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  1. St. Thomas airport
  2. Really Can't Change Seats Online Until Check-In?
  3. how does JetBlue handle conflicting flights?
  4. Upgrade award seat with point?
  5. New to B6. New parent. How does it work with infants?
  6. canceling flight in storm effected area
  7. Christmas Pricing to MCO
  8. Same day change with overnight layover
  9. minimum connection time in BOS: Aer Lingus to Jet Blue?
  10. Itinerary Doesn't Show on JetBlue.com
  11. Mint Coming To Seattle
  12. Three-day sale: 25% off award flights book by 8/26
  13. Buying segments (2 flights) instead of single flight?
  14. Jetblue Mosaic base point calculation
  15. First time JB flyer...
  16. Will I receive Mosaic benefits booking award travel with parent's non Mosaic points?
  17. Redeye Mint Seat Dining Service?
  18. Quick question: Website keeps asking for date of birth, but I've provided it
  19. Picture with one's profile?
  20. Corporate Booking Upgrade to Mint
  21. code share with Azul
  22. Sen. Schumer urges JetBlue to add Syracuse-to-Boston flights
  23. Non-mint A321 flights out of BOS?
  24. 8/9/2017 B6 197 BOS-SEA diverted to ORD
  25. Lax best terminal for tsa, mint, noon weekday
  26. Connection at JFK on a separate ticket
  27. Seat Was Changed
  28. E190 vs. Airbus?
  29. 14-day Price Protection?
  30. JetBlue - Air Berlin cooperation
  31. Refundable Mint Fare lower than regular fare
  32. Long Layover - Checked Baggage
  33. B6 8103 JFK-SJU today (7/31)
  34. B6 669 JFK-SJC diverted, delayed -- status?
  35. Prices & upgrades for new Mint routes?
  36. Website
  37. B6 All Core A321 Row 9 help
  38. JB Flight 815 delayed 4+ hours today
  39. Mint -> difference between N/A and 'not there'
  40. A new T6 coming to JFK??
  41. Payment change from points to cash?
  42. buying/selling B6 stock?
