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  1. Promo: Cheap BMI Flights to Saudi, Cairo and Tel Aviv
  2. Reasons given for delays
  3. How close?
  4. Missing destinations?
  5. Redemption Help: RIX - DAR
  6. New bmi ceo
  7. MAN-LHR-TLV - is one hour 15 minutes enough for connecting?
  8. Redemption Help: Do bmi really have fewer award cities than cities they fly to?
  9. Redemption Help: First class from FRA Cx
  10. Newbie Question: London-Havana: maximising BD status miles
  11. Can I bag drop the evening before?
  12. Newbie Question: Entering BD FFP number for LH/LX itinerary which is partly operated by non *A airline
  13. Redeeming BMI miles on LH cityline
  14. Change of DC ticket.
  15. Redemption Help: LHR - SCL
  16. Redemption Help: Lhr-bom-dps-lhr
  17. Redemption Help: Any flexibility possible on 7 day rule?
  18. Online reward bookings : MOST bmi detinations now loaded
  19. DC Partner: Lounge access - SK/KF bonusflights
  20. Confirmed: end of LHR to Venice, Palma, Amsterdam (& speculation on DUB) routes
  21. Please post DC Account reset & card renewal problems here
  22. July news and offers (new email design)
  23. When it comes to business, I'm a high flyer baby!
  24. Company Reward Programme issue
  25. Cross-post from mileage run - AC/BD YUL-LHR-DME RT $367
  26. Do you think that BD and SN should extend the codeshare as SN enters the *A ?
  27. Redemption Help: Quickie
  28. Redemption Help: Taxes MAN - PHL - MCO with US Airways
  29. Quidco up to 4.5% ....
  30. Call Centre: There is one seat available, but not for you, re: SQ F redemption seat
  32. OT: For all you NXEC users...
  33. BD2 LHR - GLA on Fri 14th August - cancelled?
  34. Kerry's a real high flyer
  35. Seat Counter
  36. Maximium Permitted Mileage/ Routing
  37. About buying miles as a gift for a friend
  38. Newbie Question: How much leeway in a DC earning year?
  39. Aerosols and cameras on bmi?
  40. Z class to TLV - How many miles earned?
  41. OT: Any FT'ers on the 17:00 BD LHR - MAN tonight?
  42. Where is my receipt?
  43. Rant: TPO at EDI this morning...
  44. BD01 Oversold Today - anyone ever tempted to take the cash?
  45. Up and down-graded!
  46. Is this a valid routing for DC redemption?
  47. Premium check in Heathrow
  48. Sunday Times Interview with Sir Michael Bishop
  49. BGI-LHR redemption ... £950 in taxes!!! Contact bmi UK?
  50. Newbie Question: Lhr lounge : can non-status BD J-pax bring a guest ?
  51. Redemption question - LHR-LAS
  52. Combining of miles
  53. Amazing Swiss Longhaul Upgrades From €200, but watch out for IrrOps
  54. Hit gold, but waiting for miles to post... lounge access?
  55. No gold card ... thread number 19395555
  56. I do like bmi
  57. DC Partner: Hertz 'Green' cars cheaper than equivalent classes
  58. DC Partner: Z fare on AC coded / LH operated flight: 100% or 200% status miles?
  59. How do you spot an FT'er?
  60. OT: Win return flights to Glasgow with bmi and a VIP tour of the Auchentoshan distillery
  61. bmi website wins travel prize (not an April Fool thread)
  62. 24 hour cooling off period on ticket purchases
  63. Redemption Help: Another UK-NZ redemption thread
  64. FEDEX address for DC??
  65. Award for another person on signup bonus miles
  66. Anyone having problems with Hertz rentals posting
  67. Redemption Help: LON-YYZ redemption
  68. Online checkin
  69. E-ticket receipts now available on checkmytrip
  70. The road ahead...what after the forthcoming implosion of BA?
  71. Redemption Help: 40th Birthday Trip - Suggestions?
  72. Newbie Question: ICC Booking amendment confusion
  73. Redemption advice please
  74. Last MAN-LHR now 18:40??
  75. Dedicated email?
  76. combining partner airline redemptions with a BD segment on a one-way award
  77. What number should I be using?
  78. Revised schedule for Tehran services: (Temporary arrangement-Now Stops in TBS) Jul'09
  79. Newbie Question: Problem with SQ seating
  80. Very Informal Belfast bmi FT "do" Wed 24 June 2009
  81. Redemption Help: Deciphering expertflyer search results for LX rewards
  82. 55K threshold question for BD Gold?
