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  1. Farewell to our friends at the ICC
  2. Slightly OT: BA to relaunch LHR-LBA
  3. Not very Nice
  4. Mile burn
  5. So can we now redeem DC miles on any BA flight? taxes in europe?
  6. Sudden outbreak of regional jets on EDI-LHR
  7. If you are flying this summer on Bmi - it could be BA!
  8. 90% through FFP change decision - need help with the other 10%
  9. Loads of C and F award seats to SYD if you dont mind primitive airports & long queues
  10. Redemption Help: Schedule change, ticket re-issued, CC charged second time
  11. Hilton Points from April posted yet?
  12. How BA works & good AMEX Transfer ideas
  13. DC Partner: Virgin Flights
  14. Cancelling a redemption booking
  15. Status match hungry
  16. BD will always be Queen of the Skies
  17. BMI/BA GDS Integration Process to Commence (BA policies apply, flts only sold by BA)
  18. Wet leases in the transitional period
  19. Will this work? - tier points MAN-EDI (BMIR route)?
  20. Edinburgh BMI Lounge - Free Passes
  21. Changing Itineraries that include LH Group flights
  22. Flight in June, *A or Oneworld?
  23. *A codeshare flights still available?
  24. How many people on here have been BAEC status matched already?
  25. What BD partners have the lowest YQs/Taxes?
  26. BAEC Tier Match, when to apply?
  27. Welcome to BAEC - mixed feelings
  28. What do I do?
  29. BA earning rate for Diamond Club members
  30. DC Partner: Is US Airways domestic First Business class or first class?
  31. Redemption Help: ZRH - EDI has no availability
  32. BA at T5 LHR
  33. How about a A3 vs TK FFP thread?
  34. UK APD start point Eire
  35. Status query
  36. Is UA domestic F worth 40?
  37. OT: You know you've got a bmi addiction when ...
  38. ANA problems
  39. MH metal bmi code
  40. Transferring out of Avios
  41. OLCI - First World problems!!
  42. Who will be the first to post the steps for BA status match
  43. Help! How to reduce the number of passengers on a reward bkg?
  44. Newbie Question: Best joining bonus for non-UK resident
  45. Promo: New member referral what do you get
  46. Hotel bookings on flybmi.com - good for earning til when?
  47. LH flight to Berlin still showing operated by BMI in July?
  48. Redemption Help: Changing Round trip to one way?
  49. Is buying DC miles to top up BA account a viable option?
  50. Where are the 'old' sticky's???
  51. What happens if a DC *A flight gets cancelled?
  52. Report your success/failure to enter *G lounges w/DC*G
  53. If you are already BA gold will you be status matched for your DC Gold?
  54. Selecting seats on LX redemption
  55. Miles on codeshare flights
  56. DC Partner: Virgin Atlantic redemptions post-BA aquisition
  57. Confused .. so need a voice of reason..
  58. Any routes from GLA/EDI to Europe that are still BMI
  59. BMI--US Airways Chairman's to AA Exec Platnum
  60. Confused!! Who will operate ADD in December?
  61. (Our) Last bmi trip
  62. Restriction / removal of ability to check BMI redemptions on Lufthansa website?
  63. Fuel surcharge on United long haul flights?
  64. M&M Miles ?
  65. bmi at MAN T1
  66. Need DC email address
  67. Moving from India to the Netherlands
  68. Class of service access to BMI lounges (onward travel)?
  69. Questions from BD transferees about BA Executive Club and Avios
  70. Spending miles on treats
  71. Anyone Got into BA Lounges with BMI Gold Card?
  72. Earning DC Miles On BA (BA: Silver BD: Gold)
  73. Renewal Pack in the mail today
  74. "British Airways lands the bargain of the year"
  75. Gold level buy-back?
  76. 01Jun12 : bmi Regional sold to Sector Aviation Holdings; ends Diamond Club 30Sep12
