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  1. Is there a service charge to bring a bicycle to Europe?
  2. First A/R with new ZRH setup
  3. Questions about LX A340
  4. Tax Reduction Possible?
  5. gym at ZRH
  6. Swiss Business Class to Brazil
  7. First arrivals lounge in jnb?
  8. [Terminal] change at CDG, BUD & PRG eff summer schedule 09
  9. Size of C cabin in intra-Europe a/c
  10. Arrrrgh - LX Lost and Found?
  11. Wrong flight cancelled by LX SEN Phone - unacceptable customer service
  12. Breakfast Cereal in Planes or in Lounges
  13. Paid Upgrade from C to F?
  14. Zurich - Oslo in J
  15. M&M CC for non swiss resident
  16. parking service at ZRH for F-passengers?
  17. Odd LX cancellation fees
  18. SWISS A330-300 Configuration + 20APR09 inaugural
  19. Swiss Long-Haul Capacity Cuts
  20. Connection at LHR
  21. SWISS Business Seat Presentation 27th Marz 2009
  22. New Y Snack Concept in Europe?
  23. Picture of LX C A340-300
  24. SIN to be axed?
  25. LX2085 cancellation due to cockpit window crack: compensation?
  26. R-Class Mileage Accrual
  27. When does LX release F seats for awards ?
  28. New Swiss Service to Oslo
  29. LX baggage allowance for Star Alliance Gold, if flying discount economy
  30. Luggage/Baggage Storage at ZRH (if flying LX or other airlines)
  31. Schengen nightmare at Swiss airports?
  32. LX loads in First and Business
  33. No lounge at SKG?
  34. lx contact premium service
  35. LX vs NW A330 in biz
  36. Refurbished F-Lounge in Geneva
  37. Pay Business - Fly First?
  38. Mice at CDG Lounge
  39. Can one interline on LX flights: paid segment/award segment
  40. Do you do Coop Superpoints - miles&more conversions?
  41. Compulsory Airtrain Basel - ZRH?
  42. Viewing SPML and seat assignments
  43. Want to bring a guest to the lounge in ZRH on 3/10?
  44. project: the circle @ ZRH airport
  45. LX business changed to Y-seating
  46. Question about catering for short haul intra-European flights
  47. Swiss Intra-Asia
  48. Please vote for Swiss here in Ireland
  49. Masern / measles [alert for LY347 and LX2806 on 17.02.2009]
  50. LX flights - ITA and KVS discrepancy
  51. New LX C- Class Introduction
  52. LX pilot drops his pants at LCY - flight cancelled
  53. LX Business Saver Europe Upgrade - Price increase
  54. Fly-Rail Baggage
  55. Swiss to drop Santiago de Chile (SCL)?
  56. LX on TV today (Kassensturz: Tuesday feb-17, 21.05
  57. Slightly OT: anyone know what caused delays at GVA last night?
  58. LX 257 today cancelled - copilot had no valid license?!?
  59. OT: Left Luggage at ZRH airport
  60. LX through Luggage check-in
  61. LX /LH Biz class europe
  62. How to book with UBS Keypoints
  63. Zurich Layover service
  64. LX flights to BOS operated by LH
  65. Business Upgrade Europe: Valentine's Special
  66. New HON/FCL service for LX flights at London Heathrow
  67. Upgrade to F - which booking class?
  68. What to expect DUS-ZRH-SKG rt in C
  69. Head of Marketing sends mails, but own IT does not provide
  70. LX booking class
  71. LX FCL GVA- what benefits to expect???
  72. 40 min Turnaround Madrid Airport MAD?
