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  1. CornishSimon...
  2. Bye bye 2013 and happy new year into 2014......
  3. Thank you BMI Diamond Club and may your forum rest in peace
  4. The very first bmi post on FT
  5. flybmi.com now redirecting to bmiregional.com
  6. The Last Post
  7. Forum Closure December 31st
  8. 20% off flights booked before end of Dec 1st
  9. Bmi 2nd best Business airline in the World
  10. Promo: 5 prizes of 200,000 Miles to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the UK
  11. EDI-CPH getting axed
  12. BMI lorry?
  13. BM to start NCL-BRU
  14. Beware bmi regional schedules!
  15. "Midland" returns
  16. OT: Can on of our friendly UK legal types offer an opinion...
  17. bmir airline of the year & 20% off flights
  18. What's bmi's head of in-flight catering doing these days?
  19. bmi is back - re-branding in 2014
  20. bmi regional launch ABZ-OSL
  21. Who are you all now flying with ?
  22. Non-online DC to avios
  23. bmi Regional announce Domestic Norway operations
  24. BM from BRS to BNE
  25. Newbie Question: Any way to get the Diamond Club plus credit card?
  26. Promo: 15% off bmi Regional UK Domestic Flight Bookings this weekend only!
  27. The final bmi Do - Saturday Sept. 7th, 2013
  28. Exam time!
  29. That bmi wallpaper
  30. Slow/No posting [of credit card miles] to diamondclub?
  31. Hire a bmi regional plane !
  32. Australia / New Zealand / South West Pacific - ending 31 December 2013
  33. Double points for June spend on credit cards
  34. Aircraft type: M0A
  35. A330 WWBM
  36. bmi regional - Q1 2014 flights on sale
  37. Announcement forthcoming... a final Do!
  38. OT: Any interest in ex-bmi Mini-DO Fri 26 July?
  39. Looks like some ex-BMI employees have gone into personal finance
  40. Bmi Regional Flies Back
  41. Lost details
  42. diamondclub.org password reset
  43. Can't let go :(
  44. Through checking baggage on BM
  45. BM still the most punctual
  46. DC status downgrade!
  47. The bmi summer sale has started!
  48. Anyone going through T1 tomorrow (16 May)?
  49. New BM Routes from BRS - HAJ, MXP, MUC
  50. Newbie Question: Alternative Cheese Toastie & Train Q
  51. Why did I close my account?!
  52. OT: Where's a good place to discuss Flybe IDB?
  53. Free Gold Status.
  54. One year on. Where did we all go?
  55. BD2662
  56. The 2013 FTA Awards : Diamond Club wins the FlyerTalk 'Special Recognition' Award
  57. Trip Report: BRS-FRA Inaugural (02APR)
  58. Login problems again?
  59. A little memory at BHX
  60. Lufthansa?BMI/Avios?
  61. bmi in "Welcome to the Punch"
  62. How did the old card expiry actually work?
  63. The GLA Lounge lives
  64. Fun with the washington snow
  65. Downgraded by Virgin on Final Redemption
  66. OT: In fact very very OT......... Happy saint Pirans day ;)
  67. bmi regional 6 day sale
  68. Rant: Denied boarding by Lufthansa during my last redemption trip
  69. Vote for bmi / DC Now!
  70. Copy of now defunct DC T&Cs, redemption rules
  71. BM Economy Flexible not admitted at EDI Lounge?
  72. Do you still have your BD tags on your bags?
  73. Do you still drop by here for a little nostalgia?
  74. A little bit of bmi déjà vu
  75. Rant: BA won't split PNR to cancel one pax from booking
  76. customer rights for in/voluntiary changed DC tickets ?
  77. 502 Bad Gateway
  78. BA Policy on refunds for redemptions?
  79. Redeeming with DC was so much easier
  80. And so the sun set on Donington Hall : sold to Norton Motorcycles
  81. Check a redemption PNR for pricing & date of issue?
  82. Cancelling 1 Pax ticket
  83. OT: The late, and dearly departed Cheese Toastie
  84. Some of us have Complicated Names
  85. Newbie Question: Joining Diamond Club via MBNA Card
  86. TG LHR/BKK Schedule changes from 1st April 2013
  87. LHR T1 arrivals lounge?
  88. 2 year Exec Club: Do I only need to requalify in 2nd year?
