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  1. Flying Blue button on klm/nl website
  2. Any Hope
  3. “Check in and win”
  4. PE for Life
  5. transactions do not appear when logging in
  6. Looking for advice/insights on AMS-JRO
  7. Stretching YRWWJ40, would this be possible?
  8. KLM Web Survey
  9. KLM Plus
  10. Court orders KL to pay up for luggage lost in 1993!
  11. Tempo Challenge pre and post FB
  12. Ministry Queries KLM Over Pregnant Passenger
  13. Booking an Award on Jet Airways under FB?
  14. Retroactive credit for flight prior to enrolment
  15. Flying BLue & Amex
  16. Del-NRT advice needed
  17. New FB: 9W (Jet Airways) is no longer a partner?
  18. NW US UPGRADES for Fying Blue Platinum ?
  19. Award Chart on New Flying Blue Program
  20. Schiphol Lounge News
  21. World Business Class Vegetarian meal
  22. How far out can you book awards using KLM miles? Does MH come into that time band?
  23. aaah the way it used to be
  24. FD airline partner awards
  25. Lounge access in CPH and AMS. Flying in Y with CO PC membership
  26. Q: Eligible fare classes for upgrade
  27. JFK-AMS-WAW ... What to Expect
  28. Just got my Flying Blue Membership Pack
  29. "personal fast upgrade" and Flying Bleu
  30. KLM Magazine
  31. Bad Information from FD Helpdesk!
  32. non-qualifying fares for FB?
  33. now it's official
  34. Typical fare AMS-NBO
  35. Booze back on KLM mainline yet?
  36. Anyone need FB Program Brochure ?
  37. Flight Information
  38. CoS and PE tier bonus
  39. Which ticket classes with Aeromexico earn FD miles ?
  40. KLM picks up 2 new A330-200's
  41. KLM-Gulf Air?
  42. Intra European Biz Class - Some Questions
  43. What's missing from Flying Blue? Let's enumerate.
  44. So...who's leaving?
  45. Star status match offer back for UK fliers!
  46. Boarding // landing with dead pax
  47. Thank you everybody
  48. FD PE Schiphol Lounge Access
  49. Moscow --> AMS in Business: Anything more than a sandwich?
  50. Pricing peculiarity - booking on KLM v NWA
  51. AMS to Cape Town
  52. Compensation for Cancelled Flight
  53. gate checking wheelchair
  54. Meaning of Priority
  55. booze will be back
  56. Online check-in & Select Seating
  57. Flying Blue and "Baggage Protection"
  58. Which classes restrict the miles earned
  59. Feds turn back KL 747 on its way to Mexico
  60. Best seats on 777 in WBC ?
  61. KL 622 in EWR??????
  62. OT: Help with Thalys in Dutch, please
  63. Option for WP Asia members to switch to FB
  64. Anyone have a documented corporate travel policy?
  65. FD miles transfer
  66. Flying Blue & Amex / Lounge access
  67. KLM Plus
  68. Cadillacs for KLM business class passengers
  69. Switching from WorldPerks to Flying Blue?
  70. Movies on 747 on AMS-BOM/IAH
  71. Alitalia express gives points??
  72. Business class bonus may change from 50% to 150%
  73. Why almost no award availability ex-NCL?
  74. [B]No longer mileage points for certain class flown[B]
  75. Awards Taxes A Joke
  76. Redeem Miles within Europe
  77. KLM points on DL - any fare restrictions
  78. Owner of FD
  79. No more plastic cutlery for UK flights
  80. Flying Blue membership kit
  81. Help! Should I not collect miles between Feb and June?
  82. FB and international V/ L fares
  83. B747 - row 2
  84. Flying blue
  85. Webawards if you fly not out of Amsterdam
  86. NW Plat Elite flying KLM for the 1st time with no seat assignment
  87. what is select seating really worth?
