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  1. Gate Check Stroller?
  2. Rechecking visa issue at AMS
  3. KL Now to become into new Skyteam livery scheme
  4. problems with luggage on NW/KL... what's reasonable to ask?
  5. On Line Check-in GLA-AMS-ORD
  6. unrecognized status, issue with seats
  7. Will KLM release additional award inventory?
  8. how is possible that with KLM
  9. Why no mobile jetway im AMS for KLC Fokker 100's?
  10. OT:B747 crew rest area
  11. Choice of cheapest fare to India?
  12. Does anyone know the Promo awards history of destinations?
  13. KLM Itin: JFK->AMS->FRA: baggage and transfers
  14. AMS airport
  15. Technical errors in KLM FB site
  16. Grandma Forgotten and Left Behind on KLM Plane
  17. Upgrade KLM flight with CO miles?
  18. Amsterdam to Bangkok KLM 747-Combi
  19. Hand baggage allowance in Europe Select from the UK
  20. End of business class ?
  21. S to Business Buy Up NBO to AMS
  22. New B77W route
  23. Does KLM sell single use lounge passes?
  24. Which case has the highest chance to result in an upgrade to Business Class?
  25. Latest check-in / bag drop time for connecting flight
  26. Good experience on KLM
  27. Is this right....(Bols Houses.)
  28. KLM did not charge in my CC still
  29. How look like the flight KLM685 on thr 22.08.09
  30. Upgrade to higher fare class
  31. Antwerp - Amsterdam
  32. Promo Awards update per 1 aug 2009
  33. KL baggage handling woes!
  34. Tricking KLM from AMS
  35. TCV Validity
  36. KLC F50 phase-out to be accelerated
  37. Dutch FB AMEX card holders: check!
  38. Open Skies AMS-JFK discontinued
  39. Comfort in Y
  40. KLM AMS lounges wifi and the iphone...
  41. Does KLM Interline with China Airlines?
  42. Heathrow Lounge
  43. KLM European 'business class' offers
  44. Strange Bluebiz gift
  45. Luggage handling system failure at AMS
  46. KLM Doesn't understand fare-basis codes!
  47. Questions on Transfer at AMS from new KLM flyer
  48. KLM not charging me but issuing me my e-ticket
  49. Signs of the times: WBC converted to economy cabin
  50. Question about Dutch FB Amex
  51. AMS - city
  52. Departure/Arrival Music - AMS to Dulles 7/09
  53. Switching seats with spouse in different cabin
  54. newbie needs help--seating, connecting time questions
  55. Help, please. Information on seats on WBC AMS-LAX, B737 CPH-AMS
  56. OLCI and frequent flyer numbers
  57. A New Guy Needs HELP!
  58. KLM online checkin - what a nightmare!
  59. KQ using KL MD-11 for the AMS route
  60. Buying Miles ~ Coming Soon
  61. Europe Select not a success, KL admits.
  62. to get upgrade from Ams to Mexico City
  63. Documents AMS-EDI/LCY
  64. And another 'Advice Please.'
  65. Do in-transit passengers need to clr security at AMS?
  66. KLM Upgrading questions
  67. Question regarding meals on KL0837
  68. Suggestions for locating someone I met on KLM flt
  69. KL plane diverted as gunshot victim has heart attack
  70. AMS-ORD 747 Combi/747 400
  71. I will eat my 'Houses' if FB does something similar
  72. OT: good value rijsttafel in Amsterdam
