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  1. Double Points May-July AMS-Far East
  2. Has anyone RECEIVED their match points yet?
  3. Status points for every second boarding - or not?
  4. Martinair - ex partner
  5. select seating on AMS-SFO MD11?
  6. KLM Says March Traffic Almost Equal To Year Earlier
  7. KLM: New flight AMS-MIA
  8. Five injured as KLM flight evacuated
  9. CO/NW Webfares Eligible Toward RW Status?
  10. KLMuk to become Cityhopper?
  11. What are the feelings of the "real RW's"
  12. NW will EUA RW's on CO tickets
  13. And the winner is.. Airbus AND Boeing
  14. Questions about World Journey Fare ...
  15. No bonus points for RW?
  16. KLM definitely allows back-to-back ticketing!
  17. Singapur Lounge for RW?
  18. Anyone got the point match in *WRITING*??
  19. Couln't not believe: My RW account has disappeared !
  20. Claiming Miles From Changed Flight
  21. upgrade for royal wing for NW on Y bookings
  22. e-ticket on KLM: finally!
  23. Transfer my NW miles to KLM - worth the trouble?
  24. Opening of counter at FRA: x hours before departure?
  25. KLM/NW Service Points question
  26. Cheapest way to get the required 12.000 service points reactivated
  27. KLM to US Airways mileage transfer??
  28. Any KLM lounge in MXP?
  29. Brits can drink and drive their way to Goldwing status
  30. Double Points Eindhoven-London/Stansted
  31. NW -miles Postings
  32. KLM Group restructures to focus on three key product / market combinations
  33. FD Service Points promotion, a one-off opportunity
  34. Double points for business class ???
  35. 10 NOK mileage run from Norway!
  36. Wanted........Inside Information.
  37. What's the strategy after people get miles matched?
  38. Some Promotions for Norwegian KLM FD members
  39. Malmo Aviation leaves Flying Dutchman
  40. Double Points (Selected Destination)
  41. Does the train count as segment
  42. What's the highest total miles/points that anyone is trying to match?
  43. Do Continental Express flights earn FD points?
  44. Can anybody borrow me a KLM Lounge Pass for Schiphol ??
  45. My first CO/NW using FD account# ..... Do NW and KLM communicate at all?
  46. MH BC fare sale ex-SIN
  47. Expiration ??
  48. Question regarding "Best Business Class" fares ?
  49. Incorrect mileage credit for BU flights
  50. Problems with getting acct info online?
  51. How many service points for JFK-NRT in C?
  52. Important phone number for all Flying Dutchman enrolled in the Mileage Match Promo
  53. New Aircraft for KLM
  54. Double points from Antwerp/Thalys
  55. questions on MH and NW...
  56. the Indonesian mela (Reistafel in german)
