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  1. SK Internet booking and bookingclasses
  2. How long time to receice EBG card?
  3. Shortcoming of having separate SAS country identities
  4. Standby policy
  5. SAS flight to IEV/Kiev
  6. renewal of status
  7. Open-jaw with Eurobonus awards and mixing airlines
  8. Finally done! The last A330 with new config now in traffic
  9. How many miles do I get?
  10. Earnings on OS7xxx operated by Adria?
  11. SAS reduces CPH-SEA 31OCT07
  12. Double miles SIN-Europe June 1st - 31 Aug
  13. OT: Finnair Q1'07 results are out - +6MEUR (-10MEUR)
  14. Did SAS have any convair 990's ?
  15. After strikes - Intra-Scandinavian production rerouted from SAS DK to NO and SE
  16. SAS Group Q1'07 results are out - -469MSEK (+850MSEK)
  17. Accompanying children travel for "free" AGH-ARN and KRN-ARN
  18. EBG and room at RadSAS when full
  19. Points TG
  20. Free upgrade as EBG on SK from CPH to BKK
  21. Looking for SK Economy Extra tickets online apart from on www.flysas.com - can anyone
  22. SAS enters into 5-year agreement with EDB
  23. Upgrade on LH as EBG?
  24. New luggage rules launched - again
  25. CPH> EWR/IAD, full on Sat 5/19?
  26. Eurobonus 15th anniversary offer: Riga
  27. OT: New OSLounge now open
  28. SAS must improve economy check-in service
  29. London City - CPH - Palanga
  30. Black Eurobonus card. Pandion?
  31. One way redemption ticket ?
  32. "SAS is like Somalia"
  33. SKNO dumps Braathens
  34. ARN - LED in Summer
  35. Economy and economy discounted
  36. Freddies: 4th place for SAS this year
  37. Spitzbergen-Oslo-CPH-Paris - questions
  38. For experts about ARN.
  39. SAS Stockholm Lounge at ARN T4
  40. I'm flying to Thailand with Thai- how many Eurobonus points will I get
  41. Avinor and ATC workers agreed on new deal
  42. What's up with SAS and myself? Came home 2.30 AM last night
  43. 15 years with Eurobonus offer 15K points to PEK!!!
  44. Dozens of CPH cancellations due to wildcat strike
  45. SAS Flight Academy Simulator time
  46. Consolidation in Scandinavian LCC - Norwegian to acquire FlyNordic from Finnair
  47. 55 minute connection time enough?
  48. Use SAS points to upgrade on Thai?
  49. 937...
  50. 40 minutes in Stockholm - will I make it?
