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  1. Promo: "Join DC and win trip to Cairo", also sent to existing members
  2. DC Partner: US Airways to fly BHX to PHL from next spring
  3. BD011 1705 GLA-LHR Sunday
  4. MAN-LAS check in night before info
  5. Redemption Help: Advice on first-time redemption to Japan
  6. Rumours: announcement Friday, MAN unions involved
  7. bmi mastercard downgraded from 1.5 miles to 1 mile per ?
  8. Promo: November 08 Promo: Fly X: double/triple destination/membership miles & C 3k bonus
  9. Redemption Help: Can I book two tickets even if both can't feasibly be used?
  10. Redemption Help: Will BMI send me paper tickets?
  11. OT: LH going shopping again? No one else wants OS...
  12. Rant: I'm an idiot, but BMI is being cheeky...!
  13. Redemption Help: Changes to itineraries / cancelling seats
  14. Redemption Help: NRT-VIE/PRG cash + miles
  15. United First Class LHR to LAX - Tax Question
  16. BD55 EDI-LHR, odds of a Mid Haul A321?
  17. Redemption Help: YYZ-EZE unavailable and ana questions
  18. Do SA flights never post?
  19. 50 min connection in Damascus
  20. UA to BMI ORD-LHR-TLV and back
  21. LHR-DUB availability query
  22. Need cheapest flight to Caribbean or MRU
  23. OT: NXEC removes 'rattling' teaspoons
  24. Expiring gold upgrade vouchers
  25. Redemption Help: Freetown Flights
  26. Call Centre: Unauthorised charges by bmi on my credit card/discussion on card security at bmi
  27. Award- 1 Pnr -2 pax - 2 accounts -possible
  28. Redemption Help: Max. number of segments possible on award booking?
  29. Fares to LAS in a mess?
  30. Retaining gold - any leeway?
  31. Requested 16th, agent booked 15th!
  32. Redemption Help: Reward Flights to Khabarovsk, Russia
  33. UN (Transaero): Time for flights to credit
  34. Cancelling tickets within 24 hours of web purchase
  35. LHR-RUH doubling from Jan. 19th '09
  36. Reducing fuel surcharges - reward flights
  37. Ideas for a new gold member benefit
  38. Offline/Airplane Safe Mode Mobile Not Allowed?
  39. bmi AmEx refundable tickets points enquiry
  40. Redemption Help: LON - KUL (via SIN/BKK)
  41. Redemption Help: Award booking schedule change
  42. Newbie Question: How about special notice for promos.
  43. Membership Year - how to read it
  44. Rant: Contacting DC for missing credit
  45. Redemption Help: Flight to Bali for honeymoon
  46. Economy Saver fares missing ?
  47. Update your email address and get 2000 miles
  48. Schedule change
  49. Redemption Help: SK and NZ Fuel Surcharges
  50. Redemption Help: Tickets for longhaul - paper tickets? Follow up necessary?
  51. Call Centre: Got phone call survey today about the ICC!
  52. YQ and tax on schedule change
  53. Impressions of a first time BD flyer
  54. How long in reserving OZ award seats before ticketed?
  55. Redemption Help: Routing question: DPS-SEA w/ ICN stopover
  56. OT: Aer Lingus / United codeshare
  57. Reward Routing/Taxes/Stop Overs
  58. Rant: Before I moan at BMI - perhaps you can tell me if I am wrong?
  59. 6 month review/feedback on the Thread Title Prefixes, please!
  60. Newbie Question: Basic question - should my girlfriend join DC too?
  61. A320 and A321 cabin views
  62. Transisting in LON with BMI - visa requirements?
  63. Earning diamond club points with Air China (CA)
  64. Standby on Domestic Award Ticket?
  65. Redemption Help: Advice needed on LH redemption of BD miles
  66. Unofficial acceptance of GUVs on Saudi route...?
  67. Redemption Help: LON to SIN via DME on BD / SQ, a good idea ?
  68. 10% Discount on Coffee/Sandwiches at Heathrow T1 !
  69. Redemption Help: Best option for award LHR-CCU?
  70. Air Canada now fly SIN-PEK!
  71. Discount HEX tickets with Star Alliance Company Plus
  72. Redemption booking
  73. 3 days notice for reward flight booking??
  74. US First booking changed to 1 cabin flight, means missing out on BD Silver
  75. SAS redemption now has surcharges?
  76. ANA Tool Down?
  77. bmi or lx for Business trip?
