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  1. Should I come back to DC?
  2. How to check availability and book a flight to LXA ?
  3. Redemption Help: What's the cut off point for cancelling redemption bookings?
  4. How long is BD Silver Nomination good for?
  5. 10 Romantic things to do in London with British Midland International (bmi)
  6. E-Voucher / MCO question
  7. Newbie Question: Getting to Silver
  8. OFFICIAL - Miles and More update - Diamond Club is safe for 2011
  9. YX tax question
  10. Mobile Check-in: Seat block working?
  11. Will just one LH sector infect the entire trip with extra cost?
  12. BMI now point-blank refusing tax refunds on Award changes... help?
  13. Transatlantic Joint Venture
  14. BMI operating BHX to FRA for LH
  15. How to pre book seats on OZ with BD tkt
  16. Domestic fare hike?
  17. Getting receipt for Cash on miles+cash
  18. BD Domestic Luggage Allowance
  19. MEDM landing at LHR last week: Photo
  20. Free 1Y DC silver membership for everyone include BMI' guys :)
  21. Check-in opening time at DUB
  22. Have I been downgraded?
  23. Free DC silver membership for one year
  24. Getting to Madagascar
  25. Redemption Help: Swiss F-class to the USA
  26. Free Silver: how far to Gold?
  27. Redemption Help: How long till reservation is ticketed?
  28. Redemption Help: Any ideas for redemptions please??
  29. flybmi.com - CO LHR-EWR 'Business Saver' for < 700 ?
  30. bmi re-aligns its booking/earning classes
  31. Help booking LON-NY to maximise earning
  32. BMI social meeja relaying Q&A at BMI Planning meeting
  33. Redemption Help: India: Tax Implications
  34. Redemption Help: ANA Tool?
  35. F Award / Business cabin
  36. Ticketing Query
  37. Newbie Question: What is the earning rate with Swiss in booking class P?
  38. Redemption Help: LHR-NRT and NH seat availability
  39. Another bmi email glitch
  40. Do you keep your old membership cards?
  41. Do miles expire after 12 or 24 months of inactivity?
  42. Call Centre: Incorrect surname in booking - rebooking needed?
  43. Redemption Help: BFS/DUB to MIA/FLL in C - a pipe dream??
  44. BMI to soon participate in *A upgrade program?
  45. Etihad on BMI Codeshare
  46. Schedule change on award - change fee?
  47. BMI Refund help!
  48. Complaints procedure
  49. Virgin Premium economy VS BMI Business/Egypt Air Business
  50. Escape to the sun with our credit card.....
  51. New BD routes: LHR to CMN, RAK, BGO, SVG (with times)
  52. Call Centre: What's going on? Not sure if reward flight booked or not.
  53. Redemption Help: Redemption within Zone 2
  54. BD Lounge Access as BD*S
  55. Reduction of Sunday flights LHR-BHD
  56. Redemption Help: Churchill, Manitoba (YYQ) - possible with DC award?
  57. Newbie Question: Redemption on AC
  58. Status mileage run needed..any suggestions?
  59. Moscow - London
  60. HELP: DC cancelled my booking!!
  61. Quick Burning Question
  62. Earning US Miles
  63. Award on Non StarAlliance
  64. How Many DC Status Miles Per Year?
  65. Rant: I think I have been had (ref Refund of costs due to weather cancellations)
  66. Redemption Help: 92 DC miles short: will our friends in Pune be kind?
  67. Newbie Question: LHR T1 lounges when flying SA and LX
  68. C class to Miami-TAP???
  69. Does BMI allow pax to standby for an earlier flight without fees?
  70. BD Redemption - US TATL J Product
  71. DC Partner: Live Twitter Q&A with WW's Julian Carr 15:00GMT today
  72. Promo: Feb 2011 : fly with bmi, double/triple dest/status miles promo
  73. Protests in Cairo and planned trip!
  74. Redemption Help: Can you change reward flights once booked?
  75. How much guaranteed miles "Europe business upgrade" LX fare earns ?
  76. redemption question
  77. SYD-AKL-SYD Biz Fare Miles.
  78. Award flight without last leg
  79. OT: Incident / Disruption at DME, Moscow.
  80. BMI lounge access when travelling on BMI baby
  81. Am I alone in flying bmi less and less?
  82. Question Regarding spending on partner airlines
  83. Tactics for leaving the lounge at the right time (LHR T1)
  84. *A Gold with BMI. who should? I switch to?
