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  1. Where are the customers bonus
  2. Applicability of the name EURObonus...?
  3. Infant Crib on the A-340 in C
  4. SAS to be another ryanair?
  5. Business Class Sale on SAS.ie
  6. Best seat in C on A340?
  7. OT: BA to start LHR-GOT
  8. SK Op-ups?
  9. OLCI: "seat selection is currently not available"
  10. Planning a trip from Stockholm to Florida
  11. Pulled the trigger....
  12. OT: CPH also on iPhone
  13. CPH Lounge, which one?
  14. SAS <> Finnair incident 2nd of July
  15. SK OSL-REK Award (via SQ or UA)
  16. Re-Qualified for SK*G but no card. What to do?
  17. SAS Website = Brutal
  18. Baggage allowance on LO as SK*G
  19. time to post bmi flights...?
  20. CPH-EWR Booking Class S, E or E+
  21. Ex-UK business class sale
  22. What time does the EWR lounge open?
  23. OT - Mission to win 365 hotel nights
  24. To get eurobonus card
  25. Inconsistencies of travel class
  26. Disgrace at ARN??
  27. SK intra-Europe is really going downhill?
  28. silver benefits?
  29. C class seat A321 and CRJ NG 900
  30. ARN-Asia biz fares SK, QR, CA, TK and VV
  31. Changes to award ticket "in use" or how to get onboard anyway.
  32. Issues making award bookings?
  33. OT: Finnair to Launch Singapore Flights
  34. OT: QI to open CPH-TLV
  35. Whats going on with Sunday evenings SK1273 (CPH-AAR)?
  36. arriving and departing same day - lounge access
  37. SAS Magazine homepage, win 40k!
  38. Blue1 adding hidden fees
  39. Using points to travel to Americas (Mexico, Canada)
  40. SAS charter lounge access
  41. First impressions of C from a n00b
  42. SAS at ORD
  43. SK increasing IC again
  44. Compensation regarding the security strike in Norway??
  45. EuroBonus upgrade on Continental Airlines?
  46. ? Lounge in Vilnius
  47. A few thousand points short
  48. Involontary re-booking from * partner: No EB points?
  49. luggage restrictions changes 1st of October
  50. Do SAS care anymore?
  51. Swedish pilots on strike today
  52. Airport security on strike in Norway
  53. Long-term parking at ARN
  54. Arne Jacobsen's Room 606 comes to Kastrup
  55. Point bargains between June 15th and August 14th
  56. Actual earnings on Star Alliance flights
  57. Long live the MD80's
  58. 5000 points with Diners Club this summer
  59. Wideroe.no testing 'Inspirational Travel Map'
  60. SK CPH-PEK in 2006 - which aircraft?
  61. EB OR BMI Diamond club?
  62. Quick transfer at ARN
  63. Best *A longhaul choice to NZ
  64. Status upgrade slow
  65. Advice needed: What to do about my cancelled flight?
  66. Bad experience with Eurobonus/Diners Club travel insurance.
  67. SAS to clos callcenters in Norway
  68. SAS preparing to be bought
  69. SAS - do you speak English?
  70. Baggage interline - GL - KF?
  71. Irony finally outlawed in Denmark
  72. SPF Strike: Are SAS pilots inside Sweden members?
  73. Issues with new EB booking system
  74. SAS to keep SGS
  75. SAS webpage frustration
  76. CPH: checking through to domestic SAS
  77. SK ARN domestic lounge
  78. can I use the seat for a no-show
  79. ORD-ARN Business Menu
  80. Has anybody received a refund from SAS after ash cloud CX?
  81. Routing question for Eurobonus F award
  82. How to use EB points with Lufthansa?
  83. Major Eurobonus changes underway for award trips.
  84. Eurobonus and independent travelagents using Sabre
  85. Blue1 to replace fleet with 717's [in 2010] [and phase out in 2015-16]
  86. Get 3500 + (1600 each month) EuroBonus Ekstra points with SAS and TDC, only in DK
  87. New Radisson offer?
  88. What are the benefits of EB on SAS over what *A gives?