  51. New service fees from May 21st
  52. SK "vcamp" fare to BKK gone?
  53. Economy fare structure from Scandinavia to Canada
  54. Comments by Mats Jansson in DI
  55. Enhancing status on Eurobonus on booking?
  56. Will UA Mileage Plus members get EQMs / EQS on Swedish domestic?
  57. US customers: $10 surcharge for phone reservations
  58. SAS signs code share agreement with Croatia Airlines
  59. Finally some changes to online EB services?
  60. Germany-EWR for EUR 1,850 in Biz
  61. 15% discount on new "Shop Now!" on-board shopping in May for EB's
  62. Blue1 booked in UA B class. Is this "eco flex" service?
  63. Good offer to Greenland: CPH-SFJ 15K/30K points (M/C)
  64. Please recommend me a good travel agent in Scandinavia / Finland
  65. Point earnings on Air Canada
  66. Semesterflyget Booking Classes
  67. Point Bargains 15APR07-14MAY07
  68. New SK DO: The Vikings are going to Tokyo! Nov 8th - 11th
  69. Upgrade as EBG on Thai ARN-BKK?
  70. Spanair: Offset your CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits
  71. Vote: Should we make a thread for O/T and sticky it?
  72. March traffic numbers for ARN/CPH/OSL...
  73. SAS Group March numbers - great increase
  74. Internet check-in
  75. 10+ years of flysas.com
  76. Flight Magazine omits SAS from its Global Ariline Survey
  77. Longhaul refurbishment?
  78. Be careful when asking Bangkok for points!
  79. EBG membership expiration question
  80. When do you re-qualify for Gold?
  81. This is just silly SAS (renewing gold)
  82. SAS Schedule Change Procedure
  83. EB earning at Radisson SAS Hotels?
  84. Does SAS have a history of damaging bags or do I just have bad luck?
  85. Upgrades
  86. Meal Vouchers!
  87. Earn BAA vouchers by flying SK to/from London plus offers from LHR T3 stores
  88. Does EBG get extra kilos flying OV?
  89. Points earned on ARN-FRA on LH with flex ticket?
  90. AES-LGW sale started
  91. EF seat maps on SAS A330
  92. Positive EB changes on Singapore Airlines flights
  93. Offload Question
  94. Mixing helium in the air will make SK planes lighter!
  95. Summer Pass?
  96. ARN-PEK down to 3 flights a week for the winter
  97. What happened to SK 909 on 3/30?
  98. What happened to SK925 yesterday???
  99. SAS expands their LCY operations - twice daily OSL service from 28AUG07
  100. LHR - KRN during Winter
  101. Can you change Award Tickets without penalty?
  102. New Pandion qualification formula
  103. NZ Treatment of SK*G
  104. ORD-ARN two thumbs down
  105. Major change in special baggage allowance on intra-European Economy class
  106. Best way for a rookie to score an upgrade?
  107. Great staff on SK946
  108. OT: Scandinavia's first Starbucks to open at Copenhagen airport
  109. BA may take BD of SAS hands
  110. Odd departures from CPH today
  111. tommy777 and our forum just got a great upgrade!
