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  1. Call Centre: Yes another amusing conversation...
  2. Credit Virgin flights to DC
  3. DC Partner: List Of Partner Codes
  4. DC Partner: Tyrolean op flight (part of AUA), LX Flight number, Z class = 0 miles? Thankfully not
  5. Redemption Help: GLA - MSP: preferring AC to UA
  6. Suggestions for Spending 140k miles?
  7. Flybmi.com destination guides
  8. Zone 1->8 vs 1->2->8
  9. Connection time
  10. Newbie Question: 'Spent' miles still in my account?
  11. Newbie Question: Business Class to Oz on miles – possible?
  12. Promo: Free Hotel nights
  13. Getting moved back down the plane by OLCI
  14. OT: Aborted landing on BD126 DUB-LHR today (19/05)
  15. What's for lunch (BD56, Saturday)
  16. Merging Diamond Club accounts?
  17. Transferring miles between *A programmes?
  18. "Why not upgrade to Premium Economy for as little as £99 each way?"
  19. Gold card issuance with new BD Diamond Club Number?
  20. Newbie Question: consolidating DC and SAA accounts?
  21. Newbie Question: Connections between BD and VS
  22. Worried about BMI redemptions - what would you do
  23. Should I use miles for a positioning flight?
  24. OT: Your private jet awaits
  25. Gold card renewal
  26. Award cancellation : mileage redeposit
  27. DC Partner: New *A partner coming: Aegean
  28. LHR-RUH Upgrades Sold?
  29. How many flight sectors are allowed in Europe?
  30. Rerouted onto non*A, how do I get my DC miles? Can I double-dip?
  31. Redemption Help: Short notice redemptions
  32. T1 shower facilities?
  33. Pre-flight dept. phone number
  34. Newbie Question: Can I book different cabins on a return flight and some other questions...
  35. Sign up incentive: no more 3,000 miles, lounge voucher instead
  36. Redemption Help: Redemption Taxes
  37. Just rebooked from TG to LX. What are my options?
  38. Lufthansa no longer wants to take over bmi
  39. Cancelling award booking?
  40. New Redemption rates coming... or ICC snafu?
  41. Redemption Help: Nervous about redemption booking
  42. wrong miles credited?
  43. bmi Z class earnings
  44. BMI DC number changed from 8 digits to 11
  45. Booking classes and seatcounter.com
  46. Newbie Question: Upgrade to Silver - how long to process
  47. Fastrack to gold bmi
  48. Rant: Why are TLV redemptions still not bookable online???
  49. Newbie Question: Flybmi.com/shopping confusion with 3 Mobile
  50. OT: Amusing: Bmi's website praised by the EU...
  51. Can I get 4 redemption seats on one flight?
  52. Redemption Help: Z1-Z2 with connection in Z2
  53. LHR T1 Premium Check-In
  54. HKG - BKK Stopover Query
  55. Is BMI Now Blocking LH Award Space or more IT problems, again?
  56. No more direct LHR - SIN redemptions in C or F?
  57. Does E class on Swiss earn miles?
  58. miles on TK flight operated by JET?