  89. Diners Card Denmark
  90. Denied eurobonus mastercard
  91. RTW
  92. Baggage Allowance on SK IC code-share with BT
  93. Combinations BKK-euroland
  94. 50% EB award discount now only for children up to 11
  95. Upgrade at the gate
  96. Doesnt SAS show up in the ANA tool?
  97. Travelling with paid infant in J still not allowed to enter SAS club
  98. Points in T on LOT
  99. Dilemma - Back to Eurobonus or not
  100. SAS removes 500 credit card award
  101. ID no longer required on SK after May 1st
  102. Multiple SAS EB CC?
  103. How to read ticket class? Intercont
  104. SK Z on UA metal
  105. SAS Business SALE from USA
  106. Another competition for New York
  107. SK946 stuck on the ground
  108. Bonus offers May 15 - Jun 14 2010
  109. Vegetarians discriminated? o.O
  110. What to do??
  111. SK909 CPH-EWR Late Today
  112. OT: Testfly A380
  113. Calculator
  114. SAS to BKK Refund allowed?
  115. Cannot access booking on SK
  116. Basic points on Continental ?
  117. SAS AMEX lounge access
  118. SAS timetable .pdf ?
  119. 11 year old traveling alone
  120. LH summer business fares
  121. SAS corporate card help (SE)
  122. Double points on Mastercard and Diners Club May 22-23
  123. SAS Invitational 2010: Any FTers participating?
  124. SAS booking class "S" through united.com
  125. SAS Eurobonus silver (and question regarding USA trip)
  126. ATH-CPH Y class catering?
  127. Missing points for online bonusreservations
  128. Rebook and earn 10000 points
  129. SAS Lounge - Oslo vs CPH
  130. "Plan your trips"-promotions
  131. EB points accrual, hotel in Visby (VBY)?
  132. Why is the flight search function on flysas.com dysfunctional?
  133. Tips for transfer at Bangkok?
  134. Point earnings on OS
  135. Which way should I plan on upgrading on SAS?
  136. Problem finding ITA priced itinerary
  137. Upgrading by cash at the airport
  138. SAS denied boarding vouchers
  139. Upgrade (for points) at IAD?
  140. Are you in Stockholm on May 3rd?
  141. question about Blue1 catering
  142. SK Intra-Scandinavia Business Class
  143. Buy Bonus Points for half price in May
  144. Discover the Nordic countries this summer for 50% less points!
  145. How are points credited when rebooked?
  146. Points for W or Y? (on UA)
  147. Opinions seeked on redeeming Amex MR on Eurobonus
  148. UA E+ for EBGs coming?
  149. AmEx EB card combo 30k extra points
  150. SK945 cancelled 24/04
  151. Chicago early checkin
  152. TAM joins Eurobonus and Star
  153. EB web maintenance
  154. Heathrow Movements
  155. GOT-LHR Dec 1991?
  156. Partner webshops?
  157. GRZ-DUS-ARN-JKG and not mutch time
  158. Optiontown on zeroed out flight (SK 926)
  159. Requalified for EBG last week — what should I aim for now?
  160. SAS website down?
  161. Noob UA/SAS Online Check-in help!
  162. Hotel award cancellation (volcano related)
  163. SAS' rebooking and refund systems
  164. how to do damage control?
  165. Award stay at Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen
  166. Online seat selection now possible for everyone (?)
  167. Points expiring... help!
  168. Volcanic ash disrupts airtravel in Northern Europe
  169. Point Bargains April/May 2010
  170. Why were SK 909 & SK 910 XLD on 4/14?
  171. Munich is getting closer to Stockholm...
  172. Can you change which kid flies?
  173. Find award seats and not signed in!
  174. EBG after next flight
  175. Waiting list
  176. Can SK sell zeroed out fareclasses in their own system?
  177. Add Frequent Flyer Program in user profile ???
  178. Tyler Brule rips SAS in GVA, CPH security and Radisson
  179. *G Priority Baggage?
