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  2. Charges For Switching Flights Booked With Miles?
  3. BD Ticket Stock "236" after the Sale is Complete?
  4. Membership year expires tomorrow
  5. EDI - LAS (Las Vegas) Route Help Oct.
  6. South Africa
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  8. Redemption Help: Y+C mixed award: 'Free' Y-C upgrade later?
  9. Redemption Help: Combine PNR before ticketing?
  10. Please report your successful redemptions using Diamond Club miles (2012)
  11. The Real Loss: bmipedia
  12. How many folks are holding onto their BMI miles?
  13. European Upgrade Options
  14. Redemption Help: Need help with redemption - LON Memphis July 2012
  15. Move to Germany - (forced) migration to M&M possible?
  16. BMI forgot to issue eticket no award invent left
  17. Best us of 36k
  18. Last hurrah: recommended bmi destinations?
  19. Dear Lord, please make DC's demise short and sudden...
  20. Mileage Run for 1k needed for Silver
  21. Manchester to Singapore redemption - help please!
  22. How long will BMI be around?
  23. Best awards EU- central asia post-BD?
  24. Maybe they sold too soon (15 rows of PE tomorrow?)
  25. Promo: Last ever sale? Fares Live
  26. Lost boarding card - any chance of mileage credit
  27. bmi Star Alliance Miles
  28. Redemption Help: Help with inspiration for final family redemption.
  29. Redemption Help: Rules on stopovers
  30. Award on 2 class UA/CO flights in front cabin
  31. Any Cruising experts?
  32. seat blocking on BD operated LH flight (BD *G)
  33. Future of Diamond Club, READ THIS - Summary of official information : More updates
  34. Redemption Help: Europe - SIN/HKG/BKK
  35. Deadline to redeem BD miles for a *A flight
  36. Worried about future redemptions
  37. Where will bmi take you this Xmas? 2011 (and final..?) edition
  38. A Hidden Treasure!
  39. Farewell bmi (flight counter and memorable moments))
  40. Adding a leg
  41. Award to FEN possible?
  42. Need to add hold luggage
  43. Not Convinced of Miles + Cash Benefits
  44. An unborn child, a redemption, and not much time..
  45. Like everyone else I am trying to figure out what to do! (Credit card choices)
  46. Preferred seats in mid-haul business?
  47. Why did BMI do it?
  48. OT: the future of BHD post baby?
  49. Redemption Help: Award Peru / Chile, TAM?
  50. Timeframe for burning BD miles
  51. Earning miles on bmi regional?
  52. Flying to Australia biz: who should get the miles?
  53. Sorry to see DC Go
  54. What now for MBNA BMI AMEX cards?
  55. Great British Lounge access with BMI Gold?
  56. Merry Christmas
  57. Collect BD or AA miles in December?
  58. Redemption Help: TATL Connection Time DUB-EWR-LAS
  59. Is LX or TK better in J ?
  60. Fuel surcharge ex Brazil
  61. Newbie Question: Missng miles from Qatar flights
  62. OT: Ok, I'm going to say it...
  63. Mini Trip report : BD shorthaul in C : OF's Christmas Crakker.
  64. Earning DC miles on Lufthansa Regional
  65. Looking for some transatlantic inspiration
  66. Missing miles that cross membership years
  67. Anyone having problems getting miles credited from TAM flights on DC?
  68. UK to Bangkok
  69. *A T1 Lounge access when no BDG card yet received
  70. DC Partner: DC redemption booking C SQ connecting to Y JJ: access to lounge?
  71. OT: MME Up for sale
  72. What does CO 'A' class earn nowadays
  73. Getting changed to an earlier flight - Gold card
  74. Lufthansa 1199 sale fares (long haul J class) Today only!
  75. Another 1000 mile bonus survey, 14 Dec 2011
  76. Lounge access in Nice?
  77. IAG and now Virgin in the running for bmi - the saga continues
  78. DC Partner: Ethiopian Airlines joins Star Alliance
  79. Redemption Help: Car Hire
  80. Redemptions
  81. Has BD*G seat block gone funny??
  82. IAG and LH agree sale of British Midland Airlines Ltd; BD 'to exit *A on completion'
  83. Redemption Help: Thai F suites on leased Jet 77W but then connect to MEL in C or SYD in F?
  84. Rant: BD Ground handling at LHR T1
  85. Suggestions for interesting 12000 mile trips?
  86. Redemption Help: Reward Availability Fluctuation or Error
  87. Great British Lounge early morning service
  88. LHR lounge access question
  89. Can DC split a RT into 2 1-way reservations?
  90. Please consider donating DC miles to charity
  91. Rant: Where's the food in the T1 Star Lounge? 9/12 19:35
  92. DC Redemption with CO
  93. bmi introduces new product range (crockery, glasses, cutlery) onboard
  94. Unlocking nontransferable bonus miles.
  95. 625% ?
