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  1. Southwest Flights From Seattle to Maui: Good, Bad, Indifferent?
  2. Two WN flights diverted from MKE to MDW yesterday
  3. 55000 square foot expansion (WN’s Terminal A) at BWI proceeding
  4. New Card, personal and/or biz - what can you expect for first statement closing date?
  5. Business select fare hiked 66% (AUS - LAX)
  6. Click n Save email stalking/nagging
  7. No Saturday BOS to TUS Flights
  8. WN new city to be announced?
  9. LUV Voucher Torpedoed my Travel Funds (tainting and expiration)
  10. WN files lawsuit over 2016 computer failure
  11. Can A-list standby for a nonstop if booked on a connection with 2 PNRs?
  12. PHX airport is closed due to monsoons storm tonight
  13. Rapidrewards Credit Card and A-List Status
  14. Can you have both paper and mobile BP?
  15. Red “You Can Change Your Flight” banner is gone
  16. Southwest Airlines Abandons Disabled Passenger
  17. Upgrade to A 1-15 Can I get a refund
  18. Itineraries with 2 plane changes?
  19. SW Flight Change
  20. What's the logic in these options
  21. "Peanuts are back!"*
  22. Problem printing international boarding passes today?
  23. Lawsuit over allegedly stolen WN GCs
  24. Free changes for SFO through September 26
  25. SSSS at Cancun as a Back Channel to A List Boarding
  26. Faster Customer Service via Social Media or App Chat
  27. WN changed booked flight times; can I get a refund on my WGA ticket ?
  28. Apple Pay announced as option for buying WN tickets
  29. Nice racket on the gift cards
  30. WN cancelled flight, can I get refund on my WGA ticket if I no longer want to travel?
  31. Podcast with WN managing director of loyalty, partnerships, and products
  32. Bag Tag Scanners
  33. Southwest 2148 from MDW to Dallas Love field diverted to okc
  34. Southwest Will Retain "Max" Moniker When Grounding Lifts
  35. Temporary Restriction on Excess/Oversized Baggage for MBJ
  36. Plane size to Hawaii
  37. Southwest's operation during Dorian
  38. Is WN dropping CVG-PHX Nonstops
  39. Traveling with infant on separate PNR boarding issue
  40. First flight in years as Non-COS
  41. International flights/codeshare possibility?
  42. Targeted double points intra-California 8/26/19 50 10/31/19
  43. Southwest protocol for a missed flight
  44. Passing the Time on a SWA Flight Delay
  45. upgraded boarding with upgraded credit card
  46. Seesaw motion on approach
  47. Southwest Cancels SNA-SJD Route
  48. Southwest transfer chase points or use chase portal?
  49. Credit Card Bonus has not transferred
  50. Drink Coupons From SW Credit Card?
  51. WN drops almost 20 nonstop flights
  52. Cockpit visit. Southwest made my day!
  53. (Reportedly) BOS move to Terminal B Aug. 29
  54. Why not Board BS, A+, and A before preboards?
  55. Southwest flight cancelled but no room to stay?
  56. Advantages booking 2x one way vs R/T?
  57. Chicken or the egg? 53 onboard EWR-BNA this morning
  58. Rant/Vent post ATL-BOS?!
  59. Charged for drink... TWO hours later?
  60. System glitch - companion + minor associated with a PRN
  61. Login issues?
  62. International boarding pass
  63. Is this guy a WN employee or just a stock image model?
  64. Southwest award cancellation policy and refund qustion
  65. Southwest iOS app and BP not on lock screen - July App Update
  66. WN Eyes Other 'Aircraft Types'
  67. How to cancel internat'l flights booked with points & companion?
  68. Honolulu HNL Terminal and shuttle Info
  69. Stranger on SAN-BNA flight comforts 96 year old fearful woman seat mate
  70. refund balance expiration
  71. SFO Runway Closure -- Sept 2019
  72. Captain Knight brings his father's remains home 52 years after saying goodbye to him
  73. Flight Calendar stops at Jan 5
  74. My First Ever A1 Experience
  75. A-list for everyone on PNR?
  76. Cancelling a return is less than half of the ticket
  77. How many times have you used CP this year?
  78. $29 and $49 California fares Tues Wed through 12/18, purchase by 8/8
  79. [TARGETED?] Earn Double Rapid Rewards Points (Anytime and BS)
  80. Cancelling return flight of a round trip
  81. Flight track BWI-SAN
  82. SAN International to Domestic
  83. CP booking glitch?
  84. 59 minute DL-WN connection in ATL?