  43. JetBlue Planning Additional Terminal and Expansion at JFK
  44. Video shows family getting kicked off plane
  45. JetBlue Almost lost my mom!!!
  46. Latest Release of Schedules
  47. How does JetBlue deal with IIROP during peak periods
  48. Jetblue credit expiration
  49. Diversion of B6 669 JFK-SJC on 07/16/17
  50. E190 misaligned windows/seats...
  51. Seat selection on Silver Airways (3M) code share?
  52. NE Patriots 5x Promotion
  53. JetBlue Mosaic Match/Challenge 2017
  54. Free Bags for Award Flights - Plus CC ?
  55. Horrible experience with JetBlue - possible compensation?
  56. ATL Expansion
  57. BarclayCard points didn't post for June
  58. Mosaic free cancellations when booking other passengers?
  59. B6 1561 Delayed June 30th--Captain Left the Plane
  60. Any experience getting Priority Pass lounge in SFO flying B6?
  61. Is JetBlue a point-to-point airline?
  62. How many TrueBlue members are there?
  63. What is the secret to finding the best Mint fares?
  64. first B6 flight
  65. Return flight change for me but not co-worker: is this doable online?
  66. Time to get Mosaic after 50k spend on Barclayscard??
  67. Difference between the B6 Suites?
  68. 4hr+ delay
  69. First Jet Blue Experience
  70. JetBlue to orders A330neos [Unconfirmed rumor]
  71. New TrueBlue Promotions
  72. E-mail itinerary isn't showing receipt anymore
  73. Mint cushions without cushion
  74. Pet Carrier on Jet Blue?
  75. Planes take off half empty due to wind?
  76. Mosaic lag time
  77. B6 199 LGA-MCO canceled
  78. Mixed class checking in question.
  79. I want to be a flight attendant with Florida Blue buuuttt.....
  80. Badges Take 3 5000 points
  81. JetBlue Testing Facial-Recognition
  82. Jet Blue 915 Emergency Landing (Lithium-Ion Battery)
  83. Group travel
  84. Boston Bonus Points
  85. DEN-BOS frequent delays
  86. B6 new NYPD livery
  87. Change in Core FA service on Mint flights?
  88. Jet Blue 2323 Flight Cancellation Saga :(
  89. JetBlue flight makes emergency landing at IAD
  90. Building up more base points
  91. Mixed class booking - route specific?
  92. Requesting a true FAQ
  93. Family says JetBlue booted them from flight over a birthday cake
  94. Questions about taking a SKATEBOARD
  95. MR 25% Bonus
  96. Jet Blue Destinations Suggestion
  97. Mosaic: Screwed on missing flights/points
  98. Transcontinental economy menu?
  99. Changing at BOS - seeking game plan advice
  100. jetBlue Moving to T5 at LAX 5/17
  101. Even More Space - Price Drop?
  102. JetBlue + IcelandAir expands partnerships, double points
  103. Jetblue buddy pass.
  104. B6 adds FLL-SLC and adds more frequencies BOS-JAX/RSW/PBI
  105. Out of cycle status match?
  106. Bonus TrueBlue points for Amazon Prime signup
  107. What did JetBlue A320 pilot mean when he said to ATC: "our radar.... not the best" ??
  108. Does B6 give free to use headphones A321 economy class?
  109. Perfect Poached Eggs on JetBlue Mint
  110. Gender on Ticket
  111. Dominican Republic - Maximum Baggage
  112. How lenient is B6 with reaommidating sched changes?
  113. B6 applies for additional frequencies FLL-HAV & BOS-HAV
  114. B6 JFK Connection Reality Check
  115. Separate boarding line for Mosaics
  116. Adding a Parent to Family Pooling?
  117. Even More Space Questions
  118. Standby options?
  119. JetBlue adds MCO-PAP
  120. EMS - No longer refundable
  121. JetBlue partners
  122. Had to pay again before boarding. How could I have detected a problem?
  123. standard 3x points booking through website, app too?
