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  1. KL cancels IAH flights over the weekend due to Rita
  2. FD reminiscence thread to keep all the negativity in one place so as not to upset anyone...
  3. Lounge Invitation Part II
  4. Purchase upgrade on KLM ?
  5. A CGN Question
  6. Take-off fare on KLM?
  7. Need Help re KLM A330-200 coach seating choice
  8. Are KLM's European Offer flights sector flights?
  9. KLM TCV's
  10. How is KLMs AMS-SFO in business
  11. Some Hanover Questions
  12. UK Advertising Standards
  13. AMS - delay due to technical- where to complain?
  14. Privatair IAH replaces 663/664?
  15. KL591 in WBC: AMS - JNB What to expect?
  16. I had a response!
  17. PH-BZB Pont Neuf Leaves KLM fleet (B763)
  18. First A330 flight AMS-Washington
  19. Incredibly high C class fare SIN-AMS
  20. When did KL stop flying AMS-CBG?
  21. Did search - still confused: KL 'and partners' RTW - some questions
  22. Flying Blue vs Flying Dutchman
  23. Blatant Lies
  24. Latest KLM UK North Atlantic promotion
  25. OLCI seat allocation
  26. More KLM tax madness!
  27. Last-minute booking change with a fare class upgrade on a flexible ticket? This is not possible.
  28. House 86
  29. Getting back in my good books
  30. New booking classes KLM - intercontinental flights
  31. Closing AF lounge in B hall at Schipol
  32. FB Silver - Great treatment - Thanks KLM
  33. Passengers not enthousiastic about KL
  34. KLM business B737 to Houston confirmed
  35. The Polderbaan
  36. Where to send an "old" FD-Miles Voucher ?
  37. Invitation to AMS Lounge Opening
  38. KLM evaluates all-business transatlantic service
  39. KL to halve number of check-in desks at AMS
  40. KL to halve number of check-in desks at AMS
  41. KLM A330
  42. First cabin shot of KLM A330-200
  43. Lounge Access in NBO
  44. Beginners question - KL class codes...
  45. First experience of the new KLM Lounge at AMS
  46. New lounge access rule for Schiphol
  47. KLM to outsource facility services ops
  48. Z Class on KLm
  49. KLM A330-200 Business Class Seats
  50. FD (not FB!) and Alaska Airlines
  51. KL809 To KUL
  52. Changing an upgraded flight
  53. At witch airport flies the KLM 777 to?
  54. KLM Special Livery: "Flying Blue FFP"
  55. KL fears delays caused by US new security requirements
  56. KLM: What is checked baggage allowance for a lap child (10% of adult fare)
  57. Cancelling a non-cancellable ticket on KL
  58. KLM Website Tax Charges Result in 29% More for Same Flights as NW
  59. Don't dare try to access the Schengen lounge at AMS as PE with 2 kids
  60. Service-center in AMS?
  61. AMS-LHR-AMS on same plane with checked luggage in 55 minutes @ LHR with KLM-possible?
  62. KL to Istanbul
  63. Lost Luggage : KL takes first prize again
  64. Friday night 18:05 AMS-MAN
  65. KL to introduce new Internet sales concept
  66. KL/NW Best seats to opt for
  67. business seat with eco-ticket
  68. More KL flights to DXB
  69. KL : Piece concept weight limit
  70. Missing 25% bonus miles from mai
  71. AMS lounge access voucher
  72. DIY Service Recovery, KL style!
  73. Why are there barf bags in KL seat pockets?
  74. KLM vs. KQ op-up chances
  75. KL's Tasteless Onboard Amenities Kit
  76. Enough Connect time in AMS?? Help!?
  77. Booking Classes and Booking Engines
  78. KL Yield Management
