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  3. Cancelled award flight from Edinburgh : breaks connection to MCO in FRA
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  5. DC Partner: Seat selection on LH metal, BD ticket number
  6. Earning miles with NZ
  7. Two Questions : pre-assigning TG F award seats; carry-over of excess status miles
  8. Pre-travel support
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  10. Call Centre: Tax on Redemption EDI - VIE
  11. DC GOLD benefits - VS Clubhouse usage?
  12. Should I pay 150 to renew Silver membership?
  13. DC Admin in the UK closed down or on Vacation?
  14. AEA half year traffic figures (2009 YTD)
  15. BD ~ First timer...
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  17. Redemption Help: Lufthansa take over & dilemma!?
  18. BMI Business Class to Freetown, SL
  19. Status not reflected + uncredited hotel stays
  20. Redemption Help: Can BD*S get revenue seat released?
  21. DC miles -> Qatar. No J/F?
  22. Redemption Help: Ticketing - how long should I wait?
  23. IT/WEB dept? Its Trash/We Exhibit BoXXox?
  24. VS softening their stance on alliance
  25. Only 1 Star Flight from NCL - Redemption Query
  26. OT: SMB interviewed by BBC's Leading Questions
  27. Business center in EDI lounge
  28. Thinking about giving BA a try?
  29. Paying Vodafone bill with bmi credit card
  30. Redemption Help: Changing Award booking on TG (availability)
  31. Issue with Egyptair and BD number?
  32. Newbie Question: Advice on redeeming Miles with QR
  33. Hilton Honors Double Dipping
  34. I need 15k to retain BD Gold (US mileage run help)
  35. FF Programmes - reasonable praise for DC
  36. Sir Michael Bishop Interview: BBC News 22:30.
  37. Looking for LHR-CAI Business menus
  38. Qualifying miles on BD tagged VS flights ...
  39. How long for US Airways to post?
  40. Redemption Help: Gold member redemption booking
  41. Award booking waitlisted - not on BD ?
  42. Bmi to revamp online booking engine
  43. Redemption Help: Can someone please confirm new fees ICC charge after changed booking?
  44. OT: Virgin CEO on Radio 5 Live
  45. 13 year old in lounges
  46. A319 seats?
  47. New Diamond Club phone number
  48. DC Partner: Booking on UA
  49. Promo: bmi AMEX: Spend 600, get 2K Bonus Miles
  50. Day trip to Israel in BMI Business Class Trip Report
  51. Booking class on UA-codeshare?
  52. Booking on VS with Diamond Club
  53. OT: Two Thousand Thank Yous
  54. Newbie Question: Is this a valid routing to SFO?
  55. 7200 miles for 201 on MS , J CAI-ALYx3
  56. BMI lounge rebuild Belfast
  57. DC Partner: Berlin?
  58. Help: Award tix issued with wrong baggage allowance - who to pay?
  59. Redemption Help: Is SYD-SFO-FRA-LHR a valid route?
  60. OT: Diamond Club Email Address Change
  61. Website EUR-GBP Conversion con
  62. BMI business class seats
  63. UA MCO Voucher Help
  64. Where to stopover on the way to HKT and earn BMI miles
  65. Miles for cancelled flight and all passengers put on another carrier?
  66. Redemption Help: *A Flights to BVI
  67. DC Partner: BMI / Hertz CDP in decent rate shocker
  68. Short-cut outbound, scenic route inbound??
  69. 100 Swiss Voucher- milage run ideas?
