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  1. BMI A319 at Birmingham on Apr 25th 2011, hydraulic leak
  2. Redemption Help: Please confirm these are changes, not canx
  3. Fly BMI... where??????
  4. LHR-DUBLIN schedule change?
  5. BMI Fleet: all a/c livery and interiors (*work in progress*)
  6. Redemption Help: Where would you fly with 106K miles?
  7. OT: What could had been: Alternative BMI Livery...
  8. Argentina/Chile in November
  9. Booking UA flights with bmi miles
  10. London Heathrow to Edinburgh via Belfast
  11. DC Partner: Easter LH business offer is back - but not as good as last year
  12. iGUV's only on flights actually booked through BD?
  13. Is it possible to change/correct passport details on Award Booking
  14. Adding a FQTV number - and a lot more besides - using LOT (Polish) Manage My Booking
  15. Rant: Oxon Flyer sabotages Texas shopping trip
  16. *G privileges on Award Booking
  17. BD C flight LHR-VIE catering/check-in
  18. DC and LH fare-classes
  19. Newbie Question: Flight from Aberdeen
  20. Why won't my BD Gold number stick in a redemption?
  21. Emigrating - what will happen to my points?
  22. FlyBMI.com down
  23. time to issue redemption eticket
  24. OT: 50% off Heathrow Express Tickets
  25. LBA lounge
  26. 1000 bonus miles for 1 minute of your time
  27. Redemption Help: Trying to get 4 F seats on TG
  28. MAN - HAM BD3371 - Lounge Access?
  29. BMI online redemption down?
  30. Lounge: How early?
  31. Rant: Priority baggage labels
  32. Call Centre: India cancel my booking
  33. BMI Regional adds summer flights to GLA/EDI-CPH, EDI-ZRH
  34. Issues checking availability on ANA site
  35. DC Partner: Discover the world for less with bmi
  36. Stopovers on Award Bookings
  37. Rant: Tax and Fees for a USA Internal Flight
  38. BD mobile website launched
  39. Newbie Question: Miles booked or miles ticketed?
  40. DC Silver & United Economy Extra
  41. Trip Report BMI DUB-LHR-BSL Business Class
  42. 'European Enhanced' Routes
  43. Children at 75% miles
  44. Promo: Reduced price food/free beer at LHR T1
  45. OT: Spin-the-bottle-BD-strategy: WW launch BHD-AGP/AMS/GVA/ALC/PMI/FAO/IBZ
  46. "L" on BMI earning only 0.25x on European flights ?
  47. Call Centre: Spelling mistakes on etickets - how to change
  48. Reward flight cancelled? I wasn't informed?
  49. OT: Viewing schedule history for a flight
  50. Emergency contact information?
  51. Flight not ticketed. BMI want to charge to make changes?
  52. How strongly is the must book 5 days before flight rule enforced?
  53. A nostalgic review " good old times "
  54. Am I Gold, or Silver, or both?
  55. Sleeping with the enemy Flying British Airways!
  56. Earning on VS K-class?
  57. Number to cancel reward flight
  58. Questions on status - perhaps the BD person can help?
  59. Getting miles for booking hotels through flybmi.com?
  60. Replacement bmi lounge at GLA
  61. Worldpoints competition
  62. British Boxes
  63. BMI Sale Fares
  64. Facebook bmi Destination Poll
  65. Newbie Question: only one seat in business, need two
  66. Schedule Change Notice - Important news about your flight
  67. Miles & Cash not available on Lufthansa?
  68. Last day to earn miles for this year?
  69. OT: London Bradford - Glasgow Route
  70. Miles and Cash refund speed ?
  71. Redemption Help: What would you do with 130k?
  72. BD operating FRA-MAN - no bussing
  73. BD64 and BD57 cancelled Sat-Thurs 9-30 May
  74. bmi launches codeshare with Oman Air to MCT
  75. Redemption Help: Upgrading an Award Flight
  76. New IATA interline baggage rules
  77. DC*G Lost Luggage / Luggage Tag - How does it work
  78. Seafood Special Meal
  79. Ticket purchased Half Miles and Cash and Half Cash
  80. GUVs
  81. Redemption Help: Cancelling one sector - charges
  82. Award fare classes?
  83. Optimizing my LHR terminal 1 connections
  84. *A Survey based on recent flight (data from bmi)