  88. ticket-conditions
  89. Different Classes
  90. KLM raises prices in many countries by appx. 30% overnight on all flights!!!!
  91. What a waste... more FD cards
  92. Business class menu AMS-JFK ?
  93. UK tax on CO upgrades
  94. Book your awards now! FD accounts reset per June 1 2005
  95. Regain Status
  96. Upgrade on Air France
  97. E-tickets for award tickets?
  98. Advice required on booking FD Reward Tickets ?
  99. Can't answer your email because of weather (sic)!
  100. Flying blue and amex status?
  101. Lounge access ambiguity
  102. Official email advice received from KLM of the new "FLYING BLUE" Flyer program.
  103. Telfort not part of FB
  104. Why do we all love KLM?
  105. Ah, those were the days!
  106. KLM stops with 'Click & Go'
  107. CPH Lounge
  108. Do "North America" awards using FD miles include the Carribean as well?
  109. Even expired KL Plat cards get free internet accesss in KL AMS clubs.
  110. PE Lounge Access on Arrival in AMS
  111. New? No more award-ticket pick-up at non-Swissport stations?
  112. Transfer of Delta skymiles to FD
  113. New Web Awards
  114. paying extra on klm.com
  115. Why??Taxes cheaper than when booked
  116. Whats KLM transatlantic like?
  117. AF/KLM FFP merger
  118. Dormant FD account: move to WP or fly blue?
  119. need just 420 miles -is the 450 email sign-up bonus still going?
  120. Almost totally useless comparison between AF+ and FD
  121. Restaurant and spa recommendations in Amsterdam?
  122. Annoying helpdesk incident today.
  123. Double level miles on Air France C class?
  124. "Flying Blue" starts in June
  125. NW locator issue..
  126. KLM Award Ticket on AF Date Change
  127. AF E/N fare
  128. Whats Happening at KLM @LBA
  129. online checkin:BRU-AMS-ATL,EWR-AMS
  130. KL FD Amex Card (additional cards)
  131. FD miles on AF flights - book now, fly July
  132. UPDATE: Schiphol: Diamond Heist
  133. Best Alternative to KLM (US/Canada based flyer)
  134. KL/AF Name of new FFP to Be released next week.
  135. How on earth do I get a seat?
  136. Best Alternative to KLM (UK based flyer)
  137. Problems accessing FD accounts today ?
  138. Intra-Europe Business Class
  139. Best way to maximize points on this route?
  140. freeing up award seats?
  141. Gold benefits under new AF-KL...
  142. KLM webpage (again)
  143. Is this connection too thight?
  144. Upgrading with FD miles - NW ticket, NW metal, KL flight number
  145. Europe-Montreal : AF or KL?
  146. How long will we have time to escape the merger?
  147. The new AF-KL loyalty program
  148. Anyone here around Schiphol early Wednesday March 16th?
  149. Internet Check-in and seat allocation
  150. Cityhopper to purchase pre-owned aircraft
  151. Ams-atl Wbc Ife
  152. Any know for SURE the opening hours of the PO within Schiphol? EEC Customs Rules etc?
  153. Earning miles with SkyTeam members - additional changes without any commuication
  154. The new Flying Dutchman programme makes its top-tiers happy
  155. Some people are happy with KLM......
  156. Travel Discount Certificate Redemption
  157. Miles with FD for flying with AZ
  158. Award on KL partners - paper ticket -- can I change date of last flights(s)
  159. Recovering Pin Number
  160. Immigration at YYZ (Toronto) after arriving on KL691
  161. A380
  162. EUA on NWA domestic USA?
  163. False alert at ABZ
  164. Do E/N flts on KL earn miles as normal on ST FFPs?
  165. Pay with AMEX, fly KL and get BONUS (2004 Offer)
  166. Air France KLM Traffic Up In February
  167. Snow in Amsterdam?
  168. Q: Possible to Redeem KLM FD Miles for JetAirways' Future India-Europe/US Flights?
  169. Moving to Asia
  170. WBC 767 vs 777 on Day Flights
  171. Rules for flight delays
  172. Pilot Aborts Landing at EWK on Wednesday
  173. I think I found the world's tiniest lounge (HUY)
  174. [email protected] - terrible availability?
