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  1. Marco Polo Club events in Australia
  2. Connection at LAX - B6 to CX
  3. Improvement for PEY Inflight Snacks
  4. All day menu times in the Pier/Wing F
  5. Point of being MPC GO
  6. Check-in time for Ho Chi Minh City Airport - 2 hours sufficient?
  7. USM-HKG-LAX-PHX connection question
  8. CX A350 - Economy Seat Comfort?
  9. Xiamen XMN turnaround procedures
  10. Transfer Asia Miles to QFF
  11. First time to Hong Kong and First Time on Cathay
  12. Bangkok Airways - online Marco Polo number
  13. OT: all-new HK Express U-Biz fares
  14. ManageMyBooking is Kaput ?
  15. KA J seats on non-J marketed flights
  16. Best lounge for a shower
  17. Question about mid-tier benefit lounge pass
  18. Inventory
  19. How much leg room in bassinet seats?
  20. KA short haul Y breakfast, catering question
  21. What happen if I bought ticket separated?
  22. Chances of an upgrade?
  23. CX Leased Aircrafts
  24. New regional business class in 2019
  25. Recent observation at YYZ re Checkin desks / "unclear?" signage
  26. Flight delayed ex YVR - can I check in late?
  27. allowed/advisable to deplane during CX510 HKG-FUK via TPE?
  28. Membership Holiday Question
  29. Looking for F dessert wine served LAX-HKG
  30. Sad, I know, but I keep track of the planes I've flown..
  31. Why CX Finances are in a Mess [bad fare quotes]
  32. Wrongly given access to AA LHR arrival lounge?
  33. CX App Mobile Check-in
  34. access first class lounge
  35. Sweet Redemption Spots from HKG
  36. Evening Flights From DXB
  37. Cx712 sin-bkk-hkg
  38. New regional F flights
  39. LHR T3 lounges lost property contact ?
  40. Odd Corner-Case Check-In Question
  41. Cathay Pacific Aircraft Registration
  42. what will happen to luggages left over night at cx lounge
  43. 8 Reasons Why CX First Class is Not as Great As the Travel Bloggers Tell You It is
  44. Cathay Pacific to end Fukuoka
  45. Cancelled flight Perth to Hong Kong
  46. Cathay Pacific boss Ivan Chu to be replaced by Rupert Hogg in management shake-up
  47. Cathay confirms new first class, business class for Boeing 777-9X
  48. Transit thru Hong Kong
  49. "Cuts will not affect Cathay Pacific’s aviation safety and services, say its chief ex
