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  1. bmi LHR T1 'Great British' (née No.1) International Lounge : Reviews & Pictures
  2. Trip Report ! BMI the good,the bad and the ugly
  3. DC Partner: US Airways baggage
  4. MXP-LHR & TXL-LHR : operated by LH or BMI?
  5. Redemption Help: YVR-MAN
  6. DC Partner: Price jumps when I try to book a car under #1 Gold
  7. Redemption Help: Did I do the the right thing?
  8. Marriott Offer on frontpage of flybmi.com ??
  9. LX Route Pulled on bmi Star Award - Call Airline or bmi?
  10. EWR-LHR-GLA (VS2 to BD4). Two tickets, usual question.
  11. Redemption Help: Advice on SQ flights betweeen SIN and Australia
  12. Redemption Help: Routing SIN-DPS
  13. bmi status not visible to SQ staff - help!
  14. Hertz not posting as usual
  15. Is there a way to purchase 80,000 miles in one go?
  16. United and ANA award availability on Lufthansa flight but not BMI
  17. US Award Request - Advice
  18. Newbie Question: Which Star Alliance US airline?
  19. Turkish Airlines Crash at AMS
  20. Newbie Question: Earning miles via Ebay
  21. DC Email address??
  22. To top up or burn off?
  23. Any news, bmi-LH merger?
  24. Upgrade to Business on JNB?
  25. 900 status miles to retain silver
  26. Redemption Help: Changing/Upgrading an award - What is allowed ?
  27. Newbie Question: Signing up to the Diamond Club - free bonus miles link?
  28. Newbie Question: Achieving gold halfway through a trip
  29. Cancelling MBNA BMI Card - lose points?
  30. Promo: Double destination AND status miles on bmi regional
  31. Slightly OT: No more LH FCT access on non-FRA departures
  32. Redemption Help: Miles required HAM-MLA in Y?
  33. Question re: Accrual
  34. Promo: Double UA Mileage Plus miles when flying on bmi in C, D, J and Y fare classes
  35. Membership Renewal
  36. Redemption confirmation - how long please and ICC makes me mad!
  37. Nice photo report from BMI A330 LAS-MAN J class
  38. Redemption Help: Redemption plus paid booking - possible?
  39. Can I upgrade?
  40. Dropped a sector on award, does it require a new e-ticket number?
  41. Take away my fear of collecting miles with DC
  42. UK to Bodrum
  43. Redemption Help: Tax queston on MEX-MAN 1 way miles plus cash
  44. Problem buying destination miles
  45. Rant: Award Availability on US Airways
  46. Nice touch by the Captain:- Congrats for 25 years
  47. OT: bmi CEO on working lunch BBC2 Fri 12.30
  48. Redemption Help: UK to West Coast USA (ICC say no)
  49. BMI Gold
  50. Redemption Help: DC Partner and a little OT: Some questions..
  51. What constitutes a "stop over"?
  52. News just in!!!
  53. Change in flight time new ticket number needed?
  54. YQ surcharge - Slight Reduction; mostly codeshares eff. 18 Feb 2009
  55. Different contact name at Diamond club ?
  56. Newbie Question: Book bmi award on UA-codeshare (LH-metal) to save fuel surcharge ?
  57. Being gifted miles problem
  58. Rant: bmi Customer Satisfaction Survey
  59. bmi axes LHR-LBA & MME, frequency cuts AMS & DUB, BRU & ABZ all-Embraers
  60. Where to book online for a long-haul ticket from Central Europe?
  61. Redemption Help: LHR - SSH in Sept. 2009
  62. DC Partner: LX Drop SCL
  63. DC & Lufthansa Cityline
  64. Who's doin' the do?
  65. Have miles posted on UA's MP or BMI's DC?
  66. Redemption Help: Reduction in Fuel Surcharges (YQ)
  67. Manchester / Edinburgh lounge query
  68. Redemption Help: How to get a award seat on BD opened up
  69. Irish Interest: Company Rewards launched for SMEs
  70. DC Partner: final SQ 744 LHR-SIN to switch to 77W end March
  71. Transferring miles between different *A frequent flyer schemes
  72. Redemption Help: Air New Zealand C class seats in Oct/Nov
  73. Newbie Question: arrival lounge at LHR
  74. Redemption Help: another "best way to use miles" question
  75. DC Partner: Which way to go LHR-PEK HKG-LHR in C
  76. Newbie Question: Availability on LHR - BHD & a couple of small questions
  77. How should APD tax be calculated LHR-AMS(Y)-VIE(C)?
  78. Rant: LAS-MAN-LAS in PE: staff, friends and families class?
  79. Redemption Help: 2 Quick F Redemption Questions
  80. Transferring LHR T1 to T2
  81. BMI's A321 Business Product
  82. Newbie Question: Redemption Help for SGN-Europe
  83. Miles got stuck in M&M, even though BP had BD*G on it
  84. Newbie Question: DUB - check-in, lounge, etc. questions
  85. Route cuts: LBA - CPH gone + LHR???
  86. Multi-segment intinerary ideas across Europe, please?
  87. How long do the 20k miles take to post?
