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  1. F + C Phone Check-in @ GVA
  2. Menu of first class zrh-mia?
  3. LX to code share with TK
  4. anyone used the amex membership rewards swiss airline vouchers?
  5. A quick question on ticketing to NBO
  6. Web check-in problems? Over to Lufthansa?
  7. New 333 with new First to Kenya this summer
  8. LX288 cancelled this evening 23/03
  9. What seat does LX pre-assign you when booking thru swiss.com?
  10. Swiss A-319 bird strike in St. Petersburg
  11. Can arriving *A Gold access LX lounge at JFK when connecting to *A domestic?
  12. Late flight LX BOS-ZRH in F worth it?
  13. Delayed baggage help?
  14. SWISS ZRH - CAI in FIRST Any experiences?
  15. Geneva to Vienna connecting in Zurich on LX
  16. A comeback of LX to GRZ (Graz) would be much appreciated!
  17. First time LX Business class (A330-300)
  18. LX9 - March 14th ORD-ZRH Business class. appalling service
  19. Impossible to get F award on new 333 ?
  20. LX Award Availability question
  21. Passengers STuck on Swiss plane for >8 hours not allowed to disembark
  22. Swiss codeshare on LY metal crediting to UA, EQM?
  23. Is is possible to upgrade with cash at checkin with Swiss
  24. Swiss Lounge DME (Moscow) some pics
  25. Swiss Vintage: Beer name and metal type wanted.
  26. Connecting in ZRH and Duty Free
  27. Pajamas on Day Flights?
  28. ZRH - YUL Route - New aircraft with First Class
  29. GVA Senator Lounge - am I allowed a guest?
  30. First time LX FIRST...a couple of questions
  31. Can't combine LX and LH flights at a reasonable price
  32. Does the A330 still fly to Heathrow?
  33. Flying solo in C on the A333
  34. No more free WIRELESS internet in Zurich?!?
  35. Booking Class R
  36. Connecting in Geneva [GVA]
  37. Help with bumping up flight few days early -Swiss Airlines
  38. A340 Cai-Zrh, F or C class?
  39. very confused about miles booking and upgrades ...
  40. Why did LX 1072 return yesterday, Sun 2/28?
  41. On-line check-in - is it always this bad?
  42. What can I claim for missing flight
  43. Help needed LX1941 BCN GVA today 26Feb
  44. Fly and rail details
  45. HKG check-in times?
  46. Blocked seat on Expertflyer, what does that mean?
  47. SWISS.COM booking problems?
  48. Chauffeur Drive?
  49. LX 181. 09 Nov. 09
  50. No Free WiFi at LX and Panorama lounges
  51. Boarding calls [LX].... Normal?
  52. LX is benefiting from LH pilot strike
  53. SWISS to TLV widebody only from MAR29
  54. Do FA's have a list of ingredients in F food?
  55. ZRH-ATH on 24th February???
  56. Left luggage at ZRH Business Lounge?
  57. name of red wines served in european C class?
