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  1. Shifting away from Eurobonus
  2. LongHaul C-class service.
  3. How far did we run at CPH?
  4. Lounge at Bergen - worth it?
  5. SK MR to AGP - stay at airside possible?
  6. New SAS livery to be revealed next week
  7. LH PE Connection Operated by SK
  8. LAX moves from ARN to CPH
  9. Award ticket cancelation/refund
  10. Signing up a child
  11. Transit times Oslo
  12. Logic in upgrade bids
  13. Booking open jaw SAS award?
  14. Problem to change award ticket
  15. Questions about passport control and luggage
  16. Give away card site broken?
  17. Transit time at LHR: what gates does SAS use for arrivals?
  18. Hand bag or laptop bag weight
  19. SAS EU261 compensation question
  20. IT glitch or early upgrade or?
  21. Baggage insurance
  22. Upgrade cost at airport.
  23. New destination: SCR
  24. SAS AMEX Premium - longer fee waiver possible?
  25. SAS Plus Lounge Access LHR
  26. SAS GO as *A Gold?
  27. OSL: Early domestic check-in & bag drop
  28. Lounge access with purchased upgrade?
  29. How to purchase lounge access - EWR
  30. Best course of action?
  31. Booking open legs flight with SAS website
  32. Help for choosing connecting flight
  33. Free luggage lockers at SAS Lounge in Arlanda?
  34. Tight connection [in BGO]
  35. is TLV "in Europe" for earnings purposes?
