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  1. Restarting SQ21/22
  2. Chase points transfer fraud
  3. Deposited miles date vs Expiration date
  4. SQ Award seat availability for March-A-May 2021
  5. September schedule
  6. Can I change my flight?
  7. First Award Booking
  8. Premium Transit Zone
  9. Booking suites double the cost?
  10. August schedule
  11. Combining UA and SQ metal on Award flight.
  12. New design card
  13. Current Quarantine
  14. Krisflyer Announces 6 Month Extension for Expiring Miles
  15. Fifth Freedom FRA/JFK
  16. How to survive SIN-LAX route, and what to expect w/ COVID?
  17. no more stopovers on one way saver awards
  18. New Travel Waiver Policy
  19. Advice Needed: Booking Roundtrip USA to Australia in Suites
  20. Received an email about upgrade bidding for J. Success rate for lowest bid?
  21. Has anybody used a foreign cc on SQ recently?
  22. Changes to SIA's Inflight Service - "A New Standard of Care"
  23. SQ values KrisMiles at USD .7 cent
  24. SFO here and then gone
  25. TK reduces its meal service. Will SQ do the same?
  26. Entire First Cabin Blocked - normal?
  27. Are krisflyer miles being extended?
  28. Where will SQ continue to fly its A380 post covid?
  29. How to calculate SQ fare change differences and cancel refunds?
  30. Is Scoot getting rid of 787s?
  31. Changi Airport to allow transit from 2nd June
  32. SQ - Flight Schedules in June/July 2020
  33. SQ cancelled flight ... miles forfeited?
  34. Singapore Airlines reports S$212 million annual loss
  35. SQ Trading Update
  36. Refund Processing Time!
  37. SQ Suites redemption in late 2020 - will the experience be affected by COVID-19?
  38. Claim Elite miles from flying with partner airlines
  39. No PPS Vouchers this year?
  40. Redemption Tickets Rerouting
  41. Open Ticket-What Does It Mean?
  42. SQ Big Top 1980s
  43. Experience with changing flights at check in
  44. Cut Off Date 31 May 2020
  45. LHR-SIN catering during UK lockdown
  46. SQ25 JFK-FRA-SIN gone after March 13, 2021?
  47. Need Help Choosing between Award Ticket Routes
  48. SQ New updated Travel Waiver Policy (9th Apr 2020)
  49. Use KF miles to upgrade rev ticket, earn miles on A3
  50. Definitive answer if you can book after Mar 31, 2021?
  51. Singapore Contact Center No Wait
  52. SQ286-322 'thru flight' logistics at SIN
  53. SQ cancellations in April 2020
  54. Scoot - when a "refund" is not a refund
  55. Saver Awards in First
  56. Searching SQ's site for places/dates not officially cancelled, but no tix available?
  57. Change route
  58. Cancel fee when Singapore now ban all foreigner to enter or transit through Changi?
  59. Award Flight Cancellation ? Please Online/Phone
  60. In Singapore, advice sought
  61. SQ solvency
  62. SIN Transit stop from 23 2359 Local
  63. Singapore Airlines credit/ refund
  64. Singapore Airlines helps to bring Singaporeans in the UK home
  65. Need to stay outside but collect luggage after transit hotel @ changi
  66. How to reach SQ? Days on hold and flight cancelled leaving tomorrow!
  67. Award Ticket
  68. Forward Check bags
  69. DME-ARN-DME legs suspended
  70. SQ offer fee waivers n flexible rebooking!
  71. Miles and status expirations during coronavirus situation
  72. Australia imposes 14 day self quarantine.
  73. Need help!!! SQ 25/SQ26
  74. New Zealand Mandatory Quarantine and Flight Refunds?
  75. Experience with SQ Covid-19-related cancellations?
  76. EU to NZ via Sin trip now redundant - likely next steps?
  77. Early morning SQ flight
  78. Advice needed: Contacting SQ in this time
  79. Lounge Access in Changi Airport