  88. Flyers face losing their Airmiles
  89. Bmi london-moscow
  90. One way ticket USA to UK?
  91. Redemption Help: Change "Miles Only" to "Cash and Miles"?
  92. Need LX miles to be credit after re-routing
  93. OT: bmi is the official airline of the England Rugby team
  94. Excellent Call Centre (ICC) Service/Experiences [Consolidated]
  95. AFKL to BD Diamond Club
  96. DC Partner: BMI Shopping... Wot.. no Tesco??
  97. Regular LHR-DUB help?
  98. Newbie Question: BD Flight number
  99. Redemption Help: Booking online
  100. Redemption Help: Changing Miles+Cash Redemption question - Date and Extra Legs
  101. Is there a way to see if the fare is changeable after booking?
  102. OLCI not open because today's flight hasn't departed yet..
  103. BD104 AMS-LHR 12 Feb 13.45 - Geert Wilders
  104. A320 mid-haul on the EDI-LHR route
  105. Rant: Eight bmi crew in business class when I got bumped....
  106. Interesting use of miles
  107. Rant: "Play it again Sam"...no please don't!!
  108. Virgin compensation miles - transfer to BMI points?
  109. Lounge policy at Leeds/Bradford?
  110. seats on BMI LHR-TLV
  111. I need a phone number for the UK refund people ...
  112. Redemption Help: advice sought for Sydney trip
  113. DC and Estionian Air/Air Baltic
  114. Monthly Miles Bonus for January?
  115. UA 1K first flight on BMI
  116. The Diamond Club website now shows a month's worth of recent activities!
  117. bmi to double services to Tel Aviv and introduce larger A330 aircraft
  118. Promo: OS fare deals/promotions - good for earning
  119. Redemption Help: QR-Qatar airways. Awards in Biz.
  120. FYI: MAN-LAS biz award seats available on last day of service
  121. I'm a new bmi flyer and I want to know...
  122. Gold Requalification
  123. Problem buying miles
  124. Bmi launches business class chauffeur service : now extended UK & Ireland
  125. Redemption Help: miles charged for 1 & 2-stop flights
  126. DC & *A Survey (Feb 2009) - 3000 miles
  127. New DC card
  128. Newbie Question: Add-ons for journeys wholly within Zones 1-2
  129. LHR arrivals lounge access
  130. Codeshare lounge access
  131. Redemption Help: latest time to cancel/change award tickets?
  132. One Day Too Late?
  133. DC miles on Egyptair - class code S
  134. Redemption flight Rights and Procedures in the event of flight issues
  135. Newbie Question: Booked 29/1, still no e-ticket?
  136. SQ Flight upgraded to business - no miles posted
  137. If the worst happens - Gold expires
  138. SAA flight cancellations - probably will effect you if you have awards Feb-Jun 09
  139. Min mileage for non-BMI flights
  140. "Package holidays" with scheduled airline flights?
  141. LHR Lounge Access Before Connecting Flight With BMI
  142. Promo: A few more days for "cheap" miles at Hilton weekend rates
  143. An invitation from BMI on my meal tray!
  144. What happened to the LH buyout of BMI?
  145. Mileage Claim - No bmi response from 4 letters
  146. Redemption Help: LON - NZ via KTM
  147. Where To Find Diamond Club Account Activity Online?
  148. How long should I wait for DC miles to be posted for UA flight?
  149. Seating on UA operated BD flights
  150. Rant: DUB cancellations - anyone more helpful than the ICC?
  151. Call Centre: Dropped: Telephone Check-In ('Replaced' with Online Check In)
  152. DC Partner: Programme Changes - Dropped: Grange Hotels. Effective 1st March 2009
  153. OTish: Nigel sure is popular this week..the bmi deportures thread
  154. Seat Assignments on bmi.com
  155. Free coffee!
  156. Serious "enhancement" to buying of miles announced - significantly lower limits apply
  157. BMI or AC
  158. ANA domestic with BMI Miles
  159. Mileage required question
  160. "bmi the story" -anyone else get the book?
  161. Rant: Why, why, why does AC "C" only earn as "Y"?
  162. MAN-LAS Redemption Opportunity Available
  163. Standby on BD earlier flight
  164. SAS to Sell Stake in bmi (and others)
  165. DC software "up"grade: disruption: login/data/security/missing credit problems
  166. Promo: 50% off UK, DUB and BRU Business Class
  167. Multiple flight redemption
  168. DC Partner: Multiple Hertz rentals in Hawaii
  169. BMI miles on Hertz prepaid rates?
  170. Uk-hong kong 2 day stopover - sydney-uk
  171. Price Increase on MAN - LHR economy
  172. MAN-IST-BKK - Any redemption ideas anyone?
  173. Newbie Question: What happens if you miss connecting flight
  174. 2 tickets. 1 PNR. Connecting at LHR. Will BD interline bags?