  78. Do I need ID for infant on domestic?
  79. The "Grace" period
  80. Glasgow drinks anyone?
  81. BD Miles on SQ - What bucket?
  82. Bizarre advert: "Heathrow's second favourite airline?"
  83. Credit for partner operated flight coded by a non-partner
  84. ANA tool and BMI business/Prem Economy
  85. For once, a nice experience at T1
  86. 160K miles to spend
  87. New bmi partnership with SN - and a lunch with Tim Bye of BD
  88. PROMO: New business essentials sale
  89. RANT - Downgraded at LHR T1
  90. ICC phone number
  91. LHR - MEL in Dec
  92. The Consolidated "Is OLCI not working?" thread
  93. How do you get the exit row on mid-haul A321?
  94. How far in advance can you book an LH award?
  95. PROMO: A return of member get member - but for those with corporate deals with bmi
  96. Any chance of a late Award Seat to DUB ?
  97. Finally, an explanation re the ICC shenanigans!
  98. Class of Service Mileage Earning
  99. Skipping the last segment - is this a problem?
  100. Great flights to ESB and back - thank you bmi
  101. Booking MAN-LAS next summer
  102. Do BMI miles expire?
  103. Miles posting from mileage redemption trip?
  104. Any experiences re RTW business redemption?
  105. I need a 20k mileage run - £2k budget to play with
  106. LHR T1 has changed
  107. Took a LH C class flight, no miles yet
  108. My congratulations ! The best service I ever received from an airline.
  109. Qatar availability
  110. MAN-ORD in PE
  111. Belfast Drinks 17 October 2008
  112. BMI to Capetown ? / Am I missing something ?
  113. Excellent Swiss MR fares ex-MAN, BHX, DUB & LON, (eg BCN 230 in J for 7200 miles)
  114. SMB talking at "Village Drinks" - Tuesday 30th Sept. 08
  115. Am I right with that redemption???
  116. Promo: Double/Triple Miles Oct. 08
  117. [email protected]!*** website
  118. Right, who wants yet another drink? London Friday 3 Oct 08
  119. Whats cooking in the T1 *A lounge (LHR)
  120. Redeem points on an Air Malta Lufthansa codeshare?
  121. Miles Only v C+M - Difference in taxes?
  122. Do BD redemption date changes allows require a new e-ticket number?
  123. ANA says yes, DC call centre says no!
  124. Do partner flights show in myprofile?
  125. Diamond Club Account Errors?
  126. Would BD codeshare on US purchased on Expedia earn miles
  127. How to book business fares on BMI website?
  128. Which zone is Slovakia?
  129. Seat Assignments Via Call Centre - Still Possible?
  130. Cape Please...Business Sale?
  131. A tale of two call centres...
  132. Do bmi's systems have problems with 16-digit M&M numbers?
  133. Most generous FFP? My you-know-what!
  134. Chicago Gold Seat Block?
  135. Help understanding Biz & 1st miles
  136. Where to submit expense claims?
  137. Buy miles - Problems
  138. Cant Get DC Info on FlyBMI Profile
  139. The Hhonors/BMI Expedia/Online Shopping Situation
  140. Confusion over exact membership expiry date
  141. Unbookable Airlines / Classes
  142. Economy food for BD Golds - is the Meal Deal gone?
  143. LH's AirRail Service
  144. Las Vegas Earning Points
  145. Beware: suspiciously low C fares to ORD!
  146. Best use of 60,000
  147. Expired Gold card not replaced yet
  148. MAN-ORD-LAS Question
  149. LHR Connection Time
  150. New survey - 2500 miles (Sept. '08)
  151. Silver Club - Direct Phone number
  152. Some Hertz Rental Miles failing to post
  153. Seat selection on BMI ?
  154. is PRG-FRA-BKK-ICN not a legal routing?
  155. New to BMI DC - Signup + Redeem Question
  156. BMI LAS-MAN Question
  157. Call Centre: Problems booking redemptions ? The DC callcentre (ICC) Shenanigans Thread
  158. OT PROMO: 1st class HEX for GBP14.50 - free upgrade & 14% discount on regular fare!!!
  159. BMI at Kefalonia Airport - Charter?
  160. Valid stopovers on redemptions?
  161. Is this a Record? Lightening fast miles positing from partner flight!
  162. How much to pay for 20k destination
  163. Refund for PE flight in U class?
  164. No-show for second segment on o/w award booking - any problem?
  165. What does this mean: Hotel stay - insurance miles award
  166. MAN arrivals info by phone?
  167. bmi hotels engine - no stars beside a 4*hotel listing?
