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  1. Baggage allowance on award round trip ticket, business going, economy return
  2. Brussels wet lease of CSA Czech Aircraft
  3. Air China award tickets
  4. Different FFP per booking?
  5. MUC T2 closed due to security breach [27AUG2019]
  6. Mileage booking
  7. eTravel (OTA), LH and Paypal
  8. how to check Air new zealand award ticket availability
  9. plenty biz award space for SIN-MUC/FRA till end year
  10. aisle access at bulkhead rows in OS 763 and LH 359
  11. MUC Lounge question [as *G]
  12. Just joined a little club called HON Circle !
  13. Discrepanies in Euro-Business service concept
  14. Singapore Airlines Premium Cabin awards no longer bookable through Miles&More?
  15. LH at MUC Hall F
  16. [Adria] Flight legs cancelled
  17. Flying MAD-MUC-ADB this afternoon, (heavy) thunderstorms predicted in MAD for the day
  18. Mileage reduction after online upgrade?
  19. I want to praise Lufthansa
  20. Croatia Airlines carry on Baggage
  21. LOT - is this normal?
  22. Miles with TP not crediting
  23. Historical Data - Reason for Delay
  24. Misconnect in MUC Question
  25. Missing first leg of flight roundtrip ticket
  26. QQ: Miles accrual if last segment is skipped
  27. Connecting in both FRA and MUC same day- Will I get FCL access in both cities?
  28. Lounge in BKK for LX and/or BL
  29. HKG airport closure
  30. MXP lounge
  31. TXL and WAW lounges
  32. arriving zurich 1 hr departure to poland
  33. LH 359 or AC 789 in J long-haul?
  34. Bag Drop at HKG
  35. A340-300 or A380 in J for ICN
  36. LOT airlines flex ticket cancellation lifehack. Will it work?
  37. Changing a LOT ticket
  38. Quick Help for LH ICE train segment
  39. Disastrous experience in CGN, now in SFO without luggage
  40. “Bidding at gate” on routes IAD-FRA and IAD-MUC
  41. Ordering LH ticket in Canada- questions?
  42. How do United miles translate to M&M?
  43. Question on Senator Lounge Companion Access
  44. Ground handling strike on 5 August in LHR [suspended]
  45. Corp TA issued: UA ticketed / codeshared LH flights question.
  46. Second checked piece of baggage
  47. Baggage allowance star gold
  48. OS Dash 8 at NBO?
  49. M&M systems down, need to book an urgent trip
  50. Today's (8/2) cancellations in Frankfurt
  51. Mikes not credited
  52. Transferring miles to LH to book Africa-Europe?
  53. Missed Connection - EU261 Compensation
  54. BUD check in time
  55. Austrian rebooking fee
  56. Limo Pick Up (Hon/F pax)
  57. booking class in case of cash upgrade
  58. Incorrect status miles for FTL & SEN in Miles&More app?
  59. Cash upgrading UA codeshare / LH operated flight
  60. Which lounge in OTP [flying Austrian in C]
  61. Delayed Brussels Airlines Flight, expect to misconnect
  62. Munich Senator Lounge access question
  63. Frankfurt: short connex assistance (for HON) also between two non-bus gates in A?
  64. Requested upgrade with a United GPU. Now seat gone
  65. FTL lounge access at WAW
  66. LOT Lounge Options for BUD
  67. Gazeta Polska [available in LOT lounges] to distribute "LGBT-FREE ZONE" stickers
  68. Flight delay reason
  69. Redeeming M&M on AI flights
  70. Business lounges in MUC
  71. Cityjet wetlease for LH
  72. Tagesschau: LH canceling all CAI flights...
  73. Munich Lounge Access Question [family of 4 with *G & Amex]
  74. Same-day flight changes on Lufthansa
  75. Personal item width
  76. Alcohol from iah to fra
  77. Lufthansa - Air India transfer in Delhi
  78. Possible to upgrade to eco flex from eco classic after booking?
  79. Austrian vs Lufthansa
  80. Silver MM extra bag WAW-MUC-YVR LH/AC codeshare, AC ticketed on LH metal