  85. Priority card anniversary year travel credit
  86. Southwest adding Cozumel (CZM) 1Q 2020
  87. 24 Hours or 1 Hour For Points Cancellation?
  88. Southwest closing Newark.
  89. Can A-List Standby to Co-terminal?
  90. Hawking SW website works
  91. Converting Rapid Rewards Points to Rental Car Certificates
  92. New Swabiz look
  93. How long does it take to change companion?
  94. What is the earliest we can enter T1 at LAX?
  95. How Much SOP is it at WN to Hold Flights for Connecting Pax and Bags? Varying SOCC
  96. Pushback collision BNA takes two more planes out of service
  97. "Thanks for being YOU; and for flying US!" E-mail
  98. Is it possible to sell a flight voucher?
  99. WN pilot is son of a US astronaut
  100. TSA Precheck doesn’t show on BP when companion is a minor
  101. Told can not separate from luggage, then SWA separates from luggage
  102. Flight Change / EBCI
  103. Assigining worst possible itinerary after WN schedule change
  104. Lawsuit claims WN and Boeing colluded/conspired re: deficiencies in the 737 MAX
  105. Price Paid for Flight
  106. Customer service question when rebooked from nonstop to direct flight
  107. How are points "refunded" if you cancel?
  108. 737 Cancellations/ Schedule
  109. Using Bitcoin to pay for WN purchases
  110. Booking Question - "1 Seat Available"
  111. ATL-MSY 3 Hour Mechanical Delay - Trip Report
  112. WN and Shark Week
  113. Post AirTran merger
  114. WN 1172 - BWI-PWM - Jul 11
  115. 60 Passengers on a 737-700 SJC-LAX
  116. Where to sit on WN with a dog (ESAN)
  117. SW Gift Cards - bigger than $100?
  118. Looking for link to see reservations for specific SW flight
  119. Companion Pass holder board separately from me?
  120. mco-aua
  121. Same Day/City Standby for Non A List at DCA
  122. TSA Pre for elderly folks
  123. Flight delayed from MDW-LAS
  124. The guy in charge of WN's paint jobs
  125. Folks not taking exit row seats and Flight Attendant Response
  126. Can Companion still fly if main traveler is No-Show?
  127. Seat comfort: Southwest compared to Delta
  128. transfer RR points to a gift Card?