  85. A really very odd flight bonus
  86. oooooo shiny :)
  87. Some Newbie questions
  88. Am I insane or just keeping up with the FT spirit?
  89. 2 important questions
  90. Guardian Prock Schauer Interview
  91. Help please, confused re "first class" option on redemption on Air New Zealand
  92. Renewing Gold
  93. bmi flight cancelations - anyone else share my bad luck
  94. Newbie Question: Buying Miles + Total Cost of this flight
  95. BD131 to DUB 20 Feb op by 757
  96. MAN - DXB - cheapest taxes and fees?
  97. Redemption : LHR -> Japan (Sapporo)
  98. bmi to launch London Heathrow - Basel
  99. Bing Bong.....
  100. SZG-LON - go via VIE or FRA???
  101. Status Match with *A
  102. Redemption Help: Amount of TG F seats on the same flight
  103. Anyone managed a 2012 redemption yet?
  104. Redemption Help: A few odd questions?
  105. Downgraded on award ticket, what should I do?
  106. Should I go for gold?
  107. DC Partner: Thicko Question: Hotels
  108. Can I use BD miles for a flight on US Airways WAS-BOS?
  109. Newbie Question: GLA-MCO using VS
  110. What I found in my drawers...
  111. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards
  112. Further BD domestic cuts: LHR-GLA gone from 27 Mar 2011, MAN reduced
  113. What is the maximum lenth of a stopover ?
  114. Gold Card Renewal Questions for the Gurus
  115. Is it normal for their to be a delay charging taxes on award flights?
  116. Extra luggage on Prem Econ LHR -EDI
  117. Redemption Help: Booking QR
  118. Contact details for Star Alliance Lounge LHR
  119. BMI gold card
  120. LHR-TXL questions
  121. How would you "get rid" of 130k bmi miles?
  122. Redemption Help: Is it possible to make a OW redemption for a child and add to ret leg of RT PNR?
  123. Need help, seat assignment for BD 3982 op by NZ
  124. Star Alliance Gold vs. Diamond Club Gold
  125. Amex lounge passes
  126. Strange web page on DC
  127. Only 1 row of Prem Econ shows LHR -EDI
  128. YQ on LX for infant in lap
  129. LHR to DUB Latest Check-In with Bags?
  130. Rant: Very high prices to the US
  131. Promo: Double miles ABZ/NWI... but now T3 op'd?
  132. DC Partner: VS upper v LX club
  133. Redemption Help: OZ Flights showing as available ICC can't book
  134. Which zone is Malawi in?
  135. Membership miles help, please!
  136. Redemption Help: Kathmandu
  137. Redemption Help: Asked for extra miles for a Z1-Z3 redemption
  138. DC Partner: Qatar Redemptions
  139. Earning miles on upgraded United flight
  140. BD change to two-year membership year? Or just another IT issue?
  141. A proposal that could change the name of the bmi forum
  142. Delayed baggage on BMI
  143. Upgrades on BD Metal
  144. bmi considering legal action over Heathrow snow losses
  145. LON-GVA-ZRH = 2xLON-ZRH
  146. Redemption Help: LHR to PEK (via SIN)
  147. Newbie Question: Redemption to Miami
  148. Is Diamond Club best for infrequent *A long hauls?
  149. Redemption Help: Upgrade cash booking on partner airline possible?
  150. Any downside to having US address
  151. Problem booking flights
  152. How do I get 1800 status miles ex UK on the cheap
  153. Promo: 50% Bonus when you buy until 15th Jan..But which year?
  154. Newbie Question: Fly to OZ mid Jan 2012
  155. Redemption Help: Has my award flight been cancelled or not - confused?!
  156. NRT to LHR
  157. LHR PSC increases loaded at flybmi.com
  158. Redemption Help: flying EDI to EWR with CO using miles
  159. Question regarding upgrading current redemption ticket
  160. Are US Airways & United A-Class Tickets Still Earning 3X?
  161. Upgrade on BD award segment as Gold- booked with US miles?
  162. Newbie Question: Redemptions ex NCL or LBA possible?
  163. Redemption Help: What a cock up!
  164. Please report your successful redemptions using Diamond Club miles (2011)
  165. Rant: What does this mean?
  166. Bmi names marketing chief
  167. DC Partner: US Airways 767 on DUB- PHL route
  168. OT: New Year Resolution
  169. US or CO dilemma
  170. Big Changes to MAN Schedule