  57. North-America (NW or CO?) coupons for non-North-America residents?
  58. Review: First Flights on CO after deal with KLM !!
  59. CityHopper, Exel, UK - double points
  60. Folks...can you give me a hand??
  61. Canada to U.S. What zone?
  62. When will Martinair service to YVR revert to true KLM?
  63. Ending date of match promo?
  64. How long does it take for CO flights to post online?
  65. AS upgraded flights earn F Service Points?
  66. Is there a confirmation for the mileage match offer?
  67. KLM seatmaps (of 767)
  68. Holy Windmill Batman - points subtracted from the service level???
  69. New offer to match all points for Braathens members
  70. how to obtain exit row seating
  71. What's up in AMS on March 17th?
  72. KLM Forum dead?
  73. Any Promos on KLM?
  74. transatlantic c class comparison
  75. Upgrade
  76. KLM traffic underscores airline recovery
  77. No BA-KLM merger in next ten years
  78. NW Confirmation " Upgrades on direct flights "
  79. Pres Club Access
  80. KLM; The "price" for beeing LOYAL and ROYAL....
  81. Business Class Ticket = Lounge Access??
  82. Schedule News
  83. Would FD's please be so kind..
  84. How many Service Points are deducted for the match/comp?
  85. Double miles in Business / Europe ???
  86. I actually like KLM
  87. How is Martinair ???
  88. Lounge in YYZ
  89. Comped & de-comped! Wassup?
  90. China Southern to Australia
  91. All CO segments count for mileage match?
  92. KLM Boosts Flight Frequencies World Wide
  93. How do KLM upgrades work??
  94. 4-day Internet sale on 11 destinations ex-AMS
  95. Cancelled flight and rerouting - does KL still credit original segments?
  96. Product Improvements
  97. KLM Timetable for Palm OS
  98. Northwest Domestic Upgrades
  99. Who calls the shots ?
  100. upgrades on CO?
  101. Any KLM fares ex Germany for instant purchase?
  102. Posting of Continental Flights with KLM
  103. Points for CO commuter flights
  104. Paper viz OnLine.....Confusion Reigns.
  105. KL Lounges for RW at CGN and NCE?
  106. Avis and KLM Royalwing
  107. Has anybody booked Last Minute Swansensations so far ??
  108. Bonus Service Points for every 2nd Flight
  109. Award Flights no longer free!
  110. RTW KL/SQ
  111. Double miles to and from USA...
  112. e checkin
  113. Which routes can be reward flights?
  114. KLM/SNCF French Railways Partnership Agreement
  115. A Rumor About WBC seats
  116. Upgrades
  117. Earn points on entire Malev network
  118. KLM/SNCF French Railways Partnership Agreement
  119. Do we get a fair deal ?
  120. What are they up to???????????????????????
  121. Possible Mileage Run domestic Sweden
  122. Special campaign on romantic destinations!
  123. from/to Germany
  124. FD service points for MH and KQ (Kenya)?
  125. KLM booking guarantee
  126. Live in the US but would like to sign up for FD program
  127. KLM talking cooperation with Italy's Volare
  128. KLM celebrates 10th anniversaryof Flying Dutchman program
  129. NW lounge access with RW card when travelling domestically?
  130. Hurrah -- my status finally posted!
  131. KLM traffic down 6 pct in Jan
  132. KL is nice
  133. Best way to sign up for the mile & status match?
  134. Better 747 C seat assignment?
  135. changes in elite level qualification requirements?
  136. Booking NWA reward flights with FD points
  137. changing FD address from Germany to US
  138. NW flights getting flight credit within the Flying Dutchman programme
  139. Did KLM lower the Award-prices???
  140. Valentine's Day: half the price for your other half !
  141. KLM email address in Canada for international travel
  142. KL offers ex Sweden
  143. KLM Says Forward Bookings On Upward Trend
  144. KL started a hotel reservation service
  145. "Say I do" offer from Belgium
  146. KL announced new offers : New York, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Washington for € 222
  147. CO IAH-AMS
  148. Unofficial Guide to KLM
  149. Flying Dutchman member status webpage not reflecting Matching Miles promotion correct
  150. IMPORTANT: Mileage Match is NOT 1 mile = 1FD point
  151. Where did all the KL Special Offers go?
  152. Did they change the policy for complimentary NW domestic upgrades?
  153. NW LGW-IAD for £129
  154. Mileage credit for all NW booking classes?
  155. Reward seat availability for Royalwings
  156. Level of comp into KLM program
  157. FD points good for MH F award
  158. Do NW flights operated by others count for FD status?
  159. CO and KL points
  160. The series of topics describing all about the FD programme is complete
  161. Earning service points for FD members with residence in Latin America & Caribbean
  162. Upgrades on CO?
  163. What Happens If You Move??
  164. RoyalWing Card - How Long It Takes
  165. 5.000 addtl. bonus miles for the enjoy america destinations
  166. Cheapest 10-segment run? $190 on CO.
  167. Will travel on continental give service point ?
  168. what to do if I have my RW card not yet
  169. KLM upgrades self-service check-in
  170. 140000Points/FTL worth to go for the FD promo?