  129. Southwest Airlines Travel Funds - Shady Tactics (Expiration and Tainting)
  130. 4x Kroger fuel points on WN GCs until 7/9/19; worth up to 14% in free gas
  131. New points promo on WN Visa card
  132. LAX Terminal 1-TBIT Bus
  133. COS - Refund if Extra Seat Denied?
  134. Flight voucher vs travel funds
  135. FAA removes officials in the office overseeing WN.
  136. PIT-FLL nonstop sold out every day?
  137. Ever get POed at a "parking hog"? Boeing beats 'em all!
  138. CS fall during Irrops - all is well that ends well, I guess
  139. Met on a WN flight, got engaged on a WN flight
  140. IAD connection to another airline -- is 4 hours enough
  141. Business Select question
  142. New Chase WN Performance business credit card with 80k bonus
  143. IRROPS handling
  144. Anniversary Pts
  145. Another Anniversary Sale? and Refaring with "free" changes!s.
  146. Fares were lower in last week's sale than the "Birthday" sale (Happy Birthday to Me)
  147. Do Southwest generally have good fares when they load their flights ?
  148. Co-Terminals
  149. $200 WN Gift Cards $175 at BJ's
  150. Southwest Schedule Change Summary Available?
  151. Does SW use GoGo for their internet service?
  152. Sofas, lounge chairs, work tables at LAX
  153. Early bird and price change
  154. SWA "No Flight Change", can I stay?
  155. New to Southwest APP, buggy ? 😳
  156. Took advantage of Anniversary Sale
  157. Southwest with medical problems
  158. WN hangar roof damage at LUV
  159. WN has largest share of Air Travel Domesticallyy
  160. Why would standby priority change?
  161. DTW-ATL 6/7 First MX Cancel, now MX delay while on board new flight
  162. Cancelling a Ticket/ Refund
  163. Southwest Airport Growth : STL
  164. LAX Power Outage
  165. Cancelling a COS purchased flight
  166. An introduction from Seat Amigo
  167. Companion Pass with two cards?
  168. Is Anyone Able to Login to Southwest Account - 06/04 around 17:30 PDT?
  169. Give me some suggestions for running destinations
  170. [Sale is live now] Plan for Southwest's anniversary sale starting tonight, June 3-4
  171. PP lounge at LAS
  172. Southwest flight options from OGG
  173. Chase Spend Promotion - June 2019 (Southwest)
  174. Sad EBCI work-round?
  175. Buying SW tickets with UR points
  176. WN Hides Today's Flights from Mobile and Online
  177. Duplicate PNRs and Travel Funds
  178. Compensation for late flight question
  179. Duplicate boarding position
  180. New cities?
  181. What happened to Houston-Orange County nonstops
  182. Book when schedule opens today
  183. Earn up to 15,000 Tier points towards A-List?
  184. EBCI order If Prices drop
  185. First Time Flying With COS.
  186. 18 hours left in charity auction: A-list, A-list Preferred status through end of 2020
  187. Business Select vs Anytime pricing
  188. 2 reservations valid connection times....they would not check my bags through
  189. New Southwest drink coupon QR codes (end of discretionary free drinks?)
  190. No more boarding pass jackets?
  191. UAM and My Flight
  192. Free changes for MAX8 flights
  193. Where is my plane coming from?
  194. Any way to tell how full a flight is?
  195. Reward Credit Card
  196. Southwest Airlines refused to help disabled Oregon passenger to restroom for hours...
  197. Hawaii Flight Reports
  198. Can anyone buy an extra seat or just COS?
  199. Wow, those are some high taxes!
  200. WN Cancellations Under Control?
  201. Wrong Fare Rules Posted on App and Desktop Site?
  202. Wierd through (no change) flights
  203. Southwest Mechanics Approve New Contract
  204. Screwed myself out of A-List by booking with points
  205. How do I enter my passport information into an existing international itinerary?
  206. AMC theaters A List members can get free RR points
  207. Booked Hawaii using points, need to change
  208. SouthWest Shopping Portal Reward Points Missing
  209. Paternity Leave A-List Hold
  210. Flt canceled, traveling with guitar - suggestions?
  211. Restored! -- book WN w/ UR pts via Chase/Expedia phone call
  212. Live Chat in iOS App
  213. Upgraded Boarding Position
  214. nonstop max-casualties
  215. Bad weather forecasted-unsure
  216. Belize tax ($12.50) NOT refundable to method of payment?
  217. Escape Lounge now open in ONT T-4
  218. EBC - bad news / good news
  219. Chase portal not showing SW flights?
  220. Passenger removed from flight after a joke
  221. Insane Pricing
  222. Mobility challenged
  223. Why Rush to a Window Seat if You’re Just Going to Shut the Shade all Flight?
  224. Web site problems today?
  225. Can I book Wanna Get Away for myself and a Companion if there's "1 left"?
  226. Did Southwest just increase summer fares?
  227. Companion boarding order for Aplus member
  228. [Restored now] More Rewards Gift Card Removal
  229. Cancelled return leg not depositing points
  230. Southwest Deals?
  231. Question about flights in general
  232. Boarding with kids between A and B now restricted to mom and dad only per GA 5/1/19
  233. obtaining proof of canceled flight for trip insurance
  234. Slow ATL baggage claim for Southwest
  235. Companian Pass
  236. Southwest Priority Credit Card Travel Credit
  237. Southwest Credit Card Upgrade Offers?
  238. Advice please Southwest Trip
  239. Sometimes, you can not get there from here.
  240. Cancelled & Delayed
  241. Couple marries where they met: WN baggage claim at CLE
  242. Is Early bird worth it?
  243. [Dead, not resting] Free changes second half of Dec (was: Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec)
  244. Adding TSA Precheck to SW Group Booking?
  245. Flooding in parking garage at DAL 4/24/19
  246. Companion Changed but Old Companion Flights Not Cancelled
  247. WN 1474 -- Different Plane For Each Segment?
  248. SWA 'Kicks Tires' on A220
  249. Flight Cancellation
  250. No more DTW-ATL nonstops?