  73. LX codesharing on LH Italia flights
  74. Schengen / Switzerland remains in Europe
  75. Swiss returns to OSL?
  76. Swiss lounge at JFK terminal 4 airside or landside?
  77. Anyone got any spare F amenity kits?
  78. Best mileage credit card for LX (that covers car rentals)?
  79. Swiss Intercontinental Business compared to LH
  80. The end of the Weekend Specials
  81. CDG Lounge access
  82. LX J class special. Any experiences of being offered the upgrade later?
  83. Turnaround Time FCO
  84. Fare Basis Code: TICSWIUK = booking class T?
  85. LH SEN; LX Flight GVA - BCN; Lounge Use in BCN
  86. ZRH - LED business class
  87. Swiss Service Fee ?!
  88. First time in First! Please enlighten me.
  89. Where is my LX ticket
  90. FCL on connecting flights when inbound F out in J?
  91. LX Op-Up of award companion
  92. Business Class within Europe - Advance Seat assignment..?
  93. Credit Card question - nonexpiring miles
  94. How to book Swiss flight with Eurobonus?
  95. Special reservations phone number for FTL/SEN?
  96. LX multicity booking
  97. Newbie question - SWISS F Hong Komg - Zurich
  98. Earning UAL miles on Swiss flights
  99. Swiss court: LX must accept pax on 2nd flight if they don't take 1st
  100. LX Check in question- Transit to the US
  101. Star Alliance Silver Benefits
  102. Deflated Jumbo in Zurich
  103. SWISS Ticketing issue
  104. LX 1498 11Jan
  105. AMS Ping Pong
  106. Swiss at BRU?
  107. Upgrade into F - LX 160 ZRH-NRT
  108. Turn LX eco flex ticket into LX business saver?
  109. Swiss customer service is a disgrace
  110. Lx a330-300
  111. LX 053 BOS-ZRH J Seat on A340...how is it?
  112. JFK check-in incompetence issue
  113. LX web site - where does one find information on pre-existing reservation?
  114. LX Business Saver Fares
  115. Issue with LX web based fare - I wish to contact CEO (or equivalent) of LX
  116. Quite some news 2009
  117. Swiss to take over Lufthansa Lounge in ZRH
  118. Coop promotion - collect stamps and get miles
  119. Intra-Europe seat selection and online/tel check-in?
  120. MR to BCN doable?
  121. Does flying to/fro Switzerland on LX allow for tourist discounts (like SQ for SIN?)?
  122. Swiss adapts capacity from Jan.
  123. Cancelling a return flight
  124. just boarded my last LX flight ever - they took my carry-on away from me
  125. Cannot enter SEN number in LX booking booked as a bmi award
  126. A downside to Business-class specials
  127. LX: No Seafood Meal - Kosher suitable alternative?
  128. Lowest SWISS prices in Europe now no more than CHF 199
  129. Too hot on LX long-haul?
  130. how to book a reward ticket ZRH-HNL?
  131. New way to manage Swiss bookings
  132. Received pre-Xmas present on board of LX254 today
  133. Which kind of C seat on A340 ZRH-CAI?
  134. Downgrade to lower fare class?
  135. how much time req for TLV check-in?
  136. LX flight vouchers
  137. LX41 Inventory 14 Dec 08
  138. is the March 2009 transition of Schengen operation @ Swiss ports guaranteed?
  139. Language during call centre wait time
  140. Complaint about Cancelled Flight / Contact Details
  141. Temporary Swiss F lounge ZRH
  142. Swiss to taker over all ZRH-TXL flights from LH
  143. LX LUG-ZRH connecting to LX ZRH-JFK
  144. Language question
  145. Christmas markets in Switzerland?
  146. LX advertising high prices
  147. JNB-(F)-ZRH-(J)-CAI. F lounge access?
  148. Turnaround Time in Budapest
  149. Pre-Flight Dining Questions - LX First
  150. LX first class availability
  151. could i choose to clear French (Shengen) or Swiss border when arriving at Basel airpo