  171. Do upgraded tickets accrue FD points?
  172. KL & BA press release in Dutch
  173. How does KL handle back-to-back ticketing?
  174. another FD/RW benefit - free phone rental
  175. 4,400 service points for two runs while staying in Europe
  176. A series of offers KL UK has added on its website
  177. What's GOOD about FD?
  178. Question: KLM flight - where to book my miles?
  179. Lounges At Schiphol
  180. 100K miles Business Class award NYC - SYD
  181. Summary of my KLM-Flying Dutchman ‘project’
  182. Future of Eurowings DUS/HAJ/NUE-AMS
  183. UA offers AMS-LHR
  184. KLM passengers welcome on Thalys train service
  185. Loophole? What does "top level members" really mean?
  186. Continental And KLM Initiate Codesharing Arrangements
  187. New French Promotion: Van Gogh / Gauguin from 250 Euros !
  188. 1800 or 900 points flying F domestic US?
  189. CO to AMS from NYC
  190. Questions about KLM FD program
  191. Which is more valuable, OneWorld or KLM?
  192. KLM Joins China Southern's Sky Pearl FFP Club
  193. Miles/Points needed for Europe-NewZealand
  194. Urgent advice requested - how many 'service points' is this?
  195. Is this incorrect (matching status offer) for current RW?
  196. Dutch or UK address for KLM point match promo?
  197. The *TRANSFER* Form...
  198. EDI and GLA are the best offers in a series KLM Netherlands has added on its website
  199. Starwood Preferred Gold for KLM RoyalWing
  200. Does the Mile & Status Match work with online statement?
  201. KLM FD points earned on CO - what zones?
  202. Convert KLM FD points into NW WorldPerks and vice versa
  203. New Timetable Released
  204. WBC operational upgrade
  206. IC Six Continents Club membership
  207. Upgrade possible on Martinair ??
  208. New offer: Europe for less
  209. New German Website with all KLM promos
  210. Huge Mileage run on MH possible with new Access Asia Pass
  211. RW upgrade on NW domestic does not work at present
  212. service points / award points
  213. SW Lounge access
  214. BA & KLM To Code Share On Middle East Routes
  215. KLM and British Airways cooperation ?
  216. Are all KL fares upgradable?
  217. best seating on kl 747 and 767
  218. Any one received the matching miles?
  219. Couple of (elementary" questions regarding KL FD promo
  220. Select seating ??
  221. buzz is cutting routes
  222. €25 charge on phone bookings
  223. Experiences of more persistent FD members calling the FD helpdesk
  224. Three important questions regarding FD (at least for me!!)
  225. FD earning by residency comparison tables/Excel worksheet
  226. The KL promo seems to have been extended for a month
  227. Someone please check me here...
  228. Earning FD service points for FD members with residence in Africa
  229. Earning service points for FD members with residence in The Netherlands
  230. Earning service points for FD members with residence in Europe-1 (UK, Germany, etc.)
  231. Earning service points for FD members with residence in Europe-2 (Austria, etc.)
  232. Earning service points for FD members with residence in Middle-East, India & Cyprus
  233. Earning service points for FD members with residence in Europe-3 (rest of Europe)
  234. FD zone system and examples of flights in zones A up to T
  235. Upgrading on MH flights
  236. What mileage total is used for KL matching promo?
  237. Award points needed per one way direct flight for all FD zones
  238. Need help on FD service points tables
  239. FD points on SincoAir?
  240. Double Dipping with Amex Membership Reward Points
  241. CO – KL codeshare co-operation
  242. Service Points for AS/QX flights
  243. Double Points Promotions
  244. Does anybody know the service points for CO flights?
  245. KLM to outrun LH
  246. KLM Sweden homepage down?
  247. Has FD different service points tables?
  248. Stupid question regarding CO codeshare flights and matching promo
  249. Enjoy America!
  250. Discounted Upgrades Hurry Up !!!