  36. B737 fleet to be based in OSL [split off from A350 thread]
  37. LHR Lounge hop
  38. Has SAS given up on Berlin?
  39. Bloomberg article on SAS - can’t be good
  40. HKG check-in
  41. ORD
  42. Sas cancel the flight but puts me on a flight to miss the last train.
  43. Help: SK botched up my *A award tickets...
  44. Lounge access - ORD
  45. International Rebooking
  46. A330
  47. SAS Eurobonus Master card welcome points
  48. PlusGrade not giving points with upgrade?
  49. SAS amex card companion ticket
  50. Upgrade for points on LH
  51. Plusgrade -> catching earlier flight? rebooking?
  52. 4 J redemptions to Asia
  53. EU-US change fee?
  54. Best MR route for SK?
  55. Surprised [poor customer service]
  56. Is SAS cutting Edinburgh service?
  57. SAS missed flight because stucked in security check queue
  58. Modified flight plan due to delays - Original booking points/segments
  59. Why is the SAS app download restricted?
  60. SAS plus ticket - earlier flight same day
  61. SAS Go Pro Vs. Go Smart?
  62. SAS Plus (Smart) to US
  63. Why can't I book this? [ARN to AES]
  64. SAS terminates the contract with FlyBe
  65. Prio boarding for Gold/Diamond friend or family
  66. Sponsored EBG validity
  67. Flight Passes
  68. Star Alliance Award via phone - 825 SEK service fee?
  69. Sas lounges ARN. Should they let me in gold?
  70. Intra Europe SAS Plus and Business lounge access [split from Standby/Flight Change]
  71. Same day change at airport for ARN-BRU segment on United ticket
  72. Luggage forwarding AC->SK
  73. New inflight menu, winter is over.
  74. Minor travelling alone through ARN T5
  75. SK944 diverted to YQX
  76. SAS to add fasttrack to a number of airports on June 3
  77. How does Qualifying period work?
  78. Do you earn 1 or 2 qualifying flights if there is a stop without change of aircraft?
  79. Rebooking flight for only one traveller on the booking?
  80. Is it enough to maximize status?
  81. Getting name change fee waived?
  82. SAS Plus Longhaul - Snacks Free?
  83. SAS Plus Intra Europe - what happened?
  84. SK 2762 this morning [WAW-CPH 21NAY19]
  85. airBaltic codeshares with SAS again
  86. Missing 5000 status points to reach Gold - easiest way to get there?
  87. Upgrade on award ticket, possible?
  88. EC261/2004 Claim Denied and new information
  89. Expedia says SAS itinerary bookable, SAS website says routes N/A... should i book?
  90. EB/Star Alliance Lufthansa award ticket availability/release dates
  91. HKG to CPH meals?
  92. Bird Strike-Where Recorded? | March 17th, 2019 : SK0940 | EU261?
  93. 1500 miles short of Diamont qualification
  94. Which program to credit to? *A
  95. Retroclaim issue - Is there anyone I can talk to?
  96. Flights beyond March 28 2020
  97. SAS Lounges Open during strike?
  98. How To Access SAS Lounges On Arrival
  99. Tiers with basic points when EBD
  100. Upgrade at airport
  101. Are sold out flights not supposed to show when searching?
  102. Will my bag be checked in for the whole trip.
  103. Traveling with Toddler on SAS - Car Seat/Stroller Questions
  104. "Flygskam" (Flying Shame) ???