  175. Expected/actual weather delays 2 Feb
  176. A little Premature but will bmi change my flight if I ring the ICC?
  177. BD 120 DUB-LHR Business class NO Meals or Bar service !
  178. Redemption Help: Stopovers and Rebooking
  179. Do SAA open up more C seats?
  180. SQ redemptions 2 adults & 1 child
  181. OT: Semi-rant: A strange tale with SAS
  182. TK071 HKG-IST in F on 77W for redemption through ICC?
  183. Air Canada redemption - is EF Business or First?
  184. Newbie Question: Can I cancel award booking without penalty?
  185. Booking Hotel with bmi - when do I get the miles?
  186. Threat of job losses hangs over bmi, reneges on pay rise promise; pilots ballot
  187. TG downgraded me to business on BD award booking.
  188. OT: Safety Procedures
  189. Help! Confused about earnings and fare classes
  190. Help with Star Alliance MR
  191. Making bmi keep their promises
  192. Newbie Question: Have I been swindled by the ICC?
  193. Redemption Help: Adding a stopover to existing redemption booking.
  194. Oi...Paris...get off the back !
  195. Newbie Question: Newbie Questions
  196. Booked two week ago, but still alive!
  197. Award Booking in TG First : possibility of 2nd seat opening up ?
  198. Buying a refundable ticket to access DUB lounge and then cancelling
  199. Newbie Question: Not helpful - missing Blue plus status - might miss silver... what to do?
  200. spare BMI lounge pass ?
  201. Your top three BMI loves and hates?
  202. Signup bonus not allowed to redeem flights for other persons?
  203. Newbie Question: Change return leg of a redemption, already flown outbound?
  204. More VS codeshares to US
  205. MXP on the cheap... (Zone 2 positioning for cheaper reward redemptions)
  206. BMI Baby and Diamond Club 9,000 miles promo
  207. BD Gold flying SQ, VS Clubhouse Access at LHR T3?
  208. How many miles needed for Doha to DC?
  209. Redemption Help: Connection time in BKK
  210. Flights taken before becoming DC member
  211. BD number changed for no apparent reason
  212. Attaching a booking to my DC Account
  213. Redemption Help: Seat Counter - Virgin UC class?
  214. Newbie Question: Spending Diamond Club Miles
  215. Newbie Question: Reaching silver?
  216. LHR to SFO in C Class - best routing with lowest taxes/charges
  217. 26/01: bmi Astraeus 757 to Freetown diverts to MAN
  218. Redemption Help: BHD to Mauritius or Dubai
  219. Redemption Help: Change of final dest. within a zone?
  220. How long does DC hold a reservation?
  221. Rant: Saudia Arabia!
  222. £300 taxes on LHR-ZRH-JNB redemption?
  223. Promo: Double destinations AND/OR status miles/renew Gold on bmi flights 1-28 Feb 09
  224. Paid, but cannot see it on Checkmytrip
  225. Redemption Help: Best route to NYC from MAN
  226. 'Tiny' gets the dreaded red 'n black makeover
  227. Changing booking to something totally different?
  228. RTW ticket : miles on Thai Airways ?
  229. Redemption Help: Last minute check before I call ICC to make a redemption
  230. Miles accrual on subsidiary of *A partner
  231. Redemption Help: Suggestions for routing to Seychelles, if even possible on *A?
  232. Non-flight earning options for US members?
  233. London to NY mileage run in C, 44,7k miles, 3k Euro
  234. Newbie Question: 9000 bmi destination miles - can i transfer them?
  235. Business class menu MAN to LAS
  236. Newbie Question: Some Questions about using miles, buying miles and figuring out taxes on awards
  237. Rant: Disputing rejected claim for missing miles
  238. Redemption Help : miles for LHR-ZRH-IST ?
  239. Sydney to London 22nd Feb Business Class
  240. BD lounge meetings
  241. US based flyer on BMIBaby for the first time
  242. Redemption Help: VS Partner round trip restriction.
  243. Redemption Help: SQ availability in ANA tool
  244. Time until miles for award flight are debited?
  245. Reward Redemptions with an infant
  246. Personal year question: silver or gold?
  247. Air Malta and bmi sign codeshare agreement
  248. UA booking class
  249. New LX F Announced; surely now the first choice for F redemptions
  250. Redemption Help: NZ40 (AKL to PPT) not showing in ANA tool thru KVS