  152. "flexible" Swiss tickets not so flexible
  153. Swiss: Personal Care?
  154. Minimum connecting time at ZRH?
  155. Turnaround Time in MAN/ MR doable
  156. Fuel surcharge going down???
  157. Smoke in toilet - unplanned landing for LX 138 on Nov 30
  158. Looking up a swiss itinerary
  159. Airport Code ZDJ
  160. What to expect at GVA C lounge and GVA-MAN??
  161. LX moving to Shengen areas of european airports?
  162. Seat Assignments On LX182
  163. Swiss web interface to bookings
  164. LH Crew on LX 330/340 flights
  165. LX Business Class Special: ZRH-JFK
  166. Privacy in Swiss A340 First
  167. Intra European Biz - what to expect
  168. Lx/ac gva-yul non stop
  169. Reward Availablity - ATH-ZRH-DUB?
  170. Champagne and wine list in F
  171. No babies on Avro 3-seat-side on LX
  172. LX 288 Business Class Seat Advice?
  173. Need clarification on booking class and miles earned!!
  174. Lx 97 scl-gru-zrh
  175. Unfortunately we can not process your request due to technical reasons.
  176. LX Web-Checkin on LOT flight
  177. Flight with LX to ZRH connecting to BKK with TG
  178. Shanghai (PVG)
  180. This is not right
  181. Does Swiss use Amadeus?
  182. HON Run Ideas out of ZRH?
  183. Codeshare to HEL - what kind of miles to expect?
  184. LX lounge in LAX
  185. Not possible to rebook/change BusinessSaver Fares?!?
  186. VDB options GRU - ZRH 3 Nov
  187. why does Swiss post fares MAN-HAM but not HAM-MAN
  188. Is it possible to choose seats on swiss.com
  189. 25 Fr. discount code
  190. Passport data for intra-europe online checkin?
  191. LX to lower fuel surcharge
  192. Why LH is overall better (IMHO) than LX
  193. ZRH terminal map
  194. My first bad Swiss Business Class experience
  195. New ZRH LX lounge policy
  196. SWISS mobile booking engine
  197. Cut off time for web-bookings on swiss.com
  198. Winter Schedule Operational Information
  199. Connection time in ZRH
  200. Swiss intra europe Business Class
  201. Poor Customer Service
  202. VIP service in Zurich?
  203. Any issues with 3hr turnaround at SKG?
  204. What happened to LX8310 on Oct 8?
  205. Can a 35 minute turn @BHX be done?
  206. DXB-ZRH
  207. Change of FFP number during web-checkin
  208. LX182 stop at BKK
  209. Early boarding from FCL in ZRH
  210. Does LX (on its own metal) offer direct nonstop int'l flights from non ZRH airports?
  211. BKK-SIN r/t J seat availability
  212. Why to book on the SWISS homepage and not on AUA?
  213. EU duty free - can I carry on ZRH-BOS flight?
  214. LX layover in Zurich questions
  215. Transfer at ZRH from incoming GVA LX flight to Canada-bound LX flight
  216. LX and EDS partnership: renewal in 2008?
  217. Check in query
  218. LX F Catering BKK-SIN-ZRH
  219. Old story - no news 2 years after
  220. swiss lost my baggage and customer care does not respond
  221. got 2'000 miles credit, but I have no idea what for
  222. First time in LX F - what to expect on JNB-LHR?
  223. LX F lounge in ZRH having same status as FCT in FRA since 13 August 2008
  224. Swiss liability?
  225. Flying into ZRH on SQ and out to NUE on LX, where to shower?
  226. How to get a bulkhead or emergency exit seat in ECO
  227. Flying out this Tuesday - How early would YOU arrive at JFK?
  228. Access itinary and change seats
  229. Lost Baggage: What are the steps for compensation
  230. Swiss a 333
  231. Best first class seats on LX (A343)?
  232. Deceitful and flattering description of LX Business Class by Business Traveller
  233. Appalling treatment by Swiss on cancellation of flight
  234. Problems with LX flight
  235. Power plugs on A330 in F class?
  236. 10 years ago: The tragedy of Peggy's Cove (flight SWR 111)
  237. Using a Star Alliance Event Code?
  238. Edelweiss: New Destinations for M&M members
  239. Limo pickup in ZRH
  240. Connection Times in ZRH
  241. VCE-check-in
  242. Swiss Lounge in Nairobi
  243. Connection/Procedure CDG with Swiss
  244. More upgrades ex CH !
  245. C class food?
  246. Booking LX Flights
  247. Swiss Eco Menu
  248. Has SWISS become the Aeroflot of the 21st Century ?
  249. Seat 11F on Swiss LX1953 A321 Economy or Business?
  250. Great crew on board, where to contact Swiss for praise?