  89. Account closed
  90. A spot of snow and...
  91. bmi keeps popping up
  92. Time to spill the beans on DC/bmi errors in your favour?
  93. Rant: Two big Diamond Club => Avios disappointments
  94. The £90 Fee On My BMI Card - what's it for?
  95. OT: 7 Jan : BM EMA flights diverted / delayed, airport closed....
  96. Prock-Schauer - Chief Executive Officer Air Berlin
  97. Time to begin to say goodbye
  98. How can I find my Diamond Club number/mileage?
  99. Redemption Help: DC redemption booking change?
  100. Report your final bmi redemption!
  101. Just been downgraded from gold to silver
  102. Replacing my DC MBNA card but what with?
  103. Where to park Star Alliance miles now?
  104. Can I alter a SQ redemption?
  105. What could have been
  106. The 31 Dec 2012 deadline has come and gone. What's happened ?
  107. Same same but different? (rerouted but unchanged flights)
  108. How to contact by post?
  109. Call Centre: Diamond Club Contact Number?
  110. Enforced schedule change - need hotel - who pays?
  111. Redemption Flight – on line check help
  112. So what happened to all the Bmi Logo items?
  113. Exec club less generous?
  114. Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  115. How many miles should I get for redemption cancellation?
  116. Diamond Club Queries Over Christmas
  117. diamondclub.org cannot count
  118. Does DC deduct miles for status retention?
  119. Diamond Club - Account Question
  120. Cancelling BMI tickets after Jan 1 - where will the miles go?
  121. Which lounge at EDI - if any?
  122. BAEC T&C's contradictory regarding combining bmi miles/avios
  123. How Late Can I Cancel a BD Award Ticket
  124. G-MIDT
  125. First class to economy downgrade
  126. Escape Lounge MAN T3
  127. who refunds me the cash element?
  128. Warning: Diamond club ticketing
  129. Missed flight redemption ticket... help!
  130. Redemption Help: SQ/BA 'disagreement' on whether reservation is correctly tickted
  131. Reasons I miss bmi...
  132. Change to a redemption flight
  133. Is anyone else slightly surprised that BA has not tried to adopt our *A award flights
  134. BA - confused at procedures for Cancelling
  135. Diamond Club in the 2013 FT Awards
  136. How do I get £25 cancelation fee receipt?
  137. Help! Avios from Diamond Club expiring on landing in BA.com
  138. One year or two?
  139. Bad experience with cancelling tix (and delays on getting a refund)
  140. How Do I Close My Account?
  141. Moving to MAN - *A status match
  142. Refunds to different credit card
  143. What would you do?
  144. Redemption Help: Problem post 31/12 Who do you call?
  145. How much money are you paying *A carriers while you wait for your status match?
  146. Using one *A airline's card for lounge access and another to earn miles
  147. Airline lost my booking
  148. Official Clarification on Refund Policy Post Dec.31 (Cash Refunded, Miles to Avios)
  149. bmi (mainline) in the air on 11 November
  150. Future of the forum
  151. DiamondClub.org is down....
  152. BMI A330 G-WWBD Being Scrapped
  153. Where to now? The ultimate bmipedia replacement thread.
  154. Is there interest in a Penultimate bmi London DO Nov 22nd or 23rd?
  155. Redemption Help: Cancellation question
  156. Cancel award because of Sandy?
  157. Changes to redemption, no refund, correct?
  158. Booking Ref Number changes post 28/10
  159. BMI MBNA AMEX - points transfer - new website
  160. Is this anyone here?
  161. Double destination miles for bmi credit card holders buying BA flights
  162. a last thought.....
  163. Important news about diamondclub.org : LIVE from 10am 27 Oct
  164. problems with amending a BD number
  165. bmi website down
  166. The Final bmi flight.....
  167. RIP ICC (?)
  168. Is the BA/BD lurker still around?
  169. Website conundrum, how do you log out ?
  170. Statusmatch link stooped working
  171. e-Ticket no longer shows on CMT but BMI says all ok
  172. Who will get the last "renewal pack"? Mine arrived today
  173. DC Partner: Are any transfers into DC possible right now?
  174. Dropping the last segment of an award ticket
  175. buying miles...
