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  1. OT: Summer Hibernation
  2. Gold drop to Silver
  3. Credit card questions/redemption
  4. Redemption Help: What would you do (LAS-LHR, many imperfect options)
  5. Promo: BONUS Double miles in Econ/Triple miles in Biz; fly 11Jul - 31Aug '11 (Targetted)
  6. USA Trips with Star Alliance
  7. Redemption Help: How can I book this flight?
  8. RAK or other BMI dests (holiday advice...)
  9. Business class to South Africa
  10. The DUB timetable rollercoaster thread
  11. BD to switch A330 to... Amritsar.
  12. Promo: 15% off flights to and from Belfast
  13. Promo: Win two tickets to see Johnny Vegas in Manchester on 13 July
  14. Call Centre: Which data do they need when at the ICC?
  15. Arrival Lounge in Athens?
  16. P booking class in paid Business on LX ?
  17. Award Change and Cancellation Fee Increases ? Er, no!
  18. Redemption Help: Swiss, NZ & United
  19. All systems down...
  20. Using miles - Stopovers
  21. DC Partner: LH to start LGW-FRA
  22. P class fare on BMI Domestic
  23. DC Partner: Shenzhen Airlines to join *A: lots of new & unpronounceable redemption opportunities
  24. First Class Zone 2 to Zone 8
  25. Buying miles for under-18 family members?
  26. Help with EDI to MCO redemption
  27. ASA slaps bmi's wrist over Double Status/Destination Miles promo
  28. New TG route (BRU-BKK) not showing on ANA...
  29. FRA Gate 43 SEN Lounge open
  30. DC Partner: SN set to start USA flights in 2012
  31. Questions re Miles and Customer Care
  32. USAir not positing correctly for Gold >55k
  33. DC Partner: Free nights with Wyndham Rewards
  34. Guesting 2 people into the lounge with multiple FFPs
  35. Surface sector in Oneway Award allowed?
  36. OT: "Most significant carrier" rule
  37. Rant: Miles claim - start of an odyssey?
  38. Redemption booked into wrong class?
  39. Promo: bmi MBNA Amex : July offer : 10,000 extra welcome bonus miles
  40. Is flying west from DUB via FRA now considered back-tracking?
  41. OT: 'The world’s least visited countries'-next lot of 'exciting' BMI destinations?!
  42. Newbie Question: Claiming miles when airline changes booking
  43. BMI Belfast lounge opening times?
  44. BHD improvements: new Fast Track for BD/*A Silver and Gold; Economy Flexible
  45. Redemption Help: Unable to book Expressjet airlines
  46. Newbie Question: Value of BMI for USA departures
  47. Redemption Help: How can I get this seat?
  48. Newbie Question: Flight Changes
  49. TG cancel flight - business reward - what help can I expect?
  50. Cracked windshield on BD61 today (28 June)
  51. Redemption help - 4 seats in C to JNB/CPT
  52. Miles are pointless on BMI
  53. UKBA Strike - 29/30-JUN-2011
  54. OT: Missed the flight to CAI
  55. Newbie Question: The value of DC Points
  56. DC Partner: LH to launch ABZ-FRA 3 x daily
  57. What is it that brings you back to bmi?
  58. OT: Where do you buy your tickets?
  59. Redemption Help: M&M shows 2 redemption seats, bmi says none?
  60. Aircraft discrepancy
  61. Hilton HHonors Q3 Promo 2011, 2k miles per night
  62. why does DC have trouble with Zurich ?
