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  1. SAS Baggage Interline to TK On Separate Tickets?
  2. 15.09.20 - SK935 CPH-SFO Cancelled?
  3. Any experiences with rebooking Star Alliance awards?
  4. No plusgrade until August 31
  5. strange reply from SAS to refund request
  6. Watchouts for SK Coded codeshare flight cancelled due COVID-19?
  7. Award availability question
  8. Is there any lounges open in the Nordics (airline + contract)?
  9. Using the vouchers.
  10. Whose baggage rules apply
  11. Traveling to Denmark on June 18,
  12. "‘Bloody day’ for workers at SAS"
  13. "Historic plane’s final trip takes champion sled dogs to Norway, via NWT"
  14. SAS to reopen routes to US and Europe
  15. Face mask mandatory onboard SAS flights starting May 18th
  16. What if other airlines canceled my flights?
  17. COVID19: Courtesy extension of MC FlyPremium Level
  18. Has anybody received a refund?
  19. Need Help! SAS refuse to reroute me through another airport when my flight is cancel
  20. SAS vs FINNAIR during the Corona-outbreak
  21. EU261 Regulator
  22. Does Denmark allow transit?
  23. Advice/opinions on last min canceled return ticket
  24. RUMORS: SK extend EuroBonus tier by one year
  25. When will Denmark open for travel
  26. SAS closes CPH-HKG
  27. Changing SAS award return to one-way
  28. SK on a true long haul flight.
  29. First SK A321LR spotted in primer
  30. Points expiration in times of COVID19
  31. Sas put majority of operations on hold
  32. Booking on Star alliance using Eurobonus points.
  33. SK J award ticket - cannot add UA segment?
  34. Denmark closes its borders
  35. Now you can get vouchers instead of rebooking.
  36. SAS continues operations to the USA after travel ban
  37. How to claim back taxes for unused ticket?
  38. Coronavirus: SAS waiver to the US
  39. Advice - ticket LHR-OSL-EWR on March 13
  40. SAS releases COVID-19 rebooking policy
  41. eurobonus hotel bookings
  42. Several SK Cabin and/or Cockpit Crew Come Down with Covid-19
  43. Delay and lost luggage
  44. Last Minute EBG Renewal?
  45. Considering cancelling trip to Japan
  46. Availability of Bonus flights in J - Ultra Scarce?
  47. Flight Cancelled, What are my options?
  48. SAS drop 2020 guidance, Halt HK flights and reduce short-haul capacity
  49. sas.se no longer available in English?
  50. Finally new payment system in the SK birds
  51. Points earnings on upgraded Star Alliance flight
  52. Do flights for points count as qualifying flights?
  53. Service fee on online award bookings
  54. Maintaining EuroBonus status - COVID-19
  55. Bidding or hoping for upgrade?
  56. SAS Declares Scandinavia is not Scandinavian
  57. "Hidden benefits" for star alliance diamonds?