  180. Eurobonus back for domestic flights in norway?
  181. New SAS commercial (Sweden)
  182. Crew "upgrades" - SAS image
  183. Cost of buying EuroBonus points
  184. Business Class CPH - ZRH Breakfast = ?
  185. Tele2 bonus
  186. Newark: Lounge with shower when changing to domestic?
  187. DUKBIZ fare to Australia
  188. The elusive Z fare BKK-CPH
  189. Cheapest way to earn 6000 status points?
  190. Chances of being upgraded
  191. Earnings to one program and status from another?
  192. Double points from Scandinavia/Finland to the UK and EI
  193. OT: SAS now as Just Planes/World Air Routes DVD
  194. Two promotions on flights to USA
  195. Changes to EuroBonus and hotel partners
  196. EBG benefits on codeshare flights
  197. Blue1 increases HEL-LHR to twice daily and improves schedule
  198. K Class - 25% earning (or less) in all *A programs ???
  199. New upgrading rules Economy Class tickets
  200. Points on the now closed ARN-BKK
  201. Avis points exclusions?
  202. New Extra Points competition...
  203. Double points in any class between UK/Ireland and Scandinavia/Finland
  204. Best lounges in Bangkok and Paris?
  205. Point Bargain for EuroBonus Gold members
  206. EuroBonus Gold members - deal alert!
  207. Should I move to SAS EB from DL Skymiles
  208. Online Reservation Retrieval
  209. TUR2010
  210. award trip to US - questions
  211. New Partner: Ethiopian Airlines
  212. Booking an award ticket for 2? Book twice!
  213. Connect at SVG or OSL flying LHR to BGO?
  214. SAS to pay 160.000.000 NOK to Norwegian
  215. SAS Credit cards -Travel insurance
  216. Possibility of Economy Extra Seating
  217. How did it all go so wrong ?
  218. OT: LH Private Jet DO ex-ARN
  219. SAS agreement with Radisson BLU hotels
  220. Point Bargains March/April 2010
  221. What's SK's Same Day Change/Standby Policy For Reward Travel?
  222. SAS Chairman takes up fight for free coffee onboard
  223. OT: Chairman of SAS surprised over coffee not being free!
  224. OT: Chairman of SAS surprised over coffee not being free!
  225. e-mail communication with member service in DK shut down
  226. US to Asia via CPH for 65000points in Business?
  227. Power to upgrade "nearly there" EBS to EBG?
  228. The Perfect SAS EuroBonus Credit Card? Feedback wanted!
  229. EB points for Hilton not working
  230. What's the point of selling codeshare flight when you cannot find it at flysas.com?
  231. SAS MD80 on sale
  232. SK cancelled all transatlantic flights 24/25 dec
  233. End of SK IC operations in sight?
  234. SAS iPhone and Android App
  235. Number of flights will qualify you for S or G in Norway - class doesn´t matter
  236. ARN transit time, from SAS to NextJet?
  237. Stockholm to Helsinki cuts in July
  238. Points upgrade on SAS?
  239. UA Z-class op by LH, how many points?
  240. Extra points on Intercontinental flights from Asia to CPH
  241. OT: EgyptAir launches CPH-CAI 3x weekly
  242. Become Gold with 40 one way flights
  243. Optiontown Uto responsetime?
  244. Lounge access flying with QI
  245. Value for money SK from TXL to SYD and a question
  246. Points Calculator
  247. SK/UA codeshare issue
  248. Lounge access with E-extra
  249. Explore Norway - 14 days unlimited flying for NOK3975!
  250. Only 1 piece of checked luggage in transatlantic M class starting 01APR2010