  77. Lifetime
  78. DC refuses to post miles for surveys. What to do?
  79. Should I deposit my QR Business class miles to BMI DC?
  80. BMI Routes Lost in Takeover?
  81. OT: Rationale for buying BMI...
  82. Choosing seats on award flights? (on TAP)
  83. LHR T1 Intl Business Lounge - no power in seats
  84. The Crying Game - So Who's Fault is it anyway?
  85. Upgrade Fully Flex Domestic Ticket
  86. Some advice needed please - redemption flights after May 31 2012
  87. Upgrade AA Y to F
  88. Star Alliance status match?
  89. Award tickets on *A ticketed before May 31st, but can they be changed after May 31st?
  90. BMI Lounge Access
  91. Is anyone going to defect to OneWorld?
  92. Reaching for a Twix... and other amusing BMI memories
  93. Avios vs DC Miles Example
  94. Existing booking - switching FF scheme?
  95. Proposal: move bmi diamond club thread to a subthread of BA Executive Club
  96. Amending origin in redemption: change or cancellation?
  97. Attempting to take advantage of 208 LHR-AMM offer
  98. Check your bmi booking on BA.COM!
  99. Newbie eGUV question
  100. Redemption help
  101. The Official Announcement - Migration to Avios & Status Match Confirmed: Discuss Here
  102. Its a new dawn, its a new day..?
  103. Air New Zealand - premium economy miles
  104. Just to sum up - so what airlines are allowed?
  105. Unable to get through to DC - help!
  106. Bmi pensions to be cut after sale to BA
  107. Award Chart
  108. Aghghgh! Cancelling a LH booking now its over
  109. Routes cancelled now BA take over
  110. Funny email from bmi and strange comments from the call center
  111. 1 pax 1 pax 1 pax
  112. OT - Non-taxi transfers from LAS to the Strip
  113. Redemption Help: Passport required?
  114. Are BD/IAG deliberately not ticketing award itinaries to save money?
  115. Creative Itineraries now that LH-owned airlines are gone
  116. UK to Doha
  117. LX C class is gone what else?
  118. bmi Fleet: Livery/Interiors/Configuration: Part 2
  119. Check My Trip down?
  120. Petition to allow bookings for another week
  121. No hold-music on Diamond Club line - disconnected???
  122. Redemption Help: Can I cancel a LH group flight after today? (18 April 2012)
  123. So today (18 Apr) is the last day to use your DC miles with LH group...
  124. BD LBA/EDI & GLA suspended from 27 April 2012
  125. Flight cancelled but seems to have been rebooked?
  126. Ticketing
  127. Some assistance for a newbie redemption in z3/North America
  128. Buy / Gift Miles shut down?
  129. Trying to organisze a lawsuite against LH ( BD's former owner )
  130. So long - and thanks for all the fish
  131. Redemption Help: Spending/award chart - disappeared? (and found)
  132. Redemption Help: Would you book this?
  133. Newbie Question: Amount of Tax for a redemption....?
  134. Desperate for 250 miles...
  135. Change in Membership Year
  136. "*A awards now non-changeable and non-refundable": true or not?
  137. 4.50 credit card charge
  138. Cost to Change a Redemption
  139. Silver status - can I get a guest pass for LHR Terminal 1 lounge?
  140. Availability on CA175 pek-syd, but not pvg-syd
  141. Miles only or cash + miles?
  142. The human cost of the IAG takeover
  143. Anyone feel like a group hug and drink in Central London Tuesday 17 April
  144. Wanted: 1x bmi lounge pass
  145. OLCI broken ?
  146. Newbie help please
  147. Can you use DC miles on Copa Flights? (central america)
  148. A tribute to BMI and a history a final trip report.
  149. Thread vanished: fly BD, credit to BA?
  150. Redeem with BD vs wait for BA
  151. Redemption Help: A week (or more?) to calculate taxes?
  152. Is DC profitable? Why aren't the other FFP doing it the DC way?
  153. How long does it take to charge the credit card?
  154. Redemption Help: ARGH - Credit Card Miles Haven't Posted, 8 days to go!
  155. purchase miles?
