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  1. AMS/LCY - a couple of questions
  2. Edi-ams-kul-ams-edi
  3. Anywhere to credit V class miles?
  4. Strange Seat Map
  5. Flying Blue Gold to Silver
  6. KLM houses and security on connections
  7. 747 passenger substituted for Combi
  8. Transfer at LHR from KLM to Cathay Pacific
  9. KLM or Air France to Rio Di Janeiro
  10. In case you ever wondered how KLM gets you from A to B
  11. Lunch in Amsterdam via train from AMS?
  12. KLM AMS-YVR - odds of a better seat?
  13. Sufficient connection time at IAH to AMS?
  14. KLM Atlanta to Schipol WBC
  15. KLM Most Punctual Major Int'l Airline in 2014 - Flight Stats
  16. AZ booking classes
  17. How bad is the 777-200 in WBC?
  18. Upgrade from eco comfort to business via miles
  19. KLM Business Class - A330-300
  20. "KLM uses North Korean airspace"
  21. meal service order?
  22. Priority security at EDI?
  23. Kl 0745 ams-bog
  24. KL Pilots willing to trade pay for shares and influence
  25. Have You ever Had this long a layover in AMS?
  26. Dutch Planespotters Website
  27. Possible weather delays at AMS this weekend
  28. KLM to fly to Krakow, Belfast and Montpellier
  29. Emergency landing KLM Flight NCE/AMS
  30. Recent exp. changing last name on KLM ticket - married / maiden
  31. World Deal Weeks - Spring '15
  32. Row 11 D/E on 747-400 Combi
  33. KLM 737s...Economy Comfort or Exit Row?
  34. First time to AMS
  35. Unable to Access Seat Maps for KL flights ATL-AMS, 12/26/14
  36. How to Search for Business Upgrade with FB miles
  37. Lots of Cityhopper cancellations tomorrow
  38. Arrivals levels outside Schiphol Plaza closed to private vehicular traffic?
  39. AMS-KUL-CGK -- possible to skip last leg without problem?
  40. Dedicated platinum line
  41. Best seat in WBC on 747-400
  42. Dutch Gov't Minister to KL : You Sort Out Your Problems
  43. Pax arrested on DXB-AMS on December 15th
  44. Possibly hardcopies of newspaper to dissapear
  45. New enhacement - No economy comfort for full fare economy class
  46. What to do during a four hour transfer in AMS on minimal budget
  47. KLM Website shows Aitalia segment as canceled
  48. KL limits Non-Rev perks a little bit per January 1st
  49. Hundreds of KL pax stuck on Sint Maarten
  50. Best seat new WBC on B772?
  51. personalised free luggage tags
  52. KLM IT outage at AMS
  53. Upgrades: OLCI to Crown Lounge to Onboard
  54. Shouldn't KLM be reducing/eliminating the fuel surcharge?
  55. Cancelled economy comfort choice at purchase screen - now can't select seat?
  56. Double Seat Assignments
  57. KLM ending AMS - DEL flights?
  58. Buyer beware: X fares on KLM
  59. Delay, denied 261/2004, offered a voucher instead.
  60. Sleeping the KLM quiet zone?
  61. The new long haul Y seat
  62. KLM B772 returns to GIG with crack in window
  63. Schiphol Meeting Point- Airside
  64. Is it necessary to use the Middle name in the Booking?
  65. Boarding pass - CLID
  66. What to expect in Y: PEK-AMS
  67. got voucher for miles but no time to hand it back..options?
  68. Fancy an overnight stay in an MD11? Offered by KL on airbnb
  69. KLM WBC Seat Selection Option...disappeared...any ideas why??
  70. "Prepare your trip" spam
  71. Screening and security circus USA-bound flights at AMS
  72. What to expect in J: EZE-SCL on 777...
  73. European Bucket H - upgrade and cancel?
  74. Question about KL Flight operated by KQ purchased through DL
  75. A330-300 Business Class from Amsterdam to Curacao
  76. Schiphol - Lastest time to pass through security check (Schengen area)
  77. WARNING: Phishing emails from KLM circulating
  78. KLM's Inept Lost and Found and Website
  79. KLM throw-away ticketing.
  80. LCY-KUL check-in online for entire segment?
  81. on-board upgrades with miles - how many?