  80. Upgrade Award COVID-19 Change
  81. Book the Cook Business Class from LAX recommendation?
  82. SQ25 NYC-FRA Speculations after US Ban ?
  83. All flights to Rome (FCO) cancelled until 31 May?
  84. Business class lite (D) and PPS value
  85. SQ Book With Confidence Policy
  86. Singapore Airlines Fuel Hedging Looking Risky
  87. Singapore Flight Cancelled Now in Limbo
  88. Mix miles with cash - credit to another FFP?
  89. SQ Inflight Media
  90. How do no show fees work on SQ?
  91. SQ Crew Gone on Leave of Absence After Pax on SQ355 tested positive for Covid19
  92. Noise in 1A on new A380s
  93. Flight cancelled but not been notified?
  94. Post your inflight menu main courses
  95. SQ Ticketing issue
  96. BKK-DPS itineraries and singapore airlines free tours
  97. SQ changes schedule : what to do ?
  98. Award Date Change Question ... Until When is the Ticket Valid?
  99. LOTS of blocked seats on SQ 11?
  100. Any increased last minute SQ upgrade availability?
  101. Does SQ offer a customs "fast pass" for F pax arriving SIN?
  102. 110V sockets, 230V device?
  103. SQ Arrival Service
  104. Cancelling points ticket and points expiry
  105. SQ Newb - Saver availability + questions
  106. No more advanced in flight menu?
  107. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards (SAUA) - What Fare Bucket Needed?
  108. P class on a LX ticket operated by CX.
  109. SQ online checkin "Passport place of issue*"
  110. SQ Economy headphones.
  111. How do I use this voucher?
  112. Penalties, If Any, in Abandoning Last Leg of *A RTW J Award
  113. Mileage Redemption Issue - Adding Segment
  114. Business class headphone quality? (777-300ER)
  115. Messed up points transfer! Help!
  116. Transit Time
  117. upgrading with KF miles SIN-HKT?
  118. Defective IFE experience
  119. F redemption from SEA
  120. Trouble searching for flights
  121. Spring 2020 - SQ and MI service reductions
  122. 1st leg to SIN in Business; 2nd leg in PE, can I access SQ Business Lounge in SIN?
  123. SQ Suites - Immigration Fast Track in ZRH
  124. Longish layover question
  125. Not so Greast First Time Experience on SQ
  126. SQ1 and 2 Cancelled
  127. SQ21/22 Bulkhead Business Class Blocking?
  128. Recheck bags on SIN transit on separate reservations AY to TR
  129. Advice on a tight connection at EWR
  130. Arrivals and departures - lounges and hotels
  131. SQ Business 777-300ER in-flight phone present?
  132. Lounge access on arrival when connecting to a non alliance
  133. SQ12 SIN>NRT>LAX layover biz class
  134. Air Canada awards blocked?
  135. Likelihood of SIN waiver?
  136. Online boarding pass problem
  137. Double A380 first class booking chc to cdg/lhr
  138. Singapore Suites SIN-LHR
  139. Penang to Manila
  140. redeeming miles with Air Canada Jazz
  141. Rebook LAX-SIN Business Saver Award? Or Just Go?
  142. Book the cook Lobster gone?
  143. My Krisflyer Account is Under Audit with 200k Miles
  144. No show penalty
  145. Can Alaska Airlines be used in conjunction with Star Alliance carriers?
  146. Visitors with recent travel to China not allowed entry or transit to Singapore
  147. 5 Business Cabins Across the Fleet...
  148. Reduction in SQ/MI flights to China for month of Feb 2020
  149. Account No Middle Name Help Please!
  150. Waitlist not available
  151. Staffing
  152. SQ/Krisflyer Coronavirus waivers
  153. Quick turnaround in MNL
  154. Look for advice: Missing Miles on Star Alliance Flight
  155. SQ schedule changes
  156. Terrible Flight - Compensation offered is a joke
  157. contact info for SQ (unable to earn mileage)