  58. Bassinet location in LH J?
  59. SK IT award poricing
  60. SAS Business Smart rebooking options
  61. SAS return to Europa from Shanghai (Corona Virus)
  62. Removing miles from one program and moving to another
  63. Edelweiss Air to Eurobonus?
  64. Separate tickets: SK FRA-CPH after TATL
  65. Search engine to maximize points
  66. Silver member Gold lounge access on Saturdays ?
  67. SAS stops all direct flights to mainland China
  68. SAS website not showing Plus product
  69. Flying SK 943 Tomorrow .. Maiden 350 flight
  70. Are connecting Widerøe PSO flights forming a non-PSO route EuroBonus eligible?
  71. Delay and diversion - case for potential compensation?
  72. Industrial actions in HEL, SAS operable?
  73. SAS to establish a new low cost airline
  74. Expired miles, suggestions please!
  75. Does SAS award seat return to inventory after cancellation?
  76. Cancel and keep a ticket?
  77. SAS award trips availability
  78. Travel Pass points and segments?
  79. Kudos to SAS for a mission-impossible connection at ARN
  80. Booking award travel for another traveler using my points
  81. Bag drop off latest time
  82. Whether To Bank *A Flights To SK or LH in 2020... (Denmark (Young Student) Resident)
  83. A Fares in February to Oslo/Copenhagen
  84. No more CPH-MIA direct?
  85. SAS Upgrade
  86. SK intra Europe doesn't accept US credit cards on board
  87. Issues registering missing points on Brussels Airlines
  88. Baggage check-through - SAS > Cathay on mileage redemption
  89. SAS changed my itinerary to 4 hours earlier! What can I do?
  90. How do we even book an award ticket?
  91. New member, cannot add Eurobonus number to existing *A Bookings
  92. SAS Plus Lounge Access Policy
  93. SAS Plus Seat Selection
  94. Glitch in iPhone app...
  95. The last B737-600: LN-RPG Geirmund Viking retires November 2019
  96. online checkin on hkg->cph, 2hour transit, transfer desk
  97. Website issues - login + PlusGrade
  98. LH First Class availability for EuroBonus members
  99. Add Eurobonus or Miles and More to this booking?
  100. Are Aircraft Swaps on SAS Common or Am I Just Unlucky?
  101. Online Checkin
  102. No longer free seat selection for (non SAS) *G
  103. EB award - schedule change - deadline for rebooking?
  104. Eurobonus Earning flying SK in J?
  105. Changes to the EuroBonus AMEX Elite (SE, effective 1/2020)
  106. Great opportunity to earn tons of EB - points
  107. Question about timing for Eurobonus signup
  108. How can SAS still be in business
  109. Change flight destination / Extra baggage questions
  110. Pilot strike - refunds denied?
  111. LHR-ARN 25DEC (Christmas Day)
  112. Non-existent SK award availability
  113. When did SAS get rid of International F?
  114. We miss you - 3000 points
  115. SAS boarding pass issue
  116. Shifting away from Eurobonus
  117. LongHaul C-class service.
  118. How far did we run at CPH?
  119. Lounge at Bergen - worth it?
  120. SK MR to AGP - stay at airside possible?
  121. New SAS livery to be revealed next week
  122. LH PE Connection Operated by SK
  123. LAX moves from ARN to CPH
  124. Refund of an award booking
  125. Signing up a child
  126. Transit times Oslo
  127. Logic in upgrade bids
  128. Booking open jaw SAS award?
  129. Problem to change award ticket
  130. Questions about passport control and luggage
  131. Give away card site broken?
  132. Transit time at LHR: what gates does SAS use for arrivals?
  133. Hand bag or laptop bag weight
  134. SAS EU261 compensation question
  135. IT glitch or early upgrade or?
  136. Baggage insurance
  137. Upgrade cost at airport.
  138. New destination: SCR
  139. SAS AMEX Premium - longer fee waiver possible?
  140. SAS Plus Lounge Access LHR
  141. SAS GO as *A Gold?
  142. OSL: Early domestic check-in & bag drop
  143. Lounge access with purchased upgrade?
  144. How to purchase lounge access - EWR
  145. Best course of action?
  146. Booking open legs flight with SAS website
  147. Help for choosing connecting flight
  148. Free luggage lockers at SAS Lounge in Arlanda?
  149. Tight connection [in BGO]
  150. is TLV "in Europe" for earnings purposes?
