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  1. Have u try SQ new B787-10?
  2. Stopover on Saver Award Tickets
  3. Is krisflyer.com award search reliable?
  4. ABZ - LHR - SIN and return
  5. Sigh... Transferred 120K Amex to SQ, UA / AC showing avail, SQ phone no-go
  6. Apple Pay & Credit Card Verification
  7. Re-discovering SQ in J after 4 years: now as a lifetime *G & traveling solo! Advice?
  8. Special meals
  9. SQ A380 new config - economy question
  10. Worthwhile changing itinerary?
  11. Special meals
  12. Which SIN-LHR / LHR-SIN flight has the new Suite?
  13. IAH delay & leading to missed IAH-(MAN)-SIN-DPS leg. Recommendations?
  14. No Show on last return leg on multi pax booking
  15. Hotel for missed connection in SIN
  16. Delay in re-set of level miles after KF Gold requalification
  17. Singapore Airlines planning new first-class offering that will set industry standard.
  19. Krisshop Vouchers
  20. SQ232 SYD-SIN New A380 suites saver award ever clear?
  21. Change Frequent Flyer Number in Booking
  22. Birthday Upgrades
  23. Singapore to get first 787-10
  24. Flying Virgin Australia on SQ Stock
  25. Old and new F on 777
  26. KF Gold vs UA 1K
  27. Which partner to use for awards to Asia
  28. How do I get exit row seats on my SQ-SFO flight for my mother??
  29. Two waitlist reservations under one booking reference?
  30. Need help booking Singapore airlines award ticket
  31. How to add domestic leg to ticketed award flight
  32. Beware: Not All J bulkheads Are Equal On New A380.
  33. Krisflyer partner award on ANA
  34. Aspire lounge @ Manchester Airport
  35. Ticketing US domestic + JFK-FRA OWs as one ticket?
  36. SQ Waiting LIst
  37. Best lounges at Heathrow
  38. Flight connection LHR-LGW?
  39. Waitlist standard award?
  40. Long wait for Krisflier on phone
  41. Award Ticket 1:15 connection SIN to EVA
  42. A380 or 777-300 first class
  43. Worth Joining Krisflyer?
  44. SQ website seat selection issues
  45. Special Meals
  46. Reduction in service to MLE?
  47. How to book the cook when booked on LX code
  48. Mxp-sin-dps-mxp
  49. Singapore Airlines requirement of document/visa/credit-card verification
  50. Collecting miles for someone else’s flights to Australia
  51. Can I transfer my kf miles to my true blue account?
  52. Earning SQ miles on partners
  53. SQ redemption in F when second segment is only J
  54. Flying ex-SYD on New Suites: BTC or inflight meal?
  55. What if waitlist doesnt clear on 2nd leg after stopover in Singapore?
  56. HKG launches investigation into 5 SQ crew over security breach - SCMP
  57. Business Class or New Business Class?
  58. SQ (SIN-)KUL-SIN-LHR, 2 tickets, check bags?
  59. Help with stop over rules
  60. What happens to expiring miles if used for booking after expiration and then cancel?
  61. How long to post miles earned on partners?
  62. What to expect: PVG-SIN in J
  63. Another stupid SilkAir question
  64. Are redemption seats the same as upgrade seats
  65. *A award ticketing challenge!