  59. Award route Cx ICC says no tax refund :WRONG
  60. bmi boarding pass on FRA-OSL flight
  61. Destination miles> 55000 MILES
  62. Amended redemption itinerary - taxes reduction ?
  63. Wait a Second, Am I Trying to Redeem UA Miles?
  64. New DC software : Master Bug List
  65. Best LHR T3 lounge
  66. Buying miles during website maintenance
  67. Man Lounge Question
  68. Rant: Change fee for fully flex ticket - new?
  69. Redemption Help: How do you know if a(n e-)ticket has been issued?
  70. DC Partner: AMEX duplicate cards
  71. Tyrolean Airways and Eurowings
  72. One leg of reward booking cancelled... options?
  73. First time BMI flyer TLV-LHR
  74. (Stupid) Lounge & Miles question
  75. Redemption Help: ana website
  76. Mexico redemption booked for December
  77. OT: Seven things you never knew about bmibaby…
  78. DC Partner: Free Hilton Silver / Gold VIP card AND double points & miles to 31/8
  79. Promo: BP / Amex mailer arrived today
  80. Redemption Help: Is this stop over allowed?
  81. Redemption Help: Miles or Just pay cash? LHR to NZ
  82. Redemption Help: DC Zone 7 to 7 J Class Rates
  83. Reward Tickets Help please
  84. Spending DC miles now, but change flights later
  85. Code share and booking class conversion
  86. Challenging question - where to go for the weekend in C?
  87. Redemption Help: What's the fare code for PE redemptions?
  88. Spot The Error
  89. Should I redeem miles before it's too late?
  90. Can I transfer DC miles into another scheme?
  91. Redemption Help: Pls tell my friend that he's nuts if ...
  92. Will I get miles ? NH-D class, on AC metal?
  93. How to get BD miles credited correctly for LX flight?
  94. Booking Code alignment
  95. Miles earned in NZ v. VS Premium Economy products; and the bubbly, of course!
  96. Disappearing Miles
  97. Newbie Question: Name on status card and boarding pass - has to be a match?
  98. W-class - mileage on SK operated codeshare?
  99. Booking to Toronto via BMI
  100. The buying miles 15 pound "transaction charge"
  101. Redemption Help: Is it worth switching this redemption for a paid alternative?
  102. What's the hold luggage allowance for Premium Economy?
  103. Rant: I used to like Glenlivet, but bmi has me parched
  104. Any recent experience of BD's Astraeus operated services?
  105. Redemption Help: NRT-SEL-SIN-DXB//DXB-VIE-CPH possible routing
  106. Rant: bmi
  107. Half the price of your Gourmet dining in London with BMI
  108. Bmi map story - where is Israel? not here...
  109. Newbie Question: BD Gold flying First Class on Thai. Can I use Virgin Lounge at T3 Heathrow?
  110. England v Barbarians Rugby tickets for Diamond Club members - 5k a piece
  111. Promo: Double destinations miles on TLV & CAI in PE and biz, 8 May to 31 July 09
  112. This doesn't sound good.
  113. Bmi interested in serving Baghdad
  114. A mid-haul menu - actually edible!
  115. Redemption Help: Can you change miles only award to cash and points?
  116. bmi in the news...again! Israel missing on inflight maps on ex-BMED planes!
  117. Latest News: Swine Flu in Mexico
  118. UA only showing BD number for first segment
  119. OT: For sale: inflight chef whites £19.99
  120. Best T1 lounge?
  121. Buying miles down?
  122. Rant: Earning on LH, €390 DUB-GVA rt and not a DC mile in sight
  123. Newbie Question: Change Fees, Ticketing deadlines etc.
  124. Transferring DC Miles?
  125. Phoning the ICC from within India
  126. Can I have some miles in advance please?
  127. Yet another valid routing question
  128. OT: Strange Phenomenon at EDI - G-RJXG
  129. Newbie Question: Were Lower LH Classes Always 0.5x BD Mile Earning?
  130. BD*G. Just booked LON-SIN on SQ - found it's in wrong fare class for miles
  131. Rant: BD14 Cancellations Fri/Sat - No Notification
  132. Mexico flight change ?
  133. Redemption Help: Z7 - Z4 award routing?
  134. Redemption Help: Combined miles
  135. Man - lax lounge access
  136. Any Bank Holiday ideas for this coming weekend?
  137. Redemption Help: 'Helping' ICC see mixed class availability
  138. Redemption Help: Totally Confused (and Potentially Overcharged ) by Taxes/Surcharges
  139. OT: 'Apprentice' hopeful banned from airline?
  140. Award Redemption Questions (routing and changeability)
  141. Changing a post May 1st redemption
  142. Which aircraft LHR to DME?
  143. Changing award booking - risk of losing seat?
  144. Call Centre: Ticketing system 'down', SQ unticketed res expires in ~1hour, any thoughts?
  145. OT: US airways
  146. Japan Redemption advice
  147. Call Centre: Busted by the ICC
  148. new BMI lounge in Dublin?
  149. BD913/4 Aircraft question
  150. Newbie Question: Bmi Diamond club
  151. Redemption Help: Getting to Zone 2 Advice : Copenhagen(CPH) positioning for Z2 redemption
  152. Award question - connecting flight within zone 1
  153. Newbie Question: Online Check In?
  154. Refunds processed: Cash but no miles
  155. Help me choose TODAY: EZE, BKK or SIN
  156. Compensation for unsatisfactory BD experience?
  157. Changes to OLCI
  158. Redemption Help: Notice Period fo VS Bookings
  159. email booking reconfirmation - for flight 7 months ago!!