  112. Cheap Expedia fares
  113. Confused about Economy Extra ARN-LHR
  114. Strike again CPH
  115. New farestructure Scandinavia to Intercont destinations fr 3rd April
  116. Transfer in Beijing
  117. SAS Lost Luggage Handling
  118. EB retro-registration mess
  119. Does SAS have or plan to have fingerprint-based check-in?
  120. New SAS service concept - please report your experience
  121. What causes...
  122. ARN: lounge fr LH flight
  123. Time to Travel Promotional Mailing
  124. Another Smoke Filled Cabin
  125. Website "Enhancement"
  126. rounding off EB points
  127. OT: Good deals from Finnair ex-ARN/GOT
  128. Another strike in CPH.
  129. Row 14 in Y+ on new A330?
  130. Point Bargains Norway 27MAR07-30APR07
  131. Wine and dine with the Swedish King for 4000 points!
  132. P-class fares getting flexible (with 55e fee)
  133. Up-grade and downgrade!
  134. Number of EBG's increasing
  135. Employee of the month
  136. CPH-IAD zeroed out except Y
  137. SAS lounge reopening in CDG.
  138. Cellcall from the GA - twice in a week
  139. How are the SK flights doing to/from EWR/IAD on March 16-17
  140. SAS BU charters extra capasity for this summer. Expect Avro on these routes
  141. ARN - BKK and CPH - DXB
  142. 15 years with Eurobonus
  143. The 2006 SAS Annual Report is out
  144. SK 909 3/16 will it have new C seats?
  145. Whoops!!! Guy went on wrong flight.
  146. Double points from Hertz.
  147. No more C-class on certain ARN routes
  148. Would this RTW interary work?
  149. Expansion on OSL-ZRH
  150. Whats the latest on...
  151. Which booking class does OS B map to on SK?
  152. Will SK926 IAD-CPH have new sleeper seats by April 20?
  153. Many travellers to US Saturday 24MAR?
  154. EB Germany contest
  155. New Point Bargains 15MAR07
  156. OT: Weird go-around at CPH
  157. Earliest check in time?
  158. Eurobonus NOT a full *A partner
  159. SAS seems to forget its own destinations...
  160. Smoke in the cabin SVG-OSL
  161. Someone from Norway please tell me this is a joke!
  162. ARN fast track moan
  163. SAS Group February numbers out. Huge growth on Swedish domestic, Norway disappoints
  164. SAS RTW (from Australia only)
  165. February Pax numbers ARN/CPH/OSL
  166. SAS short/haul Business class
  167. Emergency Landing: SK Flight to ATH at CPH - Smoke in Cockpit...all safe.
  168. Is ARN the new OSL?
  169. E-Tickets vs. Paper for Interlining Luggage?
  170. Airline reschedules 3 to 9 hr layover
  171. FlyMe bankrupt!
  172. The bonus trip from Hell...
  173. Easy question about booking classes
  174. New Point Bargains from OSL 01MAR07
  175. Why not HKG?
  176. Pass for contract lounge
  177. SAS consider CPH-DXB
  178. Swedish men
  179. Radisson SAS Bruxelles EU
  180. Row 20 on 330-300 CPH-IAD
  181. KF drops Brussels
  182. Sale of SAS Flight Academy finalized
  183. Still no bonus points in Norway
  184. SK909/910 cancelled 23FEB07 due to technical
  185. OT: New lounge in OSL
  186. EBS->EBG + involuntary re-reouting
  187. Help: Can't find my booking online
  188. Eurobonus Silver benefits
  189. Severe disruptions at CPH - many flights cancelled and delayed
  190. Can you use Eurobonus points for one way ticket?
  191. Codeshare Airlines
  192. travel guide for points
  193. New Australian Based EBG
  194. Best way to spend my points please
  195. Points upgrades
  196. Take your business elsewhere!!!
  197. Severe IT problems for SAS today
  198. Question about campaigns?
  199. Fast Track at OSL this spring/summer
  200. World Cup V-class campaign in Sweden?
  201. Success for SAS in UK-Scandinavian market -> Additional CPH-LCY flights
  202. New Point Bargains 15FEB-14MAR
  203. SAS has given up on ARN-GOT
  204. SAS International Flight, Close Connection
  205. Longhaul strategy?
  206. Earning on SQ
  207. Schedule changes on SK972/SK973 to/from Bangkok
  208. OSL/CPH/ARN total pax numbers for January 2007
  209. Valentines day point bargain Scandinavia-NYC
  210. SAS makes improvements for frequent travelers!
  211. New Service from SAS from March - Live from press-conference
  212. Good 2006 numbers from SAS!
  213. Meal service in C CPH-ATH
  214. Free Breakfast is back on SAS
  215. Security/transfer/duty-free questions
  216. Children travel for free AGH-ARN with family
  217. Increase in one-way fares within Sweden
  218. Flying Bus IAD - CPH what is IAD like?
  219. Valentin day offer ex Norway
  220. Check In for LX Flights in CPH
  221. Did SAS make a racist remark back in 1999?
  222. No Amadeus PNR when booking on norwegian SAS-internet site?
  223. 3 new intercontinental SAS group destinations
  224. SAS returns to Greenland
  225. Seatcounter vs Seatmap
  226. Arn-led
  227. Two questions about flying to SVO on SK
  228. Got money back from SAS after complaining about personal entertainment not working
  229. SAS new CEO will present major changes to airline
  230. OT: ARN-DOH with QX to start 2007
  231. SAS to discontinue flights to Shanghai
  232. SAS with a new, more "business oriented" strategy.
  233. Blue1 'competition'
  234. Flight leaves from TXL, possible to check-in at CPH?
  235. Varig Statusmatch
  236. EB points for NUE-FRA-LCY in LH C class?
  237. Iad-cph
  238. Z-fares on SK
  239. Do miles earned at Radisson SAS count toward elite status?
  240. My SAS intra-Europe experience - nothing special in the air
  241. intra scandinavian via CPH, gone??
  242. Business redemption flights on SK
  243. Shorter ticketing deadline for SK/KF economy fares
  244. Does SK do standby anymore?
  245. Booking online
  246. Eurobonus 50% discount to the US??
  247. Blue1 goes even lower!
  248. Log in problems
  249. SAS opens ARN-VIE
  250. 19th Freddies