  82. A330-300 from IAD
  83. Air France, wrong choice?
  84. Possible to Check Baggage in AMS as a Mid-Point?
  85. AMS-BUD question
  86. Z gates in the D terminal (Schengen area)
  87. OT: Schengen preclearance for KLM flights from Aruba
  88. seat selection bad web error
  89. Best Schiphol hotel
  90. No more disposable razor blades in AMS lounges
  91. Legs of journey now 2 days apart after rebooking
  92. Camiel Eurlings resigns as CEO of KLM
  93. Can I skip 1 segment(cdg- zyr)? ICN- (cdg)- ZYR, ZYR-(ams)-ICN
  94. Transporting pets on KLM?
  95. Any reason to keep flying KLM?
  96. Trying to purchase a seat upgrade online but it won't go thru
  97. KLM introduces service to Edmonton (YEG)
  98. Turnaround time in MAN between BA/KLM flights (hand baggage only)
  99. Ryanair to finally come to AMS in 2015?
  100. KLM fined 200.000 EUR for not advertising ticket prices correctly
  101. KLM Delft Huisje #95
  102. New lounge at Amsterdam - Open 2016
  103. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrates its 95th anniversary Tuesday October 7, 2014
  104. Only bookable on Oct 7 (AMS time): cheap tickets AMS to Jakarta, New York, Curacao
  105. AAR 737 Pilot Training.
  106. KLM seat pitch
  107. Eurlings the invisible man
  108. Help and Advice please
  109. KLM Unveils Schiphol Route Planner App
  110. KLM B747 slides off runway; Polderbaan closed
  111. Finding KL business class awards -- make any difference if it's DL miles or FB miles?
  112. Bassinets on flights AMS To US
  113. Fokker 70 blocked on the taxiway
  114. KLM Cancels My Itinerary Without Telling Me
  115. Change of Itinerary at KLM behalf
  116. KL has run out of cabin crew
  117. KLM Lost and Found service
  118. BRU check in opening hours?
  119. No first class SFO-AMS?
  120. Advice please on how to find lost luggage today at Schiphol
  121. Klm / kl0605 / ams - sfo / 25sep14
  122. How to complain to KLM?
  123. LAX Terminal Change
  124. KL765 (AUA-BON-AMS) makes emergency landing, with one engine, in SNN
  125. Unfair KLM refund policies - can this be fought?
  126. Which one to choose? 747 or 777
  127. Lost boarding pass from KLM airline
  128. HV route update summer schedule 2015
  129. Booked tickets in G and N intra-europe flight
  130. Unlimited Free Wifi at AMS
  131. Economy Comfort seat on codeshared ticket
  132. Can I book MNL-TPE or vv on KLM?
  133. Not completing last leg of outbound trip-KLM
  134. Benefits for partner on award flight
  135. Who knows about KLM connection BHX????
  136. benefits on short haul economy connecting to long haul business class?
  137. Any advice dealing with KLM customer care?
  138. parents in WBC, Kids in EC
  139. World Deal Weeks - Fall 2014
  140. Carry on scrutiny at AMS
  141. Lounge pass AMS(Amsterdam)
  142. Flat tires on the runway, possible to compensation for delay?
  143. Seeking advise with KLM customer Care
  144. Maximizing longhaul experience on KLM
  145. KL621 and ATL immigrations/customs
  146. new business class - AMS - Osaka
  147. KLM orders 2 additional B77W
  148. Lusaka arrivals
  149. Can KLM just cancel flight and rebook me a day later?
  150. DFW to AMS expectations
  151. Schiphol considering construction of A pier and a new terminal
  152. Help required
  153. KLM.ie no longer exempt from booking fee?
  154. New-look home-print KLM boarding pass?
  155. Seating just behind Economy Comfort?
  156. Never used KLM booking website before, need help
  157. KLM's DC11
  158. Seat Choice WBC 747
  159. Great KLM FA - KL836
  160. Recommended connection time EK to KLM
  161. Single OLCI for KLM+Korean flight?
  162. KLM boarding times
  163. Urgency! Anyone flying from Toronto to ..?
  164. KLM suspends TLV
  165. BHX-AMS-ZAG 'on the tight'
  166. Fast connections at Schiphol
  167. KLM to pilot "family check-in"
  168. B772: refit new WBC
  169. KL 895 16 July
  170. KLM inter-continental lounge to increase in size
  171. KLM is the first to offer service through LinkedIn
  172. Can't choose seat on AF leg
  173. [Help Request] Anyone here work for KLM or know someone who does?