  70. How long can I leave between flights on the same booking?
  71. Redemption Help: NZ charging fuel surcharge (YQ) on award tickets & NZ tax discussions
  72. Online miles+cash option not working?
  73. Cheapest way to generate 750 miles?
  74. How long for flights with Virgin to appear in your DC account?
  75. Redemption Help: Forfeit first leg of redemption?
  76. Grrrr..."Our Systems Are Down" (06-Aug-09 08:20am)
  77. Redemption Help: has any general member redeem miles within 7 days of departure
  78. Redemption Help: BD*S, lounge access policy change : no guest anymore (policy now reversed) ?
  79. Redemption Help: How late can I leave it to cancel a redemption ticket?
  80. Newbie Question - BMI Gold
  81. LoyaltyChecker values your bmi miles
  82. OT: NI Civil Service to fly Aer Lingus from BFS (oh, and BD from BHD too)
  83. DC Partner: Can I credit my miles to DC when travelling VS metal on a CO coded ticket?
  84. Rant: Grrrr..."Our Systems Are Down" (05-Aug-09 08:20am) and back up again!
  85. Newbie Question: Valid Routing Question Tokyo to London
  86. What fares are avaliable to me ?
  87. OT: City of London skyline
  88. Romney Marsh beetroot and goats cheese salad with a pickled walnut dressing
  89. Redemption Help: Payment methods and third parties
  90. Newbie Question: How many miles for LHR-SYD?
  91. When will bonus status miles from exceed 55K threshold move to destination miles
  92. LBA Lounge
  93. 300 Miles Online Shopping Bonus - Not Added
  94. Air NZ Miles Posting
  95. Exchanging miles for Hotel Points?
  96. LHR T1 Lounges
  97. OT: Former Bmed Slots and BA to Vegas
  98. BD codeshare on US service ex DUB
  99. Does anyone have a phone number for the BMI lounge (or similar) at Terminal 1?
  100. Redemption coming up soon, and miles still not debited: should I be worried?
  101. Redemption Help: SAN -LHR Help please
  102. Redemption Help: Carrier Help from Europe to ORD
  103. Customer Services - no response?
  104. Ripped off by ICC: Where/how to complain?
  105. Redemption Routing LHR-ATH
  106. Rant: Aberdeen to London with bmi Sun 26th July
  107. Newbie Question: PE to Business - upgrade options?
  108. Correct Taxes?
  109. Redemption Help: Wrong number of miles taken from account?
  110. Showers in the LHR Domestic Lounge?
  111. bmi plane struck by lightning
  112. DC Partner: Flying tomorrow: BD*G status not reflected on United BPs
  113. Earning Miles and The World Acording to DC
  114. Redemption Help: Fuel surcharges on partners
  115. Getting to the Caribbean..on reward booking
  116. Redemption Help: China+Bali-help needed
  117. Redemption Help: Singapore Reward flight questions
  118. Redemption Help: LAX in F or C?
  119. Do BMI allow purchase of Gold Requalification?
  120. Is this right? Odd claim by the ICC
  121. Redemption Help: LH flight cancellation
  122. Redemption Help: Reward flight change - increased taxes?
  123. I'm sorry sir we've run out of vouchers! (Free wifi at BMI domestic)
  124. Newbie Question: Routing Question
  125. How closely does the name on the ticket have to match the name on the account?
  126. Calling DC via US 800#
  127. Unexpected Silver Renewal
  128. Purchased Miles showing in account(online) but not useable by ICC?
  129. Redemption Help: Waiting 'til November to redeem - risky?
  130. Promo: (Targetted) Fly during Aug for double destinations or status miles / silver status
  131. Sigh, stuck in BD lounge again...
  132. Newbie Question: Just Joined DC - cards & recent flights
  133. No Show
  134. Newbie Question: Info on miles and cash?
  135. Newbie Question: If someone could look over my itinerary, please?
  136. Redemption Help: Europe to Japan. OZ verse NH?...and/or just pay the extra YQ for LH/LX/TG?
  137. AC flight change - two e-ticket numbers?
  138. las to mco
  139. Redemption Help: Exposing loopholes
  140. Redemption Help: Mileage required for US Domestic First Class
  141. Upgrading a booked reward flight?
  142. Redemption Help: Had an idea-would appreciate your thoughts (BD C to TLV then IST F back to LHR)
  143. Newbie Question: Is Russia (Moscow) Considered Intra-Europe?
  144. Redemption Help: LHR - HKG (which airline for J and F)?
  145. Redemption Help: RIX-IST-FRU?
  146. Newbie Question: Earning BMI miles on United flights
  147. DC Gold Business Flight Redemptions
  148. Do all A320's have a J cabin?
  149. Why the insistence on seeing the actual *Gold card for lounge access?
  150. Current taxes chart
  151. Newbie Question: How many miles needed...
  152. Redemption Help: UA itinerary booked through BD changed
  153. Star Gold flying on bmi code operated by Transaero: No lounge access?
  154. Best C class transatlantic
  155. bmi gold or M&M Senator ?
  156. Pre-travel Support-WOW!!!!!!
  157. Any way of getting around the extra 7500 miles for connecting flights in Europe?
  158. bmiBaby refunds??