  158. Re- enter business class lounge at Changi airport
  159. KF Gold Lounge with Visitor
  160. Upgrading from Business to First/Suites
  161. Waitlisting and Expiring Miles
  162. United Platinum to get priority seat with SG?
  163. Pre selection of j seats
  164. JFK-SIN Saver Availability
  165. married segment issues for krisflyer redemptions
  166. SQ Routing Options from East Coast to Asia
  167. Best Call Center
  168. Plans for Private Room During Refurbishment
  169. JFK - FRA how to add 4.5K flight to DXB
  170. 777-300ER Business bulkhead seat question
  171. 24-hr cancellation policy for award reservation
  172. What's up with SQ918 to Manila?
  173. How many first class flight attendants in the A380?
  174. Difficulty Booking Award Occurring Over 3 Day Period
  175. Suite redemption question
  176. Redemption nominee middle name?
  177. Panic mode: 200,000+ KrisFlyer miles and unable to book avail StarAlliance awards
  178. Singapore Arrivals Lounge question.
  179. Kris Flyer Reward Flights to Canada
  180. Booking on ANA from Star Alliance
  181. Using KrisFlyer to book ANA Awards
  182. Question: Booked J-saver; can I waitlist?
  183. Singapore Airlines Stopover Holiday
  184. Thoughts on Delay Compensation or Complaint
  185. Flight attendant call button with sound and light?
  186. north america free stopover???
  187. Status expiring in the middle of a RT
  188. SQ gold benefits flying Virgin Atlantic Economy
  189. SIN Gate Security and Bringing Your Own Beverage Onboard
  190. Victim of Circumstance!
  191. Points Expiring Noob Quick Question Please
  192. LAX>SIN>BOM
  193. Call center can't see same award availability as website
  194. Miles for flight
  195. Any worry about Charleston-built 787s?
  196. SQ BA Interline
  197. special meals ex-MAN (breakfast)
  198. 10 Day Baggage Delay
  199. Redeem KF Miles for BR Flight
  200. Deleting redemption nominee
  201. *A Gold with United, but want to credit to SQ
  202. Mixed Class Award Booking
  203. Trip planning help. Worth the miles?
  204. SQ lounges refurb updates
  205. Current Movies on Singapore Airlines System
  206. Any credit card that gives star alliance gold?
  207. Book seperate ticket same airline - risks?
  208. Skytrain from Jewel to SQ First Class Reception at Changi T3?
  209. When will Silk Air be fully integrated into SQ?
  210. How much longer for US fifth freedom flights?
  211. First-Class Changi Transit and Visiting the Jewel
  212. Options to upgrade 4 existing SQ Premium Economy seats to J class?
  213. SG Tickets cancelled without notice. Help!!!
  214. SQ to US (SFO) - Long stopover in HKG
  215. Can I use the SIA departure lounge during a connection?
  216. SQ12 LAX transit to domestic flight
  217. Difference Between An "A"-Code F Booking And An "F" Code Booking
  218. star alliance award
  219. Why does SQ keep faffing with its app?!
  220. MI routes transferring to Scoot. When?!
  221. What is the etiquette for obnoxious coughers?
  222. My patience paid off
  223. Checking in box with dry ice
  224. SIA will launch direct flight to Brussels in Oct 2020
  225. Has anyone been upgraded from business to first?
  226. Any news on SIN-YVR?
  227. SQ to ANA in NRT transit
  228. SQ*G - Access to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK
  229. Change of reserved seats in C due to double booking
  230. Private Room - Renovation Status?
  231. Passport expiry help
  232. SQ Premium Economy
  233. 17Hours Delay Compensation
  234. Immediate Turn SQ502/503 (BLR)
  235. SQ 21/22 Singapore Newark
  236. New J class Sin - Wgn
  237. Paying for SQ flights in British Pounds
  238. Pajamas in F on Intra-Asia Routes?
  239. Use of JFK Suites Lounge after arrival in Suites at JFK?
  240. SFO - SIN D fare range? (SQ 33/34)
  241. Missing miles?
  242. Why would SQ put a stranger between us with multiple other seats available?
  243. Inconsistent Commercial Upgrade Information
  244. mysqupgrade benefits on multi-leg journey
  245. Hawaii with 6 yr old - questions
  246. Scoot Flight Delays & Disruptions
  247. Singapore Black Friday Sale
  248. LAX>SIN>BOM round trip discounts
  249. Krisflyer new act setup frustrations
  250. Bringing C guest into F suites