiss Lip Balm: Maker? Where to purchase? Trade?
  172. ZRH-NRT LX160 in Dec 2017
  173. swiss.com sends flight searches to facebook
  174. SWISS trying to scam me into paying for checked in baggage. What to do?
  175. LX award, 2 in J, 2 in Y?
  176. Upgrade with Miles. Why is A-class not= A-class?
  177. Transiting through ZRH, which lounge to use for a shower?
  178. Does Not Inspire Confidence
  179. Not using outbound flight, possible to use inbound?
  180. Group online check-in
  181. swiss cancelled flight- how do i claim compensation?
  182. Purchasing duty-free in US when traveling via ZRH
  183. Ex-GVA discover europe or city pass for 799.-/999.-
  184. Why no TSA Pre Check in the US for LX?
  185. Which Lounge Hong Kong?
  186. Converting award miles into status miles (max. 25k to 5k) now possible with Swisscard
  187. LX codeshare P booking class mapping
  188. Transit hotel at ZRH and very early non Schengen LX flights
  189. Edelweiss and Helvetic benefits in J
  190. Layover for 6 hrs
  191. Looking for a vintage Swissair World map
  192. ZRH-MXP Cancelled flight compensation
  193. Miles expiry and miles & more credit card
  194. Newbie Question Best business class seats on A3330
  195. when calling Swiss U.S. 800 number, is it always picked up by someone in Switzerland?
  196. Complaining swiss air lines
  197. MAN to ZRH on Edelweiss
  198. ZRH Connection: leaving the airport
  199. Great LX transfer experience
  200. Why was I allowed into the Zurich Arrivals lounge with UA Star Gold ?
  201. if my Swiss ticket includes 3 flights on all 3 alliances, how do I enter my FF#?
  202. 10-hour layover at Zurich, which lounge can I hang out at?
  203. Are SWISS quack?
  204. arriving ZRH at 7am, will they let me check bag for 10pm flight to HKG?
  205. MAN-ZRH-BKK on separate tickets LX/TG
  206. Bluetooth on s/h?
  207. Newbie Question Best things about SWISS Business
  208. Do LX release row 1 in F for non SEN?
  209. iPass on SWISS Connect
  210. Luggage addition midflight
  211. *G boarding on different PNR's
  212. Dinner Service in J on JFK-ZRH 9 PM Departure
  213. Passport control ZRH & Reg EU 2017/458
  214. Late for flight what are my options
  215. LX139 diverted to Moscow
  216. Swiss First award for senators - book online?
  217. Seat reservation on award flight
  218. No seat prebooked, travelling with children
  219. Seat Selection - LX codeshare, SQ metal
  220. RJ100 Withdrawal
  221. Swiss First - check-in in Barcelona
  222. No Schengen Lounge in ZRH [A] August 27 to Spring 2018
  223. Newbie Question Equipment ZRH - SFO
  224. LX vs LH SFO-JNB Business
  225. Pajamas situation in LX F
  226. Newbie Question Flying Swiss Business LHR-ZRH-ATH
  227. Whiskey Bar
  228. Newbie Question SWISS Upgrades
  229. Determining LX load/ Connection at ZRH
  230. Nice gesture from LX HON customer service (do they track my delays?)
  231. Baggage allowance on MUC-ZRH-TLV with LY
  232. Marrying two bookings
  233. ?Enough time to go landside
  234. connecting to EDELWEISS AIR
  235. Zurich Airport transit shower (SIN to LHR in business)
  236. Two different LX PNRs in addition to the booking PNR
  237. Paid [LX] seat selection got cancelled 48 hours before departure
  238. 2 bags maximum?
  239. why did I get an upgrade?
  240. (Swiss)LX 296 NBO-DAR-ZRH question
  241. 777 Uses Single Jet Bridge But Others Use Two
  242. LX Fares - Big Difference LX Website vs. Expedia, etc.
  243. Edelweiss air carry-ons
  244. Upgrading at Airport when on UA stock ticket
  245. 6/14/2017 LX9 ORD-ZRH Flight Canceled
  246. Swiss's Boarding Process Makes United's Process Civilized
  247. Involuntary flight route change by Swiss
  248. baggage allowance on award tickets?
  249. LX139 Transit and F Lounge
  250. Upgrades from business to first