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  1. Redemption Help: Waitlist in F on NH redemption?
  2. Redemption Help: BD*G J/C class for Y miles benefit
  3. Connection times
  4. Promo: Heathrow to Dublin Celebrations (20 years) : double miles on C J D Y fares
  5. The new priority checkin has arrived, and a nice warm AGA is on the way!
  6. OT: Tough times force bmi FT'er to sell prized possession
  7. DC Partner: Jurys Inns now a DC partner in their own right
  8. Ticketing timelines question - should I call again?
  9. Short connection time in CPH
  10. Redemption Help: RTW Redemption Fare - which Star Mileage Product is it?
  11. Newbie Question: Blue Plus almost in touching distance
  12. Allowed changes on award redemption
  13. NZ Fuel Surcharge Question
  14. Anyone missing their Silver/Gold monthly miles bonus?
  15. BMI lounge at FRA ?
  16. Randomly asking for lounge access!
  17. Can't afford Lufthansa - best First with low tax?
  18. Redemption Help: SE Asian ideas
  19. Redemption Help: BA AMEX 2-4-1 or DC M+C
  20. BMI Gold and Silver have accesss to BA lounge at NCL
  21. Access to T1 *A Lounge from T2?
  22. How long miles earned on South African Airways take to post?
  23. Maestro card accepted for award booking?
  24. Inverness - Düsseldorf on LH, reintroduction of 3x EDI-FRA
  25. Upgrading with someone else's miles
  26. Unable to remain logged in to DC
  27. DC Partner: American Express MR conversion rates - advice please?
  28. Promo: Triple Miles at Hilton... unless you book one of the 106 rates that don't qualify
  29. LH deal to acquire BD being re-negotiated?
  30. Hello to FBers
  31. FYI: Some very last minute timetable changes (IKA and PMI)
  32. TK F suites now available for redemption!
  33. DC Partner: Miles earning on SAS op by Wideroe?
  34. Check-in for Domodedovo (Moscow) flights
  35. Can I book a O/W incl 1 week stopover in Europe with just one PNR?
  36. April Fool: Improvements to Heathrow T1 experience for loyal customers
  37. SAA Affiliates, redemptions or not?
  38. Newbie Question: How many days in advance can I book a BD metal award (using BD miles)?
  39. Redeemption help; F BKK - LHR TG
  40. Passengers rate LHR T1 as the worst in UK
  41. LHR - MAN - new timetable is a pain!
  42. Birthday fun in BHD this morning!
  43. Has a new 'buying year' started with new buy miles rules?
  44. Call Centre: ICC claims LH would not honor issued C+M ticket
  45. DC Partner: Hilton Honors and BMI DC
  46. Staff friends and family discounts?!
  47. E-ticket or paper ticket?
  48. Miles for C booking (on LH) appearing as 0 in activity details
  49. Minimum time from reward booking to travel
  50. Is Online Check-In down? (Sun 29 Mar, 09)
  51. Former bmi destinations and routes
  52. Redemption Help: Combining miles?
  53. 3585 status miles...
  54. New feature when viewing your reservation - shows taxes! (and deletes seat resvns...)
  55. R class miles not credited after Op-Up
  56. Can I web check-in?
  57. 8800 miles for £176 All In ?
  58. Rumour: Enhanced Premium service for Y-Flex on MAN-LHR (domestic)?
  59. Lufthansa - BMI Business Award Tickets
  60. Promo: Long Distance MR on United to Oz
  61. Confusion/concern over SQ redemption booking class as displayed on CMT
  62. BD64 Departure time change
  63. How can I tell if my award flight has been ticketed?
  64. Redemption Help: Can I remove 1 pax from a multi-pax PNR?
  65. Checking in Online
  66. Award routing advice SIN-PEK
  67. Redemption Help: Award stopovers in Z3
  68. The Invisible Business Cabin Mystery Part 1
  69. Newbie Question: Claiming DC miles for an Airmiles.co.uk booking
  70. First time on bmi - questions on seats, food & OpUp possibilities on LHR-TLV
  71. BMI codes ?C4 D4 Y4 B4 M4 H4 Q4 V4 WC
  72. Redemption Help: LX cancelled flight on redemption ORD-ZRH
  73. FT, the ICC and OCD
  74. Redemption Help: How late to book a redemption?
  75. Bmi credit card
  76. Redemption Help: C+M redemption showing F in e-mail but C in MMB
  77. Cairo Reward Booking & ICC frustration
  78. Redemption Help: ANA's "Request Available"
  79. Cash v Cash+Miles on trip to Australia (LH/SQ/LX)
  80. BMI no longer waiving credit card fee : effective 22 April 2009
  81. I need to change a redemption booking
  82. Business upgrade MAN-ORD
  83. Gold redemptions - the mechanics and frustrations
  84. Booked Tickets no longer earning class - will DC honour?
  85. DC Partner: Singapore Business Class Redemption?
  86. SAA availability
  87. Booking Hilton.co.uk via BMI Shopping - not all hotels credit
  88. NZ LHR-LAX availability
  89. Trip Report (Short), MAN - BGI using GUV's
  90. LHR T1 Lounge Access with Infant
  91. Miles credited to wrong program
  92. UA Economy Plus Annual OPtion & bmi points accrual
  93. bmi paying to *A for the DC redeemed tickets?