  124. Benefits for significantly over-exceeding Mosaic qualification?
  125. Airfare: Boston - New Orleans
  126. Jfk i-d mct
  127. BOS-LIR direct flights disappearing?
  128. Flying SFO-BOS -- can I get to the Amex Centurion Lounge in Terminal 3?
  129. JetBlue Introducing New Product to Target Millennials
  130. Should I buy Flexible Fare?
  131. JetBlue Business Credit Card
  132. MCO-HAV
  133. Barclays JetBlue Business Card
  134. Mosaic Luggae Tags 2017
  135. First time flying alone, need help...
  136. Take 3 & Lucky 7 Bonus
  137. Changed ticket online with no fee: then asked to pay by agent
  138. JetBlue Phone Agent Accidentally Cancels Return Ticket - Advice?
  139. Blue Inc Issues: Segments, Bonuses Not Posting
  140. B6 BOS > LAX Sat. flights common delays
  141. Red eye flight $350 to upgrade from eco to Mint, SFO>JFK
  142. Q about date change due to illness
  143. Refunds on Extra-Space Cancellations
  144. JetBlue Same Group Different Fare Option
  145. international partners
  146. Flight cost on Jet Blue
  147. PreCheck on IcelandAir ticket with a JetBlue start?
  148. Fraudulent Award Booking On My TrueBlue Account
  149. Jetblue in MEX
  150. How does Family Pooling work for points transferred from other programs
  151. TrueBlue Family Pooling to Single Account
  152. Double base points (Mosaic credit) through 30 April 2017
  153. Anyone Receive their 15% Points Rebate from November?
  154. ORH to JFK Announced
  155. Fort Lauderdale airport/location questions
  156. JFK to ORD Pricing
  157. Inefficient service inflight
  158. Even More Speed vs TSA Pre Check @JFK
  159. JetBlue Mosaic Given Out Like Water
  160. Website errors
  161. JFK T5 - where are taxi stands for arriving passengers?
  162. Impressed with Mosaic phone support
  163. Best Bars in T5
  164. JFK T5 Duty Free Champagne
  165. Does anyone know if this connection involves the same plane ?
  166. Jet Blue T5-SQ flight T4
  167. Inheriting Mosaic benefits on points booking?
  168. Systems Down
  169. LAX-PVC via BOS: Baggage interlining and ticketing questions
  170. Mint for itineraries involving HAV?
  171. Hpn-winter weather advisory
  172. Jetblue $ up to mint?
  173. Cancelling award ticket
  174. JetBlue Quietly Raises Bag Fees
  175. Weather Waiver? Misconnect Re-routing?
  176. Jetblue pricing strategy
  177. JetBlue fare buckets- tied to dates?
  178. Suggested Check-In Time For HAV/FLL
  179. Help with using Travel Bank
  180. Advice on when to book
  181. Is JetBlue doing more flight time changes than usual?
  182. Q4 Conference Call debacle
  183. Long Beach Rejects LGB Customs Facility Proposal
  184. Refunded flight cash expiration policy
  185. Cheaper to no-show than cancel?
  186. Changing seat on second segment
  187. JetBlue credit card- free checked bag on award flight?
  188. Advertised hot deal but no listed city?
  189. Even More Legroom
  190. FlyFi...am I the only one who has issues?
  191. Triple TrueBlue points to Cuba until 18 Mar 17
  192. Mosaic Base Points vs. Base Flight Points
  193. Has anyone received their 3X JB points for shopping at Amazon yet?
  194. travelling with an artwork portfolio case
  195. Mosaic renewal
  196. Triple TrueBlue points via Blue, Inc. until 28 Feb 17
  197. Should I apply JetBlue Plus card?
  198. B6 A320neo delivery in 2017?
  199. Getaway flight cancelled, full refund?
  200. Travel Bank Account?
  201. Booked tickets with TrueBlue Points now price drop
  202. Beware of A320 "non-stop" transcons - added fuel stop makes it a 27 hour odyssey
  203. Price tracking
  204. FLL Flight Diversion
  205. Advice for Using TravelBank?
  206. Mosaic KickStart in 2017?
  207. Temporary Mosaic Member on Overnight Connection
  208. Your favorite EatUp Café meal?
  209. Asking Last Name at Gate
  210. SQ to B6 Transfer at JFK (Luggage Questions)
  211. Passnger kicked off flight for yelling at Trump
  212. Are Custom Connections Not Allowed?
  213. Man kicked off the flight for harassing Trump's daughter
  214. 1 segment short for Mosaic renewal
  215. You all are so lucky with Mint! Delicious!
  216. B6 seat selection (non-elite)
  217. Earn miles on JetBlue or add to Hawaiian account?
  218. Mint seats available - but can't book?
  219. Priority boarding / even more space or mosaic
  220. Same day change and Even More Space
  221. JetBlue Base Points
  222. JetBlue's Planned Future Destinations
  223. B6 and ExpertFlyer / Fare Inventory
  224. IAD-JFK (Jetblue) JFK-Lisbon (TAP) - will bags go through?
  225. JetBlue 12 Days of Deals
  226. Earn TrueBlue points with amazon.com
  227. Earning TrueBlue miles with Hawaiian Airlines
  228. BWI Lounge Status
  229. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 JetBlue TrueBlue benefits nominations
  230. Jetblue lost my luggage for 31 days
  231. No more Doritos or Popchips?
  232. Jetblue Alcohol Policy?
  233. Agents at PBI checking all bags with sizer
  234. 20% Promo Code - 2 Days Only!
  235. 100th Jetblue Destination
  236. Multi-City Baggage Fees?
  237. interline baggage, combining tickets Q
  238. Wow, Mint is so much better than VX or UA offerings
  239. Website down?
  240. Able to refund for medical related purposes?
  241. 1 hour 18 min connection at MCO (Intl to Domestic)
  242. Anybody successful at crediting miles to Singapore?
  243. CapeAir Flights Booked on JB.com - No Points (Base or otherwise?)
  244. Can't select seats at all for a flight booked on the chase ultimate rewards portal?
  245. 15% points rebates when booking with points
  246. Segment Running
  247. What to expect on Jet Blue
  248. FlyFi onboard WiFi service coming to a 10,000 feet end
  249. New chef on the next Mint menu
  250. B6 resumes FLL-LGB Beginning May 3, 2017