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  1. Revenue management : has the string of their yo-yo finally snapped ?
  2. Redemption Help: Changing class if availability opens up
  3. Redemption Help: Am I calculating required points correctly?
  4. Redemption Help: Iceland (Reykjavik, KEF), which zone?
  5. Off-topic: Eurostar or BMI to Brussels?
  6. bmi IT go nuts with OLCI reminders
  7. Rumour: LHR-TLV route to go twice daily and get an A330...
  8. Redemption Help: Too late to change Award Booking?
  9. Was this a good choice?
  10. Gold card renewal hasn't posted.
  11. What ways are there to get status miles?
  12. Redemption Help: Miles needed for economy flight LAX-HNL?
  13. Baggage allowance set according to class of first sector?
  14. Lost a bag? Bmi worst in Europe for baggage delays
  15. Paying someone money using BMI Amex
  16. ICC spelt name incorrectly for flights to USA! What to do?
  17. Survey: Jenna offered miles, Keeley offers draw
  18. bmi listed incorrectly on new ESTA visa process
  19. Newbie Question: DC Gold card/Welcome Kit delay?
  20. DC Partner: WARNING: If you have award flights booked on TG check your bookings
  21. NZ1 mileage credit query -- how many miles?
  22. Advice Request: LHR-BER Should I be sensible or should I Maximise Mileage?
  23. Rant: 50 minutes on the phone, 8 PM - click ! Another ICC desaster.
  24. Redemption Help: (sort of) Flights ticketed, miles taken, still haven't been charged. Advice?
  25. Double charged for purchasing miles. bmi says can't help.
  26. Redemption Help: UK to South Africa (via Europe)
  27. redemption help needed
  28. The calendars are back! - 500/1000/2000 miles and (maybe) a free calendar
  29. Redemption Help: Virgin Redemption using Diamond Club points
  30. BMI Miles Reservation - domestic USA - taxes?
  31. Redemption Help: Round the World : SEA-ICN-CPH-SEA
  32. Redemption Help: Am I missing something? (burning miles)
  33. OT: BA and Qantas merger - just a thought
  34. U.S visa requirements?
  35. BMI Miles Booking on United - Seat Requests?
  36. OT: Park 1 (now 'Business Parking Plus') at LHR
  37. "Enhancement" of >55K club
  38. Newbie Question: Redemption advice (be gentle) : LON - USA (stop) - Mexico
  39. Giving Permission to Make Award Bookings from Account?
  40. Redemption Help: Help with HKG-OOL with NZ
  41. Updated earning / burning charts (Nov 2008 version)
  42. Newbie Question: BMI vs US Silver?
  43. Connection advice
  44. Redemption Help: I need to drop a segment from a redemption booking
  45. bmi FAQ No.5: Commonly Used Terms & Abbreviations
  46. Double dip ? BMI and Holiday Inn
  47. Jeddah via ATH? Freetown via AGP?
  48. "Readers' Rants"
