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  1. Jet Blue Transfer at JFK question
  2. Taxes & Fees charged together with ticket?
  3. Dirty Water on the Plane!
  4. Buying Even More Space seats at gate
  5. advice for flight in 2 days...lga-pbi
  6. Service to Guyana starts in April 2020
  7. Mosaic points booking for non-mosaic cancel fees?
  8. Jetblue Points Question
  9. Even more service cuts being tested
  10. Jetblue 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  11. Does JetBlue offer sales on MINT travel class?
  12. Mint Service Cuts Coming 9/1
  13. Cancel segment of reward flight?
  14. Blue Flex Refundable Fares With Points?
  15. Booking HA with TrueBlue Points
  16. LAX question
  17. Frustrated by lack of Mint upgrades for Mosaics
  18. JetBlue plus card and reward flight.
  19. Best time to purchase Jet Blue Tickets
  20. SDC for Mosaic companions traveling on the same itin
  21. Impressive Proactive Service Recovery!
  23. met 50k spend on Jetblue Plus - how long for mosiac?
  24. SFO to JFK JetBlue Red Eye Flight Delayed Over 3 Hours Today?
  25. What are options if JetBlue cancel flight?
  26. Should I go for Mosiac for 2020
  27. When to arrive JFK T5 for 6:49am flight?
  28. Change in ORD Terminal?
  29. Website error
  30. JetBlue piloting Mosaic delay compensation
  31. Best Mint seats for couple?
  32. Speculation: With WN out at EWR, will B6 increase service?
  33. SFO gates now in T1
  34. A321 mint seat 18e
  35. Are JFK and LGA considered coterminal for standby
  36. BOS-LAS Mint
  37. EMS on a A321 International flight.
  38. Appears B6 is trialing free meal vouchers / EMS seats for 2hr+ delays (Mosaic only)
  39. FLL-HAV, avoiding the dreaded gate checked bag
  40. Leaving Jet Blue
  41. JetBlue May 2020 Schedule Opening?
  42. Using my points to buy flights for someone else
  43. Can you request your mint meal to be served later?
  44. No companion in profile?
  45. Expiring Travel Bank credit
  46. Changes to JetBlue's route network
  47. JB is leaving Hobby and starting service at IAH
  48. Booking MINT thru AMEX travel, what points if any do you get?
  49. Mint seating rows
  50. “Information about your upcoming flight”