  73. Too late to claim miles
  74. KL B733 Damaged in Thunderstorm
  75. AMS-LPL
  76. [RANT] Crowd Lounge
  77. AMS-IST ECO Warm Meal?
  78. Travelled on the business jet AMS to IAH?
  79. Toronto to Dar-es-salaam
  80. Happy CANADA DAY to all Canadians
  81. KLM B777-300ER - Destinations
  82. Has anyone flown YVR-AMS-VCE and return FCO-AMS-YVR?
  83. AMS-NBO load factors?
  84. AMS Arrivals
  85. Flight connections at Schiphol
  86. FB and Amex (NL): less miles than ever
  87. Northwest
  88. Companion tickets/date changes/upgrades for caregivers
  89. No PE Upgrade - reason "special meal"
  90. KLM to lease a MD-11 to KQ
  91. KLM B747 with PTV ?
  92. KLM Bols Houses
  93. Damaged baggage: what to do?
  94. arrival lounge at AMS
  95. Flying only one way on a round trip itinerary
  96. flights AMS-TLV have World Business Class or Europe Select ?
  97. KLM Fuel Surcharge
  98. KLM Business Class seats
  99. Transit at AMS with duty free drink
  100. AMS-US Traffic Data December 2008
  101. MD11 Seat Configuration
  102. How do I get seats on KLM?
  103. KL luggage handling and priority boarding to improve dramatically!
  104. KLM Refund Question
  105. Economy Class Codes - Eligable for upgrade
  106. KLM AMS-JNB 3 June
  107. Ams - LHR promo award!
  108. Make sure you get your money back
  109. 10 Transavia aircraft grounded
  110. International Route of Flight
  111. Measurably Roomier
  112. KLM new website, multisegment? How to?
  113. ES upgrade- Meal availability and handling.
  114. When do I move to gold membership?
  115. KL567 31may 2009 which type of aircraft?
  116. AMS - MXP (milaan malpensa)
  117. AMS airport hotel IBIS or NOVOTEL?
  118. KLM 747 Fuselage open?
  119. Why LIPTON?? KL J beverages and EU competition probes
  120. klm.nl site now allowing Belgian and German departure cities
  121. KLM, NW or DL frequent flyer programme?
  122. KLM UK Website : S-L-O-W 26/5/09
  123. Pet on KLM Cargo to Abu Dhabi, UAE
  124. KLM Luggage check through and transfer time
  125. Could you walk me through AMS
  126. Access to KLM Lounge with Delta SkyClub Membership in Y class
  127. Seat assignments on KLM?
  128. FB Gold Recognition on Codeshare Partners
  129. Now it's official: Schiphol no longer to be shooting itself in foot on global mission
  130. Status of Lounge 25 in AMS
  131. Fares AMS-MEX and BRU-AMS-MEX
  132. KLM 747 - Bassinet seat, but no children - should we keep?
  133. Status of NEV / Minipod rollout in WBC?
  134. day of depature AMS paid upgrades + miles
  135. Onboard use of computer mouse with laptop
  136. KLM Carry-on Questions
  137. Chances of reimbursement?
  138. Overnight layover at AMS- courtesy hotel?
  139. question on JFK t4 oasis lounge food
  140. Advice on Lounges for Amsterdam Transfer
  141. Odd issue with a Business Award Ticket at Schiphol
  142. KLM Great service!
  143. Is KL 643 AMS-JFK on July 28 a 747 or a 777?
  144. F100 to be phased out by October 25
  145. Impossible to get a refund with KLM
  146. Can I track all KLM flights in realtime?
  147. expiring miles - how to extend?