  49. Fantastic reward flight with LH-thanks to all
  50. Validity of an award ticket
  51. BD benefit : Car Parking at BFS short stay at long stay price
  52. Newbie Question: Free lounge pass - Do I have to be flying with BMI?
  53. VS FC number won’t take.
  54. Redemption Help: SQ seats - available but not released
  55. MNBA BMI Cards - Payment date brought forward : What is going on???
  56. Barbados Travel Tax ex BGI
  57. largest ever loss in bmi's history this year
  58. bmi annual results : big losses predicted and unprofitable flying to stop
  59. Rant: GUV Nightmare at LHR continues
  60. What to do if award ticket was not issued
  61. TLV - LHR : Aircraft change & free o/w upgrade promo
  62. Promos in the M&M forum that may be of interest to DC members
  63. Newbie Question: Baggage transfer BD-BA in LHR
  64. Difficulty joining DC
  65. Redemption Help: TATL redemptions
  66. Good service from ICC with regards incorrect taxes
  67. Redemption Help: Award flight: What are my rights if BKK stays shut?
  68. Best time to Status Match (Dec or Jan)
  69. bmibaby : cuts jobs and flights from BHX, EMA & MAN
  70. DC Partner: New earning opportunities from London! LHR-MXP non-stop on Lufty Italia
  71. London - Tel Aviv
  72. New BD DC Gold card no expiration date?
  73. Newbie Question: Card Supposed to Only Have First Initial?
  74. Need 400 (free?) miles for immediate booking! Any ideas??
  75. Redemption Help: Stopovers en route
  76. Promo: Gold Card Renewal Pack Interesting Offer : 4,000 status miles for 2 referrals
  77. Receiving another person's miles?
  78. Can you collect DC miles using Brussels airlines?
  79. Redemption Help: Cashing in DC Miles for Air China flights?
  80. Conned out of getting in the draw for free flight?
  81. Redemption Help: Routing Questions : LON - DTW, in C
  82. Redemption Help: DC vs BA vs Air Miles vs Nectar
  83. Redemption Help: SQ F MNL-SIN-BKK valid
  84. Promo: Dec. 08/Jan. 09: 1/1.5/2/3k Destination/Membership Miles for flying X return flights
  85. Redemption Help: Reward flights LHR-South Africa-SYD
  86. Newbie Question: Diamond Club or Miles&More
  87. UK APD increases (so.......you'll be starting redemptions in DUB in the future then?)
  88. Redemption Help: Have I got lucky with SQ?
  89. Redemption Help: Should I cancel bmi booking because of BA Sale?
  90. Rant: BD Saudi Service
  91. Is this a valid redemption route?
  92. Redemption Help: Upgrade one sector from C to F on F redemption: Recalculate taxes?
  93. Call Centre: Something funky going on with booking
  94. Redemption Help: BD*G Benefit, upgraded cabin on LHR-CAI
  95. Award ticket booked-now LH flight cancelled?
  96. DC Partner: BD Gold not showing up as *G on US BP
  97. Redemption Help: Change Zone on Redemption Booking?
  98. Retrospective Mileage Claim
  99. RTW redemption ends with FT'er in LHR ambulance drama
  100. Redemption Help: 2 ticket numbers per pax for redemption flight ?? Should I be worried ??
  101. Redemption Help: Cardholder not flying - and name changes
  102. bmi Dublin Drinks - Thursday December 18th 2008
  103. Redemption Help: What is UA's redemption code in F?
  104. Mixed Y/J redemption: Lounge access?
  105. Picking Seats for 2 Transfers
  106. Rant: Called at home and given the hard sell for a bmi credit card
  107. Is it worth upgrading with a GUV LHR-GLA ?
  108. Redemption Help: End of year question
  109. Does LH allow one way rewards flights?
  110. Plastic cups in short-haul C
  111. Redemption Help: Can miles be used for upgrades on partner airlines?
  112. Trip Report: BMI Domestic in Y
  113. Trip report: bmi short haul C (using a GUV) and ever faster dropping standards at bmi
  114. Am I going to have trouble with my requalification flights posting?
  115. Bmi and BA codeshare on LBA to LHR!
  116. Redemption Help: Award tix to Guam (GUM) possible from Zone 9?
  117. Found out airmiles flight was cancelled at the airport
  118. Possible to mix classes on an award ticket?
  119. One Way redemption on VS via BMI
  120. Excessive "fuel" surcharge : multi-sector London to Fiji and back
  121. MBNA targeting us for M&M credit card?
  122. Address requirements for account
  123. Redemption Help: routing question FRA-CPH-BKK-stop-ICN
  124. Redemption Help: London to Kathmandu - stopover in BKK allowed?
  125. bmi Fleet : changes post LH takeover
  126. Rant: (Minor Rant) OLCI for partner airline
  127. OT: Another train Q - is this a valid UK route?
  128. Cancelling Awards at Short Notice
  129. Slightly OT: AMS to install Smoking kiosks
  130. OT: Lounge Access on the TGV
  131. Promo: Buy Miles get 10% free promo is back
  132. DC Partner: Login/Enrol for MBNA Online Banking Promo
  133. Redemption Help: Honeymoon flights : Is there a guide to what to ask for when calling the ICC ?
  134. Integrating the domestic and international schedules
  135. Do MS Miles post to DC without problems?
  136. Flying on a Qatar-Operated Flight On A BMI Flight Number
  137. Quad Miles per pound on BMI Blue Plus AMEX - only online?
  138. Promo: Jordan's natural attractions: win a pair...
  139. Naples : operating in 2009 or not ?
  140. Rant: Absolutely MAD at the ICC - unforgiveable error
  141. OT: When did MAN-YYZ operate?
  142. Freebie account with 9,000 miles in it
  143. OK, so what exactly is BMI Diamond Club?
  144. Newbie Question: How many people on one award?
  145. Redemption Help: Redemption LHR to LAX
  146. Redemption Help: London - Cuba via Canada, taxes query help!
  147. LHR T3 Lounge
  148. Newbie Question: How to contact Diamond club via email
  149. Chicago Crew still smiling