  81. US based call center?
  82. SAS segments not counting
  83. Multi leg award travel - baggage rules
  84. What does "operated by" mean really with Aegean / Olympic
  85. OLCI on mixed UA/LH itin
  86. Short of 2000 MM miles
  87. Mixed class flight, check in question
  88. Change in reservation, but can’t find LH FRA-LAX flights on website
  89. Overbooked flight message at OLCI
  90. Starting the engines with the door open - Reverse Thrust Failure on LH A333
  91. United Mileage plus number not on boarding pass
  92. I could have made that connection!
  93. LOT Economy Saver Baggage and Seat Selection for Star Gold
  94. LH Refund/Contact
  95. Two questions re OS ex LHR
  96. Interline checked bag to AC with o/n connection
  97. M&M website down?
  98. LH Multicarrier baggage allowance on LH ticket
  99. Farewell, Rimowa in F?
  100. DTW-FRA A330-300 Business
  101. Lufthansa termination of destinations
  102. Using Partner Miles For LO — What Is X?
  103. Cannot Display a Booking
  104. LOT: Regulation (EC) No 2111/2005 Change of Operating Carrier
  105. VIE connections
  106. What are HON selections and are they worth it?
  107. Connections to Adria in BRU
  108. Flight 459 sfo-Muc always late?
  109. Lounge access when one leg is economy
  110. Easily find F mileage ticket
  111. New catering concept trial in Domestic DE lounges
  112. Austrian Bid Upgrade
  113. Where can you legally store a laptop that is not the overhead bin?
  114. Can't Make M&M Selection on Phone
  115. repeated departures with a considerable delay in flight lh736 fra-ngo
  116. PE upgrade booking class
  117. Wrote down Lufthansa CS nametag & security was called on me. GDPR?
  118. Change to "Throne" seat on OS when starting journey on UA
  119. For Service Issue Refund, Lufthansa wants ABA, Bank Acct# in an email???
  120. New paid option for LHCC: additional 1 mile per Euro
  121. Interlining Lufthansa - South African ?
  122. Eurowings schedule release dates
  123. LH has chosen wrong one to downgrade :)
  124. LH Website Cash Uograde to F Doesn’t go Through
  125. 2019 M&M Status requalification race
  126. mixed class benefits?
  127. Delta to LH conx at FRA question
  128. Getting to South Africa - Lufthansa or Qatar in Business Class?
  129. LH rebooking rules for irrops (UA award ticket)
  130. LH Miles or UA GPU Have Higher Upgrade Priority on LH?
  131. SN515/22JUN19 BRU-IAD op by EW Diverts back to Brussels
  132. Lufthansa’s latest way to annoy customers: constant seat changes
  133. change of aircraft type - stop over= crew implications
  134. How to get 12k M&M miles?
  135. UFO FA Strike [at EW/4U/CL/SXD on 20OCT19, LH 7-8NOV19 & 4U 30DEC-1JAN20]
  136. URGENT: Need advice
  137. Where to Credit 2-4-1 Booking?
  138. LH to launch MUC-NCL
  139. Strange seat map for SN552 on 6/22?
  140. Lufthansa-make changes in the day of departure
  141. Ethiopian op by ASKY - bookable as redemption?
  142. do *G get better Y seats on OS?
  143. Hotel Reimbursed After MX delays?
  144. Best LH longhaul Business class
  145. LO769 turned around mid-flight
  146. LOT equipment change
  147. Lufthansa -> UA Bag Through Check?
  148. A personal rant on Lufthansa's IT system
  149. LH F Sweet Spot fares
  150. 7,000 mile minimum balance for award search
  151. Costly tix vs. low booking class
  152. A clear photo of the affected passengers holding their ID next to their face
  153. No more F check-in DUS?
  154. Cash Upgrade from LH econ to Premium Econ on award seat
  155. learning to anticipate LX OS and LH business saver award availability on mileage+?
  156. 05JUN and 07JUN LH576 FRA-CPT permitted to take off after FRA curfew?