  168. Time for Thai flight points to post?
  169. Is this correct? Website recalculating fares upwards?
  170. Heathrow to MAN - incorrect seating advice
  171. Can I have more than one DC account?
  172. Email address problems
  173. Swiss mileage credit to DC
  174. Stopover on award to Perth?
  175. 3 C seats during school holidays?
  176. Hertz promo - miles posted?
  177. What protection is there for BMI
  178. Impossible to redeem miles - please help!!!
  179. Miles for Upgrading on Star Alliance Member Query
  180. Still no card - what to do?
  181. Sale fares and booking codes on code shares
  182. Claiming missing miles?
  183. To BMI Lurkers: Pssssssst... XL has 4 A332s on order
  184. BD Gold Comp Fax/email info
  185. Acceptable reward routings ?
  186. bmi Offers Aircraft to Bring Stranded Holidaymakers Home
  187. "We are unable to find your diamond club account"
  188. Correct YQ ?
  189. What's BMI's procedure for changing award travel issued on paper tickets?
  190. Moscow lounge access
  191. Changing the destination of an award ticket
  192. Changing redemption flight when booked class becomes available
  193. Schedule change, what are my options?
  194. Award confirmation email
  195. BMI Fare / M&M Miles
  196. Book hotels through BD website for another person - miles earned?
  197. *A Lounge - Cutting Corners Already!
  198. bmi redundancies: BHD, GLA & LHR
  199. Nigel Turner: possible destination beyond Baku
  200. Destination Miles Flights
  201. BMI Amex Business Card
  202. Gold member status - bonus miles??
  203. SIN-MAN award
  204. How do I change my DC name?
  205. MEX-LHR Award miles+cash query
  206. 2nd attempt by T1 *A staff to deny me entry in 2 weeks...
  207. Incorrect award ticket taxes via SYD by the ICC
  208. Trains and BD question time
  209. How can I be sure a shorthaul Y BD-only redemption gets upgraded to C?
  210. I'm an idiot-can't enter DOB on BMI's website for new account
  211. Pretty unimpressed with BMI Business Class TLV-LHR
  212. bmi FAQ No.2: GUVs - all there is to know about Gold Upgrade Vouchers
  213. How many miles for LHR-FCO?
  214. LHR-TLV = recent trip and some feedback
  215. (Mis)Manage My Booking: Now works for non-BD award bookings!
  216. Dying Dad's miles - need help
  217. Retro credit to become gold - when does the tier change ?
  218. REQUEST: Please can we have a FULL partner redemption system?
  219. Travelling with Children
  220. ICC praise
  221. Calculating Miles for MAN-BGI
  222. New Red & Black website!!! (Discussion thread)
  223. Who operates BMI flights to Tel Aviv
  224. BMIpedia earning question
  225. UPDATED: UA Earning anomoly? E class now earns!
  226. How long for miles to be re-credited after cancelling?
  227. Xmas Ski flights
  228. Any way of making a mixed class booking (Mid Haul) on the website?
  229. Cheaper prices for BMI Domestic full fare?
  230. Major Improvements on flybmi.com?
  231. LHR T1 isn't working
  232. OT: Do you have a lounge meeting thread?
  233. DC Partner: Miles for Hotel stays
  234. AGT numbers?
  235. Lounge in Amsterdam
  236. Advice for BMI newbie please
  237. PROMO: Better for Business Sale...
  238. Miles + money awards - earn mileage?
  239. *A Redemption Question & Airline Choice
  240. The mysterious case of the disappearing miles
  241. Invol Reroutes from *A Carrier And BD Mileage Credit
  242. Redeem SPG starpoints for bmi flights with no blackout dates
  243. Lounge Passes ?
  244. BMI booking system - dreadful
  245. Reward flights: business MAN-carribean?
  246. Nice touch from BMI
  247. bmi contact email?
  248. DC Partner: Park Inns (70 Hotels) - and double miles promo! Also Regent Hotels now a DC partner.
  249. A320 LHR AMS This Morning 1/9
  250. reward flights to OZ?