  63. Asymmetric YQ?
  64. BMI Domestic - Fare Buckets that Allow Lounge Access
  65. OT: General ticketing procedure question
  66. Fly to Casablanca for meeting in Rabat - should I?
  67. Repricing changes in award trips
  68. New shorthaul catering to come from 1st september 2011 - LSG
  69. Whoops! Escape slide blown - or so we thought
  70. Rant: BMI DC account closing
  71. 750 Desination miles short of an Award
  72. Another "tell us what you think" 1,000 points survey (21 June '11)
  73. Redemption advice to KUL ex UK/I
  74. Tax Refund
  75. MUC-LHR-EVN - 80 min connection - will bags make it?
  77. FF programmes - can you be on two partner airlines FFs?
  78. Guest into lounge?
  79. Crornington Mescent .... (British, midland and international variant)
  80. Cabin Baggage on ERJ145
  81. BMI or OS in business LHR-VIE
  82. The end is nigh! Just booked BA to MAN-LHR
  83. BMI question: Chances of standby on an earlier flight?
  84. The top 5 most annoying things about flybmi.com
  85. Rebuying Silver
  86. Redemption Help: The Impossible dream?
  87. Heathrow Lounge access
  88. Newbie Question: DC redemption, use status from other FFP?
  89. Earning on Swiss Business Europe fares
  90. More bad luck for bmi
  91. FlyBe quitting MAN/BHX-FRA
  92. Redemption Help: cheap way to get 2000 DC miles
  93. Lifetime gold - worth fighting for?
  94. Redemption Help: Move award from C to Y: Change or cancellation?
  95. Call Centre: Authorization to use an interpreter
  96. Max time between connections on award ticket
  97. Strange redemption points deduction & upgrade question
  98. online checking incorrect visa details
  99. BMI Miles with Jet airways - how to calculate?
  100. Redesigning bmi domestic product
  101. points on purchased upgrades?
  102. Redemption Help: purchasing miles for award ticket with lap child
  103. Rant: How to make the incompetant dysfunctional online check-in work?
  104. The tax for your redemption is....£3!!!
  105. LH Redemptions: Paper Ticket or E-Ticket?
  106. Earning miles on bmi marketed flights operated by Qatar Airways
  107. Grrrrrr!...Ripped off by DC?
  108. OT: Being The Biggest Idiot On Flyertalk
  109. redeem on continental?