  157. LH Mile pooling stopped working on website but stills shows on app??
  158. LH miles transfer or gifting
  159. Premium Economy lounge access
  160. LH only as good as weakest link - Baggage service
  161. Has seating choice disappeared?
  162. Upgrading R fare to J with M&M miles
  163. Lufthansa delayed baggage compensation
  164. Fqtv & irops
  165. Suspension of transfer of Bonvoy points to Miles & More
  166. EW lounge access at JFK
  167. Status still granted after expiry date
  168. OPC Charges on UK credit cards
  169. Lufthansa.com passport information entry for OLCI?
  170. EU261 Cancellation compensation question
  171. Candooz voucher
  172. Dubai immigration
  173. LH 511 EZE-FRA Changed from 747-8 to 747-4, Downgraded from F-C. What compensation?
  174. *G on LH basic economy UA ticket
  175. Silence from LH following EU compensation claim
  176. Original Routing Credit
  177. Upgrading LH with UA Miles
  178. StaffTravel Frankfurt (Europe) - Singapore August (Lufthansa)
  179. Using M&M points on Air Canada
  180. OS Economy Boarding Pass (Digital) Red vs White?
  181. Retroactive Credit
  182. Unable to book an all-LH flight award online
  183. Lufthansa policy regarding cancelled flights for medical reasons
  184. LOT policy, same day airport standby for earlier flight
  185. Unable to open M&M award ticket - how to change frequent flier number?
  186. Contact number for claims
  187. Lounge in WAW
  188. Priority lane at Pula airport (Croatia)?
  189. Seat assignment for Premium Economy LH flight, AC ticket
  190. Booking seat on LH
  191. Print stations in KRK or WAW lounges?
  192. Using flymeto vouchet for open jaw OS website
  193. what does Economy,First Restricted (H) mean?
  194. No SEN but board pass says I am - lounge access or not?
  195. LH Frankfurt hub sucks
  196. URGENT - early check in time LH F at JFK today
  197. Dynamic Pricing coming... and other bits
  198. Transatlantic flight is Lufthansa better than LOT (business)?
  199. Ways to transfer into SWISS FF program for upgrade to F?
  200. LOT delayed flight claim
  201. Croatia Airlines boarding pass+baggage questions
  202. Priority security lane for travel companion of a SEN/HON
  203. Am I entitled to compensation?
  204. EWR check-in time and boarding pass questions flying LO
  205. Miles to upgrade Family Member
  206. Loylogic and M&M start transfer programme at 100M/€
  207. LH booking with Return Flights on LX. Only BP for first leg.
  208. Senator restrictions with T class ticket
  209. lufthansa refund-i'm confused
  210. LOT Seat and Meal Selection after booking
  211. SN using LCC gate area in ATH airport
  212. Bankruptcy of Avianca Brasil. What to expect from M&M?
  213. New feature: where is this aircraft coming from
  214. Long connection in BRU - using lounge and then exiting airport?
  215. LO wet-lease from GetJet Airlines - any experiences?
  216. 9+ hours in WAW. LO pays hotel?
  217. SN refuses booking guarantee to Senators
  218. Strange "Bermuda-Triangle" Award Flight Booking Attempt
  219. Lufthansa A350 vs Brussels A330 in J?
  220. Star Alliance question
  221. SSSS on MUC-SFO ignored by security?
  222. No longer CNN on Lufthansa?
  223. How can I avoid the most direct options when booking an award flight?
  224. Award space on Turkish Airlines
  225. Using miles for seat reservations?
  226. Purchase Access for additional guests to FRA Z Senator Lounge as UA*G?
  227. more legroom on row 24 in the 787?
  228. Booking UA flight with M&M miles
  229. Question about blocked seats in Business class before departure
  230. Mixing Classes on Lufthansa website
  231. TP Full-fare economy ticket being credited lowest possible miles
  232. MUC Duty Free Question
  233. LH P to F paid upgrade possible at FRA?
  234. Best way to cancel & rebook a LH reward flight
  235. Hidden-city ticketing on a Lufthansa group ticket
  236. booking multicity trips on LH.com, only Economy Light possible
  237. Mileage calculation on LX/LH
  238. Release an award seat for a SEN - Revenue management- How?
  239. FAs using F bathrooms during the flight?
  240. German customer sues for cash equivalent of miles, M&M suspends hotel point transfers
  241. LO - delayed and damaged baggage
  242. can i buy miles from buymiles.com as a private person (not broker)
  243. Are they ignorant or just lying?
  244. Why the data collection for shower use at Senator Lounges?
  245. Crediting miles to M&M from different *A carriers
  246. HON benefits same day after flight I become HON?
  247. Eurowings Turnaround at Dubrovnik
  248. Reason for flight delay
  249. Double miles upgrade Y => C (when PE available) ?
  250. LOT Timetable Change Policy