  159. Newbie Question: Using Check My Trip
  160. Newbie Question: BMI additional flight to TLV today
  161. Free flights with BMI DC!!
  162. Website Interface Update : new booking process on some routes
  163. Earning Potential on Codeshares
  164. Redemption help: tax on reward ticket
  165. A winter alternative to the ERJ145 on LHR-BRU
  166. Redemption Help: Most direct route and a stopover
  167. My Itinerary has Collapsed
  168. DC membership year - website or card?
  169. Redemption Help: Quickie: tax/fees OW HKG-BKK-LHR
  170. YYZ-LHR (bmi ticket on AC)-TLV OLCI?
  171. Amadeus PNR query
  172. Mid-summer bmi board drinks: DUBLIN, Wednesday July 22nd 2009
  173. Newbie Question: BD/VS codeshare fares code + mileage earning
  174. Redemption Help: Missing Zone Details
  175. Rant: Website redemptions and the ICC..
  176. C available on SQ 77W SIN-SYD
  177. Redemption Help: Redeeming on VS
  178. Redemption BP printed as 'Class: Standard'
  179. Newbie Question: Bookig class E with Swiss = no milage accrual with BMI DC?
  180. Upgrade Paranoia...
  181. Rant: (indirectly) ... bmi boarding music
  182. Do BD Make a Habit of Dumping Domestic Pax in T1 International?
  183. BD (UA codeshare) LHR to DEN then onto US onwards from DEN
  184. Miles amount for a 55K
  185. ZRH-EDI Three times more costly than EDI-ZRH. Why?
  186. Redemption Help: IST-LHR TK downgrade
  187. BD 761 to TLV today downgraded to A321?
  188. Reward booking details - question
  189. Advantages of DC vs other *A and BAEC/DLSM
  190. Newbie Question: How long do AMEX bonus miles take to post?
  191. OT: Bmi plane forced to turn back after pilot smelled smoke
  192. How many miles?
  193. Newbie Question: BMI Codeshare with Lufthansa
  195. Newbie Question: Gatwick Lounge
  196. Newbie Question: Baggage Clarification
  197. bmi.... much better than Gold Circle
  198. Best Business class
  199. Tracking an old e-ticket number
  200. IST-LHR-MAN with 55 minute connection.. possible?
  201. Redemption Help: How to get a receipt
  202. Rant: DUB lounge
  203. LX aircraft changes (and changes to redemption)
  204. Quickie: BD132 on a mid-haul tonight?
  205. Redemption Help: Miles & Cash to Thailand - 2 one-ways?
  206. SQ Aircraft Change SIN-MEL (747 to A 380)
  207. Promo: Online shopping: 'Get even more destinations miles'
  208. Mid-summer bmi board drinks: LONDON, Thursday July 30th 2009
  209. Flight status for BD?
  210. DC Partner: Hhonors Double Dip, Where Are My Points???
  211. DC Partner: Air NZ LAX-AKL $623 Return!!
  212. Free WiFi in Domestic Lounge - Yes really!
  213. Missing credit request => All messed up
  214. Rant: Frustrated - Taxes and fees
  215. Rant: How to enter Diamond Club No.
  216. Problems Buying DC miles : does not work with new format account number
  217. Using the new website print out as proof of status for lounge entry, does it work?
  218. Rant: bmi refuses to refund the difference in Tax / Taxes
  219. Loyal BMI (*G) User - Trialing BA
  220. A couple of questions about bmi regional/EMB 145
  221. LX redemption to LAX
  222. Redemption Help: Stopover in NYC?
  223. Award cancellation fee
  224. Can I get a M&C redemption for my 7 year old child?
  225. trying to ticket from DFW-DUB
  226. DC Partner: Massive MBNA Mastercard rate hike
  227. Newbie Question: Claiming missing miles
  228. Redemption Help: AMS-SIN-MEL-SIN-AMS
  229. Newbie Question: JNB/BHX BMI Gold questions
  230. Redemption Help: Right calculation?
  231. Will APD changes lead to LH/LX etc offering combined Y&J/F tickets?
  232. Possible to combine miles from different accounts?
  233. Redemption Help: LON to SYD
  234. Newbie Question: online check in
  235. Downgrade by TK (Aircraft Change) What can I do at short notice?
  236. Redeem Miles with BMIbaby
  237. Itinerary change & seating
  238. AC miles credit dilemma
  239. Newbie Question: Help With Swiss Miles in DC
  240. Through check in with other airlines
  241. Problems with multi-airline itineraries
  242. Redeeming With Continental When They Become Available
  243. Name misspelt on redemption ticket
  244. Credit card name vs passenger name
  245. End of the meal deal, or the end of business class as we know it???
  246. Newbie Question: Changing a Y class booking
  247. Future of BD services in TLV
  248. Redemption Help: How much scope for choosing exact connections/long layovers?
  249. LH fare codes on AC metal, how do they map?
  250. BMI Baby - Cancelled Flight