  96. Final DC Redemption - suggestions?
  97. Redemption Help: Cancelled flight - options?
  98. Newbie Question: Should I use BD or LH FF scheme?
  99. In other news.....
  100. DC Call centre closure dates over the festive 2011 period
  101. Please help me get my sister to SIN with us
  102. TK changed FF number from BD to LH without my consent - what would you do?
  103. Promo: Purchase Miles : 50% bonus free, 1 week only, 5 to 11 Dec 2011
  104. Amritsar Service
  105. 2 Europcar upgrade vouchers to give away
  106. Redemption Help: BA 2012 Offer - worth unburning DC miles for?
  107. Juggling two FF cards for lounge access and earnings
  108. Sydney back to the UK, December 2012....
  109. Silver Status
  110. OT: UA/CO bring back an old BD route: MAN-IAD
  111. Is there any reason for a Continental patron to open a Diamond Club account?
  112. Another 1,000 mile "Tell us what you think" Survey, 1 Dec '11
  113. LX: ZRH-MLE
  114. Book with BMI or partner airline due sale to IAG?
  115. Soup and bread rolls introduced to the London Room
  116. Message from MBNA
  117. Rise in air passenger duty update....
  118. best place to check taxes?
  119. Star Alliance xls
  120. Honeymoon nov 2012 south Africa - booking assistance
  121. The difference between First and Business Class....?
  122. FlyerTalk Awards: bmi Diamond Club (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  123. Promo: Earn double (in Y) or triple (in C) miles on BD-op flights 1 to 31 Dec 2011
  124. Rant: Crazy inventory situation
  125. Redemption Help: Is my Chicago connection too tight?
  126. Redemption Help: Starting Out from the US
  127. Redemption Help: Booking UA premium service JFK-LAX
  128. Booking seats on Singapore Airlines via BMI redemption...
  129. G card business upgrade on redemptions
  130. Redemption Help: Flights from UK to Los Angeles
  131. 4 in J & UK tax efficiency
  132. *G benefits on codeshare with MH?
  133. Redemption Help: Cancellation & Changes
  134. How long to get refund from a reward ticket?
  135. Are BMI Miles really this BAD ?
  136. MAN - MEL but not on Thai
  137. Seat blocking for *A gold?
  138. Redemption Help: VS redemptions
  139. OT: Astraeus has entered administration
  140. Going to Sydney next Nov all being well....
  141. OT: 'Bye Spanair Plus, welcome SpanairStar'
  142. Newbie Question: BD 775/776 recommendations and upgrades?
  143. G-WWBM BD992 Emergency right now, or incorrectly set transponder ?
  144. Great service today, well done!
  145. Try to get a LH F redemption, it's hopeless
  146. Contental cancelled flight I have redemption on, positioning flight already bought
  147. BD saves the day
  148. Avoiding uk departure taxes
  149. Redemption Help: Problem with domestic connections in UA C/F
  150. Infant turning 2 during a stopover , issued as INF
  151. Redemption choice
  152. Releasing points flights by revenue management
  153. Excellent DC Customer Service
  154. YouCanHasbmi.moan
  155. On-Line shopping - John Lewis
  156. Redemption Help: Newbie needing help - GLA to SJO/LIR
  157. Redemption Help: Finding Virgin Availability/ Plane/ Class help
  158. Rant: Why didn't the last person to leave the BMI lounge @ GLA turn out the light?
  159. Quickest way to BD Gold
  160. BD membership miles on ANA/Virgin flight?
  161. What is the easiest way to extend the expiration of my miles?
  162. The pure Comedy Continues - LBA - FRA
  163. Which Business Carrier Flight from UK to Asia / Sydney
  164. Promo: Double miles at Park Inn + Radisson Blu in UK and Norway
  165. bmi was never added to the Hilton Honors partner list, but it is a partner, honest!
  166. DC November Offers! Win One of Three Tintin Adventure Packs!
  167. 10 reasons to fly bmi......
