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  1. Y seats/vegetarian meals JFK-ZRH-BOM
  2. meals ZRH- DXB
  3. locker @ zurich airport
  4. How can I upgrade my booking with miles for 4 persons?
  5. new F layout on 340!!
  6. Earliest check in at Brussels
  7. Swiss extends Business Upgrades Europe to BRU and LUX
  8. Double Op-uped (sort of) on LX
  9. struggling to find availability one way to MIA with SWISS
  10. ZRH-ORD SWISS First Class
  11. LHR-ZRH-VCE in J. Seats and Lounge Questions
  12. Strange "boarding pass"
  13. A340 and New First
  14. Whats up with SWISS seat allocation, OLCI?
  15. When will the name change back to Swissair?
  16. Gold member upgrades
  17. SWISS in Business to Hong Kong
  18. Immigration queues at MIA with LX arrival?
  19. Rant: Jerry Springer Candidates (Zurich to Stockholm with Swiss)
  20. swiss mr question:
  21. Regarding Laptop and DSLR Cam - Handluggage
  22. Upgrade to business on swiss
  23. Volunteer for denied boarding
  24. Equipment to MIA
  25. what's the chance of a paid upgrade to first at check in?
  26. Edelweiss Air Exit Seats and Upgrades
  27. Wrong sex on E-ticket
  28. first flight with SWISS ZUR-HKG
  29. any access to LX reservation to book seats ?
  30. Assigning seats on award reservation
  31. Warning: Dog in F JNB-ZRH on 18/9
  32. Virgin Atlantic JNB lounge for LX passengers
  33. Ideas for Stopover in ZRH
  34. Quick turn at MXP...can this be done?
  35. zurich transfer advice please
  36. Shop for 150 [email protected] City, get a 50 CHF Voucher for Swiss
  37. swiss.com not working? 25 Aug
  38. How to praise LX staff
  39. any current discount code for LX?
  40. A340 new C and F...?
  41. "Fascinating" Swiss textiles documentary
  42. Do Swiss fares fluctuate much?
  43. Will this connection work in Zurich? [merged]
  44. Help on LX C seat needed :)
  45. ZRH connection
  46. mileage accrual on JJ
  47. Weekend Specials (kind of) are back!
  48. Swiss cuts price of intercontinental C-fares
  49. Past, present and future of BSL lounge
  50. Tight transit at JFK - what happens if I miss the flight?
  51. LX 188 (ZRH-PVG) on 16-Aug
  52. Seatcounter shows availability but TA can't book it?
  53. FCO-ZRH-CDG RT Lounges in CDG and ZRH for *G?
  54. Zurich Airport
  55. Swiss Biz or First to JFK?
  56. New york on LX or AA?
  57. How to get the best F experience?
  58. M&M status not printed on boarding pass
  59. LX First class: Swiss hospitality at its very best!!!
  60. connecting [LX] flight cancelled... what to do ?
  61. (HAM-)ZRH-MCT upgrade from C to F?
  62. Best place to book Swiss flight
  63. Does LX have SEN reservation numbers?
  64. Capacity reductions: Flight cancelled 4 months before departure - any compensation?
  65. Can someone look up seat map for 2 flights?
  66. JFK Fast Track Query
  67. Does Swiss sell single use lounge passes?
  68. Miscellaneous Charge Order - how to use with online booking?
  69. NZZ folio: LX14
  70. BOS-ZRH F/J seats
  71. Sleeping rooms in LX F lounge at ZRH?
  72. ZHR-MLE on Edelweiss ( Collect Points?) on Air Canada Aeroplan
  73. *A Award on LX, standby?