  58. Birthday surprise on european LX C
  59. Posting miles on partner while flying Swiss
  60. going west
  61. SWISS HON / Mileage Runs being restricted?
  62. flying ZRH to TLV in biz; need advice on seats
  63. Swiss raises ticket prices as of Feb. 18
  64. Stupid rules, nice agents
  65. No HON limo at all for remote arrivals at ZRH?
  66. Switching my TATL to LX from LH?
  67. First Class Check-in and Lounge at ZRH
  68. 330-300 in Business Class ex-JFK
  69. LX TATL advance seat reservation
  70. New Swiss uniforms
  71. Baby buggies on planes - was this right?
  72. airtrain basel zurich
  73. Award Help
  74. TXL Ticket Counter to Close
  75. FTL to business lounge ZRH - pier E ?
  76. 1 h 40 min layover in Zurich
  77. ZRH to LHR lounge question for tomorrow
  78. Business upgrade more expensive
  79. Seating in Avro ZRH-BRU?
  80. LX92 to Sao Paulo - Overbooked in Y?
  81. Swiss lounge in CDG
  82. LX Lounge Access LHR
  83. Fuel surcharge for infant on lap
  84. e-ticket numbers
  85. ZRH FCL access
  86. seat selection LX
  87. Meals in Y ZRH - LAX
  88. Nested LX F/J trip - lounge access?
  89. Smooth service experience minimizing delay at final destination
  90. Overnight transfer throught Zurich
  91. Quick turnaround on MR
  92. Looks like LX16 is changed to 333!
  93. Bumped after delay, was flight overbooked and they wanted to save money?
  94. Regulation 261/2004 and transfer in Zurich to a destination outside EU
  95. Swiss or BMI?
  96. moving map question
  97. R/T ATL-MAD LX in C..equipment?
  98. Hand Luggage restriction ZRH to LHR
  99. USA Secondary Security in ZRH
  100. Lx 16 zrh-jfk
  101. LX15 JFK-ZRH First Class
  102. LX flight delayed arrival and missed connections - options?
  103. Is it worth an overnight at ZRH to use FCL?
  104. JFK-GVA in J - disgraceful!
  105. LX 4223 on El Al metal
  106. email contact
  107. LX European Food Service
  108. Swiss first lounge
  109. Swiss reporting a slight increase in traffic for 2009
  110. Some suggestions for improvements to the HON/FCL service in Zurich
  111. More middle-seat blocking in shorthaul C
  112. arrival lounge in JNB
  113. tlv-jnb in 1st
  114. Swiss F versus LH F
  115. Warning: GVA closed till at least Sunday Afternoon
  116. LX upgrade question
  117. C Class ZRH-YUL-ZRH
  118. A330-200
  119. Not possible to book open jaw on Swiss website?
  120. Can you cancel Swiss web bookings within 24h?
  121. Help especially if you know about 14 year old travellers
  122. SWISS lounge at Basle
  123. Connecting time at JFK LX22 "F", to domestic-international
  124. Swiss - a family-hostile airline?
  125. Any recent experiences with HON arrival service at JFK?
  126. If you want to know what time it is .....
  127. 2 trips: 1 very good, 1 pretty awful
  128. Priority Ground Services for F Pax at PVG?
  129. Connecting Flight
  130. Segment by train
  131. LX to stop flying to Riyadh & Jeddah
  132. Service fees at the airport.
  133. Why not tell the truth?
  134. Odd flight tonight: Business class was just Me!
  135. New security rules are causing delays on US bound flights in ZRH?
  136. Is the jump seat for pax??
  137. When does check-in at BOS open
  138. Changing seat assignments possible?
  139. Fare class question
  140. (as of Dec 09) Planned SWISS A333 Summer 2010 Routes
  141. how LX credit miles for connecting flights?