  85. bmi credit for domestic AC flights
  86. BMI ticket, UH metal?
  87. Contact @ BMI (Joanna?) - Problem with Refund
  88. DC Partner: ITA fares, booking codes and points on LX
  89. Is someone using my miles???? Or has my year reset?
  90. Missing mileage credit, any other way than sending a letter?
  91. Ticketing deadline for SQ extended?
  92. Which Lounge at LHR T1
  93. Avoiding C-class UK APD. What would you do?
  94. Miles posted but balance has not changed
  95. Redemption Help: Not possible to redeem MAN-Lyon online?
  96. SQ redemtions in J
  97. Veggie now only hot breakfast offering for Euro Services
  98. Rant: No IFE on DME - LHR last night
  99. Marrakech Lounge access
  100. OT: Are 'Modeller Surveys' legit?
  101. Aircraft Reg request
  102. Will I have lounge access?
  103. Tweet: The "silver downgrade" e-mail. And discussion of bmi's stance
  104. Newbie Question: bmi or CO
  105. Redemption Help: BMI miles to South America
  106. Newbie Question: Mileage Query
  107. Promo: Up to 35% off a bmi flight
  108. Redemption Help: Redemption flight operator cancels route. What now?
  109. G-WWBM back from TK, off to ALA, FNA, FRU
  110. Earning BD miles on LH fare ?
  111. Stupid Question: When you reach gold?
  112. Trip Report: Tbilisi in bmi Business Class
  113. What is a bereavement fare?
  114. Newbie Question: Miles Earned on BD operated LH flights?
  115. New codeshare to GYD
  116. Miles credited as Economy not Business Class
  117. Promo: 25 off hotel booking over 200* on BMIpedia
  118. Bag Charges for this itinerary
  119. Rant: When does BD regional load its meals for Business pax?
  120. Next generation checkmytrip.com : new stuff, missing stuff, bugs.....
  121. Redemption Help: Z9-Z1 ... via North America or via Europe?
  122. Does this SQ fare code earn miles?
  123. DC Partner: slow miles posting on AC?
  124. Newbie Question: BMI silver upgrades on star alliance
  125. LHR T1 Partially Evacuated (20 March, 2011)
  126. Copa Airlines
  127. Intl->DOM Connection at LHR? What's with the bags?
  128. Problems getting TK miles to post properly IF...
  129. Accuracy of seatguru.com for BD flights?
  130. bmi Z class fare (Virgin codeshare) - confusion
  131. More BMR flights to LH Hubs
  132. Call Centre: Thanks - Pre Travel Support and Diamond Club in general !
  133. Newbie Question: Will bmi check my luggage all the way through for reward flights?
  134. Use your new BMI Silver Elite status to get Elite status on KLM/Air France!!
  135. TG changes flight - now only 45min in BKK to connect
  136. How Long Until UA Can See My Status
  137. Fast-track security at LHR T1
  138. Flights cancelled! What now?
  139. DC Us domestic availability seems way worse
  140. Promo: Calculating online shopping offers (double miles)
  141. Change to Redemption mid-trip?
  142. Newbie Question: How far in advance are seats released
  143. MS denying me my miles in DC
  144. Only economy extra available next few weeks?
  145. Redemption Help: Stopover combined with Open Jaw to achieve 2 stopovers
  146. First redemtion attempt, so close...
  147. making changes to an award
  148. Berlin Turnaround - Is it possible?
  149. DC Partner: 25% Silver Bonus on Partner Airlines (non-*A)
  150. Changing a booking from cash+miles to miles
  151. Redemption Help: Transferring BMI miles to Lufthansa M&M?
  152. DC Partner: Earn 1,500 extra Tesco Clubcard points while you shop (with MBNA Amex card)
  153. Is Flexible Economy Refundable?
  154. Promo: Instant Silver Offer - New Members - By Invitation Only
  155. Business Class Sale (travel 16 Apr - 2 May, 2011) - Champagne Style for Caba Prices
  156. OT: Check your award bookings to Japan if you've got anything booked in the near future
  157. Andrew Neil denied boarding on bmi flight (he had a valid ticket)
  158. Online shopping / Hilton
  159. Redemption Help: How to get to Ushuaia (USH) from UK
  160. Online check-in for redemption flights
  161. Change award: drop one leg - possible ?
  162. Rant: I want to give BD some money, but I cant...
  163. Time limit on BD lounge LHR?
  164. Rant: Mid-haul new interior
  165. OT: Amex 5 off 65 at World Duty Free
  166. Redemption Help: Redemption and stopovers
  167. OT: EDI Enhancement
  168. Help with Australia Trip Routing please
  169. Is this correct? DXB-LHR
  170. "Are you in a hurry?"