  74. Improved meals on Inttra-European long hauls
  75. Getting some additional miles ...
  76. Miles and More Credit Card question
  77. MAN-ZRH operated by Lufthansa?
  78. LX vs. LH F - lounge/seat
  79. New LX F, Can Companion Dine?
  80. Swiss Bombardier CS100 (CS1) and CS300 (CS3) configuration [merged experiences]
  81. Anyone familiar with Vegetarian meal in First?
  82. Lounge access at ZRH when flying TG & LO
  83. Seating options on Swiss.com
  84. ZRH Train Transfer
  85. No more c/in desks for Y in ZRH
  86. LX F - Definitely a National Glory!
  87. Business to First Transfer at ZRH
  88. LX 87xx to PMI(?)
  89. Lounge Access at LHr
  90. Email Bombardment: "Last two weeks of My Flight with bonus offer"
  91. ZRH showers?
  92. LX and hand luggage
  93. LON - BCN in J Swiss 218.55
  94. BA not only airline afflicted by seat shifters (stoopid ones at that...)
  95. Booking Multi-city Swiss.com?
  96. Amazingly wonderful experience at ZRH
  97. Recent experience with PA service at JFK?
  98. Interline Transfer at LHR Advice
  99. How much do Swiss charge for cancelling a First booking?
  100. First Class LHR-MXP
  101. LX Refund question
  102. LX Refund question
  103. ZRH Train connection transit time
  104. ZRH-JFK in F and C - some advice please...
  105. The logic behing "Business Upgrades" ???
  106. How does swiss.com assign seats when booking?
  107. Luggage storage at ZRH (FCL or elsewhere)
  108. LX BIZ JET v 332 C
  109. The status of your reservation does not allow viewing the reservation online (20605).
  110. E-ticket Receipt? How Long?
  111. Intra european Business Class.... New policies??
  112. HKG to LHR in A340, C or F?
  113. LX flights ZRH to ORD
  114. LH operating an LX LHR-ZRH flight?
  115. Check in all the way to final destination?
  116. Exit Rows & Carryons
  117. LHR-JFK Business Questions
  118. LX upgrades for UA 1K?
  119. Blocked seats?
  120. Collecting miles from codeshare flights
  121. Missed Connection - Compensation?
  122. Baggage Loss/Delay Compensation?
  123. LX web checkin - ticket number?
  124. Paid upgrade with award ticket
  125. Two international upgrades back to back - Kudos to Swiss!
  126. Lounge Access @ Mumbai
  127. OT - no icecream in LX SEN Lounge in ZRH (Movenpick fridge empty)
  128. Swiss Booking Question
  129. Hong Kong First Info
  130. London LHR for HONs - now I am absolutely confused
  131. OLCI with TA booking
  132. Experience with dedicated LX SEN email address
  133. Paid upgrades now also on longhaul routes (tested)
  134. Web check-in Contact Air
  135. LX Seat Blocking
  136. Award availability request (a favour)
  137. Booking class Y yet only 750 miles?
  138. Changing Non-Schengen Schengen in ZHR on LX
  139. 3 Sector Business Class bookings
  140. Swiss SMS reminder
  141. What on earth???
  142. New York -Zurich A332 vs A333
  143. Meal Service Ex LCY
  144. ZRH LX F lounge: use for arrival?
  145. MAN - ZRH in C - what to expect?
  146. AMS-ZRH: OW price more than RT?
  147. Any one Help with Seat Maps
  148. Booking not listed in new Swiss profile
  149. Letter to UK SEN's from Swiss- 1st Class Lounge at LHR
  150. ZRH-JFK-ZRH Biz Sales - Will LX Match?
  151. Will I accrue any miles ?
  152. The new ZRH-OSL-ZRH
  153. MR with business upgrade - is this reasonable?
  154. Air Speed Indicators
  155. Which Flight London - Zurich and F Q;s
  156. Contact Air Fokker 100 (Question: leg space row 1)
  157. ZRH Airport - Where to meet
  158. Booking ticketed, then "cancelled" as per swiss.com profile
  159. [LX] canceled flight, missed connection, compensation?!