  151. B737 fleet to be based in OSL [split off from A350 thread]
  152. LHR Lounge hop
  153. Has SAS given up on Berlin?
  154. Bloomberg article on SAS - can’t be good
  155. HKG check-in
  156. ORD
  157. Sas cancel the flight but puts me on a flight to miss the last train.
  158. Help: SK botched up my *A award tickets...
  159. Lounge access - ORD
  160. International Rebooking
  161. A330
  162. SAS Eurobonus Master card welcome points
  163. PlusGrade not giving points with upgrade?
  164. SAS amex card companion ticket
  165. Upgrade for points on LH
  166. Plusgrade -> catching earlier flight? rebooking?
  167. 4 J redemptions to Asia
  168. EU-US change fee?
  169. Best MR route for SK?
  170. Surprised [poor customer service]
  171. Is SAS cutting Edinburgh service?
  172. SAS missed flight because stucked in security check queue
  173. Modified flight plan due to delays - Original booking points/segments
  174. Why is the SAS app download restricted?
  175. SAS plus ticket - earlier flight same day
  176. SAS Go Pro Vs. Go Smart?
  177. SAS Plus (Smart) to US
  178. Why can't I book this? [ARN to AES]
  179. SAS terminates the contract with FlyBe
  180. Prio boarding for Gold/Diamond friend or family
  181. Sponsored EBG validity
  182. Flight Passes
  183. Star Alliance Award via phone - 825 SEK service fee?
  184. Sas lounges ARN. Should they let me in gold?
  185. Intra Europe SAS Plus and Business lounge access [split from Standby/Flight Change]
  186. Same day change at airport for ARN-BRU segment on United ticket
  187. Luggage forwarding AC->SK
  188. New inflight menu, winter is over.
  189. Minor travelling alone through ARN T5
  190. SK944 diverted to YQX
  191. SAS to add fasttrack to a number of airports on June 3
  192. How does Qualifying period work?
  193. Do you earn 1 or 2 qualifying flights if there is a stop without change of aircraft?
  194. Rebooking flight for only one traveller on the booking?
  195. Is it enough to maximize status?
  196. Getting name change fee waived?
  197. SAS Plus Longhaul - Snacks Free?
  198. SAS Plus Intra Europe - what happened?
  199. SK 2762 this morning [WAW-CPH 21NAY19]
  200. airBaltic codeshares with SAS again
  201. Missing 5000 status points to reach Gold - easiest way to get there?
  202. Upgrade on award ticket, possible?
  203. EC261/2004 Claim Denied and new information
  204. Expedia says SAS itinerary bookable, SAS website says routes N/A... should i book?
  205. EB/Star Alliance Lufthansa award ticket availability/release dates
  206. HKG to CPH meals?
  207. Bird Strike-Where Recorded? | March 17th, 2019 : SK0940 | EU261?
  208. 1500 miles short of Diamont qualification
  209. Which program to credit to? *A
  210. Retroclaim issue - Is there anyone I can talk to?
  211. Flights beyond March 28 2020
  212. SAS Lounges Open during strike?
  213. How To Access SAS Lounges On Arrival
  214. Tiers with basic points when EBD
  215. Upgrade at airport
  216. Are sold out flights not supposed to show when searching?
  217. Will my bag be checked in for the whole trip.
  218. Traveling with Toddler on SAS - Car Seat/Stroller Questions
  219. "Flygskam" (Flying Shame) ???
  220. Multiple airlines, have eticket but SAS says "not finished ticketing"?
  221. Problems with SAS *A upgrade tool
  222. Radisson hotel stay award
  223. Trying to figure out best time to buy tickets is driving me crazy
  224. SAS pilots on strike in April 2019
  225. Destroyed check-in bag
  226. SAS Lounge options at ORD, IAD
  227. Can't buy points
  228. Collusion on SK / DY only routes?
  229. Website booking problem
  230. Buying an extra seat for yourself - fees, miles, upgrade chance?
  231. earning on AC
  232. EB Earning on Plusgrade upgrades of other *A partners
  233. SAS/ SAS at Manchester Airport
  234. Any SAS members made it to Star Alliance Top 1000?
  235. SAS + Google Flights
  236. Sas a330-300e
  237. Long connection @ CPH, SAS lounge worth 24 EUR?
  238. Which side to sit to avoid the sun?
  239. SK website misrepresents code shares?
  240. SAS - Business Class Smart Refundable?
  241. disappointing process for SAS business class airplane change
  242. SAS v. Norwegian PE
  243. In Flight Now: SK9202 SBD - CPH
  244. Eurobonus vs miles and more
  245. Text message from SK for Plus upsell
  246. SAS launch CPH-STN
  247. New to EuroBonus: earning difference between UA Basic Economy & Economy
  248. SAS Go Light and Go Smart
  249. Earning SK points from airport buses
  250. United PQD on SAS flights