  105. Multiple airlines, have eticket but SAS says "not finished ticketing"?
  106. Problems with SAS *A upgrade tool
  107. Radisson hotel stay award
  108. Trying to figure out best time to buy tickets is driving me crazy
  109. SAS pilots on strike in April 2019
  110. Destroyed check-in bag
  111. SAS Lounge options at ORD, IAD
  112. Can't buy points
  113. Collusion on SK / DY only routes?
  114. Website booking problem
  115. Buying an extra seat for yourself - fees, miles, upgrade chance?
  116. earning on AC
  117. EB Earning on Plusgrade upgrades of other *A partners
  118. SAS/ SAS at Manchester Airport
  119. Any SAS members made it to Star Alliance Top 1000?
  120. SAS + Google Flights
  121. Sas a330-300e
  122. Long connection @ CPH, SAS lounge worth 24 EUR?
  123. Which side to sit to avoid the sun?
  124. SK website misrepresents code shares?
  125. SAS - Business Class Smart Refundable?
  126. disappointing process for SAS business class airplane change
  127. SAS v. Norwegian PE
  128. In Flight Now: SK9202 SBD - CPH
  129. Eurobonus vs miles and more
  130. Text message from SK for Plus upsell
  131. SAS launch CPH-STN
  132. New to EuroBonus: earning difference between UA Basic Economy & Economy
  133. SAS Go Light and Go Smart
  134. Earning SK points from airport buses
  135. United PQD on SAS flights
  136. In a limbo
  137. SAS or Swiss?
  138. Effective 1 February, SAS is going to offset the flight carbon footprint of all ticke
  139. Eurobonus points when flying TAP?
  140. Rebooking family&friends short haul VIPGO tickets essentially impossible
  141. Paid seating on short-haul for EBD? [false news]
  142. Frustrating experience gifting Gold Card as a Diamond
  143. SK check in at HKG
  144. EB earning on Air Canada
  145. SK 997 - Cancelled
  146. SAS not able to book multi-city trip?
  147. 3 A321LR for SAS from H1 2020
  148. Transfer of points to SAS
  149. Cancelled Flight: Options?
  150. Seat Pitch and Upgrade Miles
  151. China Transit Without Visa - Experience from SAS Out Station
  152. Flight not bookable on SAS
  153. Norwegian Govt Tax on Bonuspoints
  154. Trouble booking a ticket that requires long layover
  155. SAS Go TATL experience?
  156. cph-sfo upgrade tactics
  157. CPH on New Year's Eve: Lukket
  158. Cant get on flyers.com
  159. Nickel and Dimed by SAS Airlines
  160. Lounge access in BEY?
  161. CPH-AUS-ARN
  162. Checked Bags: Long Connection in CPH
  163. Advice requested: Showers in Stockholm Lounge
  164. Star Alliance awards now bookable on the web
  165. *A family guests in lounge
  166. Loyalty Level 3?
  167. SK935 CPH-SFO delayed (1dec)
  168. Rebooking downgrade
  169. Atlantic Airways, Seat selection with GO, upgrades
  170. SK943 (CPH-ORD), Nov. 20, Diverted back to CPH
  171. Finding award hotel availability
  172. Schedule change policy
  173. Keeping Eurobonus points from expiring
  174. CPH-BEY to be discontinued?
  175. Finnair Plus status challenge for EB members
  176. Spending my SAS Euro Bonus points
  177. United Miles for flying on SAS
  178. BHX-CPH
  179. Double claim under EC 261/2004?
  180. Star Alliance Award Chart have been changed over night to the worse
  181. Strike?
  182. Delayed baggage compensation on SAS
  183. Picture from the upgraded SAS Lounge in CPH
  184. SAS Eurobonus award tickets for kids traveling as unaccompanied minors
  185. Travel with small pet inside cabin?
  186. Changes for AMEX Sweden Customers
  187. Intraeurope SAS Plus question
  188. Mileage accrual SAS Family and Friends
  189. EU to Melbourne/Sydney and back
  190. Retroclaim form errors
  191. Pre-ordering Premium Menus On Long Haul SAS Go Flights
  192. Which SK aircraft?
  193. SK1555 ARN-AMS Canx 14-Oct
  194. PRG Flights
  195. Upgrades Uphill
  196. SAS Plus (business?) intra-European
  197. SAS CRJ 900 Seat 2D?
  198. Eurobonus silver - business checking with non-silver friend?
  199. New EU Summer destinations announced
  200. SAS @MMX
  201. Goodbye SAS Diners
  202. SK965 inaugural flight CPH-HKG, will there be anything special?
  203. SK953 CPH- MIA, Great Crew 10/2/18
  204. SAS Go: Devalution in EuroBonus earnings
  205. Check in @ [ARN] T2 - can I get to T5 airside?
  206. SK674 FRA-ARN 28th September - Cancelled or not
  207. SAS Business Class Seat Reservation
  208. Star Alliance Award redemption
  209. Issue with retrospective credit claim form
  210. Sas & eu261
  211. Will SAS interline bags to UA?
  212. SAS compensation for in-flight issues thread?
  213. 13100 miles needed for EBG as youth, mileage turn suggestions?
  214. Earn Eurobonus points when booking meeting rooms
  215. Bag tagged STANDBY for some reason
  216. Connection Assistance by SAS
  217. online checkin cph sfo
  218. How long does it take to refund eurobonus taxes and fees
  219. Closure of Cafe Lounges in Ålesund and Luleå
  220. SAS plus lounge access amsterdam
  221. Expiring SAS Eurobonus Miles
  222. Liability with luggage tagged wrongly
  223. charge for seat selection at checkin time
  224. Creding EY flights to Eurobonus- worth it?
  225. Blocked front rows for status pax in Y-
  226. New 'enhancements' to SAS Business Class?
  227. Booking AI domestic award flight
  228. SAS flights operated by CityJet - credit to other Star programmes?
  229. First time flying SAS - advice needed
  230. Will Etihad join Star Alliance - impact for EuroBonus
  231. Going to GOT thru ORD....CPH or ARN? 330 or 340?
  232. Newbie to SAS...need your help...
  233. Award booking with schedule change and no help from SK
  234. SAS op-up priority and procedure
  235. Zoning of SAS Plus and SAS Go in Short haul
  236. Extra baggage as EBS on codeshare flight
  237. HKG award availability
  238. Booking a Complex Open Jaw with SAS
  239. Baggage allowance on SAS-operated Etihad codeshare flights
  240. UA Awards partnership
  241. Missed Flight
  242. Modify award booking mid-trip?
  243. First time flying SAS Economy - ORD->CPH->LHR
  244. ARN Airport Hotel recommendation
  245. SAS Plus Lounge Access and other benefits for MAN - OSL - EVE
  246. BRU-CPH overbooked, fly from AMS instead?
  247. Gold lounge in Prague airport
  248. SAS Plus with Wideroe Flight selection Help - Seat selection and what to expect?
  249. Seat selection on award flight
  250. "Business Class" on SAS operated Etihad codeshare (ARN-AMS)