  83. Value of points via flybmi.com/shopping
  84. Newbie Question: Arrivals Lounge
  85. Receipts for flybmi.com bookings?
  86. Changing Z6 to Z4
  87. Welcome to Tel Aviv, did you lose something on the way?
  88. CPH positioning flight with Z1-Z2-Z8 redemption
  89. Using Upgrade Vouchers
  90. Rant: Simple ICC request - Oh no it's not..
  91. Redemption Help: Is LHR-IST-JNB an acceptable routing?
  92. Taxes LHR-BKK-SIN(stop)-PER?
  93. Newbie Question: How close to travel can you book an award?
  94. Economy B - fully flexible (MAN-LHR)?
  95. Online Account Access - Transaction Details
  96. Authorisation to manage others' DC account
  97. Bouquets to the bmi ladies at EDI!
  98. DC Partner: Has anyone ever redeemed on bmibaby flights?
  99. Virgin. BD mileage accrual, in time?
  100. DC Partner: Hertz double upgrade voucher question
  101. Rant: OLCI Automated Seat Selection - Thanks a lot
  102. The Baggage Master Query Thread: Awards, Mixed-Class, Multi-Carrier, Interline etc.
  103. Newbie Question: New - be gentle - LAS redemption question from first timer
  104. Hertz Gold?
  105. Redemption Help – SGN – IAD (stopover) IAD - MAN
  106. Redemption Help: Timechange. Can I cancel and have fee waived?
  107. Redemption Help: z1-z1 connecting flight?
  108. How long does it take for miles to show?
  109. Is BD following BA with 2 2 seating in Domestic C?
  110. DC Partner: Online Shopping - GAME.CO.UK
  111. Curious - what have you settled on for USA after demise of BD TATL?
  112. DC Partner: Can one get into VS's Club lounge without presenting an actual Gold card?
  113. Taxes CPH Z2 - Z8 HKG Redemption
  114. DC Partner: 11-digits DC number not accepted by Hilton - what to do for a new member ?
  115. How many stops/transfers on oneway award US-Europe
  116. Lost UA - BD transfer bag at LHR
  117. Middle Names on Tickets
  118. Codeshare Policy and Carry-on
  119. Redemption Help: London - Hong Kong
  120. Newbie Question: Many Programs Many Miles How do we best use them?
  121. Interesting article on why you need those all important e-ticket numbers!
  122. Redemption Help: Are land/train segments allowed?
  123. Newbie Question: Value of miles (eg credit card surcharges - are they worth paying?)
  124. Air NZ - Still opening award tickets < 90 days?
  125. Newbie Question: Is it possible to convert HHonors points to BMI Miles?
  126. Does SQ "No Miles" credit miles with DC?
  127. Newbie Question: bmi Miles for Direct New York - Orlando flights
  128. Newbie Question: How long till recognised as Gold
  129. BD/BA Miles?
  130. Newbie Question: How to find out what config of plane I'll be flying
  131. Online Check In Question
  132. Which is better JFK or Newark?
  133. How reliable is ANA tool in showing award availability?
  134. Newbie Question: Gold card hasn't arrived - Lounge access?
  135. Astraeus to Freetown
  136. Redemption Help: Changing the 1st leg of a Redemption ticket when the 2nd leg has been moved to SQ77W
  137. Gold miles booking into which class??
  138. Rant: Price of LHR-DUB flights.....
  139. bmi baggage delays at LHR today
  140. Does AC want BD Diamond Club members to fly executive class?
  141. Rant: Crazy Inventory Management LHR-DUB/BHD
  142. When does a status change take place? And how often???
  143. Cancellation
  144. LHR-New york in business redemption
  145. No show rules?
  146. SO FRUSTRATED has anyone got a uk cust relations contact for BMI
  147. Redemption Help: How to book award flight online?
  148. Newbie Question: Travel advice to South Africa
  149. change an award halfway through
  150. BD flew more passengers to TLV in May than BA
  151. Redemption Help: Tel Aviv to London Heathrow - how many miles?
  152. Redemption Help: Changing C class redemption booking to F class
  153. Cancellation by BMI (BD584/LHR-MAN on 8th June), fair compensation/why cancelled?
  154. OT: bmi mastercard - trip cancellation insurance?
  155. Promo: Earn up to 4000 bonus miles for every BD short-haul return: 15/6-31/7 '09
  156. Can check-in staff see your status?
  157. DC Partner: SK "excluded" routes
  158. Mixing classes for redemption
  159. Newbie Question: When does a change become a cancellation?
  160. Newbie Question: Seat allocation
  161. What is going on with the BMI Diamond Club website?
  162. Can I go standby on an earlier BMI flight?
  163. Changing a F Redemption
  164. No Show on SQ Redemption Flight
  165. How long until LX flights post these days?
  166. MAN - LHR Fully flex corporate rate reduced
  167. Redemption Help: 15 pounds transaction fee when buying airmiles
  168. Who sets luggage allowance for multi-carrier redemption ticket?
  169. Bmi baby and lounge access?
  170. Redemption Help: Did I just make a duff redemption?
  171. DC Partner: Check your redemptions...LX cutting frequencies on US routes
  172. United is rejecting my new Silver number
  173. Newbie Question: Gold card stolen... awaiting new one - What are * Gold lounge access rules?
  174. Jamie Redknapp banned from bmi flight
  175. Hilton miles posting : how long to transfer to DC ?
  176. lounges in palma and dublin?
