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  1. Flying First: Any difference between ZRH and GVA?
  2. Transfer in GVA -What happens to Duty-Free liquids??
  3. Flight Cancelled Comp?
  4. Swiss Economy, small report
  5. No more A340 ZRH-TLV from next year?
  6. LX/LH reservation systems
  7. When does the JFK lounge open?
  8. Online Boarding Pass ex-USA?
  9. Basel Connection Question
  10. SWISS Business Upgrade Europe
  11. How to ugrade on Swiss (or not)
  12. Involuntary Downgrade
  13. LX First Class lounge access in ZRH
  14. Online check in possible?
  15. Early morning bus: Bern HB - Zürich Airport
  16. SWISS LHR T2 check in
  17. Turnaround Time in Amsterdam
  18. Help needed - Being given the runaround by LX
  19. swiss reservation
  20. where can I check SWISS booking?
  21. Swiss open new Destination
  22. Can I use Biz lounge when I stop Over in Zur?
  23. Premium Service at Swiss?
  24. My Baggage Confirmed Lost!! Any Further Ideas?
  25. LX Business Upgrade
  26. Flying In First Zurich to BKK
  27. Shower & breakfast on arrival at GVA?
  28. First class lounge in Singapore
  29. Is Business Upgrade dead?
  30. Europe with SWISS for just half the regular number of miles
  31. Problems with website.. Can't view movies or programmes
  32. LHR-ZRH-JFK in F
  33. Swiss Arrivals in ZRH
  34. Business Class Seating Intra-Europe on Swiss
  35. USA-Flights upgrade to first
  36. Luggage lockers at Zurich airport or Railway station
  37. LX 40/41 - great!
  38. New Passport check in ZRH?
  39. is this normal Swiss service?
  40. LX->AA luggage transfer
  41. Swiss Award Availabilty
  42. LX Upgrade miles not deducted
  43. TAM and Swiss Sign Memorandum of Understanding
  44. Carry-ons, LUG-ZRH-BOS
  45. LX Award Oddities
  46. How is the Geneva Duty Free??
  47. Swiss Flight Cancelled - How to go about compensation?
  48. Check PNR Swiss booking
  49. Belgrade Airport
  50. SIN-BKK-SIN in Y Class
  51. Booking multi-city / open-jaw on LX site - it is possible?
  52. SWISS Offers in C and F
  53. Shanghai ex Germany: 177 Euro + tax
  54. Problems with Swiss' online booking
  55. refurbished LX lounges in ZRH (SEN lounge) ?
  56. 24hr cancellation policy
  57. No more Coat Hangers in Row 1 on the Bus?
  58. Seat Reservations in Y
  59. Can I add "Flugzug" segments to a existing initiary
  60. Ewr-zrh
  61. SWISS Z summer offer ex-DE extended to 16JUN08
  62. I booked LX C. Seat looks bad. Did I make a mistake?
  63. LX ZRH-JFK-ZRH in Eco
  64. LX Connection in ZRH for TLV
  65. SIN Airport - Lounge Access for *Gold
  67. Newbie connecting in ZRH
  68. LX First lounge in ZUR - can you visit it upon arrival?
  69. Check-in and checking baggage on Swiss
  70. Interline luggage with CX
  71. Flatrate for Upgrade?
  72. Long layover : flying FIRST
  73. Swiss World Special starting May 28th
  74. Is there any way to force the online booking engine to offer F rather than A fares?
  75. Is LX First back to par?
  76. SWISS planning further expansions
  77. Why is the SWISS forum not listed in alphabetical order?
  78. Help with booking VIE-LHR/LCY-VIE in C
  79. Timing of First meal to HKG
  80. C Class catering on TLV-ZRH a disgrace
  81. Swiss business class kit bag (black)
  82. Swiss EM Lounge in Zurich downtown
  83. Does LX F have a chauffeur service to plane like LH?
  84. Do LY flights operated by LX earn miles on Miles & More?
  85. Credit-Card-Question
  86. free cocktails in coach on Swissair and Lufthansa TA?