  148. Language for FB Award tickets
  149. looking for planes for KLM operated flight
  150. Arrival Shower in AMS after customs?
  151. Award Booking With Baby?
  152. AMS Pax Traffic
  153. Rejected
  154. KLM "Flat Tire Rule" or the like
  155. Too Little Too Late
  156. New 'Enhancement' to KLM UK Website
  157. Op Ups due to full Y?
  158. The deceptive tactics that is KL revenue management
  159. KLM has a New Flash Game for You!
  160. Can they do this?
  161. KLM onboard duty free
  162. KLM Standby Policy
  163. Surcharge for credit-card payment - starting July 01st
  164. Schiphol Forced to Reduce Charges
  165. New check-in arrangements in AMS
  166. Mustard soup!
  167. ADD to BSL - check in help please!
  168. worst customer service
  169. C flight to Cape Town
  170. Premium Economy on KLM - confirmed
  171. How to alienate your pax
  172. KWI-AMS via BAH and BAH-AMS via KWI?
  173. KLM to/from OSL
  174. KLM panicking / cheap fares galore: euro 160 all in RT Europe-USA
  175. AMS B Gates
  176. Miles required HKG-OSL
  177. Power outlets in J, 74E
  178. Manage My Booking?
  179. I'm happy and sad!
  180. Another Bag Interlining Question: KM to KL?
  181. FB Miles vs fare
  182. KLM March traffic report...I'm sure that after April fools day it will be even worse
  183. Another nice promotion
  184. Can I interline bag KL to A3?
  185. Expired miles
  186. Attn CLT Spotter: KLM diverted to CLT due to lightning strike
  187. Slightly OT: Name misspelled, but how?
  188. AMS: new priority lane for non-Schengen destinations for FB Elites
  189. Booking Class
  190. Who says the Dutch are humorless?
  191. A bad thing handled perfectly
  192. KLM cancel Riga from 29JUN09
  193. Odd AMS Question (maybe not so odd)
  194. Will KLM ever grasp the term Customer Service?
  195. Dutch Government stops ecotax on departures from Schiphol
  196. DTW Transfer/Lounge Questions
  197. Standby on KLM
  198. Any Meal in Coach FCO-AMS?
  199. KLM officials appeal to us to help them complain
  200. 100% Miles on KLM LCY AMS Bookings in V & N class
  201. End-on-end not permitted. ?
  202. KLM on ExpertFlyer?
  203. Seat Classes and SeatCounter
  204. Tallinn no more - end of TLL-AMS from May 4 09
  205. booking KL between KRT and ADD---possible?
  206. Am I missing something?
  207. 100% Miles offered on Take Off fares
  208. No more Online seat reservation for KLM
  209. Flight heavily overbooked - will KL also rebook on another airline?
  210. Anyone know who produced the Club China/Africa custom bag tags?
  211. Is there a secret to using KLM online check-in successfully?
  212. Reward ticket. A proper result for once !
  213. KLM flying from ZWE
  214. Thank-you for your loyalty, sir!
  215. Carry-on limits on EI codeshare
  216. Retro paint scheme on KL 738
  217. The timing is perfect
  218. Competition for worst "Elite" lounge facilities.
  219. eCheck-in Upgrade reneged upon
  220. ES or Y award to TLV
  221. SFO-AMS-MUC: Which visa is needed for transit
  222. KLM: sports luggage (bike) transportation rip-off
  223. KLM 2009 Summer Timetable changes
  224. Is KLM discriminating with their booking engine?
  225. KLM carryon policy on CO E-ticket
  226. KLM delay costs Amazing Race team to lose
  227. HOW MANY POINTS ams yyz
  228. Lost and Found
  229. Polderbaan
  230. Blue Plus
  231. Join KLM Club Africa and KLM Club China and get 2500 miles
  232. Plane Crash at AMS
  233. what kind of compensation should I claim
  234. 55 Minutes Enough for XFR CWL-AMS-VCE?
  235. KLM won't assign seats ?
  236. OT: bmi cuts services LHR-AMS
  237. 50
  238. Schiphol Airport reduces taxes
  239. KL drops TLL effective May 4th
  240. KLM: would you like to pay more for less?
  241. Does KLM permit Amsterdam stopover(s) if I fly JFK-AMS-CPT-AMS-ATL?
  242. new rules as from 1.4.
  243. KLM cancellation AMS - HKG
  244. trade aeroplan (star alliance) for flying blue
  245. What Happens if I am a Few Minutes Late at TXL
  246. New Route and Flight Number to SXM
  247. I'm Flying KL to HKG Kai Tak
  248. Lounge at LHR
  249. Seeking advice re: compensation for 47 hour mechanical delay
  250. Luggage Question