  175. AIR EXEL OUT OF BUSINESS : KLM forces me to buy a new ticket
  176. upgrades on click&go tickets
  177. Award Possibility for 35k Miles? Buenos Aires to HNL/Hawaii
  178. Upgrades on CO Micronesia
  179. WebAwards and non-standard itin mutually exclusive?
  180. Award Seats Using KLM Miles
  181. KLM Lounges at Schiphol
  182. permanent low BIZ-fares ex ams to LAX/SFO
  183. Pointswise- klm, delta or continental for AMS-NYC
  184. Yahoo! Group for discussion of future FD/F+ Program Strategy
  185. What are the current point penalties for cancelling FD awards?
  186. Translantic seat sales for June travel?
  187. The new membership kits are here! The new membership kits are here!
  188. Diamond robbery at Schiphol
  189. How to transfer level miles to the following year?
  190. student fares
  191. Now I wish we could have this !!! (NW Does )
  192. Flying Delta Song as a PE
  193. Crown Lounge Award Vouchers - problem booking
  194. KLM flight on NW ticketstock can no longer be upgraded?
  195. Will I be charged double miles?
  196. Lifetime Status Question
  197. "Europe Select" seating?
  198. info for travelling through Schiphol
  199. KLM Platinum Elite Golf Tournament 2005
  200. COpa and KLM
  201. Focus Group For F+/FD Integration
  202. Behind The Curtain At FD, Part 2
  203. Miles decrease?
  204. Lounge access (WBC on KLM) after arrival in Chicago ORD when connecting on United
  205. KL 777 WBC vs. CO 777 BF
  206. missed last flight leg
  207. AF&KL Frequent flyer
  208. Fare Information
  209. Do you accrue FD miles when flying MH on MH flight nos - i.e. NOT on KL code-shares?
  210. Thanks AMEX !
  211. Online seat assignment
  212. KLM Plus - 6mo. lounge access for 49 Euros
  213. KLM to fly to Estonia?
  214. KL wants FD members to name the Airbus fleet
  215. E/N Fares - Booking Confusion
  216. Aer Lingus to leave the Flying Dutchman program
  217. Malaysian Lounge Acces
  218. Booking classes in coach qualifying for miles
  219. What's this fresh upgrade nonsense?
  220. Why Security Check at AMS Going from Non-Schengen to Schengen Gates?
  221. Status Match / comp. ?
  222. Fast track back to your old elite level
  223. EWR-Europe with KLM? CO? NW? MH? in C
  224. Can't access latest Webawards
  225. lounge access in bombay
  226. Kl from AMS - MAN, then American Air MAN-SFO, separate tickets, can KL check bags??
  227. Flight award availability issues through web
  228. FD - perhaps already posted
  229. KLM - Business Class Seating
  230. MH to KL connection; baggage check question
  231. New web awards: 50% ATL and 25% CAI
  232. WBC Upgrades - Pecking Order
  233. Changing upgraded reservations
  234. MH codeshare eligible for KL?
  235. January 2005 Traffic
  236. AMS-TLV connecting to *
  237. Listing of Video Programs
  238. [email protected]
  239. AMS Hotel Quandry
  240. Privium Rip Off
  241. KLM buiz class to Nairobe help please
  242. Delayed flight package
  243. Check your reservation feature broken?
  244. Who flies KL intra-European?
  245. Soon to come on your KLM flight
  246. Can AF codeshare with non Sky Team airline be booked as a KLM award
  247. Which KL PE wants to shower w/me on Feb 9 in AMS?
  248. KQ lounge access and other KQ questions for honeymooning couple
  249. Do miles flown on MH count for status?
  250. 1K & J economy