  79. KLM Changes Fare Basis from NW
  80. KL644 - JFK-AMS - what to expect
  81. Question : No more booze in Europe Select on City Hopper ?
  82. KLM Airbus A330-200 seatmap online
  83. KL : Beer and Wine ?
  84. T-30hrs and I can't do OLCI (KL) .. is this something usual??
  85. Best KLM Lounge to Access in Schiphol?
  86. KLM to announce nonstop service to Hyderabad, India
  87. KL Round the World Map
  88. Booking on klm.com from another country?
  89. 25% Miles Earning Info Shown On KLM When Booking - But Not At The Right Time
  90. Help needed: KLM lost confirmed upgrade
  91. 50€ KLM discount certificate PD001 for missing connection
  92. Anyone got their KLMplus card refund?
  93. KLM New Destinations?
  94. As of 11-Dec: Train will replace KL-flights AMS-EIN
  95. The Wall Street Journal Online : Northwest Could Lose Its Lucrative Pact With KLM
  96. No shower access in AMS lounges
  97. Europe Select What to Expect?
  98. Airbus arrives in Amsterdam!:Delivery of KLM’s first A330 marks fleet renewal
  99. AMS Air France Lounge Access Flying KLM?
  100. Schiphol transfer questions
  101. Lounge access on KLM S Class ticket
  102. Is SMS flight tracking on KLM/FD website gone?
  103. Anyone need two KLM Euro 25 Vouchers exp 8/1 ?
  104. Oversized Luggage - BBQ to Sudan - Dimension Questions
  105. PH-BUK on display at Lelystad now open for public
  106. Must be a Dutch thing !
  107. KL Booking Engine Question
  108. KLM makes sad reading
  109. Crazy Fares Paris-USA in JULY!!! on klm.fr
  110. UK to AMS bloody cheap
  111. Headphone adaptors on KLM
  112. cheap KL Z class fares from Tallinn to US
  113. AMS - EDI Flight Cancelled :@
  114. KL direct to EBB starting October 28
  115. More KLM on klm.nl or an other on-line promotion
  116. Shower access in AMS--false advertising?
  117. showers at AMS
  118. schiphol lounge access for DL biz?
  119. Booking Class "C" on KLM Cityhopper...
  120. KLM B767-300's info
  121. New KLM A330-200 seat map?
  122. KLM Cityhopper
  123. Bye bye Flying Dutchman
  124. Ncl - Kl966
  125. NEW flyertalk forum Flying Blue - Please use for new threads!
  126. Window Seat looker..best seat to see something AMS-NBO
  127. Crown lounge access
  128. Plat Lounge Access on Pure US Domestic Skyteam Itin
  129. AMS lounge question
  130. Electronic check in at AMS?
  131. plat dedicated phoneline?
  132. Comparison of cost of European award tickets..
  133. Is this up to date news on Skyteam?
  134. FD -> FB Miles Posting - Beware!
  135. Online Claim Missing Miles
  136. Priority Boarding to be improved, KL claims
  137. Where are the [email protected]?
  138. First time in AMS (really) and have questions
  139. Lounge Access in Athens
  140. KLM lounge access on arrival in AMS?
  141. Flying Blue Question?
  142. Lounge Access policy
  143. On line, real time time SEAT SELECTION
  144. KLM A 330 pics.
  145. Anyone else caught in the rain in AMS
  146. "New" Schengen lounge in Schiphol (moved from KL)
  147. KLM *G lounge at LHR T4?
  148. FAO Aviatrix or anyone else (NWI Question)
  149. your favorite KLM plane
  150. Privium Plus for only €25
  151. KLM Business Class
  152. Advice on best business seats for AMS-HKG and back
  153. KLM apologies!
  154. air miles required
  155. Free internet access in lounges for FB Gold
  156. safety of personal data with KLM online services?