  50. Redeeming FCL flights...
  51. Earning Club Points
  52. 2017 Easter Fare Discussion Japan
  53. CX Annual Results interview with Rupert Hogg
  54. Same day turnaround in TPE (within short time frame)
  55. Help on identifying JAL ticket code I with MPC
  56. CX ignoring profit potential from reward miles?
  57. Mid-tier benefits: not for retention?
  58. When Cathay F gets it right....They get it RIGHT
  59. Man arrested at LHR after boarding CX plane without passport or ticket
  60. The rules for transferring with CX
  61. AM redemption email and call centre returns different results?!
  62. Problem with drinkable water, again
  63. MP GO: 100 CPs shortCX renewed anyway. Common?
  64. CX refuses to honour Oct 97 upgrade promise (Oriental Daily)
  65. Early check in at TPE
  66. CX pricing from Europe
  67. ITA Matrix v CX Website
  68. Low fare class rebooking into higher fare class if missed flight?
  69. Cockroach falling on head - what would you do ?
  70. Change seats after Mileage redemption?
  71. Can I get club points from Iberia operated by Vueling?
  72. Has CX given up on maintaining its cabins?
  73. PY to J upgrade chances for CX812/811 (HKG-BOS-HKG)?
  74. Top Up Miles for 2 Redemptions?
  75. Changing itinerary for July 2017 trip
  76. How does the Boston to HK flight work?
  77. Beijing and Shanghai CX First class lounge
  78. What would cause my record locator to completely change?
  79. HKG/PEK - return = J fare only, one-way = A fare only
  80. CX MPC vs BA BAEC
  81. CX API
  82. use of Asia Miles for AA flight
  83. Checkin for US Flight
  84. New AM survey - Miles sharing
  85. Questions regarding award upgrade
  86. AA JFK Lounges Entry Policy + T8 Security Time 889
  87. CX alcohol policy
  88. CX flight on AA booking - which PNR?
  89. "The Journey"
  90. HKG-TPE amazing C class food
  91. CX and LH Group sign co-operation agreement
  92. Is CX worth an extra HKD1500 compared to AC?
  93. How can I upgrade from Premium Economy to Business?
  94. Wanchai Ferry cocktail
  95. CX website - failing every time I try to check AM availability to upgrade flights
  96. Does CX only keep D or lower premium fare to its own channel?
  97. Carry on baggage plus laptop bag
  98. Reserve dinner for breakfast ?
  99. Query regarding CPA & ANZ thing...
  100. Check in time for KA at HKG?
  101. SCMP editorial: Cathay Pacific must push ahead with its restructuring
  102. Manage Booking - Booking Status
  103. Are there any cancellations for PEK flight?
  104. Question: Opening Time of Outport Bagdrop for OLCI
  105. Does checking in early online decrease your chance of getting an upgrade
  106. Cathay Vacations - Stopover?
  107. LGW to HKG on A350 - which J Class Cabin
  108. Can I Invite a J Passenger to Dine With Me in F?
  109. 59A/K or 60A/K on A350
  110. CX Lounge/Baggage policy on separate tickets
  111. China TWOV with all flights on one-ways and different carriers?
  112. Departing from LHR or LGW
  113. Special Handling for all Rimowa brand check-in baggage
  114. "Damaged, substandard Zodiac seats hit Cathay Pacific image"
  115. popup&go sale
  116. Middle name missing from booking - flying to USA
  117. Best J class seat on CX 77H (4 class)
  118. More F award availability ?
  119. JFK to YVR, only one leg confirmed, miles stuck
  120. Award booking with wrong name
  121. CX Check Bags Thru?
  122. cathay pacific to boston & cathay dragon to shanghai (SHA)
  123. CX J seats smaller than EVA?
  124. CX 841 Food Service
  125. Upgrade Paid Business to First
  126. How would you enhance your oneworld experience? - Survey
  127. Is it normal for Amex-Asiamiles transfers to take 1 week+?
  128. Lounge Access CX connecting to AS
  129. Cathay Pacific posts worst results since 2008
  130. Cathay Advanced Seat Selection
  131. What to do at HKG for some of 8 hours
  132. BKK to JFK - First class - Cathay vs Etihad
  133. Cathay Award Fare Classes
  134. Newbie Status and Earning Question Cathay/American/Alaska
  135. 77W PEY retrofit [only footrests]
  136. CX now releases zero seats in Y for redemption? (JP/KR/TW)
  137. CX J class upgrade chances on HKG-JFK
  138. CX last mins award seat
  139. Mid-tier Lounge Passes
  140. "CX-KA MITF Specials" ex-Malaysia fares gone?
  141. Unknown seat map: 2-2-2 in economy?
  142. CX moved me to a non OW flight - can I get credit on my Oneworld Frequent Flyer
  143. Late arrival causing missed connection and a 7 hours delay to Penang
  144. Can LAX CX lounge print boarding pass?
  145. Shocking: KA & CX have different fares for same flights
  146. Asia Miles - HKG <> KIX - no economy?
  147. In flight WiFi
  148. Last minute Equipment Swap
  149. CX considering "SkyCouch" in Economy
  150. Weather alert re-booking
  151. EWR-HKG swapped to 4 class plane
  152. Seating for Boeing 777-300ER (77G) Three Class JFK-HKG [incorrect seatguru info]
  153. Ka906 vs ka 996 ?
  154. Winter 2017 operational changes - +SFO/CNS/SYD/MAD/MAN/CDG, -LAX
  155. UA domestic transfer to CX international at SFO
  156. Triple Asia miles until March 31, 2017
  157. CX F vs CX A
  158. Bridge vs Pier
  159. Has anyone tried CX US site's 24-hour cancellation policy?
  160. SL renewal and Clubpoints!?
  161. KA F Check In Question
  162. how do I check available seats on CX?