  51. JetBlue orders 13 A321XLR and 10 A220-300
  52. Transcon Mint Fare San Diego to Boston?
  53. A321 (Non-Mint) Rows 9 and 22
  54. Row 11 or 2 - a320
  55. Understanding standby on jetblue
  56. Jetblue T5 terminal
  57. B6 189 headphones jack
  58. San Diego Terminal Change
  59. Service cut between JFK-LAS?
  60. Retroactively apply Travel Bank Funds to booked flight
  61. Mosaic no more free even more space seats
  62. Concur / Amex Travel
  63. Is JetBlue usually late?
  64. JetBlue Icelandair Flight Questions/Issues
  65. Traveler rights regarding delayed flights
  66. Delayed flight to JFK from MSY
  67. JetBlue Roundtrip Certificate Worth?
  68. Westchester To Palm Beach Flight Delay
  69. Pepsi and Pouring: Changes coming to catering next month
  70. B6 Bruins livery scheme
  71. Seasonal route from LGB to HDN for Winter 2019/2020
  72. Strategies for scoring relatively inexpensive award/$ Mint flights?
  73. Point worth
  74. When Do April 2020 Tickets Become Available For Sale?
  75. Travel bank -- name restrictions?
  76. Mint price increase SEA-JFK?
  77. JFK-GYE coming 5 December 2019
  78. JetBlue through check-in and baggage transfer
  79. Three hour B6 layover in FLL?
  80. Seat Selection with Icelandair Ticket.
  81. Preference for Westbound Redeyes
  82. Baggage through-check refusal?
  83. B6 1695 today 4/9/19
  84. A321 Mint seat?
  85. Have any of you noticed points redemptions with Mint lately?
  86. Jetblue: Great Airline. Horrible Website!
  87. Austin security question
  88. Problem logging into my B6 account using both Safari and Firefox
  89. Any difference in the cancellation or change fees when flying to SJU?
  90. Booking Problems on 3/25?
  91. Does JetBlue's departure-delay compensation apply if you change flights?
  92. SMF/SLC to SYR schedule stops after June 12
  93. My flight leave 2hours early
  94. DYKWIA - 2019 - Fun in the Sun
  95. Wireless headphones
  96. Can I use TrueBlue points to upgrade from a Blue seat to Extra Space?
  97. Mint Seat 1 D or 1 F?
  98. Mint April Menu Release Date?
  99. Cardholders Beware: Bonus Points Problems
  100. 10% Bonus Cardholder Redemption Being Phased Out?
  101. E 190 Boarding Groups ??
  102. Gate checking a bag with a connection?
  103. JetBlue taking steps to improve Boston ops
  104. Best economy seats on A321 (mint version)?
  105. what is the best jetblue credit card offer
  106. How is JetBlue for Boston to DCA weekly commute?
  107. B6 finally to announce European routes?
  108. B6 employees are meeting to discuss "vision and strategy"
  109. All You Can Jet promotion
  110. Upcoming Changes to DCA Routes
  111. My 1st OPUP
  112. How does JB credit card statement credit work
  113. Departure Delay & Onboard arrival delay
  114. BDL to MCO to MBJ
  115. The new A321 is great in every way, but quite noisy. Why?
  116. Cancun to SFO
  117. Can't sign into my account
  118. Even more speed upon check-in advantages?
  119. Woman Removed From JetBlue Flight After Profanity-Laced Outburst
  120. Connecting from Mint to Core
  121. Can I credit JetBlue flights to every partner?
  122. JFK check in time?
  123. First JetBlue experience--ridiculous
  124. Schedule Change Policy
  125. Flying from FLL to SFO
  126. 2019 Mosaic Members - Have you received your bonus points + welcome kit?
  127. prices
  128. Jet Blue Credit Cards
  129. Points for Extra Seat
  130. Now Mosaic -- Can I cancel EMS on previous reservation?
  131. Points Not Posting?
  132. Jet Blue xfr Aeroflot JFK
  133. Baggage transfer question
  134. JetBlue Cancellations and Delays
  135. 855 jfk-pls 1/24/19
  136. Jet Blue - Inspiring Humanity
  137. JetBlue A321 Core 9DE
  138. 4 Hour Delay EWR-MCO; aircraft on-time for prior flight
  139. TrueBlue points accidentally on wrong account
  140. BOS Terminal C new(ish) security setup?
  141. Can't find route as single ticket
  142. JetBlue Doesn't Listen to its Loyal Customers
  143. BOS operations on Jan 20
  144. Free Checked Bags - jetBlue Plus CC
  145. Mint Meal Times
  146. What is the proper compensation for this type of entertainment system failure?
  147. Upgrading at airport BOS-LGB? And "Even More Speed"?
  148. Buying tix, new to mosaic
  149. jetBlue (B6) Union drive for AO/TO
  150. B6 less reliable lately?
  151. Iceland Air Code Share book thru JetBlue or Iceland?
  152. connecting flight from terminal C to E
  153. Woman calls JetBlue staff member 'Rapist'; threatens she has a gun
  154. Future T5 lounge news??
  155. Cancelling JetBlue Card Prior to Travel Date - Free Checked Bag Honored?
  156. Best strategy for trip with Emirates
  157. Mosaic advice needed
  158. jetblue points for Emirates flight operated by FlyDubai?
  159. CTG-FLL-ORD : Flight Timing Question
  160. Closing the JetBlue business card...
  161. anyone receive a JetBlue status match or challenge recently?
  162. New rules for Mosaic bonus?
  163. Mint seating question for couples?
  164. Anyone flying JetBlue in the next 24 hours?
  165. JetBlue 913 HPN-FLL diverted to JAX
  166. Coach & Mint
  167. 10% back on flights?
