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  1. Sydney to J'burg miles
  2. Newbie Question: Help me earn 33,400 Status Miles
  3. DC Partner: UA F promo good on LH metal codeshare - very low F fares available...
  4. OT: Future Flight Costs
  5. Redemption Help: FRA-MRU
  6. Newbie Question: Using OLCI with Y Flex on Domestic (If I miss my flight)
  7. LHR-Belfast: bmi fights back in spat with Aer Lingus
  8. Promo: 'Invitation' promotion for new DC members
  9. Going to DME for the weekend? You'd better just take Hand Luggage
  10. US Connection Advice and Changes Post ESTA
  11. Best seat in economy A320 to DME
  12. Connecting flights question
  13. How far can you push the 'pay for class of longest sector' rule?
  14. 6 hrs at LHR : connecting SQ to BD
  15. Virgin Atlantic reward taxes - error?
  16. Flexibility on year end date?
  17. Redemption Help: SAA JNB-TNR (Antanarivo, Madagascar) - redeemable or not?
  18. Aircraft on TLV route
  19. bmibaby seating policy
  20. Redemption Help: NZ Flight Cancelled, No Availability on Alternatives. What do I do?
  21. DC Partner: Hertz claim missing miles : on-site rental from franchised location
  22. Redemption Help: F award SQ/UA - waitlisted for F if only C available right now ?
  23. Newbie Question: original routing credit to DC on UA metal?
  24. DC earning on LH E fare?
  25. Newbie Question: Lounge Access with Y-only plane, with C-ticket?
  26. Your preference in F, SQ or LX?
  27. Redemption Help: LHR-CAI-LCA not "valid". Any way round this?
  28. BMI / Ethiopian codeshare LHR/ADD
  29. Lufthansa takeover delayed slightly by EU paperwork
  30. Problems upgrading to DC Gold
  31. Redemption Help: Min award ticketing time for GOLD
  32. Newbie Question: When do Hilton miles post
  33. Redemption Help: Baku - Brisbane routing question, please
  34. LHR transfer VS to BD
  35. Edi-Man-Singapore (SQ business) OR LH F via Frankfurt OR other suggested routes?
  36. OT: Hudson crash landing still better than Heathrow
  37. Australia trip returning via HK (NZ039 aircraft change?)
  38. Freddie Awards 2009 - voting open (and subsequently closed)
  39. Buying bmi miles - how and how often?
  40. Unable to reserve a seat - reason for this?
  41. Newbie Question: miles redemption help
  42. Excellent flight back from DUB last night...
  43. Redemption Help: BKK to the South Pacific with stop in SYD
  44. Redemption Help: Incorrect Tax?
  45. OT: MAN Airport T3 short term parking question
  46. Newbie Question: Stopover suggestions : South East Asia Honeymoon
  47. Big Thank You
  48. Newbie Question: Booking redemption for first time..... want to go GLA-NYC
  49. So who has a confirmed SQ A380 J award now that its opened up?
  50. Rant: Fully Flexible Y ticket change fees bug?
  51. Leather seats throughout on short haul aircraft...?
  52. Newbie Question: BMI Diamond Club Membership number format & earning on a booking with NZ
  53. Impressive turnaround time in posting missing flight credits!
  54. Strange request: bmi embossed glasses
  55. LHR-JER axed from March 28 - confirmed
  56. Turning a RT award ticket into a OW
  57. Newbie Question: Laptop Power in PE on the A330
  58. You choose, Kebab or bmibaby flight?
  59. OT: London Drinkies Feb 13th-14th - hope some BMI FTers can make it
  60. BMI Sale fare - earning query
  61. Display of DC Status / Membership Year online
  62. Is the front row of Y A/C seats always just two seats?
  63. Op-Ups on BD, do miles tend to post normally?
  64. J class ticket-is re routing allowed on a revenue ticket?
  65. How to book multi-city on DC website
  66. How to buy miles for someone else?
  67. Redemption Help: Business or First to Sydney
  68. DC Partner: BMI miles when flying US Airways
  69. Keeping DC miles alive (quick, cheap and easy)?
  70. Redemption Help: Premium reward : LON to Hawaii (HNL/OGG)
  71. Redemption Help: Miles & Cash to BKK (Business)
  72. OT: Come to Israel, free car hire for your solidarity
  73. Redemption Help: 24 hours to ticketing question
  74. DC account not updated???
  75. Redemption Help: miles+cash business class to sfo help
  76. BMI Regional to run BHX-ABZ service!
  77. Miles posting from UA (and now CO) Flights
  78. Expedia booking: no ticket # in checkmytrip
  79. Highflyers Gold
  80. Which zone is MRU ?
  81. Park Inn Heathrow Airport- Expedia
  82. Dumb Question: Connecting Zone 1-2 Redemptions
  83. My First Upgrade!
  84. Dublin lounge - internet access?
  85. Redemption Help: Options for redemption between Mexico / Lima
  86. Redemption Help: Redeeming miles on Swiss - how to check availability?
  87. DC Partner: E+ on UA: where to ask?
  88. Redemption Help: FRA-EZE - would First be worth it?
  89. Closer ties eh? Virgin Atlantic and bmi expand codeshare