  163. Which arrivals lounge at LHR?
  164. Using only return leg of FanFare flight?
  165. KA seat assignment
  166. Redemption/Paid Ticket Fuel Surcharges and Taxes Difference?
  167. US West Coast air ticket pricing
  168. Long Shot? Honeymoon Upgrade Question
  169. Redemption and stopover question
  170. Can I arrive at PEK at 2 a.m. for the 3 a.m. flight?
  171. Booked into wrong fare class due to CX website error
  172. HKG FC Lounge entry for FC arrival passenger on transit
  173. A few weeks from departure cathay pacific sends email
  174. CX840 Diversion on 25 Feb?
  175. Problem with changing flight
  176. HKG-PEK/PEK-HKG same a/c turn?
  177. CX Premium Economy actually makes flying 19 hours tolerable
  178. Dine on Demand Trial in J class coming in May 2017
  179. CX to Philippine Air Connection
  180. Is There a Site Dedicated to Finding Asia Miles / One World Flights?
  181. different days - same flight - different flight duration
  182. Usefulness of Marco Polo Club Green
  183. Downgraded flight, can't check in, airport / help line useless, what to do?
  184. Flying KUL-HKG-NRT but checking bags at HKG one day early?
  185. HKG-YYZ - PEY Fare Discount
  186. Priority boarding for OWE from LGW
  187. Best way to secure legitimate opup on day of travel
  188. Just booked my first true MR
  189. Companion Award availability - changes??
  190. My vlog of F CX807 - ORD to HKG
  191. Has Cathay Pacific Dropped Altitude and Estimated Time from IFE System?
  192. What's the standard service on PE for CX?
  193. Less than stellar first experience with Asiamiles
  194. ill effects from "Time to Win"
  195. Used Asia miles for the first time from LAX To HKG to Tokyo to HKG to LAX
  196. Betsy Beer, the world’s first beer brewed specially for 35,000ft.
  197. AMS-HKG in J, HKG-HND in Premium – lounge access on stopover?
  198. HKG 85min CX to CX transit.
  199. Anyone have the F menu from ORD to HKG from Nov?
  200. Flight zeroed out & I can be flexible - what's the best plan of action
  201. Use of CX Lounge at LHR T3 when flying out of another terminal
  202. CX says I need e-ticket number?
  203. Premium Economy leg rests on A330?
  204. CX Bookable Upgrades & Crediting to another FF
  205. No fare rules displayed online, no option to change or cancel a simple ticket online
  206. Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards for RTW ticket and changes
  207. Searches blocking availability
  208. Last leg of trip doesn't have J, lounge access?
  209. F Availability to Europe
  210. Split PNR for better chance of up-op?
  211. BYOJet bait and switch??
  212. Great Job CX!
  213. Unable to OLCI for Flights to Canada without eTA (Permanent Resident)
  214. Transferred from MR to asia miles. Trying to book flight to Tokyo
  215. Any lounge in DXB terminal 3 BA Silver can use on CX Economy
  216. Four F reward seats on flight HKG-LHR?
  217. which Lounge at HKIA
  218. Question: CX Reward Y Seat for HKG-YYZ in Jan 2018
  219. 777w variants
  220. An error (502 Bad Gateway)...
  221. CX0709 HKG-BKK cancelled May 20th
  222. Earning on one FFP, lounge access on another
  223. WILL CX allow my husband to give me his F seat?
  224. A330 Fleet of CX
  225. On board wifi
  226. Will I get fast track security at Gatwick (flying PE, OWS)
  227. hotel earn mile and perks reserved on other website.
  228. US HSBC Premier can still transfer to Asia Miles?
  229. Canceled flight - CX889 on Feb 11th from JFK to YVR
  230. Lounge Access
  231. Diamond seat guarantee...is not a guarantee?
  232. Cathay Overnight Accomodations Options HKG
  233. Since when did CX not allow seat selection to non-elites in premium cabins?
  234. LHR check-in: Outsourced from April '17
  235. Possible to upgrade a CX flt sold as AA flt w/ Asia Miles?
  236. Cathay offer free BC ticket BKK - HKG - BKK
  237. Best Marco Polo Club Point Runs
  238. Booking CX on Ctrip: Nationality-Specific fare?
  239. KA supersaver economy. Which fare it is?
  240. Targeted Promotional Fare
  241. SFO-HKG CX Business Class
  242. Help optimizing account reset
  243. First Class Cabin when F is not sold
  244. 7/2/17 CX 713 rerouted via BTH
  245. CX Discovery Magazine
  246. Best method of upgrading on Cathay Pacific, Boston--> HongKong flight?
  247. A350 overhead lockers - no space
  248. gate check car seat?
  249. USA Cathay Pacific Credit card from Synchrony Bank
  250. Removing MPC number after miles upgrade - doable?