  110. Newbie Question: Domestic catering for BD *S
  111. Is This BMI Diamond Club Membership Free?
  112. Newbie Question: Advice Needed Please
  113. When you qualify for Gold from Silver do you lose the extra status miles?
  114. Anyone *SUCCESSFULLY* redeemed miles on UA SFO-SYD/MEL!?
  115. The curious case of the cheap flight
  116. DC Partner: MBNA Small business Visa card
  117. Newbie Question: Family accounts miles transfers
  118. How to see redemptions booked with SQ?
  119. Oooh, wouldn't BA status be nice? (Willie's interested, again)
  120. MCT at Heathrow
  121. Redemption Help: LX redemption availability shown on EF - is it relevant to DC?
  122. Buy or gift miles before 31 July 2011 and get 20% extra free
  123. bmi Website Usability Testing
  124. Silver status but Gold card still valid - what are the lounge rules?
  125. Europe's shrinking airline
  126. Is short-haul business going from 2+2 to 3+3 ?
  127. Changing a booking
  128. Latest time to change award
  129. Can You Book With Virgin Atlantic Using Miles?
  130. Can you get moved to an earlier flight on a low economy fare?
  131. Status Match
  132. Announcing your 'not very' new bmi forum Moderator
  133. Anyone ever merge two BMI Accounts?
  134. Azal to fly ABZ-GYD
  135. Saturday speculation: BMI and LHR-T2 / "Heathrow East"
  136. Is EDI-LHR going Embraer 145?
  137. Status Mileage Run with June Offer... Suggestions please!
  138. Take part in our research study and earn 3,000 destinations miles. (UK+IRE flights)
  139. Is It Worth Saving Miles Now
  140. Newbie Question: Gold Upgrade Voucher Usage - Still earning on another programme?
  141. Redemption Help: Changing a return sector - risky?
  142. Buy miles, they are not showing up?!
  143. BMI Weekly menu change on Euro routes
  144. NH Availability on ANA
  145. Newbie Question: Mistake with ICC booking
  146. Redemption Help: First class to MCO
  147. Rant: LBA Should wear Dick Turpin masks (airport charging a fee for driving to the door)
  148. Redemption Help: Changes from Z8-Z3 to Z5-Z3
  149. BMI Diamon Club Grrrrrrr!
  150. Most profitable bmi route?
  151. Newbie Question: Half way to silver but can't get a straight answer!
  152. OT: Consolidated booking for 'luxury break' hotels
  153. Promo: June 2011 Bonus miles promotion (targeted?) .... "one of our most generous ever !"
  154. Managing oversells - LHR-DUB
  155. Booking One Way
  156. OLCI-ed but no seatmap/seat assignment
  157. Advice on redemption booking
  158. Taking BMI to court: impact on DC status/miles?
  159. Redemption Help: No refund for cancellation.
  160. Mid haul to RAK ?
  161. Time to start burning miles but how?
  162. Business ticket BSL-MAN - lounge access?
  163. Rant: Tricksy restrictions to earning BMI Diamond club points with partners
  164. Status on BPs (OLCI)
  165. LH Italia to cease from 29 Oct
  166. OT: More ash cloud chaos on the way? May 2011
  167. Malev OW Status Match
  168. LHR - FRU return in J
  169. CO Award Availability over BD Miles
  170. New Redemption Surcharge
  171. Redemption - UK ---> NYC
  172. Current Elite status matches?
  173. I'm wondering if I should come back
  174. bmi E145 at London on May 17th 2011, rejected takeoff
  175. Honeymoon ideas please!
  176. Pros and Cons of BMI DC
  177. Quick Lounge Access Question
  178. Extra guests LHR lounge
  179. Round the World
  180. Kathmandu turnround
  181. Rant: Bmi could learn a thing or two
  182. Retaining gold
  183. Promo: £5 tickets for England XV v Barbarians at Twickenham, Sun 29 May 2011
  184. Quick review of recent award flights
  185. How long I need to wait for my award tix issuing?
  186. Star Gold on bmi - Seat Assignments
  187. BKK to Man
  188. Award booking - new passport number
  189. Taxes on redemptions - where to find what they will be?
  190. 1 pair of tickets to the LH festival of Baroque Music up for grabs
  191. Earliest check-in for luggage?
  192. Finally some good news for BD: LHR-GYD traffic likely to pick up in May 2012
  193. I need to add a sector on... possible or not?
  194. Rant: T1 *G Check In
  195. OT: £5 off World Duty Free until 30th June 2011 (min £65 spend)
  196. Quick YQ question & credit card fee?
  197. Redemption Help: 62K miles burn ex-EDI (newbie)
  198. BMI Manual Check-In
  199. YQ tax not refundable
  200. DC Partner: how to earn BAA WorldPoints outside the UK?
  201. United canceling SFO-LHR F twice (BMI redemption)
  202. If I book separate tickets for 2 people, can the PNRs be linked?
  203. bmi S fare maps to what on CO?
  204. Goodbye Economy Saver Fares?
  205. OT: LH Offering status match
  206. Help - DC say no, KVS says yes?
  207. Redemption Help: How does one know a reservation has been successfully ticketed?
  208. Very tight connection at YUL
  209. Purchasing extra hold allowance?
  210. Not worth it at all!
  211. 4,000 / 5,000 miles deducted from account ? (update : DC aware, being corrrected)
  212. Why is Z1/Z2 - Z7 so expensive ?
  213. Scanner at T1 security
  214. Do we get points for booking hotels through flybmi.com?
  215. Lounge Access for 1 adult + 2 kids for BMI Gold.
  216. Redemption Help: From 3 pax to 2 pax
  217. Redemption Help: ANA and KVS say yes, but bmi site says no to award availability
  218. Invol. Changes to an Award Booking
  219. Why refunds department is so bad ?
  220. Confirmation of Zone for Grenada ?
  221. Redemption Help: 150 pound tax/fee for a oneway (USA) domestic flight?
  222. Oneway awards with VS?
  223. No CC-Fees on German BMI-Website
  224. Economy reward, business seat?
  225. Manchester to Singapore
  226. Newbie award booker - wrong info from BMI?
  227. Redemption Help: Open jaw vs 2x oneways on DC miles
  228. bmi A321 at Beirut, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
  229. Are there printers in the Great British Lounge?
  230. does the card holder have to travel on a redemption booking?
  231. LBA-BRU
  232. BD126 - 2nd May (Going nowhere)
  233. Galley gossip...
  234. Expertflyer how to?
  235. OT: OpenFlights now offering airline maps, BD (mostly) included
  236. What really hacks me off about losing the GLA-LHR route...
  237. Dates of DC membership year have changed
  238. BMI Business class to Amman from Dublin Trip Report
  239. Is It Any Easier To Book Using Miles On Continental?
  240. Help re two queries I can't get answers for !
  241. Redemption ideas
  242. bmi doing a Ryanair?
  243. Switching From BMI Mastercard To AMEX
  244. Flight changed without notification!
  245. new bmi call centre opens in Australia
  246. GB Lounge on LH
  247. Suggestions: mid-haul destination for new year and 30th birthday
  248. Can a Silver guest someone in? And woes of the DUB lounge...
  249. Redemption Help: Can a use a 20 minute change of schedule as an excuse to demand a change of ticket?
  250. Rant: BMI upgrade question...