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  1. GlobalPass Dormant/Dead ?
  2. new
  3. any reason to re-up expiring LP 'miles'
  4. What is LatinPass/GlobalPass?
  5. Visit Latin America pass?
  6. What to do with 4 unused C-class tickets?
  7. The last award trip?
  8. On the eve of my last LatinPass award trip....
  9. Leftover/orphan miles. Wadooo ya stand to lose?
  10. I'm curious, did any of you get creative in your TACA ticketing?
  11. Who else is waiting for their final Globalpass award tickets?
  12. TACA standby on award tickets
  13. Chances Taca will buy a US airline
  14. Taca & AA no longer partners
  15. Recent Tickets Issued by Global Pass for 2006 Travel?
  16. TA dwngrds its NUTS; CE srvce levels at all time low;lots of sch chgs = MORE MILE 4U
  17. Global Pass joins Points.com
  18. Update: Lounge options in Dallas and LAX???
  19. Any one have a list of the airlines in LatinPass?
  20. Globalpass.com down
  21. Checking TACA award inventory
  22. Itís Time to Show some Gratitude!
  23. Global Pass/ Taca Ticket Reissue
  24. Time to move on...
  25. LP/GP Customer Care 1st post
  26. Distancia & extending your expiration date
  27. Taca is the Pits
  28. Trouble logging in
  29. has the End arrived?
  30. TACA will not honor Global Pass reservations for travel in 2006!
  31. TANS PERU crashes killing many after leaving LIMA...
  32. IN SJO now
  33. New Rules for old reservations!
  34. NO, NO, NO! U cannot access the EZE Salones VIP w a ticket bkd in 'D' BIZ class!
  35. NO, NO, NO! U cannot access the Lima Salones VIP w a ticket bkd in 'D' BIZ class!
  36. Lounge at OHare?
  37. Anyone visiting Argentina 8/21 - 9/10?
  38. Anyone else visiting Costa Rica in August?
  39. Update on TACA's LAX operations
  40. Costa Rican Air passes
  41. They are on the way!
  42. SJO Lounge Denny's - aka best way to spend an 8 hour layover in Costa Rica?
  43. Whose Lounge is TACA using at LAX?
  44. I changed my TACA tickets!
  45. Not much happening! but more empty promises?
  46. Credit Card Fraud
  47. A blast from the past-Determined fliers say earning 1 million free miles is no sweat
  48. My visit today at GP HQ- quite a nice operation
  49. 35 day TACA Award Window
  50. My Tickets Are Ready! My Tickets Are Ready!
  51. Has anyone not received their latest tickets and departure is within 14 Days?
  52. Wonderful Ladies at Global Pass
  53. Has anyone received their latest tickets from GlobalPass
  54. Isn't it strange? (not for GP)
  55. Concerned about credit card security at GP
  56. Have TACA tkt #, but NO tkt yet?
  57. Has anyone seen change in my messages!
  58. BEWARE! I'm Getting Other GLobalPass Members Email
  59. GlobalPass.com Gone?
  60. So do I have a problem or am I lucky?
  61. Update GlobalPass
  62. Positive Email from John Jackson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for GlobalPass
  63. I think WE PREVAILED!!!
  64. GlobalPass/TACA/other agencies Contact Info and "Form" Letters
  65. Listing of those who would like to be on a contact list
  66. File A Complaint With The Ftc
  67. TACA Ads
  68. What is your ticket response number and how many tickets!
  69. GP retracts on all TACA awards reservation not ticketed!!!
  70. The END has come!
  71. Taca Biz Class Ticket - What to Expect?
  72. WARNING!!! Salt but with a little sugar
  73. Student nonprofit needs tickets to Managua
  74. another TACA problem, no TRAVEL after 12/31/05
  75. No More Tickets in House!
  76. KLM Return Change
  77. Lacsa flights valid using Global Pass Miles?
  78. Update on BC Lounges: SJO and LIM???
  79. KLM Awards
  80. Questions on GP processing, TACA awards?
  81. Will LP Mail Tickets in August?
  82. survey:how many bonus miles do you still have? and who wants to trade?