  66. Melbourne Silverkris Lounge Access Question
  67. Mega Food! Feeding pax on an A380
  68. Sq 12 new b777 retrofitted economy?
  69. SQ InFlight food - The making of
  70. Vegan meal in suites
  71. Mixing *A and SQ for Award Redemptions
  72. SGD $13.30 additional fee for departing passengers since July
  73. Krisflyer vs ANA
  74. SQ221 business class seating
  75. Exit to HKG during long layover on a same booking
  76. Redemption on Other Star Alliance Partners
  77. Very slow processing for miles redeposit?
  78. SQ 777-300ER vs EY A380 in J
  79. J class and *G = Boarding Group 2 ???
  80. HKG-SIN-MLE not bookable as one award?
  81. Connection Times
  82. Krisflyer redemption in first class via Singaporeair
  83. Booking Cancelled. What can be done? Need help.
  84. SIN => AKL Supper Service?
  85. Best economy seats on SQ298 (CHC >SIN, 777-200ER), SQ322 (SIN>LHR, A380-800)
  86. Singapore Airlines B787-10 Intro
  87. New vs Old A380 Suites Bed Width
  88. How to solve this Married Segment Issue? Need Help.
  89. Segregated seating at gate
  90. Is this correct? 140 vs 120?
  91. Meal Serving Style in Business Class
  92. Scoot Replaces Silk Air to Langkawi
  93. Question for SQ experts regarding SQ avoiding weather
  94. Zurich to Singapore
  95. Flight from PVG
  96. What Happened to SQ Awards
  97. F on 777 or A380
  98. Shi Quan Shi Kei or Kyo-Kaiseki
  99. Free WiFi for suites, first, business, and PPS member....
  100. March miles promo with SQ and Silk Air
  101. Star alliance award, saver vs advantage
  102. F in SQ7 (LAX-ICN-SIN); Amenity kit
  103. Business class seat on A350 and new 777-300ER
  104. Wi-Fi on the A350 & PE
  105. No more stopovers?
  106. Krisflyer quietly avoids crediting miles with a sneaky tactic
  107. Question about Award mileage requirements: NA to Middle East with Stopover
  108. Earlier Bag drop and check in in PEK
  109. 787-10 to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Osaka from April