  171. Earning miles on Brussels Air
  172. Newbie Question: BMI Checked Luggage Size Limits?
  173. Redemption Help: ANA tool reliability for ANA itself
  174. Premium Economy showing on Checkmytrip?
  175. More LHR Slots to fill
  176. Redemption Zone Query
  177. Are there amenity kits available on DME-LHR?
  178. Diamond Club contact
  179. New Codeshares to KBP
  180. Redemption Chart Oddities
  181. Redemption Help: Too late for a flight on 3/9 or 3/10?
  182. Is the LH FCT worth the extra 10,000 miles?
  183. Promo: Groupon deals master thread: Business Class from LHR to...
  184. Newbie Question: Calculating how many status miles I'll earn
  185. bmi sale fare - NOT !
  186. Promo: Win a Trip on the Inaugural Flights of our New Routes (Economy)
  187. 2011 Diamond Club Membership Cards
  188. Wonderful, amazing and simply terrific BMI DC (the poetry barf thread)
  189. BMI Silver - TAM Lounge access?
  190. T1 security, first thing on a Friday
  191. How to maximise status points on a TATL trip
  192. OT: So how will this affect bmi's turnaround plans?
  193. Promo: Earn 500 bonus destination miles every time you book a bmi flight on flybmi.com
  194. Crediting flights post-status match
  195. Wonderful upgrade on BD - and confirmation that the Cheese Toastie is no more
  196. Who can use the premium checkin at LHR?
  197. DC Partner: Spanair Z earnings
  198. BHD to BJV options
  199. Redemption Help: Changing Flights
  200. Confused about C seats DME-LHR on A320
  201. ANA Tool
  202. Best way to get to Copenhagen (CPH)
  203. Redemption Help: Does a change of airport (same country) warrant a change fee?
  204. Caution! Moderator training in progress...
  205. Putting a monetary value on BD*G
  206. Call centre honouring web bookings at moment
  207. Flybmi 6-Nations game competition
  208. Redemption Help: Cant book SQ tickets despite seats showing?
  209. Redemption Help: redemption booking - payment not taken
  210. How early for the lounge?
  211. Rant: No more hold of reservation
  212. Promo: Twitter/Facebook promo: 100 pairs of BD tickets hidden in London
  213. Tickets to Twickenham?
  214. Mods pls delete
  215. Sssshhhhh... it's a secret (Our best ever sale for 5 days only)
  216. Connecting flight supplement on awards
  217. bmi earning chart changes (mostly reduced earning rates) in 2011
  218. Lufthansa Senator Match for BMI Gold
  219. Proper Business Class seats A321 GLA-LHR
  220. Rant: Guaranteed seat reservation?
  221. Highest Booking Class still enforced for USA awards ?
  222. BMI gold - luggage allowance on *A flights
  223. CO reference on CheckMyTrip
  224. ANZ code share?
  225. aaaaagggh usless GUV's!
  226. Bumped from BMI Flight
  227. Suggestions for redemption for 10-Year Wedding Anniversary ex-HKG
  228. BD metal
  229. This made me laugh.....
  230. Gold Requalification question (assumption really)..
  231. Tell us what you think for 1000 miles
  232. Gold requalification - mileage runs within the US
  233. Grace Period for Status Requalification
  234. Going to Zurich
  235. Newbie Question: Status Upgrade Following GLA-LHR Axing
  236. Newbie Question: Bermuda - BDA
  237. BD DC redemption - YQ - westbound vs eastbound
  238. Cook Islands
  239. Morocco : moves from Zone 5 to Zone 2
  240. Problems BHD through fares - do they exist?
  241. Rant: Adding SecureFlight data via flybmi.com trashes seat reservations
  242. Promo: 20% bonus on Dest miles purchases 14 Feb to 31 Mar 2011
  243. Two successful redemptions, with a status upgrade.....
  244. Buying miles - when is the best time?
  245. FlyBmi.com denies I am in the USA
  246. Refund/Reissue of ticket... and call-centre oddness. Any kindly advice?
  247. Help - has BMI booking engine lost the plot?
  248. Redemption Help: Can I waitlist for BMI Business award?
  249. Award Booking on Air New Zealand
  250. Flexible economy - how to get seats together?