  94. Rant: "Priority" Baggage Handling
  95. Issues today with OLCI ??
  96. Getting DC credit on bmi leg of United itinerary
  97. No refund, no receipt - is there a standard letter to CC provider?
  98. best way to earn 2750 miles?
  99. VS-BMI with hand luggage
  100. Jet 2 plane at LHR?
  101. Newbie Question: VS redemption but ICC cannot see...
  102. BMI Hotel Voucher
  103. The most insecure job in aviation...
  104. OT: Indian Credit Card Scam exposed
  105. UA A booking code with Q fare.
  106. Rant: Seat 1A blocked on BMI regional? GUV no joy
  107. New bmibaby TV advertisements now online
  108. What BMI club number do I need to quote?
  109. Change in 1st class redemption cost
  110. Redemption Help: Redemption to Cape Town in July
  111. C credit on UA 2-class aircraft?
  112. "We'll pay for your taxi fare" - too good to be true?
  113. Redemption Help: Lufthansa C&M redemption in C
  114. Lounge access? 4hrs at LHR
  115. You want what? A meal in business class !!
  116. Redemption Help: Getting more than 2 J award seats on SQ?
  117. Newbie Question: Claiming missing miles for sign on promo
  118. Redemption Help: Rules on return flights ?
  119. Using other peoples award miles to upgrade?
  120. Bookings not showing in website profile
  121. SK booking class O, earnings with DC?
  122. Call Centre: Is there a password to getting a knowledgeable agent?
  123. Redemption Help: No LH J within Europe?
  124. Upgrading on bmi
  125. OT: Geeky Question: Boarding pass codes
  126. Newbie Question: BMI Lounges - Edinburgh and Manchester
  127. Newbie Question: Is there a fly bmi metal requirement for status?
  128. Question about using miles or miles and cash to pay for a Business Class flight
  129. DC account correction via email
  130. How to reduce taxes?
  131. Worth suffering Egyptair for a taste of The Business on bmi?
  132. Newbie Question: Popular MR's ? Or go Swiss
  133. bmi checking through to BA? suit carriers as hand luggage?
  134. Newbie Question: Edinburgh to Boston - have I got this right
  135. LH Codeshare, Eurolot Operated - BMI miles?
  136. DC Partner: How many miles MCT - DXB on LX?
  137. Maximum Stopover Length
  138. Unaccounted for miles turned up in my account??
  139. online redemption did not ticket and self cancelled !