  83. no more expedite fees
  84. New information about booking rewards with GP
  85. 4 questions
  86. Does GlobalPass issue Taca awards as e-tickets
  87. Note to LatinPass Million Milers
  88. Effective 6/30/2005 - NO MORE GlobalPass Awards [miles for money]
  89. GlobalPass and Flying Blue
  90. Extending Validity Period of Miles Another 3 years
  91. What to do with 311K miles?
  92. GlobalPass now online at Flying Blue (AF / KLM)
  93. Phone Number ?
  94. Taca
  95. Say what you want but..it aint all bad
  96. New(?) KLM Mileage requirements
  97. KLM award availability
  98. To get miles, or not to get? That is the question...
  99. VIP Lounge in San Jose, CR airport
  100. Southern Winds demise?
  101. Anyone done Costa Rica recently?
  102. LP Blackout Dates?
  103. Costa Rican coffee in three hours?
  104. Does "reserving" tickets guarantee tickets if TACA pulls out of GP?
  105. Distancia 2-for-1 awards: ticket by Feb. 28, travel by Apr. 30
  106. Told to check in for TACA 3 hrs before flight time???
  107. Has anyone flown the Aeropostal flight CCS-MAD?
  108. Southern Winds no longer accepting GP bookings - we're down to ONLY 3 carriers now!
  109. Fluctuating fares....anyone know why??
  110. They Love Me, Love Me Not - unusual TACA contest
  111. Hey TACA! Update your website already.
  112. TACA A319 configurations
  113. Are expired LACSA vouchers still valid?
  114. Purchase Miles Price Decrease
  115. Anyone heading to EZE (Buenos Aires) soon?
  116. ??? Long overdue good news
  117. Possible to Book a Stop with GP Award?
  118. Airport hotel in San Jose, CR?
  119. Possible to convert GlobalPass miles to Distancia?
  120. Is GlobalPass necessary?
  121. TACA Distancia to charge a fee for combining miles
  122. TACA Upgrade at the gate for a fee?
  123. Avianca Airlines suspends relationship with GlobalPass
  124. Priority Pass Lounge Memberships can now be purchased at GlobalPass
  125. help with Tikal
  126. Open jaw award tix?
  127. Anyone used GP miles for Southern Winds lately?
  128. Still have LP (GP) miles left?
  129. Good availability on flights...
  130. GP Awards
  131. PLEASE help orient a newbie! Need to travel in 2 weeks
  132. Best airline in Central America?
  133. Bonus for transfer of Priority Club points to Global Pass
  134. Distancia Mileage Discount
  135. Globel Pass drops an airline
  136. You can now transfer points from Hilton HHonors to GlobalPass
  137. distancia combine miles: TACA awards only?