  160. LAX-ZRH 41/40 Which day no flight?
  161. Contact Air seats
  162. JFK-ZRH June menu.
  163. Business Class Upgrade Europe - Difficulties
  164. NBO-ZRH C Class meals
  165. Was op-uped in web check in on a flight that still has plenty space
  166. What is "LX 40" film about
  167. Where to credit Swiss E class fare?
  168. Swiss grounding second longdistance jet
  169. LX married segments
  170. Lx rollout schedule
  171. LX check in times in BKK
  172. Seat Selection
  173. LX avalibility
  174. New SWISS Commercial
  175. Lounge access in LHR on LX J&F
  176. How to find out which carrier is flying LX2115
  177. LX business lounge at LHR T2
  178. COMPARISON: LX International Lounge vs Bellevue (Airport Contract) Lounge - ZRH
  179. Booking CH trains off the back of LX
  180. Connecting time STR-ZRH-WAW
  181. LX moves to T3 in CAI
  182. Paid/Award Business Class - does one get lounge access for a guest
  183. Grrrrr - "Business" class on AVRO
  184. MR on Swiss in J?
  185. Fly Swiss with Easyjet/Ryanair ticket
  186. F Award to BKK
  187. Lounges at airports: LX vs. M&M list?
  188. 40 mins ZRH ground service while transfer from ARN to GRU in F
  189. Upgrades from Sale from JFK to ZRH
  190. Lounge in Nice
  191. Swiss Cuts Long-Haul Capacity (Jul-Oct)
  192. Swiss Business Upgrade: Any good beyond the extra miles?
  193. Contact Air for LX - have they improved?
  194. Swiss C class-why so long to refurb?
  195. GRU ground service after arrival of LX92 in First
  196. JNB-ZRH cancellations in late August
  197. Award Swiss (LX) Service/Amenities JFK - ZRH
  198. Swiss "Companion Offer" - how to book?
  199. What is MBM?
  200. [MOVED]LX ORD-ZRH in C
  201. Infant Fuel Surcharge
  202. Entry to Swiss SEN lounge granted without *G card
  203. JFK-ZRH: New F/C?
  204. Help needed: Privatair 737 EWR-ZRH (LX19) vs new A330 ORD-ZRH (LX9)?
  205. New Airbus A330-300 Routes for Summer 09 (as of 30APR09)
  206. Multi segment booking on LX.com?
  207. Swiss ends BKK-SIN service
  208. Paper award ticket issued
  209. ZRH first class checkin/lounge for LH first class?
  210. Upgraded to C but given Y meal?
  211. Swiss CEO Christoph Franz to leave for LH
  212. SWISS lost&found at ZRH
  213. swiss legt a340 voruebergehend still
  214. Next Year's Freddies
  215. A330-300 Seats 2A / 1K / 2K Blocked
  216. Swiss gfml
  217. LX Observations
  218. where review reservation with ...
  219. First LX Flight JNB-ZRH - F Class
  220. New Flyer with Swiss
  221. LX homepage down
  222. LX JFK-ZRH in F. What to expect?
  223. reserving seats on swiss
  224. Cancellation Fee Waiver
  225. Options until hotel room ready: arriving early at ZRH early, on LX
  226. Lounge Access in Delhi for Star Alliance Gold flying Swiss in Economy Class
  227. LX lounge at ZRH
  228. Lhr early check in
  229. Optional bookings on Swiss.com
  230. CDG lounge access on LX (FTL)
  231. LX and CZ to Guangzhou
  232. What's with the shaver? (Quickie LX F review)
  233. F Lounge at LHR
  234. Swiss First Timer
  235. ex-CAI F bargains gone?
  236. OLCI in Germany
  237. ZRH: Do FQTV have access to priority security?
  238. SWISS (Swissair) Airbus A330-223 every flight another nightmare!
  239. Swiss Business Upgrade Europe fare?
  240. Lyon with Swiss
  241. Upgrade C to F ?
  242. Transit ZRH, getting airside again, travelling in F
  243. Is there a service charge to bring a bicycle to Europe?
  244. First A/R with new ZRH setup
  245. Questions about LX A340
  246. Tax Reduction Possible?
  247. gym at ZRH
  248. Swiss Business Class to Brazil
  249. First arrivals lounge in jnb?
  250. [Terminal] change at CDG, BUD & PRG eff summer schedule 09