  177. Help with my Trip: LHR - JNB
  178. Will my BD*G card still get 'rejected' in Canadian Maple Leaf lounges?
  179. Do Not buy TLV-LHR flights on flybmi.com!!!
  180. Leaving tomorrow, can't check-in online
  181. A321 on short haul today (June 5th 2009 - BD593 - 6.40pm)
  182. Why oh why can't bmi get it right with seating and the BD*G seat block ?
  183. Check My Trip Advice
  184. Help! Using my BMI miles for the first time
  185. Anyone had a Gold Card Issued since 'the change'?
  186. Call Centre: What time to they start hanging the phone up on you?
  187. Redemption Help: How much will a one way in F cost me now?
  188. LHR to Hawaii via Tokyo on BMI miles ?
  189. "general remarks" on CMT
  190. DC Partner: Mastercard - points not crediting
  191. bmi-R shuffle: LBA down to one a/c
  192. Rant: Blue / Blue Plus
  193. Redemption Help: When do I get ticketed for TK???
  194. bmi LHR T1 'Great British' (née No.1) International Lounge : ACCESS POLICY thread
  195. Which number should I use
  196. Newbie Question: BD764 11/6 TLV-LHR - which aircraft?
  197. Redemption Help: Flights to US in around one month
  198. OT: Swine Flu on BD
  199. Newbie Question: Spending miles online
  200. GUV - How do I find out if I can use one on this type of ticket?
  201. Newbie Question: Buying miles fees and booking using someone elses account
  202. Earning (lots of) Status Miles on DC - Advice Please
  203. Newbie Question: Where are my new bag tags?
  204. Lovestruck! Were you on the bmi 7.50pm flight from Belfast to Heathrow on Thursday?
  205. Newbie question: How do I see the breakdown of my 8,250 miles?
  206. Redemption Help: Redemption suggestions
  207. OT: OLCI at EDI flying EDI-FRA-MCO in F
  208. SN Privilege becomes Miles & More - what for BD Diamond Club?
  209. Redemption Help: Changing an existing SQ booking
  210. Continental earning rate??
  211. Rebooking Dilemma
  212. Redeeming BD miles for LX flight operated by Contact Air?
  213. OT: BMI bids to replace Eastern for Airbus shuttle work
  214. I give up with the ICC.
  215. GLA/EDI to CPH on EMB C Class
  216. OT: United half-price ex-UK Biz Class sale - ends 2 June 09 (tickets in to Z class)
  217. Hertz link from bmi website.. different prices
  218. Changes to online shopping earning
  219. Redemption Help: Got 15,000 to burn in the next few weeks. Where to?
  220. Call Centre: Sorry sir but the taxes will not load now, please call back...
  221. How to earn 1800 membership miles?
  222. Redemption Help: Most Direct Route?
  223. Rant: Everything that's wrong with dc... aka mileage credit for premium fares
  224. BMI steps up its codeshare with Virgin
  225. Really stupid redemption question re Z1/Z2 connections (not in FAQs)
  226. Redemption Help: In what region is FNC (Funchal, Madeira)?
  227. Rant: TPO at GLA this morning.
  228. Call Centre: "I can definitely go ahead and give you that information"
  229. Trip USA to IKA via LHR - carrier and baggage questions
  230. List of Free Redemption Detours
  231. DC Partner: LX codeshare fligths
  232. Colour-Coded Redemption Map
  233. DC Partner: How to earn miles with Radisson SAS/blu/Park Inn hotels
  234. Bonus destination miles being rounded
  235. DC Partner: Best rate on a UK Hertz rental?
  236. Is BMI the world's new friendliest airline?
  237. Redemption Help: trip to las vegas help
  238. Flying Air Baltic how do I get credit?
  239. Newbie Question: Baggage allowance on domestic flight
  240. Redemption Help: Booking on SQ in Y - ANA shows seat, ICC says no
  241. Newbie Question: Going Gold outbound...
  242. 90k plus 30k for a family holiday
  243. Redemption Help: Redemption US to China - Rules and suggestions
  244. Newbie Question: Why can't I purchase VS flights in flybmi.com? (under BD codeshare)
  245. Help with November Honeymoon...
  246. Redemption Help: Zone 3 redemption: routing rules, stopover
  247. How long to proceed in status
  248. Redemption Help: Air NZ Premium Economy Redemption using BD miles
  249. EDI flights longhaul config??
  250. How long to ticket an SK/LH award itinerary?