  142. LX Business Upgrade offers
  143. LX: No Priority Seating for *G?
  144. Amenity Kit in First?
  145. Flight cancelled - hotel organised oneself - any chance to reclaim
  146. The all-new SWISS Business & First Class Menu Thread
  147. Seems we have lots of delays/cancellations today
  148. Flight cancelled - compensation/miles?
  149. LX, please get a new terminal in JFK!
  150. Reservation not appearing
  151. Swiss Lounge access when transferring to IST or MAN?
  152. Advice on Trip: LAX-NCE on Swiss Air
  153. LHR Check-in question
  154. MAN to IST in Business. What to expect?
  155. ZRH-LAX-ZRH (24 DEC-5JAN Y-->C) Upgrade question
  156. LX lounge access policy on codeshare flights or partner airlines?
  157. LCY-ZRH-JFK First lounge
  158. Booking not showing up
  159. Checkmytrip no longer listing some flights
  160. Vegetarian meals - business class - NRT-ZRH
  161. Swiss Lounge Access on UA First Class Flight
  162. F class to YUL and TLV question
  163. Swiss's Behaviour Towards its Customers
  164. Transfer in ZRH
  165. PJ's on daytime LX F ?
  166. ExpertFlyer showing I4 but US can't book it?
  167. When will LX provide award availability to other Star Alliance airlines via Starnet?
  168. F Christmas Menu
  169. Any recent experiences with lost Swiss luggage?
  170. How can I check whether my LX flight is oversold?
  171. Tlv - Zrh, T class never avalibale
  172. Hand luggage on Helvetic F100s
  173. Swiss Christmas Sensation: Business safer even cheaper
  174. Why 1 Bathroom in F
  175. Longhaul Cash Upgrade offer at the airport on Swiss
  176. Upgrading to F
  177. New Destination: LX to SFO from June 2010
  178. Fasttrack available again in LHR
  179. Pulling out of Business Special fares ex BCN
  180. *G with UA and no card, lounge access in ZRH?
  181. LX vs LH crews - Same Training Source?
  182. Lounge Access in Edinburgh
  183. LX/AF codeshare flights - questions
  184. How many miles for ZRH-ZRH??
  185. Finally made SEN: how long till I get the card?
  186. COOP points - accumulate
  187. First class awards- Oct 2010
  188. LX F on ZRH-NRT - few outstanding questions
  189. Lounges in AMS
  190. ZRH to ORD Business
  191. Problems with changing date of departure...help!
  192. LX F ZRH - GRU Trip Report
  193. Transit in Zurich
  194. Online check-in and premium seats
  195. Geneva-London with SWISS
  196. A340-300 J Class
  197. Limousine Service F-class JFK
  198. C catering on ZRH-CAI-ZRH
  199. Bellevue Lounge (ZRH E) closed till 2 Dec 09
  200. Easycash prepaid debit card for VDB
  201. Transit In Zurich
  202. Equipment questions
  203. Any advice business (swiss) Bos-Zurich-LHR?
  204. New LX Safety Video?
  205. GVA-JFK on the new A333
  206. Another ZRH Transit question for you all !
  207. 15000 miles for Swiss Amex, but what fee?
  208. Order of cabin service / meal choice
  209. Forced overnight in ZRH - does LX provide STPC voucher?
  210. JFK-ZRH-GVA transit and luggage question
  211. LHR C is it 3x3
  212. New Swiss First on Europe to JFK in comparison
  213. LHR: fast track? Which lounge?
  214. State of New Business Class Seats
  215. how do i see award avaliilty on swiss
  216. Need 24 status miles for SEN!
  217. Swiss upgrade(Help Needed)
  218. Special Meal on Eurpean C
  219. LHR-Basel - via ZRH / Swiss Railways
  220. Question about booking JFK-BOM
  221. swiss special offer on oct 23
  222. Delay Compensation on Swiss?
  223. LX139 HKG-ZRH Peninsula Hong Kong Catering in C & F
  224. which lounge in ZRH, terminal E
  225. How to identify an oversold flight?
  226. E-mail to Miles and More - bad customer service
  227. ZRH-HKG tonight in business, meals?
  228. Connecting from SWISS to TG in BKK
  229. Ticketing Issues with LX
  230. Tool for pulling LX Starnet award inventory?
  231. C-class catering LX 1800 ZRH-IST
  232. iPod connection on new A330-300
  233. Any plans to upgrade/replace First on the 330-200 from JFK to ZRH?
  234. JNB - ZRH - FRA on a tight connection
  235. LX vs. AA (MIA-ZRH) in J
  236. Upgrade from C to F on LX flight
  237. European Business Upgrade on UK routes
  238. LX->TG->PG (Bankgok Airways)- Baggage transfer possible?
  239. Jump&Sit game (promotion)
  240. Urgent UK flights to HKG... without costing a bomb!
  241. Updated Security Screening in Geneva (GVA)
  242. Mini Trip Report - MAN-ZRH-JFK-ZRH-MAN in C and F
  243. SEN Hotline number in Switzerland?
  244. Help needed: Earlier flight/ Business Saver
  245. weird award availability LON-ZRH - normal ?
  246. ZRH - JFK in F - Headphone question
  247. Turn LX M ticket to a cheaper J ticket?
  248. Standards Falling onboard in C?
  249. new F class poorly assembled
  250. London City Business Class Voucher