  171. Experience redeeming bmi miles on Qatar between Europe and Doha?
  172. Expedia and 236 stock
  173. OT: ICC wishing us a Merry Christmas
  174. Austrian/Ukrainian International Codeshare - earn Diamond Club points?
  175. Redemption Help: Honeymoon ideas... Oz/Thailand?
  176. DUB-LHR-DUB inbound miles not yet posted
  177. Travel coordinator possible on my DC account?
  178. Is business class on US-based airlines actual F for redemption purposes?
  179. Met an old friend today...
  180. Downgraded to SL, 10,000 miles removed
  181. Redemption Help: LH Seat Preference and upgrades
  182. bmi *G and business Europe - lounge and champagne
  183. Call Centre: Closed during working hours???
  184. Thinking of switching from LH M&M to BD DC - Some questions
  185. DC Partner: Are A380 awards possible on LH or SQ?
  186. Life after DC?
  187. What's for lunch (T1 *A lounge vs GBL)
  188. Amazing Pre-Travel Support
  189. Rant: Incorrect miles charged (or not as the case may be)
  190. Redemption Help: Award booking upgrade
  191. Christmas crackers
  192. Award Travel Changes
  193. Happy Christmas 2010 from Diamond Club
  194. Diamond Club call centre Closure dates over the festive period
  195. On Line Check In not working 22nd Dec
  196. OT: Heathrow Express Free First Class Upgrade (22nd December 2010 - 19th January 2011)
  197. Sale now on.
  198. Redemption Help: LX cannot identify me
  199. Redemption Help: Air China - What's the score?
  200. Does anyone have any idea what this means?
  201. AmEx bonus miles
  202. DC Partner: How easy to claim missing miles for hotel stays?
  203. Change to start of award booking
  204. Does Bmi rebook award flights if cancelled due to snow?
  205. DC Gold "Guaranteed seat reservation" question
  206. Award Bookings and Connection Fees
  207. Redemption Help: What happens if I miss an award ticket connection?
  208. worthwhile to add Z2 leg to Z10-Z1?
  209. Got BMI Gold Card - confused how to get *A Gold benefits with United, Continental...
  210. F awards all but vanish for LH
  211. Thank you all and festive greetings
  212. Flight cancelled - do I need to do anything?
  213. "Be sure you continue to receive our emails."
  214. bmi forum post-holiday drinks, Thu 20 Jan 2011, Central London
  215. How to get 6750 Miles without flying? (Living in Switzerland)
  216. Winter Snow 2010: Tales of Woe and Call Centre Not Answering Thread
  217. DC Partner: WW announce BHD-STN 3 x daily
  218. Naughty BMI??? (not reducing IE departure taxes...)
  219. Rant: BMI delays
  220. DC Partner: Hilton sale (Any Weekend Anywhere) and DC miles
  221. Far East redemption ideas
  222. Promo: BMI Metal?
  223. BMI Baby Redemption
  224. Redemption Help: Shenanigan or new trend? No award availability on CO even though ANA says there is!
  225. New bmi logo to be unveiled shortly
  226. How LH Group employees are introduced to bmi
  227. You think BMi lounges are bad...
  228. DC Partner: Routing/Airline Choice Help!
  229. Redemption success on Virgin
  230. Business class award MXP>LHR>PEK>>HKG Only 20KG baggage allowance!?
  231. Award bookings on codeshare flights?
  232. bmi e-upgrade
  233. Need passport info at booking now?
  234. Missing Miles "use the form on the website" - the one that hasn't in worked in years
  235. How many times do I have to verify my address?
  236. RTW Business Miles
  237. Newbie Question: Best Value redemption from US?
  238. Can I get away signing up as a Prince or Earl?
  239. What does "confirmed from waitlist" mean?
  240. Comparism of award availabilty: M&M wins
  241. Post-merger mileage refunds / changes
  242. BMI using A330 again??
  243. SQ cancelled my award?
  244. MBNA Amex card question
  245. Changing an award ticket
  246. GLA-LHR: bmi cancels all flights, BA flying: a case for Reg(EC) 261/2004?
  247. Do I earn miles on award bookings?
  248. OT: Irish Travel Tax drops to 3
  249. How much is this a misrepresentation?
  250. Does BD see M&M/EF availability or *A/ANA availability for LH/LX flights?