  110. First time flying business class (Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo)
  111. Premium economy saver fare code
  112. Krisflyer gold access with SQ/silk connection
  113. Access to Lounges at SIN upon arrival
  114. First time in F on SQ--I'm having trouble picking flights and planes
  115. Multi City/Class award booking
  116. Redeeming krisflyer miles
  117. Pyjamas in J
  118. Booking AirNZ flight via Krisflyer redemption online...FAIL!
  119. Krisflyer RTW only with Saver or also Advantage flights?
  120. Maldives to Europe Miles Chart Question
  121. SIN-NRT-LAX question
  122. Why does SQ not see Star Alliance Saver space that United does?
  123. Does J saver award availability correspond directly to J saver upgrade availability?
  124. Kudos to SQ Y-Class Flight Attendants
  125. The Private Room -question about meal service
  126. Business class check-in baggage limits enforced at Changi?
  127. SQ Award Booking Online Experience
  128. Transfer time at changi
  129. Parking at remote stand at LAX as F pax. It’s just not right!!!
  130. Weird "lunch" timing
  131. In-Flight Shopping
  132. mySQupgrade
  133. Death of a parent while on points flight
  134. Exact hour of KF miles expiration?
  135. Booking help!
  136. SilverKris lounge at SIN
  137. Book SQ Award with Expiring Miles, Change Itinerary Later?
  138. Partner Award Booking Help
  139. All classes on SIN-JNB are waitlisted 11 month in advance...
  140. ZRH Airport Upgrade Biz to Suites
  141. Help with Phone Customer Service issue...
  142. Unaccompanied minor fare basis
  143. JNB > NBO on SAA - possible?
  144. Best economy seat on new 380 layout?
  145. A350 J class rear cabin
  146. Adding 3-5 day stopovers to KrisFlyer award, and purchasing add'l cash tickets also?
  147. Meal options to ADL
  148. New booking procedure question
  149. Question on eligible flights for Golden Circle status match
  150. FCO-SIN Upgrade offer
  151. 3 days of phone calls to move an F ticket to an earlier flight
  152. Transition from old fare classes to new fare class restrictions
  153. Upgrade Travel Agent Booking?
  154. SQ 25 JFK - SIN: worth the miles to upgrade from PE to J?
  155. Flying from Klagenfurt back to sg - in J
  156. First Class JPMLS
  157. Can I skip part of a trip?
  158. Lesser miles accrued for transiting flights (A - SIN - B) under new fare types
  159. SQ customers upset with auto travel insurance inclusion
  160. SIN-CPT award - is it possible to add stopover?
  161. SQ 380 new suites - facing sideway for takeoff?
  162. Europe to Sydney in J - SQ or Asiana or ANA
  163. Transiting SIN on separate tix - arr Silk Air & dep SQ
  164. 2 segment award waitlist question
  165. Singapore Airlines and blocked off seats
  166. Redemption booking for *A on Singaporeair. What's the cancellation fees?
  167. Jakarta questions
  168. London and Hong Kong get the new A380 products from February
  169. Is SQ replacing the A330 ?
  170. Possibility of route being on A380 vs. A330?
  171. Q re *A award through SQ Southern Africa to SE Asia
  172. NO PREMIUM ECONOMY SEATS NYC - Frankfurt in June 2018?
  173. New A380 economy layout
  174. Rescheduling / any UA miles for economy / new passport / broken leg?
  175. SQ new A380 wifi satellite query
  176. Singapore Airlines to upgrade business class product in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth
  177. Y or J MAN-IAH?
  178. Chasing new J suites in 77W and A388 on FRA-SIN-SYD
  179. Does anyone put on their Airline luggage tag?
  180. Accessing "Manage my booking" after upgrade
  181. Bulkhead PE blocked at booking
  182. Is open-jaw still classed as return journey
  183. Max "six travel segments" on *A Awards?
  184. "The RBD associated with the fare family you have selected is not currently configure
  185. Book The Cook and upgrades
  186. Trouble Booking Aer Lingus Business Class using KF miles
  187. Unable to get multisegment ticket in PE
  188. Trying to optimize first Suites award redemption - any tips?
  189. LAX ICN fist class option
  190. Krisflyer upgrade at airport?
  191. 1/4/18 SQ 26 FRA->JFK diverted to SWF due to airport closure
  192. Travelling short
  193. New Krisflyer Award fees
  194. Flying from NYC to Singapore - lay over to Frankfurt, Germany 12 hours.
  195. SQ A350 future equipment change on which routes?
  196. SIA to charge for credit card fees starting 20 Jan 2018
  197. LHR First Lounge Champagne
  198. “Upgrade” existing economy award ticket to business?
  199. ICN gate changes and SKL closure
  200. Premium Economy vs Business check-in
  201. Arrive on SQ paid @ 7PM, depart on SQ award @ 7AM
  202. Booking segments as they come availiable
  203. Boeing 777-300ER Singapore Airlines
  204. Preferred Seat (also called Emergency Seat) Airbus A350 Economy SIN to MXP
  205. Award booking on partner
  206. Buggy SQ app on IPhone. Anyone else has the same problems ?
  207. How to choose row 11 bulkhead seats on A350 JCL?
  208. HKG to LAX with a Stopover in Singapore on Business
  209. Changing Award Ticket After Passing the Award Mile Expiration Date
  210. Connecting at LAX to SQ7 from either DL or UA
  211. SQ and MI Award Chart Problems
  212. New Amenity Kits in Suites/First
  213. Infant Ticket on *A Awards
  214. SQ claims to no longer send chasers - is this true?
  215. Long Haul Config 772 Partner Award J class
  216. Cancel redemption booking, KF miles taxes refund takes forever?
  217. New suite rollout?
  218. What order do KrisFlyer Miles get used in?
  219. Unable to add note to two different reservations
  220. SIN to LAX in J/F -- SQ8 or SQ12?
  221. RT Award Booking Dec. 2018
  222. Changing Award Ticket after use of first segment
  223. SIN J to Y+ connection, J lounge?
  224. Saver Available For Individual Segments Only?
  225. SQ rep can't see AS award space - which number to call?
  226. Singapore Airlines or United Business Class & Help with Points
  227. SQ New In-flight Safety Video
  228. Singapore Airlines, Silkair to introduce new fare types
  229. How to redeem miles for flights on Star Alliance ?
  230. SQ1 no longer daily?
  231. Virgin Australia lounge access through SQ/*A-Gold?
  232. Seat reservations and paid upgrade on connecting LH flight
  233. UA devaluation and KF EQM?
  234. Flight to Honolulu
  235. SQ flights to Athens and Tel Aviv
  236. Four hour maximum connection allowed with partner airline?
  237. Delivery of SQ's new A380
  238. Potential First Time Singapore Flyer (Frankfurt - NYC)
  239. Miles Run with intention of upgrade Question
  240. SIN - LHR
  241. Visualizing a year of Singapore Suites award availability
  242. Lessons learned booking mixed *A/SQ award
  243. Booking stopver and Open Jaw
  244. Award booking questions
  245. SQ Lounge Guest Policy
  246. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer benefits nominations
  247. Singapore Airlines denies almost landing at wrong airport in Mumbai
  248. ship change SQ634 from 77W to 388L on Dec 5
  249. Singapore airlines getting cheap?
  250. Tricky Baggage Question (SFO-HKG)