  174. Free luggage tags are back!
  175. First name and middle combined into one
  176. no free bags in business class on Delta ticket?
  177. KL 737-700s to get 10 extra seats
  178. KL to ditch Martinair?
  179. KLM [operational] Upgrades
  180. Travel Partners with Elites and European Seating
  181. Dar es Salaam SkyTeam lounge?
  182. E190 Space Questions
  183. KLM cancelling flight in Oct - still bookable?
  184. Soup as new appetizer in WBC
  185. Noise Cancelling headsets in Business ?
  186. Farewell MD-11
  187. The joys and surprises of OLCI
  188. KL to Tweak Non-Rev T&Cs
  189. Adios Amigos (KLM IT Social Media brilliance)
  190. MMB - upgrade now option not working?
  191. JFK-AMS-TXL then PRG-JFK
  192. Single traveller flying WBC on 747
  193. "KLM invites you for FB"
  194. One-way Ex UK
  195. Advice on getting compensation from KLM
  196. Dutch Railways Schiphol arrival guarantee
  197. Stupid forgot something onbaord KLM (OSL-AMS Sunday 22 June)
  198. Checked baggage ams connection
  199. KLM 747 seating configuration
  200. AMS-CPT Tonight
  201. Still hate the new ticket class for flying blue points, alternatives?
  202. KLM: Europe's newest LCC [paying for baggage now also for Ivory]
  203. KLM considering Bogota and Cali [confirmed]
  204. Reserving seats on KL flights with non-KL nrs
  205. KLM MD-11 at airshow
  206. KL835 SIN/DPS extremely limited avail in Aug?
  207. KLM Glitch?
  208. WBC Miles Upgrade
  209. Promo code field during KL booking process?
  210. KLM wannagives experiences
  211. Phantom flight KL769: It exists, but it doesn't?
  212. Business class ticket for economy ticket - Norway ---> Canada
  213. Paying for window seat during OLCI?
  214. Different KLM World Business Class seat types
  215. Check-in Prague on KLM/Czech
  216. Non-Schengen to Schengen transfer at AMS: where can I go?
  217. Online check-in for 2nd itinerary on MH/KL mixed code trip
  218. SkyPriority check-in area has moved a bit at AMS
  219. Quick turn-around for segment run ex-AMS
  220. Boeing 737-x00 - Emergency exit seats
  221. AMS-KUL-CGK: house on both segments?
  222. Successful EU Regulation 261/2004 claim
  223. Dutch house and AMS transit.
  224. KL to Launch New App
  225. Access to Crown Lounge at AMS
  226. New Business class JNB - AMS ?
  227. automatically assigned middle seat (4E) without apparent reason
  228. Tight connection (non-Schengen to Schengen) - Privium - airside or landside?
  229. New WBC (B744) KL644 Sunday 11 May 2014: a few photos
  230. Expansion of the AMS non-Schengen Crown Lounge (F pier)
  231. AMS to NWI on KLM: Throw Away the Return?
  232. Missed connection at AMS: hotel reclaim
  233. Vxj, new KL destination
  234. Ryanair's Michael O'Leary likes to fly KLM via Amsterdam
  235. OLCI for Cityjet Codeshares
  236. New KLM flexibility option
  237. KLM at GRU - New Terminal 3
  238. Haugesund New KL destination?
  239. Business Class on DOH-AMS A330
  240. Flying Blue members (any level) get the 1st checked bag free on intraEuro KL flights?
  241. EU Compensation for KLM Cancelled Flight
  242. KLM Last Minute Cash Upgrades
  243. KLM transfer time at schipol
  244. KLM rumoured to introduce new livery
  245. Monday Mystery Tickets
  246. Flight number confusion: KL682 or KL214?
  247. NEW FB Elite benefit?
  248. To switch or not for WBC?
  249. Best WBC Seating on the 744
  250. KLM to introduce Lowest Price Guarantee