  168. UA "Travel Options" Disabled Once BD Number Added?
  169. So..... what will become of the lounges?
  170. DC Partner: UA to start MAN-IAD from May & DUB-IAD from June 2012
  171. Flexible Economy now a separate cabin for APD
  172. Infant question, and NZ LAX stopover question.
  173. How many miles accrued?
  174. Redemption Help: Booking LHR-SIN-somewhere else Asia
  175. Redemption Help: Changes to redemptions: waived fees and dangers?
  176. DC Partner: Transfer bmi Miles to M&M?
  177. Do you plan to requalify for BD*G?
  178. Redemption Help: Getting to Vancouver from Gla/Edi, O/W, between Christmas & New Year
  179. Are there any other status matches to be had in return for for BD status?
  180. Miles accrual for Diamond Club member on Qatar
  181. bmi credit cards : tactics; cancel or keep ?
  182. Bmibaby to close on 10 September 2012 and some routes will be shut down from June
  183. OT: BA and bmi forums to merge
  184. LH sells BD to IAG (BA&IB)
  185. What is your preferred dissolution?
  186. Promo: That's our BMI - 1000 Mile "Tell us what you think Survey" 4 Nov 2011
  187. Which FF program to replace DC for you?
  188. IAG and Lufthansa reach agreement in principle on the sale of British Midland Ltd.
  189. ANA and US/UA/CO travel class
  190. Redemption Help: Z5 to Z5 via Z2
  191. Newbie Question: Card expiry question
  192. Diamond Club toll free number?
  193. Complete newbie - need advice on redemptions
  194. Redemption Help: Turkey/Middle East trip advice needed
  195. Evening pre-flight dining is back
  196. Bonus miles withdrawn before midnight GMT
  197. Redemption for Infant: Age on boarding or arrival?
  198. 788 redemptions
  199. DC Partner: Air Portugal; miles earning in T class
  200. Hello magazine in LHR intl lounge?
  201. Redemption Help: Need your help to make our Honeymoon the best ever!
  202. Voyager iPad app
  203. Awards to other Transaero destinations
  204. What does this mean on an award ticket on Checkmytrip?
  205. List of premium awards availability on SQ (77W and A380)
  206. Halloween sale
  207. Flights to Casablanca
  208. OT: Redemptions to/via BKK
  209. bmi twitter account hacked
  210. DC redemption help: Change in outbound airport allowed?
  211. Promo: Up to 50% off BD flights via Barclaycard
  212. New BMI credit cards launched inc Visa, 25k sign-up and no fee! (Nov. 2011)
  213. BD928 emergency landing GYD 26 October 2011
  214. 20th year in succession, bmi Best UK Domestic Airline!
  215. Miles Credited when Carrier is Switched
  216. Using my *A miles to get from LON to Brazil (possible stop on the way)
  217. Redemption Help: Anchorage, Alaska
  218. DC redemption to the west coast of USA- United 1st or Virgin UC?
  219. Question about claiming missing miles for hotel stay
  220. BFS-STT taxes are 250 more than they should be - should I cancel and rebook?
  221. Swiss K or P class?
  222. Most Interesting Redemption to New Zealand
  223. Comparison between different *A programs?
  224. DUB customers transferring through LHR
  225. Lost Property
  226. DC Partner: Redeem 10,000 dc miles for UACO short-haul flights?
  227. LH F, or LX F, any flights available to non M&M?
  228. IT fail (again) on today's email
  229. Promo: Personal discount code in your DC members area.....travel 10Dec11-31Mar12
  230. Help needed with exact mileages
  231. What we can do to save BMI...
  232. Taxes are crazy on BMI now.
  233. What the @##[email protected]! Holding tickets!
  234. BAA to sell Edinburgh Airport
  235. Redemption Help: Best C config for families
  236. Rant: The problem with bmi
  237. What's the baggage allowance on BD upgraded tix?
  238. Do you get Hilton miles twice?
  239. OT: BA increasing GLA flights
  240. Stopover suggestion needed SFO-???-MAN
  241. UA/Z on CO
  242. A look inside HQ
  243. bmi post-holiday Central London drinks - Friday 13 January 2012
  244. bmi XMAS Belfast drinks - Thursday 01 December 2011
  245. Working out my "BMI DC Year"
  246. bmi XMAS Dublin drinks - Friday 16 December 2011
  247. Promo: 25% off bmi flights for BAA worldpoints members 1Nov11 to 12Mar12; book before 31Oct
  248. bmi's Low Fares Finder
  249. Redemption Help: Strategy for NZ availability
  250. Redemption Help: Flights to NBO for Xmas