  160. Gate 14 (16?) Lounge in Heathrow
  161. Redemption Help: Can someone advise....
  162. Can I use Continental for award flights?
  163. No More Bento Boxes?
  164. Promo: LHR-DUB - Double Destinations Miles for Business Class
  165. Star Alliance flights UK > Peru?
  166. Booking awards far out - is outbound or inbound date the limiting factor?
  167. Newbie Question: BMIpedia hotel booking
  168. Weather @ MAN
  169. Status Match
  170. Gold Card events - are there any?
  171. Promo: Cairo in PE from £472 – where?
  172. Diamond Club / Joanna - thank you!
  173. Newbie Question: How much is a connecting flight Z2-Z1 one-way?
  174. Is compensation due for a cancelled flight?
  175. Redemption Help: ANA reliability when timezones attack
  176. Newbie Question: Is bmi a good programme for my pattern?
  177. Redemption Help: Call centre screwup costs me award availability
  178. CMT shows two ticket numbers after amending award booking
  179. Redemption Help: Help with redemption to Cancun via NYC please
  180. DC Partner: New Z2-Z7 Redemption Opportunity
  181. I fly between 6 and 12 times a year : which is the best frequent flyer scheme?
  182. You know when you've flown too much when...
  183. Newbie Question: is U class a PERMUIM fare?
  184. Redemption Help: Best experience getting from Europe to USA to Australia in F/C (with 1/2 stopovers)
  185. OT: Missing miles
  186. Miles for LX Business Saver
  187. Rant: So called limo service
  188. Lounge access for BA cardholders to some contract lounges
  189. Newbie Question: Award fee & fuel surcharges
  190. Newbie Question: non-refundable fare
  191. bmi Routes/Class of Service available/Earning Rates
  192. The Cheese Toastie on bmi Will Not Satisfy You
  193. Planning a fairly Juicy Redemption
  194. Newbie question: Should I do BA or BMI 3,000 mile Hilton promotion.
  195. Trip Report G-WWBB Business to Cairo and Back
  196. BMI Seat Bookings seem to be playing musical chairs
  197. 500k miles to burn before 1 May
  198. Easter 2010
  199. Tax and YQ calculation?
  200. DC Partner: Earnings chart for Qatar?
  201. Yerevan route
  202. Online shopping: Wickes
  203. Reroute and Downgrade (weather)
  204. Redemption Help: Want to book a Z2-Z8 Miles + cash in C
  205. BMI MMB v Check My Trip - different dates on e-ticket
  206. Redemption Help: ABZ-TOS and ANA assistance, please
  207. Op-Up Y-->C on UA longhaul
  208. Redemption Help: Kenya - which zone?
  209. Redemption Help: TK Redemption in C
  210. No show on a redemption, how much will I get back?
  211. Redemption Help: LX availability early 2010?
  212. Changes to redemption booking after outward leg flown?
  213. Buy Miles down? Evening of 13/04/09
  214. Redemption Help: MEL-LHR Redemption Advice
  215. Redemption Help: Problem with Ticket
  216. Whats up with the fax at BMI DC ?
  217. Redemption Help: Classic: Am I in trouble already (reference disappeared from cmt in ~5 minutes)?
  218. Redemption Help: Man-lhr availabilty
  219. No answer from missing shopping miles
  220. gold card upgrades
  221. What qualifies as a change on a reward booking?
  222. Lounge advice? (LH/LX/BD flights, FRA/NRT/ZRH) and veggie meals?
  223. Promo: Austrian Airlines
  224. NYC-SYD Reward Routing Question
  225. Award e-ticket receipt, wrong taxes (?) and wrong NVB/NVA dates (?)
  226. Quick enough to take it - slow to give it back
  227. BMI Photo ID rules and Common Travel Area
  228. Promo: Double destinations AND status miles on bmi regional C J D Y fares
  229. Changes on the miles Earning chart
  230. Changes on the miles Burning chart : Award Price Increase (Z2-Z2)
  231. Help required for reward booking with LH
  232. Newbie Question: Using miles Z3 to Z1
  233. Time for miles to post from online shopping!
  234. Redemption problem on connecting flight availability - any advice?
  235. Newbie Question: Working out taxes?
  236. LHR-CAI-LHR on the A330 - not bad!
  237. Call Centre: DC Opening / Booking Hours over Easter
  238. Is this normal process at BMI? Miles post as Zero???
  239. Wrong passenger gender on the reservation
  240. BD get US DOT Anti-trust immunity
  241. status miles and renewal
  242. New codeshare partner - TAM
  243. 100% Better for business
  244. Redemption Help: Z3-Z2 what is a stopover "enroute"
  245. 001 (= AA) ticket, BMI segement: seat assignments?
  246. Conflicting lounge access info
  247. Call Centre: Diamond Club "Help" desk???
  248. Web page printout suitable proof of status?
  249. Refund of tax and fuel surcharge possible?
  250. Miles posted to wrong ffp