  90. Welcome to Heathrow 'The home of bmi'
  91. DC*G Phone Number
  92. OT: Farewell MAN-ORD, personal thanks to all crew
  93. Call Centre: A new ICC record!
  94. Redemption Help: DEL-HKG-LHR (combining two awards?)
  95. Newbie question: is the COS bonus status miles or destination miles?
  96. Seat availability using miles + cash (seats not released??)
  97. MAN-LAS compared to MAN-ORD?
  98. Redemption Help: Silkair earn/burn and LH redemptions
  99. Redemption Help: Are all flights with LH Miles only. Want to do KUL-BKK F?
  100. Redemption Help: connection or stopover possible in a more "expensive" zone?
  101. OT: End of the bmi UK rail forum as we know it?
  102. Call Centre: Best way to file a complaint against ICC?
  103. Need Help contacting bmi's FT lurker
  104. For anyone wanting to cash in BMI DC Miles on TK F class
  105. Earning bmi miles on Aer Lingus with UA flight number?
  106. Redemption Help: Fiddlesticks - redemption cancelled due to ICC inability to ticket!
  107. Redemption Help: MAN-LHR options
  108. Newbie Question: bmi Miles on LH E or T class?
  109. Suggestion for SLC Trip now no BD705/6
  110. Redemption Help: Heading out to Tokyo. 90,000 miles to use.
  111. All BMI call center calls recorded in full & recoverable
  112. Redemption Help: TK or LH for MXP to HKG in J?
  113. Newbie Question: DC Gold usage in * alliance lounge but with no card
  114. 20th anniversary of BD92 crash
  115. La dolce vita promotion
  116. Monthly Gold/Silver bonus miles posting
  117. 08-JAN - Problems at MAN?
  118. 2nd leg of SQ redemption booking downgraded (due to a/c change)
  119. What happens if you book SQ319 in F, becomes A380 and you want to change date?
  120. BD and missing luggage - Any info ?
  121. Same day return: can I check in for both flight at the same time?
  122. Redemption Help: New to DC : o/w award flight HKG-BKK
  123. OT: If you have a DC Amex you can also get a M&M Amex
  124. Redemption Help: Change of redemption to lower tax route?
  125. Ideas wanted to get last miles for Gold Renewal
  126. Redemption Help: Book now, or wait?
  127. Rant: BMI Baby
  128. Best hard product BKK/SIN to NZ
  129. NZ LAX-LHR codeshare
  130. Need to get to Oz on the cheep!
  131. Redemption Help: LON to LAS
  132. Peeease LH, we want to merge with Virgin and have cool adverts too!!!!
  133. Why can't I book DUB-EDI-DUB online?
  134. Redemption Help: Is there a fee if you change dates before award is ticketed?
  135. Redemption Help: ICC says MIA-DUS-BUD is not a valid routing
  136. Customer service the way it should be done
  137. Redemption Help: Huge amount of taxes & surcharges on redemption
  138. Call Centre: Rant Pointless stupidity by ICC
  139. booking award to with SQ. Trouble working out ITA taxes!
  140. Redemption Help: Help Please ARN-LHR-SIN-HKG-SIN-SYD-SIN-BKK-LHR
  141. Understanding Seatcounter
  142. Promo: Hertz double upgrade on prepaid rate
  143. Redemption Help: Miles for connecting flights within zone 1 & 2
  144. Need a new pair of undies?
  145. Changing outgoing date on reward flight?
  146. What's the longest time you have been in the ticketing queue?
  147. Redemption Help: LHR- SFO Redemption tax 275?????
  148. Newbie Question: How long does it take until I receive an e-ticket?
  149. Redemption Help: Refund problem
  150. If BMI offered LX type Specials how many would bite??
  151. DC Partner: M+M is coming ? which program you redirecting your miles to?
  152. Newbie Question: Is bmi a good programme if flying out of NYC
  153. Newbie Question: I need 1K status miles, any ideas?
  154. Please report your successful redemptions using Diamond Club miles (2009)
  155. Promo: Better for Business Sale (in Economy!)
  156. Redemption Help: DC redemption : need help checking availability for....
  157. Khartoum (KRT) information
  158. Pseudo-Weekend Trips/Mileage Run - Need 14599 miles by May
  159. Redemption Help: Need to change final destination on award ticket!
  160. Redemption Help: Help with Routing, please: SIN, HKG, SYD, NYC in no particular order
  161. Redemption Help: Changing Redemption - Dates
  162. ANNOUNCEMENT: Our thanks to Wingnut as he steps down as bmi Moderator
  163. Seat assignments
  164. Newbie Question: Cancelled Reward Booking - Help Required
  165. Diners Club and bmi
  166. IATA: BD May Be Worst Hit In 2009 Downturn
  167. Redemption Help: Redemption suggestions
  168. Musical instruments as bmi hand luggage?
  169. Rant: Seat blocking shenanigans
  170. Redemption Help: Strange Happenings with redemption ticket numbers
  171. Redemption Help: Changed itinerary, who to deal with and what are my rights?
  172. question about redeeming on south african airlink (codeshare subsidiary of SA)...