  87. FYI: STC to M&M migration figures
  88. JFK Lounge
  89. ASR on existing LX reservation using swiss.com
  90. LX and BA
  91. Checked baggage question (ZRH-LHR)
  92. buisness class w/ baby
  93. Planing to write my Thesis about LX and I need help!!!
  94. Free WLAN in LX lounges (in CH) [free WiFi]
  95. F Class BOS-ZRH
  96. Old Swissair hands neeeded...
  97. No Lounge Access in Geneva French Sector for FTL
  98. A Good Story About LX
  99. Possible attempt to create "guerilla crew rest area" in C
  100. Swiss Award availability @ ANA tool
  101. F Facilities at LHR?
  102. Zurich Airport; Jumbolinos
  103. Miles on Swiss trains?
  104. Miles for Speeding!
  105. Coop Trophy 07Apr-23Aug
  106. Cash upgrades with Swiss for flights from/to LCY
  107. Excess Bagagge Allowance
  108. Mobile Phone Use on the Ground!!!
  109. Lx14 Zrh-jfk Today Cancelled!!??
  110. LX 2824 ZRH - GVA today
  111. Feedbacks - does LX really care?
  112. LX/ LH to go after "miles traders"
  113. Pyjamas?
  114. skytrax food rating
  115. Check-in time at LAX (C class)
  116. Swiss bonus miles not posted
  117. Paper timetable becomes history
  118. Dire boarding in CPH
  119. Will Swiss charge me if I not show up???
  120. New constructions at ZRH airport
  121. Refund - How long should/can it take ?
  122. ZRH-LAX in F; any recent experience?
  123. ZRH-TLV A340 Service, F Class?
  124. ZRH-LCY: pax showing no respect
  125. swiss airlines/american airlines
  126. Swiss Fare Help
  127. Hon Circle
  128. Question: Cancellation of return flight in Z
  129. Going Swiss!
  130. LH vs LX Business Class ORD- DEL
  131. Delayed / Lost luggage GVA-ZRH-BKK
  132. Soon to come - Car pickup at ZRH for apron positions
  133. stand-by for earlier [LX] flight-aeroplan reward
  134. LX First: driven to plane?
  135. Any FT on the Swiss AVRO RJ45 to LCY?
  136. Swiss sucks
  137. When will the first A333 arrive?
  138. LX First - please let us sleep
  139. Upgrading to C with cash; miles?
  140. Miles for LX 8664/8665?
  141. One-Way Bookings on Swiss
  142. Fly Smart Question??
  143. Flight delayed 11 hours in BKK [LX182 FEB 22]
  144. Quick question LH F FRA-GRU or LX F ZRH-GRU?
  145. no more "status" on BP with new CC
  146. Ticket Dister; Please Help!
  147. Op Upgrades ... How about the procedures on LX ?
  148. LX rebooking policy - to LHR if LCY is fogged in?
  149. Back to 085?
  150. Swiss Amex Platinum Promotion
  151. Valet parking at GVA - Where? Perks for HONs?
  152. F Meal Service LX0183 SIN-BKK
  153. No response from EU Compensation Claim email - who should I contact?
  154. How strict is LX Y for carry on?
  155. Summer schedule brings more Swiss wet leases
  156. Why no pickup-service in ZRH for flights ex MUC
  157. Swiss award tkt LAX-ZRH-NBO
  158. Explain Codes on ITA Software please
  159. brief JFK T4 F lounge report
  160. Weekend specials in business class
  161. 2 ppl travelling together, where would you sit?
  162. all flights to NYC by end of Feb without availability??
  163. Return ticket for different country
  164. SIN ~ refused lounge access for *Gold guest.
  165. humbly requesting LX Award assistance.