  138. KLM Availability
  139. Can you use code-share flights
  140. What is the fare class for KL bookings in LATIN PASS
  141. Iad-pty
  142. GP came thru with flying colors!
  143. Credit card ticket purchase
  144. Taca flights very full
  145. Any recent GP bookings to Argentina?
  146. 250,000 Mile limit redemption , NO MORE
  147. Which airline programs will give me credit for Avianca flights?
  148. Avianca through BOG
  149. Family vacation options from NYC?
  150. Can u use AF for LP/GP awards
  151. Million Miles = 1 Giant Headache!
  152. Super awards not Super for Bonus Babies!
  153. MM Statement of accounts
  154. Global Pass award chart
  155. GlobalPass miles for Priceline.com bookings
  156. Global Pass
  157. Got some Extra Miles?
  158. Copa-Continental Outbids Rival For Avianca
  159. Double dippers can now go for third layer of miles
  160. how to book with global pass
  161. New board is UP
  162. What airlines can redeem GlobalMiles on?
  163. Free 1,000 miles on Distancia
  164. GlobalPass launches new online travel agency - Double Dipping opportunities
  165. Super Awards feature is up
  166. Any changes in Taca award booking procedure
  167. KLM/Air France
  168. First class checkin @ JFK
  169. Posting of miles from Partners
  170. LAX TACA Connection
  171. Avianca May Be History ....
  172. 60 Preferred-Rate Airlines coming February 2004
  173. Recipe for GlobalPass success
  174. Bag tag offer
  175. I want to burn miles-where to go with 35k?
  176. Taca online Xmas specials - Dec 25/26th only.
  177. Star alliance negotiating with TACA
  178. Getting Great Service from Customer Service
  179. KLM droppping out?
  180. Luggage Tags Purchase to Extend Acct?
  181. Low Morale at Singapore Airlines - Article in The Straits Times
  182. Cheap fares from SF Bay Area to Guatemala?
  183. Super Awards
  184. MX leaving Star Alliance ?
  185. Booking TACA Tickets with Miles
  186. KLM availability finder
  187. Does Global Pass offer one-way awards?
  188. Lan Chile
  189. If KLM joins skyteam. . . .
  190. 10% off on fares $550 and above - coupon
  191. Triple GlobalPass miles from Conrad Hotels
  192. 10% Discount on Aeropostal tickets
  193. New Distancia Chart - TACA
  194. Global Pass / Distancia
  195. Scoring KL transatlantic C-class award, finally!
  196. High-flying GP to reach 100 airline mark!
  197. Adios ACES?
  198. Lots of Hang Ups Today... Recent Success w KLM?
  199. Global Pass Newsletter
  200. Double GP points for Latin Hilton Stays
  201. Worst Latin Pass (Global Pass) Experiece!
  202. Best Latin Pass (Global Pass) Experience
  203. Cancun How?
  204. The other shoe drops ...
  205. GlobalPass offline 7/1
  206. GlobalPass Mall Online July 1
  207. Transfer Marriott to GP?
  208. "Preferred rate" partnership w/ Cayman Airways
  209. GP Routes and USA gateways
  210. Dividend Club and GlobalPass Mall
  211. Premium Miles, Bonus Miles, Global Awards, Super Awards?
  212. LH to cooperate with Taca
  213. TAM Brazilian - New Partner
  214. My miles have been set to zero before my 3 year date?
  215. Bolivia (How on LP)
  216. GP or LP - Which designator is correct for partner use?
  217. Marriott no longer to be GP partner !!
  218. Distancia: Cent. Am. to US/Can. 50% off miles; pool from 3 accts; tvl. by June 14
  219. New rules on expiring miles.. you wont believe this one
  220. Ticket Policy Changes!
  221. I need serious help with these people
  222. GlobalPass or Privilegios?
  223. Million and half million milers: How many miles do you have left?
  224. Its all over with Hilton transfers
  225. Use GP Miles to Costa Rica
  226. KL transatlantic award on short notice
  227. Southernwinds - Any Good?
  228. Positive news at Aeropostal
  229. April Posted
  230. LACSA JFK to SJO -- How is it?
  231. All Tickets subject to Fee
  232. Avianca files for BK
  233. Some things never change....
  234. 3 year activity rule?
  235. March HHonors web transfer ?
  236. Spirit Airlines Awards
  237. SAETA aircraft wreckage found 27 years later!
  238. With KL awards virtually unavailable: Any other way to travel transatlantic?
  240. What to do with 340K GP miles?????
  241. Where should I go in Central America?
  242. Spirit Airlines award tickets
  243. More Bad News on US Air
  244. GlobalPass to MEX from IAD?
  245. LatinPass no good for US Air anymore
  246. IAD to Ecuador
  247. Globalpass Award table online
  248. Can't register GP on Hilton's website.. help !!
  249. Help! US Air tickets possible to get?
  250. Avianca Business Class