  157. Flying Dutchman website requests: not possible between June 1 and June 6
  158. Cgn-ams-dar // Jro-ams-cgn
  159. FD Website - slow to update
  160. To Asia for the first time
  161. 100% C bonus back
  162. Need direct number for FD supervisor or KLM's CEO office
  163. KLM still has some gems
  164. KL semantics
  165. Which KLM partner flies to Greenland and allows awards to be redeemed?
  166. How far in advance for upgrade awards?
  167. FB and oneways: only KL/AF!
  168. Miles from Delta on KL FF?
  169. Gifting Status?
  170. 'Stretching' a b-class ticket for a part of a multi segment trip onto other segments
  171. How to book on the web from the US?
  172. Lounge in SFO
  173. What is the equipment (type of aircraft) of IAH-AMS-IAH
  174. KLM FD guaranteed seat J-class with PE status
  175. KLM A330 cities: IAD, EWR, YVR
  176. Retro claims possible by phone after merger.
  177. best economy seats on 777
  178. Possible to make non binding award reservation for 2 weeks?
  179. KLM warns pax of possible cholera infection
  180. Zone to Zone
  181. FD BLUE AMEX - Wait to August
  182. Hong Kong Lounge
  183. Status Match...
  184. FD Awards on Aeromexico
  185. Best business class seat on KLM 737-900
  186. Use KL online check-in for DL flights?
  187. DC-10 back on AMS-BOS route
  188. New rule?
  189. printing BPs at AMS
  190. flying blue prefix FQTV AF AF AF ?
  191. Gulf Air
  192. FWIW, "system shut down" on April, 29
  193. Miles on student ticket to US?
  194. AmEx Miles delayed? Don't ask FD Helpdesk
  195. FB card Starting numer
  196. Earning miles in hotels in Amsterdam
  197. 85 years ago - KLM launched first commercial flight
  198. Assigned Seats Mysteriously Appear
  199. Kl + Card
  200. Mileage Credit for NW to KLM converts
  201. Flying Blue Award Charts ?
  202. Award upgrades and ticket nos
  203. Wazzup
  204. Booking a FD award for travel in end of June??
  205. Which AF biz booking classes eligible for F-upgrade
  206. new FB PE-AMEX card DELAYED BY 3 months?
  207. Newbie question about Elite levels...
  208. FB:which fares are mileage earning?
  209. DL Gold (Skyteam Elite) seating on KLM
  210. Can i transfer FD miles to my wife's account
  211. Round-the-world Reward
  212. Seat Allocation Rant
  213. Phone reservation change - no sticker OK?
  214. KL to start business class only flights to IAH
  215. Online Game?
  216. FD Miles on Student tickets
  217. Internet Check-in From France
  218. Last Minute Fares
  219. Baby Changing at Crown Lounges
  220. KL vs NW Business COS Bonus
  221. Which Skyteam Airline offers status bonus on all skyteam flights?
  222. KLM, NW, CO in Skyteam RTW. Old one gone?
  223. one-way award on Alitalia?
  224. KLM flys to Khartoum, but NWA.com does not recognise city problem
  225. KLAF April load factor decreases slightly
  226. 2 levels on 1 account?????
  227. level Miles MH after June 6
  228. KLM stops waiting for late passengers
  229. ams-cai biz what service to expect?
  230. Connection Time/Immigration in AMS
  231. NWA/KLM Any Fare upgrade; Any good?
  232. how many points for L class?
  233. A Good News Story
  234. Upgrading no more! Write to FD!!
  235. Quality of Business Class Cabin on KLM 767?
  236. How long for FB helpdesk to answer calls on 06 June ?
  237. FD level miles on MH
  238. Day room instead of Mercure at AMS?
  239. TAM Miles on Flying BLue?
  240. Did any other Italian got a bottle of wine from FD ?
  241. Status miles on Malev after 6/6?
  242. The Booze Wars!
  243. New Flying Blue Website
  244. Flying Blue button on klm/nl website
  245. Any Hope
  246. “Check in and win”
  247. PE for Life
  248. transactions do not appear when logging in
  249. Looking for advice/insights on AMS-JRO
  250. Stretching YRWWJ40, would this be possible?