  140. DUB-LHR-SIN recheck or thru-check
  141. 2000 miles for confirming email address
  142. SQ F redemption impossible?
  143. Call Centre: Seat Map Problems
  144. How do I know if my award flight has actually been ticketed?
  145. Trip Report: EDI-CPH-AAR-CPH-EDI
  146. Schedule Change EVN & TBS on Fri, 10th Apr '09
  147. Family Bereavement Flight Question
  148. HELP: My award ticket is booked but isn't issuing
  149. LHR to MXP with BMI?
  150. Earning miles on BD flight number, operated by SK...
  151. BMI Stand BY
  152. Redemption Help: Critique my work...
  153. Tax reductions on identical itineraries??
  154. Call Centre: Are they talking nonsense for a change...???
  155. Promo: Book OS with Amex and get double MR points
  156. Newbie Question: BMI Diamond Club Credit Card and Redemption on Lufthansa for someone else
  157. Redemption Help: Anyone else having trouble searching redemption availability?
  158. Newbie Question: No boarding cards - can you still claim?
  159. Redemption Help: Effects of Stopovers on award cost, and some routing advice - please?
  160. 2008 losses estimated at £99.7m
  161. Quick Question - Lounge access at DUB with BD*S on an NWOWBMI fare?
  162. Redemption flight Cancelled - No-one told me; claim compensation?
  163. Redemption Help: Bob Hope or No Hope?
  164. DC status miles resetting query
  165. Should I gamble on DC? Or stay with UAMP?
  166. RT redemption but mixed class
  167. Redemption Help: Why people start/end their redemptions in Europe?
  168. Newbie Question: Silver status benefits on Star alliance?
  169. DC Partner: How long miles take to post?
  170. Redemption Help: Redemption on Tg: SIN-BKK-LHR
  171. bmi continues to restructure (HO Staff)
  172. Time between flights
  173. Rant: that bl00dy call centre!
  174. LHR - TLV Advice
  175. Redemption Help: Redemption NRT-LHR
  176. How Many Miles?
  177. Twickers on Sunday?
  178. Redemption Help: LHR - DEL advice
  179. DC Miles on UA and US on a VS eticket
  180. Help using ANA : options for redemption GLA/MIA with limited miles
  181. Redemption Help: Antigua redemption in Nov
  182. Redemption Help: Flight to Maldives MLE
  183. Domodedovo
  184. SAN - SEA - YVR allowed reward booking?
  185. Boarding Passes - Missing DC Info.
  186. I need to get an extra c. 17k BMI miles for a redemption. Any suggestions?
  187. DC Partner: How many miles for a Virgin redemption?
  188. DME TBS KBP or EVN
  189. 'Bento Blues' : what's missing from YOUR box ?
  190. MAN only allowing their own clear plastic bags (from BA forum)
  191. A330 IFE
  192. Redemption Help: LX F from HK to ZUR-trying to connect to EDI
  193. WARNING - SN to become an M&M partner in a few weeks
  194. How long does it take for BD to post miles from OS/LH flights
  195. Real FOOD in the bmi LHR T1 G14 lounge
  196. Redemption Help: Award flight UK to NZ Routing advice in C
  197. 55k+ miles posting as status
  198. Newbie Question: Silver Lounge access with guest on discounted bmi fare
  199. No status - access to lounge on BD domestic
  200. Flying BD from ALP (Aleppo)
  201. Redemption Help: From First Class into Suites, does this require a new ticket to be issued?
  202. When to go for Gold ?
  203. How long for bonus miles to post?
  204. Adding a new segment to an award ticket...??
  205. Redemption Help: PVG-SIN-MLE-SIN-PVG Redemption
  206. Friends and family strike again at LAS
  207. BMI lounge access in AMS - for men & mice
  208. OT: 33% Off Purple Parking
  209. DC Partner: given 500 destination miles where 750 are due
  210. News: Diamond Club system upgrade
  211. Newbie Question: How long does it take for miles to post?
  212. Pooling miles together for a redemption?
  213. lhr-europe-bom-sin-mle ??
  214. LHR Transfer Question
  215. Seat Map
  216. Earning status miles on LH/LX subsidiary Contact Air?
  217. Mixed class revenue bookings possible? Or rely on a GUV?
  218. To DC or M&M on bmi regional?
  219. Which airline?! LHR - SIN
  220. Today's email - vote for your preferred reward
  221. BMI Company Rewards
  222. BMI now giving double credit card miles on telephone bookings inc redemptions
  223. Paying UK tax with your BMI Mastercard – the definitive guide!
  224. DC Partner: How many miles would I earn between YUL-YYZ?
  225. March IFE on MAN-LAS?
  226. Free WiFi (or NOT....) access now in bmi LHR Lounges
  227. 20% off at Café Rouge in March (LHR T1)
  228. bmi Diamond Club : FAQs, Promos, Contacts, Planes, Lounges.....
  229. "exciting new developments to the Diamond Club programme over the next few months"
  230. Egyptair redemptions possible yet?
  231. Advance Seat Assignment now available on mid/long-haul in all classes
  232. Redemption Help: advice on value of redemption, please
  233. Upcoming LH flights, do I start fresh in M&M or credit to DC?
  234. Newbie Question: Advice for a redemption newbie
  235. Newbie Question: Schedule change on paid ticket
  236. Redemption Help: for the redemption change fee can you change who paid the miles?
  237. Belfast 25th Anniversary Prize Draw (25,000 miles)
  238. Change to cost of all F awards: x2.5; LH-F also carrys a 10k surcharge per F sector;
  239. bye bye bmi
  240. Best Strategy to Avoid Conversion Fees if Buying BMI Airfare with U.S. Credit Card?
  241. Newbie Question: Basic ticketing question/itinerary viewing question
  242. TK F - how many miles?
  243. Newbie Question: Redemption route LHR-MLE via HKG ?
  244. Redemption Help: Z10-Z10 redemption - possible?
  245. LAS-MAN in business. Any changes in quality of service?
  246. Redemption Help: Paying YQ and YX with Someone Else's Card
  247. No under-18s in DC lounge?
  248. DC Partner: Earning with TG in Y on V ticket
  249. Redemption Help: LHR-BKK (stopover) SIN-MLE or visa versa
  250. BD vs. BA Lounges in GLA, EDI?