  166. Fare Drops -- Will SWISS refund the difference in fare?
  167. Amex Plat Promo, thanks a lot :(
  168. European C = premium economy (?)
  169. Long LX layover in Zurich; options for relative (who would need visa to go to city)
  170. Swiss F awards - how many are released?
  171. Problems with www.swiss.com
  172. LX First Class Check In at BKK
  173. Web check-in: JK e-ticket, LX operated
  174. Question about Fly Smart Award
  175. European Jumbolino C
  176. New GVA-ORD from March 2008?
  177. Swiss promotion
  178. Swiss to Venice for $1,000?
  179. LY to LX in ZRH - what to expect?
  180. SWISS Customer Relations - Any good?
  181. Food Service Swiss European C
  182. Swiss Plat Amex check in
  183. ANA redemption tool: Where has LX gone...?
  184. Swiss Business Class on A330 [MOVED]
  185. CROSS Ticketing illegally???
  186. Has ZRH-ORD gone permanently to 343?
  187. Upgraded to F ... but thought I was travelling on a budget airline (or worse)...
  188. Involuntary Downgrade from Business to Economy on LX From LHR to ZRH -- Not Happy
  189. Conditions for renewing the status in Switzerland - are there some?
  190. ZRH-CAI (Zurich to Cairo)- Any experiences in First on this route?
  191. LX Route Map?
  192. CDG ZRH JFK with LX
  193. crazy MR ex CDG in swiss C
  194. Lounge Facilities in LCY
  195. lx f class... airport service?
  196. F class to bcn. miles with lx or ua???
  197. New [F/HON] ZRH lounge, let's see whether Dec. 6 will be the day...
  198. SWISS M&M card
  199. zurich air traffic in real-time on google maps
  200. SWISS Magazine 12.2007/1.2008 Latest News From SWISS
  201. Trip Report to Athens
  202. Gate Upgrades for European flights
  203. ZRH connection time
  204. Faulty Inflight Entertainment in Business Class, a common problem?
  205. Y pax squeezed in the back - new practice?
  206. Connecting LX flights on different PNRs
  207. LX service???
  208. www.swiss.com not reachable
  209. SWISS back to T4 in JFK
  210. flights of insanity to and from MXP
  211. 332 arriving in ZRH from Chateauroux today
  212. Promotion code for flights in May 2008?
  213. 261/2004 Claim
  214. Swiss F to HKG
  215. LX Agent says Cannot book SAA
  216. SWISS travel classes
  217. JFK Arrivals Lounge
  218. 8,000 Miles for EUR 260 !!!! J class sale!!!
  219. Fee for refund of taxes
  220. Discount Codes (coupons) for Swiss Air?
  221. "A" Fare Availability
  222. ZRH Arrival lounge with LH ticket on LX flight ?
  223. ZRH-EWR Privatair- awkward seats and regular onbaord service
  224. Ticket re-issue question
  225. M&M profile prferences ignored by Swiss reservations
  226. LX "U" class = Business class according to Expertflyer
  227. UA to LX at ZRH?
  228. LX Award classes on ExpertFlyer
  229. No food in ZRH lounge.
  230. ZRH-BOS... A-340 ever??
  231. HON member just moved to Switzerland - do I get a Swiss card?
  232. Business Class: SWISS or Lufthansa?
  233. ZRH new First Lounge to open December 6
  234. Mileage accrual on LX partners (2L)
  235. new heights of LX IT proficiency
  236. Coop Redeem vouchers
  237. SWISS from Dubai
  238. M&M Frequent Traveler: No Lounge Access at LAX
  239. 40 Min. Connection @ ZRH & BSL - Doable?
  240. Zrh - Mia
  241. swissair LX87
  242. M&M Service Centre, Dublin
  243. Lounge access BKK
  244. LX19 EWR - ZRH eligble for reward travel ?
  245. Swiss cancels my ticket, no more availability
  246. Last-minute upgrade for flights within Europe
  247. Stranded - Refund on partial flown ticket due to cancellation ?
  248. New to LX - upgrade and lounge questions
  249. Cold meal in C on short 1 h flight?
  250. Disapointing LX experience