  173. Thoughts about a trip to Toronto in Feb
  174. Redemption Help: Stuck in Singapore (SIN-MAN Routing + Availability)
  175. Redemption Help: Newbie Needs Help : AKL <-> LAS
  176. Redemption Center says award is in F; checkmytrip says coach
  177. No refund of tax for change?
  178. Discrepancy in Miles Credit: Anyone else experiencing this?
  179. Wishing team bmi and FT'ers a happy Christmas!
  180. Call Centre: Opening hours over the Festivities??
  181. Where has Venice gone?
  182. Airlines not charging fuel surcharge to reward flights via BD DC?
  183. New routes: Kiev (confirmed) and Milan (maybe), perhaps... Berlin too (new rumour)?
  184. Help needed: Award flight no longer has business class!
  185. Redemption Help: Route advice (LHR-NRT-AKL)
  186. Newbie Question: Transferring miles between accounts
  187. Requalified for Gold this morning (phew)
  188. 757's on short-haul?
  189. Unable to reach DC Service Centre (+448706069977)
  190. Understading redemption taxes...?
  191. Redemption Help: ICN-FRA-TSE
  192. How Long To Receive Gold Renewal Kit With U.S. Address?
  193. OT: Credit Card Refunds - in Foreign Currencies. Effective way to hedge currency?
  194. Redemption Help: Are surface sectors allowed?
  195. BD codeshare on MS metal: fare mapping
  196. DC Partner: Jury's Doyle still a partner?
  197. Rant: The difference between DC and M&M ....
  198. DC Partner: Mastercard baggage compensation
  199. What is bmi IT up to now ? (splitting econ from bus in booking engine)
  200. Just to be sure: MH code, SQ operated - miles ?
  201. Lufthansa said to have no current plans to raise bmi stake
  202. Redemption Help: to Africa next year
  203. Call Centre: ICC : phone lines and systems disrupted : fibre optic cable faults
  204. DC Partner: Any experience of LOT?
  205. MAN rail to T3
  206. Redemption Help: Award change involving downgrade
  207. DC Partner: 20% Discount on Austrian (OS)
  208. Business Traveller : bmi online miles booking : decent, what an improvement !
  209. DC Partner: TK to Introduce F class to LHR, SIN, HKG, NRT, JFK
  210. Question on SK fuel surcharges
  211. Extra 5kg Baggage Allowance over Festive period
  212. Have you had your BMI Xmas Dinner yet??
  213. Redemption Help: UK-Mexico
  214. Second Phase: Removal of fuel surcharges on bmi regional
  215. DC Partner: Calculating AC redemption taxes
  216. A BMI through check question
  217. Redemption Help: How do I know a redemption has been ticketed (correctly)?
  218. Is this a correct mileage calculation?
  219. Newbie Question: bmibaby Flight Cancellation, am I entitled to a refund?
  220. Award ticket codes on BMI?
  221. Promo: Share your thoughts for 1,000 miles (Dec. 2008)
  222. Any recommendations for discounted business fares to LAS on bmi?
  223. Newbie Question: Plane changed but seats not updated!
  224. ANA Reduces YQ from 2009
  225. Redemption Help: Z1 to Z2
  226. Redemption Help: DUB-SIN LX or SQ in F
  227. We've not heard from you for a while
  228. OT: Just shows how it can be done.....
  229. Redemption Help: Multi-account redemption and revenue onto same PNR?
  230. Award Flights Refund?
  231. LHR-MOSCOW help please
  232. NZ Premium Economy [U,E,O,A] earning rate at 100% only?
  233. Newbie Question: Redeeming bmi miles for hotels in or flights to Seattle
  234. Redemption Help: Stopover on one-way award?
  235. DC Partner: It's Official, *A accepts application from SN to join the party
  236. DC Membership Register Problem
  237. Inflight communications trial : The Thin Edge of the Wedge??
  238. BackTracking and TATL Routes
  239. Anyone familiar with booking one way awards online on BMI..
  240. OT: NXEC 5 tickets London - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness etc
  241. OT: Guess who's talking up possible VS/LH co-operation ?
  242. DC Partner: Virgin earnings changed as of Dec. 1, 2008
  243. DC Partner: New Hertz Double Miles Promo and Freely Available Champagne*
  244. Requirement for a new Handling Agent at DUB
  245. Check in/API question
  246. Gold upgrade but pooling miles from different accounts
  247. Redemption Help: ANA tool & bmi miles - Mexico trip possible?
  248. OT: BD16 this morning - an apology
  249. Newbie Question: BD mileage credited for partner flights differs from the flight miles per the partner
  250. Rant: Rebooked award from C to F. DC says more taxes needed!