  150. Rant: LH award flight changed - no-one informed me
  151. BD Cancellations on Mon 10th Nov. 2008 due to weather
  152. Redemption Help: Booking redemption for friend - info needed by ICC?
  153. Row 1 on A330's have now got IFE screens
  154. Redemption Help: Do I really need so few miles for BRU-ZRH???
  155. LH M&M credit or DC credit
  156. Routing rules for oneway within asia?
  157. Expiring Gold Upgrades Vouchers
  158. Redemption Help: Looking for 2 seats LHR - JNB : book one at a time?
  159. Redemption Help: Fee for award Cancellations
  160. Reward flights - VIE - LHR?
  161. Redemption Help: had 4 bookings cxl after taxes paid what should I do...
  162. Can I upgrade from Y to C using miles
  163. New NXEC 'escape' loyalty programme
  164. OT: Thank you BMI
  165. OT: Mexicana to fly from LGW
  166. Redemption Help: Diamond club miles & cash flights to Australia/NZ - NEED HELP!!
  167. Why do earning rates differ for the same booking classes on different partners ?
  168. Rant: Bug list for the newly released red/black/blue website (Bug Log, not discussion)
  169. Newbie Question: Fare Basis
  170. BMI gold account on EBAY
  171. An answer on status of diamond club after LH's takeover
  172. OT: Could I buy a second(5th..) seat for myself..? More miles?
  173. Using GUVs on Dubai to London ?
  174. Lounge at MAN flying US Air?
  175. Website: Diamond Club unavailable ?
  176. DC Partner: *G, flying VS
  177. BD DC Alternatives for paid First/Business class FTers (US perspective)
  178. Credit for LH Codeshare on LG?
  179. Earn VS tier points for flying bmi...
  180. Manchester Drinks Fri 5 Dec. 08- "Merry ******* Xmas bmi Manchester"
  181. Seat selection on TG and SQ reward flights
  182. Flight transfer BD to LH at LHR
  183. Big changes to DUB January Timetable
  184. Bye Bye Independant BMI
  185. Booked redemption in F, checkmytrip.com shows Y
  186. Does BD offer an arrivals lounge in LHR T1 for International arrivals?
  187. What is the web site for seat availability?
  188. T1 Check In Zones A and B
  189. Question re Gold bonus miles and DC customer service
  190. What's the best non-flying DC miles earner you've achieved?
  191. BMI Axe fuel charge on UK Euro flights Ex LHR
  192. MAN or LHR to NRT assistance required.
  193. BD did not credit some miles...
  194. The Economist (UK residents) earns up to 16k (Nov. 2008)
  195. Newbie Question: UA fuel surcharge on DC award tickets ?
  196. LHR - New Zealand : how many miles earned ?
  197. bmi MAN Routes : ORD axed from 15 Jan, Caribbean from April; A330s to CAI & TLV
  198. Newbie Question: New to BMI diamond club, some questions!
  199. DUB-LHR same planes?
  200. 'Free Petrol' campaign : Fuel Surcharges Axed: Fares Tumble
  201. Day trip to Baghdad ??
  202. Awards - UA have restricted availability on this flight
  203. Call Centre: Is there any difference in taxes if you redeem miles+cash as opposed to miles only?
  204. MAN to LAS tomorrow sunday 2/11 overbooked question
  205. Redemption Help: Lowest Fuel Surcharges?
  206. Newbie Question: Best loyalty scheme for non-frequent flyers?!
  207. Why didn't you take up our promo ?... another survey...
  208. New flight times - now booking dissapeared from checkmytrip? Should I be worried?
  209. Newbie Question: LH or NZ/SQ to New Zealand : Book now or gamble?
  210. Newbie Question: BMI GOLD Luggage allowance with LH & TG and other *A
  211. What are my chances of getting a LAS redemption in Dec, given the current changes?
  212. Rant: TG F/J availability
  213. Sleep lounges or transit hotels in North America?
  214. Dictionary of abbreviations
  215. BD & LH Regional = ? FlyBe now doing Due Diligence...
  216. Redemption Help: Redemption advice - ANA / ICC
  217. Danger of being stranded???
  218. Is it time for a new program?
  219. bmi FAQ No.4: Redemptions - Finding Award seats : the ANA online tool masterclass
  220. Redemption Help: Chart of typical taxes
  221. OT: Sterling folds
  222. DC 'mid-range' redemption tactics
  223. Redemption Help: Award redemption with LH-how to make a seat request?
  224. Redemption Help: Changing existing bookings from miles + cash to just miles
  225. Now that LH is to take over & if DC becomes M&M, which program should we all move to?
  226. Redemption Help: Newbie Redemption help from LHR To YVR June 2009
  227. Confirmed: Sir Michael Bishop sells bmi to Lufthansa !!!
  228. Newbie Question: Refer-a-friend promotion received with Silver packet
  229. Rant: Diamond Club Magazine
  230. Advice on ex LHR December weekend
  231. Redemption Help: Cashing in BMI Miles for SQ A380 J class?
  232. Promo: Win two business class tickets with bmi & 3000 destination miles for joining
  233. Newbie Question: help on the ANA site please
  234. Advice please - Virgin or Lufthansa?
  235. Valid routing for an award ?
  236. Newbie Question: award tickets not for myself?
  237. Newbie Question: TAM flight/United Metal: DC miles?
  238. Redemption Help: Sanity check on redemption plan
  239. How many miles for 1st class reward LHR-SFO?
  240. Why Did My Membership # Change After Blue Plus?
  241. Newbie Question: Oops, I have Two Accounts
  242. How to change business address - website mess !
  243. What is the point of BMI miles?
  244. Any food in Business lounge at MAN T3
  245. MAN-LAS fares query
  246. New Random Survey on flybmi.com
  247. Thought for the day: Think before you book that award flight !
  248. Redemption Help: Any consensus on current re-deposit times?
  249. ANNOUNCEMENT: Oxon Flyer has joined the BMI mod team
  250. Redemption Help: Help me choose: SQ or LH