  168. Even More Space points bonus
  169. Checking baggage straight through with Jetblue and CapeAir
  170. JetBlue Plus Card 10% Glitch for Cancellations
  171. Mosiac Bonus Points
  172. A321 (Non-Mint) Seating Question
  173. Combined 50k spend across JetBlue Personal and Business cards?
  174. Mosaic cancellation fee waiver - booking via third party?
  175. Mosaic boarding
  176. How reliable is JetBlue wifi?
  177. Daytime or Nighttime Mint Transcon Flight Opinions
  178. Points exchange to Amtrak via Points.com
  179. Delta Air Lines, continuing its battle against JetBlue adding four new nonstop
  180. Does row 11 on A320 recline?
  181. Mosaic no seats assigned question
  182. Top off Mosaic buying points [2018 year end]
  183. Young sisters flying together on JetBlue
  184. JetBlue pricing
  185. How soon do the signup CC bonuses post?
  186. Is there anyway to predict or follow pattern for Mint fares from SFO to Boston?
  187. mosaic cancellation rules
  188. Is anybody tracking the A320 fleet refurb?
  189. Mosaic Pts on Flex Fare
  190. Does Jetblue still have the "BYOB"?
  191. Jet Blue and Princess Awesome
  192. New Perks for LGA-BOS Shuttle Service?
  193. JetBlue boarding process
  194. Priority Pass at LAS Terminal 3
  195. Best use of $2k in Travel Bank and/or 140k in TrueBlue Miles
  196. So, who wants to run TrueBlue?
  197. What's Mint Worth to You
  198. Website/app "My Activity" feature
  199. Jetblue fares for next summer?
  200. TrueBlue points valuation?
  201. Delta vs. JetBlue in Economy from JFK to LAX (Economy)
  202. JetBlue and the Battle for BOS
  203. When is Points Pooling going to happen?
  204. american travel to cuba
  205. Mosaic: When can I select EMS seats? (if regular seats are all taken)
  206. Carryon sizes
  207. 5k bonus for $10k deposit with Barclays
  208. Mosaic Change/Cancellation Policy
  209. FLL-UIO (Equador) new route question
  210. Today Only: JetBlue Halloween fare sale, $31 or 1,300 pts/leg (2.4cpp)
  211. JetBlue only seasonal to Portland Maine
  212. JetBlue eliminates all IAD- Dulles service
  213. Terminal Question and Immigration/Customs
  214. Travel Flight Date/Time Question
  215. So I got my 10% CC redemption bonus for EMS redemption, but not my flights bookings?
  216. I expedited my MOSAIC status after 50k SPEND
  217. Is 32S the internal code for mint 321?
  218. Schedule after 04/30/2019
  219. 15k true blue points for MOSAIC thru CREDIT CARD SPEND? some blogs say no
  220. Basic Economy Fares Coming Next Year
  221. B6 added third frequency FLL-LAX
  222. How long Mosaic status after hitting 50k spend
  223. Where to Sit EMS - A321 Core/A321 Mint
  224. Are points bookings fully refundable for mosaic
  225. List of changes to JetBlue in the past 30 days
  226. Visa Infinite $100 Discount and Mosiac
  227. How to Book AUS - SWF
  228. Aer Lingus & Jetblue
  229. Mint fare dropped a pretty decent amount, anything I can do?
  230. Heads up: B6 AmEx cashback offer
  231. Jetblue Skip Seat Selection Get Possible Upgrade?
  232. BOS-DCA upgauge?
  233. How do you track Mosaic progress?
  234. Sneak Peek at JetBlue's New Gate Monitor Screens
  235. Have ticket number, need confirmation code
  236. Long Beach Marathon
  237. Cancel/redeposit fee for HA Partner Award
  238. Take 3, Lucky 7, Go Long Bonuses..."Vacation," Too?
  239. Mosaic Qualifiying Segments Reset on Jan 1?
  240. Jet Blue or Delta 1-way BOS to SEA?
  241. Chase Ultimate Rewards add JetBlue as a travel partner
  242. Delay - Too Much Fuel (Compensation?)
  243. Amazing service recovery... if you ask for it
  244. July 19 flight schedules
  245. Baggage, Change/Cancel Fees Going Up
  246. Question about Mint seats and service in general...
  247. Longgg WX delay B6 854 Aug 12 - why?
  248. combining two tickets for one itinerary
  249. Enormous price difference on Mint seats only 1 week apart
  250. Does Mosaic Status Stay if I cancel Barclays card (did >$50k spend)