  176. BA and BMI accounts in different names
  177. Ride the bmi A330 to LCA
  178. Did promised transfer AVIOS-DC ever become possible?
  179. The FINAL bmi FT Christmas Drinks 'do' - MANCHESTER - Thu 20 Dec 2012
  180. The FINAL bmi FT Christmas Drinks 'do' - DUBLIN - Fri. Dec. 14th, 2012
  181. Any last minute benefits or actions to take advantage of?
  182. The FINAL bmi FT Christmas Drinks 'do' - LONDON Friday Dec. 7th, 2012
  183. Could we get a top 100 posters of all time on this forum?
  184. GBL "completeley renovated"??
  185. What's WiFi like in the GBL?
  186. Redeeming DC miles for flights to Malta?
  187. How to spend my remaining DC miles?
  188. DC closing : Summary of questions to be answered
  189. Earning soon to be restricted to the BMI credit card
  190. diamond club to be wound up 28 Oct (except MBNA diamondclub.org created) : Discussion
  191. OLCI not working for BMI Regional
  192. Status match
  193. bmi onboard shopping items
  194. Can't login, is this the end?
  195. Chasing miles?
  196. BA Starts Ex-bmi Midhaul
  197. Which BD cash-in benefit to use: BAEC-G or AC eUpgrade?
  198. Any reasons not to move over to Avios?
  199. TATL carryons from AA/T3 LHR to bmi/T1
  200. bmi Diamond Club : "our email address has changed"
  201. Redemption Help: Flight connection missed due to delay
  202. Problem flying with BD award TKT?
  203. Bye bye Baby
  204. BMI Lurker (and flag) at the last night of the Proms
  205. Newbie Question: Check in at EDI
  206. Newbie Question: Cancelling DC Miles ticket - speed of refund of miles?
  207. BMI DC booking changed on BA.com
  208. Problems entering passenger information flybmi
  209. Impact of change to BA flight numbers
  210. BA/BMI have treated me really badly
  211. Lufthansa Strike - BMI Awards
  212. BMI to Berlin
  213. Nostalgia: What's the first thread that springs into your mind on this board
  214. BMI 236 ticketstock will finish soon !
  215. Fly with someone else, baby!
  216. canceling a Star Alliance booking. is it still possible?
  217. Connection problem star to bmi
  218. How long do BA8xxx flights take to post?
  219. Some old BMI stuff....
  220. The Local (GBL)
  221. Redemption trip with skis - last flight change to BA
  222. LH manages to leave a bitter taste in my mouth!
  223. OT: VS Starts Domestic MAN-LHR Service
  224. The London Room - Any Changes?
  225. A330 Cabin Upgrade
  226. Austrian airlines - redemptions still possible?
  227. Future of the "new" BMI-R and mileage accrual to partner FF programs
  228. OT: LHR retail - EU prices
  229. Transferring points help
  230. Transferring Miles within Family Membership Problems
  231. How your flying patterns changed after DC disappeared ?
  232. MAN BMI Lounge to close first week September
  233. Private Mail to DiamondClubQueries
  234. New APD regulation or TK Scam?
  235. BMed to BA
  236. Star booking changed to BA
  237. BMI-R Connections after October
  238. Last Voyager Magazine
  239. "Irish" bmi website gone, redirects to BA site
  240. Lounge access on LHR-DME
  241. BMI awards on SQ...requests not possible
  242. Newbie Question: invalid membership number when checking in with 9W
  243. Redemption Booking - Star Gold Baggage Privilages?
  244. bmi (BA8xxx) Flight to Amman - which lounge to use?
  245. Points from CC account into Diamond Club
  246. BD - BAEC status match withdrawn?
  247. bmi returns to GLA
  248. Lounge access on *SN codeshares
  249. DC Partner: bmi Mastercard miles not posted - ??
  250. DC Gold transfers to BAEC and GGL