  156. You've got to love bmi...DC Website Overhaul
  157. Newbie Question: flights already booked using miles - still ok? i know it will have been answered.
  158. United Airlines did not recognise DC number when booking ticket for May 2012
  159. Redemption Help: J class to Oz
  160. Redemption Help: BD Miles Purchase and SQ Ticketing Deadlines
  161. Redemption Help: Seat requests for accompanying pax on separate PNR?
  162. Book on Brussels Airlines or BMI codeshare?
  163. Redemption Help: Need Help on Check in Luggage on Redemption Ticket Travel with LH and LX
  164. ANA award checker down ?
  165. ITA Matrix and BMI website booking help.
  166. Points from Hilton - not posted after two weeks
  167. Q re. TAM award availability?
  168. BD number during check-in *A flight
  169. Reporting successful Star Alliance Status Matches?
  170. Duration of *G access to AustinPowers World
  171. Merger upside - BA do offer fasttrack for C passengers
  172. Deleting 1 pax from award ticket
  173. Redemption Help: Reservation Ticketing Question
  174. Reward for Dec. With additional Seg to be added in Oct..
  175. Redemption Help: One last Hurrah (or gamble)
  176. LHR-RAK Config?
  177. Points refund after cancellation
  178. Travelling Monday: Too late to credit miles?
  179. DC Partner: BA codeshare on selected bmi routes available for sale from today
  180. Not possible to open a DC account?
  181. A Final BD Do is in the Offing (No details yet)
  182. bmi Jubilee flight (Thu 5 April)
  183. How far can my miles take me?
  184. Redemption Help: Lhr - icn - sin - dps - bkk (?) - lhr
  185. Promo: 22% or 33% off in June
  186. Redemption Help: Advice! DC wants to charge me YQ on a US Airways booking
  187. Waiting List
  188. Burn now, or forever hold my peace?
  189. Booking BD flights after September
  190. How to redeem points towards hotel nights
  191. DPS-LHR, ANA says YES, ICC says NO
  192. OT: Sudan Visa Situation
  193. Busy Tone at the ICC
  194. Flight cancellations and lack of help at ICC - Advice please
  195. Redemption Help: Maximum amount of miles that can be bought
  196. LHR-BEY-KRT: Stay on the plane in BEY?
  197. Redemption Help: TLV-ZRH-LHR: does this make sense?
  198. BA to reinstate LHR to MME routing
  199. Please help - Not sure how to book my redemption tickets
  200. Redeeming with VS
  201. Redemption for Father with Same Name
  202. Your questions to Diamond Club
  203. Will BA keep BMI's routes to Baku, Almaty, Addis Ababa, Amman, Beirut and Amritsar?
  204. Redemption Help: URGENT : Correcting YQ after ticketing
  205. Soft Landings for status?
  206. Business to Bergen
  207. Is anyone still crediting flights to Diamond Club or already moved?
  208. Redemptions on ET (Ethiopian)? Read this
  209. Got miles for my award trip !
  210. Special Meal Not Provided
  211. Redemption Help: ticket hasn't been issued for travel tomorrow morning! (March 28th)
  212. Call Centre: How to cancel an award while ICC is closed?
  213. #150ticketgiveaway - if you had won a pair - where did you/are going?
  214. Redemption Help: Are awards booked on VS flexible?
  215. Redmption DAR-ZRH-FRA-EDI - best time in ZRH or FRA?
  216. Redemption Help: Asiana ICN to JFK - ANA says yes; ICC says no
  217. LH948 op BD FRA-MAN -- terminal confusion!
  218. checkmytrip Vs Amadeus
  219. Redemption Help: Flight Rebooked - Checkmytrip query
  220. Award availability UA/US in J
  221. OT: Happy Birthday Baby, 10 years old today
  222. Business or first?
  223. End of star gold and seat reservations
  224. Do we still have a DC rep here?
  225. Which of BMIs destinations would suit a holiday?
  226. APD has gone up again
  227. If you had a CO ticket booked .....
  228. ICC did not ticket my flight and now SQ has cancelled my booking
  229. Where do refunds go if purchasing CC is closed?
  230. What entertainment is there on LHR to DME
  231. Which zone is Gabon in?
  232. Funny e-Ticket numbers
  233. Card fee?
  234. eGUV'd sectors - can you credit to other FFPs?
  235. Redemption Help: Please help a newcomer!
  236. Baggage allowance to AMM
  237. LHR lounge query
  238. Redemption Help: Online award booking
  239. Aberdeen and not using the slots
  240. One day only - crew retro dressed
  241. BMI Reservations system down? checkmytrip showing errors
  242. Redemptions on virgin
  243. Manage Booking showing incorrect flight?
  244. 50K bonus offer
  245. If DC member, any point to have Miles and more?
  246. More miles but no new Activity ?
  247. Is a DC mile worth more or less than 2 Priority Club points?
  248. Rant: Unnotified schedule change
  249. What? I credit 0 miles to BD last year and they give me a soft landing to Silver
  250. Difference between eitr.amadeusasia.com & classic.checkmytrip.com e-ticket receipts